Content Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business
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Content Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

– Content marketing is one of
the most important components of additional marketing strategy. Using content marketing with social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing is an
effective way to get your business and your brand across to your customers. According to the Content
Marketing Institute, only 38% of marketers feel that their content marketing efforts are actually effective
in bringing in business. While it is a grim fact, content marketing is an essential aspect of any online business. Content marketing efforts
better generate leads and convert users to customers than traditional paid advertisements. Not to mention the fact
that as of December, 2016 more than 200 million
people all over the world have installed ad blockers, crippling the marketing
efforts of businesses who rely on advertising. Luckily, content marketing
strategies are effective in reaching customers
without being invasive. Here are three ways to easily get started in your content marketing efforts that are most effective in
generating traffic and revenue. (techno music) Number one, professional blogging. The foundation of an effective and strong content marketing initiative is to create a means to create and distribute content aimed
at helping your customers get the information that they need. What better way to promote
your business than creating a professional blog that provides value, and information, and insights that your customer finds useful? Use this to build your
credibility as a thought leader. Your blog is a critical component and a gateway in developing
other valuable content. Integrate social media,
search engine optimization, and email marketing, and you got yourself a well-oiled machine that will get customers in no time. Number two, promote your content. Creating content is only
one part of the strategy. The other part is promoting it. Content promotion works
by informing people that you have what they need. If you got it, flaunt it. Here are some effective
ways of getting the word out that your content is here to help. Create a weekly newsletter that your users can
subscribe to through email. Post it on social media and provide a compelling
benefit for users to share it. Talk to influencers to
promote your content in exchange for cross promotion. Or guest blog on other websites. Number three, source your content. Content curation is a
great way to bring the best of what other people are offering and sharing these
resources to other people. It allows you to develop credibility, and at the same time build
your audience needs for content without exhausting too much effort. But make sure that only 25%
of your content is curated. By maintaining this mix,
you’ll be able to establish a trusted source of relevant
information to your audience. Be ethical on how you create content to provide clear reference on
where that content comes from. To learn more about the
effectiveness of content curation on Facebook and Instagram,
check out my free guide, Content Curation for
Facebook and Instagram. Content marketing is an effective means to get your business out there. Remember that content curation
is only one part of the job. Your success as a content
marketer will be based on how your content reached
your target consumers, and how effectively did it
compel and influence them? To learn more about
empowering your audience to create content for you,
check out my free guide on building genuine,
user-generated content that gets engagement. To learn more about what makes
great and compelling content, get my free Ultimate Content
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  1. Great tips for Content Marketing that could be used for all kinds of businesses including blogs, small local business, national business and big brands. Thanks

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  3. What great tips. I need to be better at promoting my content. THANK you for sharing this. Did I notice Sunny in your intro?! How awesome is that?!! These tips were very helpful and will definitely help me market better!

  4. Great transitions – this was fun to watch, and had some great reminders on what to do with content after you create it.

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