Content Marketing Strategies | 8 Topics To Quickly Create Content
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Content Marketing Strategies | 8 Topics To Quickly Create Content

– So you know you should
be creating content for your online business to grow, but you’re struggling to come up with ideas on what to create. No worries, I got you covered. Hey, it’s LeahRae, from, and in this video, I’m going to be giving you eight simple and
straightforward content ideas so that you can start producing content and growing your business. As we dive into these eight topics, I just wanna let you know that our channel all about teaching you
effective marketing strategies, helping you to build your online business so that you can create the time freedom that you and your family are looking for. Now, these topics will work
for virtually all businesses. You just need to know
exactly who your audience is so that you can customize the content to speak to your target audience. Also, all of these topics will work on any type of platform, whether you’re doing YouTube videos, blog posts or written articles, or even podcasts. So number eight, reviews or insights about a specific product or book. Say you read a good book lately. Is it relevant to your target audience? Awesome, do a review on it. Or maybe you purchased a product or a service that your
audience may be interested in. Great, create a piece of content around reviewing that
book, product, or service. Number seven, introduction to content. This is where you’re basically just explaining what something is. This could be anything from introduction to active campaigning,
an email autoresponder you may be affiliate for, or introduction to QuickBooks for your bookkeeping needs, maybe an introduction to the Suzuki method for teaching music. Again, whatever fits your audience. This can be pretty similar to a review, but this is just explaining
what something is, not necessarily giving your opinion on it. Number six, ultimate guide content. These are full tutorials or complete walkthroughs of something. They’re generally pretty long in length and very comprehensive. This could be something
like ultimate guide to creating YouTube
videos, or ultimate guide to the ketogenic lifestyle,
or the ultimate guide to essential oils. Number five, tell a story. You can tell a story of how you or your business has helped or
impacted the lives of others. You can also tell stories that share your personal lessons
learned on your journey. Number four, frequently asked questions. Now, you can take any question that you’ve more than
once from your audience, and then turn around and create a piece of content answering that question. You could also create just a single piece of content that answers several FAQs. A good rule of thumb is
that if you hear a question from your customers or your audience more than once, create content about it. Number three, how they did it. You can share how other
people are succeeding, your basic success story. How someone lost their first 20 pounds, how someone became financially free, basically, how did
someone create some type of result that your audience
is looking to create? This can come in the form of interviews, where you are interacting with a subject, or even case studies, where you reporting just on what you’ve seen them do. Number two, how I did it. Simply, you should lay out
how you accomplish something, and don’t think something is too small. People want to learn from those who are only one or two
steps ahead of them, so how you generated your
very first lead online, how you generated your first online sale, how did you lose your
very first 10 pounds, how did you cut out refined
sugar from your diet, whatever. Number one, and one of
my very favorite types of content to create are how-tos. Teach them how to do something. When you teach someone something, not only do you build up
some credibility with them, but people will also come back to you to learn more if they got something from you the first time. So here are some examples
that you can think about. Let this percolate a little bit for you. How to make $100 a day online, how to generate leads with Instagram, how to transition to
a ketogenic lifestyle, how to potty train your toddler, how to get started in homeschooling. And trust me, even if you
don’t immediately think there is something that you
can teach others, there is. Some of the most successful
content online is really teaching people
something that’s super simple. Think about it, what do you do if you’re too embarrassed
to ask someone a question of how to do something? You just look it up online. So you could even do something as simple as how to take a selfie, how
to create a Facebook account, how to cast a fishing
pole, how to put on a hook. Now, I challenge you to
write down some ideas that this has spurred for
you and create a piece of content today, no matter how small. Once you take that first
step in creating content, it gets easier and easier to do it. Now, most entrepreneurs struggle with one key component of
creating content, consistency. And without a consistent schedule for creating content, you will struggle to get any traction to grow
your audience and to make sales. So click here, in the upper-right corner of this video, to check out how to create a content schedule
that will work for you. And if this is your very
first time here, welcome. Love to have you subscribe because we are here to teach you the
most effective strategies to build an online business
to create time freedom that you and your family deserve. Again, this is LeahRae
from, and I’ll see you soon.

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