Connecting products to consumers with intelligent workflows | IBM Services + Kraft Heinz
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Connecting products to consumers with intelligent workflows | IBM Services + Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz is part of a very long tradition. And as mr Heinz said: “quality is to a product, what character is to a man.” Kraft Heinz as a food company is always worried about finding new products but improving the stuff that we are selling to our customers. Making sure that the right product is going to the right place is a very hard problem to solve. And there’s multiple variables out there. And having IBM as a partner in every step of the process helps us be better. How do we spur innovation throughout the company? And that’s how the Garage concept came to be. Garage is a concept that we are collaborating on with Kraft Heinz. We brought in the speed of the startup, at the same time it was a scaleful enterprise. This is like in my opinion an innovation think tank, where we bring the new ideas and use analytics powered by AI to drive the benefits to the business. With your partnership we came up with the state of the art algorithm. The power of analytics and the power of AI, we were able to bring velocity to the products using data that you need and which store to go and then also the effectiveness of the promotion. We are implementing some of this, we see definitely how sales in the stores we are really taking care of are higher because we have an analytical brain. Making sure that we understood where to place our products in the store was key. I think that what we have found is by bringing in some more innovation thinking and that through the garage we are able to do both. I would like the garage to expand and actually be part of more places out there. We tackle more problems, making sure that decisions are made using data assisted by AI. The nice thing about Kraft Heinz is that we have the ability to continuously learn. Being able to create elegant solutions to technical problems using science. Bringing the two companies together has been great so far and we are looking forward to the next few years

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