Content Marketing – Why You Should Create Content Based on Buying Cycle
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Content Marketing – Why You Should Create Content Based on Buying Cycle

Hey there it’s Carl Kwan. In this video, I’m
going to talk about creating content based on buying cycle and why that’s a good content
marketing strategy for your business. Creating content based on buying cycle is
a very good idea because when customers are searching for a particular product or service,
they will likely be at different stages of the buying cycle. For example, one customer could be just starting
to explore different options for whatever it is they are looking for. Whereas another
customer could be further along in the buying cycle and he or she is already prepared to
a purchase. In each one of these scenarios, the type of
content they are looking for would be slightly different, right?
So here’s what you can do. First, go ahead and map out the buying cycle
that a customer would go through from beginning to end. An easy way to figure this out is
to think about the types of questions that you receive from customers when they get in
touch with you. And of course you can create this map based on your experience getting
customers from a prospect to plopping down their cash. Second, create your content and publish it
in sequential order. This is a fantastic way to have weekly content that is planned out
well in advance, which is awesome because I know exactly how busy things can get. And third, prep that content into email templates
because you can now use that content from your buying cycle to send out as replies to
customer email inquiries. Or alternatively, turn that content into a PDF file and make
it available for download. The other advantage of creating content based
on buying cycle, is that even if a person is ready to buy, they can still go back over
the other pieces of content that you have, and gain some kind of reassurance that they
are making the right decision. And if somebody needs to demonstrate to another
team member or their boss that they have made the right decision, they can reference your
content. Pretty cool if you ask me! So there you go. You just learned about why
you should create content based on buying cycle. If you have any questions or comments
please leave those in the comment section below and if you need help with creating your
content, then please be sure to get in touch with me. Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe
and talk to you next time.

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