Communication Major — Career at the United Nations (U.N.)
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Communication Major — Career at the United Nations (U.N.)

(uplifting music) – [Interviewee] My
name is Ohgede Kome. My friends call me Kome. I work at the United Nations and I graduated from College
of Charleston in 2006. I wanted to work for the UN because I wanted to
help people globally. Everyday in any way, the objective is for
you to help someone in whatever situation
that they may be in. When I took a tour at
College of Charleston I just immediately loved it. I thought the
grounds were great, that there was so much
culture, so much history; the buildings were fantastic. I studied communications and I wanted to
study communications because I thought it
as a great umbrella for all the subjects. There was math,
there was philosophy, there was English,
everybody in a circle, a debate of minds. I’m not the sort of
person who learns from just teacher
standing by a chalkboard. So them including
us into the lesson just sort of made me
enjoy the process. I would recommend
College of Charleston to prospective students because I really had
a great time there. The combination of
fun, of learning, and the beautiful town, it was just the best
experience for me.

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