Content Marketing Strategies 2019
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Content Marketing Strategies 2019

So you need a content strategy for 2019. How do you do marketing on social media. Well today I’m going to give you some real good tips that you could apply to your business to get more sales more lives and create that viral content. Number one is create video. The reason why video is so important is number one you can transcribe it. Turn it into a blog. Number two you can take the audio and put it into your podcast. Number three you can splinter off quotes throughout your video and turn them into graphics. You can then chop it up and repurpose the content online. So if all you can do is create one video every day whether it’s on Facebook YouTube or Instagram and then even outsource it to have somebody else create all of that content for you. That’s all you need to get yourself started. So that’s the best way to amplify your message is just amplify it by taking one video and creating a ton of content from it and repurposing it. The other thing that is important to know about video is it is the best way to run Facebook ads video content because it allows a person to be engaged to emotionally see what you have to offer. You can build rapport a little bit better. And it tells the story a lot better than just a graphic and then somebody having to read a ton of copy. So if you can create a video for your Facebook ads they’re going to perform at a way better rate in addition to that. The final thing I want to see about video is it’s way easier to create a community. You guys come to my YouTube channel and we’ve built this relationships and a lot of you are in my email list. You listen to my podcast you send me messages and we talk all the time you comment and we’ve built a community here. But it’s a lot harder to do that on other platforms. I most of the people that I coach are here from my YouTube channel because you can get to know me a little bit. You get to see me. It’s like we’re sitting down for coffee right. So it’s a little bit easier for us to build a relationship. And when you go and you are on some of these other platforms like Instagram it’s a lot harder to create that that relationship if you’re not using stories if you’re not using IPTV if you’re not putting video on your feed and you know I post graphics that I try to type out something that’s super meaningful for people. But at the same time it’s a far easier to bring value through video. So remember if you create video that’s going to really help you to succeed. The next thing that I want to mention is to make your content meaningful meaningful to other people. If you just post selfies and things about yourself all the time nobody cares. Right. So what you want to do is try to make other people the hero. So one thing that we learn in copywriting now that I’m the certified copy writer is that it’s great to share your achievements. But at the same time you don’t want it to be all about you and how wonderful you are you want to make it all about then because nobody cares about how great and wonderful you are. They care about how great and wonderful that they can possibly be. And so you will actually see major influencers do this on their content. They always make it about other people and other people’s emotions. And when you can post something that’s super emotionally engaging or has great meaning or if you could repost some of that viral content that’s out there that is engaging as far as emotions go you’re going to see a lot more traction. So when you share stuff it doesn’t always have to be your content. If you’re my Facebook you see tons of articles that I post from other resources on top of my own content because a lot of that is already viral content. A lot of that is already popular stuff. And so I’m just re sharing what other people are already sharing and people already love. So take some of the guesswork out of it. The other thing I want to mention is that you can actually determine what a graphic or a post or whatever it is that you put out on social media. If it’s going to perform within the first three hours that’s especially true on Instagram and Facebook. Now I use a tool called social bakers and it allows me it kind of grades my content from ABC indeed. And this is for my job that I do as a marketing director and I can look in there and say OK we posted something and they will tell me if that piece of content is doing well or if it’s going to fail and if it’s a D or C level content there’s nothing that you can do about it. It’s just don’t ever post that content again what you want to do is focus on the content that is performing at a high level like the A level content. And even if you don’t have a tool like social bakers you can go into your insights into any of these platforms and you can really see within the first three hours if that piece of content is getting engagement and you can see your most popular posts for Instagram. I use tailwind and it allows me to see the most popular posts and the content and the things that I’m posting that people love the most. Right now one of the most popular things that I’ve really gotten a lot of attention on my Instagram account when I was talking about the topic of having an open mind and the fact that if you have an open mind it’s been accepting to everyone that’s around you at all times even if you don’t necessarily agree with what they believe or what they think or any of that. And it’s been an open mind and willing to learn because any time you you say that you’re not going to learn any more about a topic then your mind is closed right. Then you’re saying that I’m not going to learning more I’m not going to grow anymore. So you cut yourself short. The final thing that I want to share with you today is that you can create content from viral content so you may take all the popular posts on a particular topic and curate them aggregate them in a blog post and then share it out and let all these posts and these people that you’ve put their content in your blog you let them know that you included them in your blog. Sometimes they’ll share it sometimes they’ll put her on their Web site and then you get it back link and sometimes it will just give you a ton of traction and a ton of new traffic to your Web site. You could do the same thing on instagram and on Facebook is posting things that are already viral be on top of things that are on Pinterest. On top of things that are the latest and greatest little clips and videos and all of that kind of stuff and posts of things that are already popular. And if you can jump on it before anyone else does then you’re going to be able to do even better. So watch out for that kind of content and utilize it. You don’t always have to recreate the wheel and produce brand new stuff. You could absolutely take the best content out there put it all together in a blog and if you want more information on how to do this. I actually posted a blog post this week on how to start a blog and at the bottom of that blog I give a free download and how to create a blog that has viral pieces of content in it. So if you need a little extra help. Check that out. Speaker 2: Guys thank you so much for subscribing to my YouTube channel and we’ll see you next week if you need more information on content marketing digital marketing social media marketing funnels email marketing social media content creation for your business. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out my Web site for free resources and so you can get coaching.

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