Content Marketing Strategy with Jonathan Forstot
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Content Marketing Strategy with Jonathan Forstot

I’m Jonathan Forstot, Content Marketing Instructor
here in the Marketing program at San Diego State College of Extended Studies. As most people know, content marketing has
become a key part of a modern marketing plan. Most businesses are doing some form of content
marketing now,, and of course, we’ve all seen content in our daily lives, from email, video,
social media, it’s all around us. But how much of that content is really cutting
through and having an impact? And also, how much of it is actually strategic,
and does it serve a purpose? In this course, we’ll teach you how not to
just create content, but actually create content that serves an objective. So we’ll run through the whole process of
creating a content marketing plan, from identifying your business objectives, working through
how to actually develop that content, your teams and your process for that, promoting
your content, publishing it, tracking it, and also measuring it. In addition, what you do with that content,
of course, is critical, so we’ll cover some principles of the user experience in the digital
environment. I look forward to having you be a part of
the Content Marketing course at San Diego State.

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