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College of Business International Internships

[Irish Folk Music] I always wanted to travel abroad. I knew
that coming into high school probably way before college, and I never
considered an internship until my professional development course where a
couple of people came in and told us about the opportunities to do
internships as opposed to studying abroad. And that just sounded more unique
and I would have a more fulfilling I guess, um, time abroad. I would get to learn
the culture not only that but also be able to work in an industry outside of
America and learn about the economy and the business side of it more so than
just courses. The likelihood that they will do
business with other countries do business in other countries do business
with businesses from other countries is growing tremendously because there’s so
many connections. So even if you’re doing business locally there’s no way to
avoid the fact that you will be doing business with other people in other
countries. It’s becoming an essential skill. [Irish Folk Music] It’s not really little. It’s in a Georgian townhouse. So, it’s, uh… They do floors differently. You go in on the
ground floor and then one up is Floor One. And then Floor Two. So it’s like four floors. The interns work
on the top floor and we all had offices. But it’s not really it’s not your
typical museum where you have artifacts and glass cases and things. It’s all
artifacts that are donated by Dubliners that have you know some kind of
significance to the city and changing times. And you start out in the first
room it’s like the 1800s in, in Dublin. And the transitions that
they went through. And then you move through the museum and it picks up and
goes with time and it’s it’s really cool to see. It’s a lot of photographs and a lot of little trinkets that have a lot of significance that the tour guides
explained to you and you don’t you wouldn’t know that lets you got it first
hand from a real Dubliner. Day to day it changed a lot. I was just kind of a
marketing intern. Marketing and then it kind of transformed into events
management when they found out that I had events management background. So I
got to do, I got to compile marketing research reports. I got to help out with
tourism campaigns and marketing campaigns and things like that. And then
I also got to manage a bunch of really cool events like much bigger than I had
thought that a small little museum of Dublin would do. We did a product launch for
L’Oreal. We managed a book launch for Patrick Brocklebank who’s a pretty
famous photographer. He works with U2 a lot. So it’s a big crowd. I mean it was
really important people. I thought it was great networking [Irish Folk Music] Global managers and CEOs have said that
the number one most essential leadership skill of this current century is global
competency. Global awareness. Businesses across different cultural environments have
different structures. They have different ways of doing business. The core values
upon which the business and its functioning is based is very different. Working an internship abroad, I think was a lot different from studying
abroad because I you know you can study anywhere. I think a classroom is going to
be pretty similar wherever you go, you know. It’s the same structure but
working in a different country is extremely different and more different
than I had anticipated but if you work abroad then you really find a new
appreciation for the freedom that we really do have from an economic
standpoint and a business standpoint. So that really opened my eyes and I appreciated
that. In my management courses, I’m a business major and I did marketing
undergrad with a management minor. So I learned a lot about you know H.R.
and time management and making sure that everybody else knows what they’re doing
and how to delegate tasks and approach things in from a management
perspective and that really helped because if I didn’t have that background
it would just be chaos ’cause there were so many people. I mean the Little Museum is
packed. There were people from wall to wall. And if I hadn’t already learned how
to manage and how to keep a level head it would just be chaos. [Irish Folk Music] That was set up for me through the program
that I did this through. It was a program for international internships and they
kind of do the hunting for you and they set you up with interviews and from
there you send them the resume and then you do a Skype interview. Our living situation was set up for us.
We flew into the airport in Dublin and I had to find my way to the apartment but
from there was pretty set up for us and we had someone who was on the ground
there that kinda took us around, showed us where the supermarket was. I was awarded a
scholarship from Frostburg: The Rowe International Scholarship which really
helped us a big boost and my family is very supportive they definitely helped
me tremendously. Even if I had to pay for it all over
again by myself I would still and I was still paying it off now I would do it
all over again! [Irish Folk Music] I was also able to travel a lot while I was in Dublin. After my internship ended in April I was
able to fly from Dublin to Lisbon, Portugal and backpack my way up to Brussels.
I was by myself so I’ve never done something so scary before in my life, but I’ve also never
done anything so rewarding. And the person that I was just after that couple of weeks backpacking by myself I was
completely different. It’s inspiring to myself and it’s empowering. And I, I
really highly suggest that to anybody that travels abroad is to take that
opportunity to travel all around wherever they are. Don’t just stay in that one city because there are so many more opportunities available. [Irish Folk Music] Don’t necessarily go with what you think is best for you. I went into it thinking that I wanted to work at an advertising agency because
that’s what I thought I wanted to get into. And when I was interviewed by a
museum I was thinking this isn’t for me. I’m not a history major. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t like history. And I kind of was
disappointed at first going into it to be honest. And I learned so much more
than I would have before and I got better experiences because I was able to
host those events. And I learned more about the city. I took the tours a hundred times. I
had to learn the tour. So I learned more about the city and about the country. And
I wouldn’t have done, I wouldn’t have been able to have that if I had kind of
blocked myself off and only gone for what I thought was best for me. I know that I want to have a job that includes travel. Travel is now something that’s very
important to me and I think having international work experience is
definitely gonna give me that extra boost for interviewers you know when
they’re hiring me. I think I have a leg up on the competition. It is so worth it. Everything that you learn pays off tenfold.
But it’s more than that. It’s how you feel about yourself. You feel so much
more capable and worldly and understanding of other cultures in other
ways of life. And it just, it’s changed so many aspects of my life that I didn’t
even expect it to. [Irish Folk Music]

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