Communication and media major interns at Symphoria (2019)
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Communication and media major interns at Symphoria (2019)

– This summer I’m interning at Symphoria. It’s a non-profit organization
entirely musician run. It was formally known as the
Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. We travel around the Syracuse area throughout the summer giving free concerts so that people will come
to our regular season. Basically, I’m kind of figuring out their digital media for them. I’m doing a little photography for them, but also learning a lot
about event coordination and music admin in general. I’m actually really
interested in doing marketing or something for college
administration someday, so I think that I can use the tools that I’ve learned about
personal communication when I go back to Naz. It’s just good experience to see what options you have out there, and I think it’s really meaningful that Naz gives you multiple
opportunities to do this, especially through this program. Having people I know have my back and are just as invested
in my education as I am is really helpful for me
putting myself out there and doing internships like this. I would say that the
internship just made me way more willing to go
out and talk to people. If you want to get
involved in an internship, you need to be actively
engaged with your education. You can’t just leave it up to other people or your advisors to
make it happen for you. You need to go out and seek it yourself. (techno music)

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