Course”Affiliate Marketing” Understand How “Works ,and How You Can Get Started #1
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Course”Affiliate Marketing” Understand How “Works ,and How You Can Get Started #1

Hi and welcome to the affiliate marketing that works. Free mini course. My name’s Tyler Stokes and what I have for you here is a five part video series along with the five step blueprint. You can go ahead and download that blueprint directly below this video. But I know that many people prefer video lessons so I’ve gone ahead and created this free video series for you. Now in this first video we’re going to cover what Affiliate marketing is so you can have a crystal clear understanding but more importantly I want to talk about how you can be successful with affiliate marketing. We’re going to discuss the best approach for beginners and to be honest. It’s the same approach I still use. After doing affiliate marketing for 10 years. So let’s jump over to my computer and get started OK. So I’m on my computer here. I’m going to share the screen with you. And we’re going to cover this first topic. What is affiliate marketing so I’m going to give you sort of the baseline definition of what Affiliate marketing is. But it’s important to understand that there are several ways that you can be successful with affiliate marketing with this business model. So any time someone explains sort of what it is they’re usually influenced by the strategy that they’re using affiliate marketing to be successful with. So I want you to have a clear understanding of what it is how it works. But I want you just start to envision yourself being successful with the strategy that I’m going to share with you and it’s the strategy that I use that I continue to use. And I think it’s the best approach for beginners as well. Now one sentence I came across which I think is valuable to sort of read and understand and that is to learn from someone who has failed a bunch of times so that you don’t have to. Now I started my first web site back in 2000 and seven. So I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 10 years but doing does not mean succeeding. I’ve made a bunch of mistakes in the past. I’ve failed a bunch of times and that’s really why I created this five part video series and the five step blueprint. These are basically the tutorial is in the information. I wish I came across when I was just starting out. And again I want you to be successful with affiliate marketing. I want you to make money with affiliate marketing but in the fastest way possible there is no reason why you should fail over and over and struggle for years until you kind of figure it out and that’s really why I created the five step blueprint so anyone can build an affiliate marketing business. If you’re a pure beginner you don’t know what topic to choose and you have no prior experience and throughout this video and throughout the five videos this five step blueprint I really want you to envision yourself being successful with the strategy that I’m going to share with you. So let’s get started. Let’s review what affiliate marketing actually is and then we’ll talk about how you can get started so right now on my computer I have opened the five step blueprint and you can download and access your copy directly below this video. So we’re going to work from the blueprint. I’m going to scroll down to chapter 1 What is affiliate marketing. So I’m going to scroll down to page four. And here we have our definition of what Affiliate marketing is. So I’m going to give you sort of my definition and sort of relates to again the strategy that we’re going to use to be successful with affiliate marketing. But I’m going to also discuss sort of some other strategies as well throughout this video. So I’m going to read this definition right here. Basically Affiliate marketing is a business model which allows you to recommend someone else’s product and earn a commission when it is sold. So your job is to pre sell customers about a product and then connect them to where they can buy it. You can pre sell them on various online platforms such as a Web site or through social media. Now if they purchase and you are shown to be the refer then you will earn a commission. Now this can be tracked through your unique affiliate link or a code the customer uses to purchase the product the affiliate programs you work with. We’ll do all the tracking for you. So essentially you are the middle man. You are connecting a customer with a online vendor or a store or a service. So when you connect that customer and you are shown to be the refer. And they make the purchase or they sign up you are rewarded a commission. So basically how affiliate marketing works with the strategy that I use. And I think it’s the best strategy for beginners. Is there you can see on the screen I have a graphic which illustrates this. So in the bottom left corner it says you create information about a topic that you love or that you will like or that you’re passionate about. People consume your content and trust you and you become the friendly expert you make product recommendations and tell people where they can order online. When someone clicks a link or an advertisement on your Web site it is tracked by the affiliate program. Now if someone makes a purchase based on your recommendation your affiliate program tracks this transaction and you receive a commission. So that’s sort of like the 10000 foot approach looking down on how affiliate marketing works and the strategy here is to build a Web site. So that’s sort of your platform now. Affiliate Marketing works in very much the same way on different platforms so on Instagram people have millions of followers. They make your product recommendation for a various product or service and their followers purchase that and they’re shown to be the refer then they earn a commission and this can also be done through advertising. So your platform might be ads that you set up these ads and basically you are now recommending people through an advertisement and they see the ad they click on the ad they go see a product or they go see a presentation and they purchase something. Basically if you ran that ad you would be known as the referral. So in our example and my approach and this strategy that we use it’s done through a Web site where you’re recommending your Web site visitors where they can purchase or sign up for whatever your Web site is about. Now to really see this in action I want to go over some of my first web site examples so I’m going to share these with you. But by no means are these Web sites that you should go out and emulate or copy. They serve well some of them don’t exist anymore but they really highlight how this strategy works. And they also sort of highlight a few mistakes that I’ve made along the way. So my first web site was called wealthy Dad’s choices dot com and the headline was your guide to how supplements and optimal health. So right off the bat I’m taking on a topic called health supplements which is huge and very competitive. But the site actually grew into a pretty good resource for health supplements. And I think at one point it was making about three thousand dollars a month. So what I’m gonna do is just jump over to this Web site called archive dot org and they have this thing called The Way Back Machine so you can plug in any Web site and you can get a snapshot of that Web site over time. So if we looked at this Web site back in 2007 when I started it you can see here I’ve got health and wellness made easy. That’s the headline I have some content and then I’ve got some tabs here fitness glycemic index 0 mega 3 fatty acids and whatnot. So some nutrition topics there and then you can see the site grew in this is March 2013 I updated the design and got some more content on there and it was a pretty good Web site. Your guide to how supplements an optimal health. So the website doesn’t exist anymore. But again at one point it was making some pretty good money every month now. Basically I started this Web site because I was passionate about fitness and health and nutrition back in college and I was also involved with an MLM company called you son. So you may have heard of MLM multi-level marketing or network marketing. Well I sort of got involved with that trying to be an entrepreneur back in college when I didn’t really know better. Now you’re not all network marketing companies are bad but basically you you sell products and you build a downline so you build other people underneath you and they sell products so it sort of looks like a pyramid scheme but there’s actually quite a few legitimate companies out there Amway is a company that you might recognize but basically it’s sort of like a business in a box. You get products that you try and sell to people and you try and recruit other people to sell the product and whatnot. But for most of the good companies products actually have to get sold for you to make money. So it’s really not a scam at all. But the main problem with this business model for me is that I’m basically a total introvert. I’m not going to go up and call people and do face to face selling or you know bug my family and friends on building and starting a company and joining my downline. Any of that sort of stuff is certainly not what I like to do or what I can do and I basically recruited zero people and I made zero sales but I came up with this brilliant idea. Instead of selling supplements to people face to face I will just sell them online and thus my health supplement website was born so I was passionate about health and fitness and supplements and I was also trying to sell these products. And that’s when I started my first web site. So I eventually ran into some other product problems. I wasn’t actually able to sell my MLM companies through my Web site at that time it was kind of hard to do that. They had restrictions on it. It just wasn’t an easy process. And that’s really how I stumbled onto affiliate marketing. I was passionate about health and health and supplements. I built a Web site about the topic that was very informative and I wanted to make money by recommending the products that I reviewed that I researched and that I used myself to people that were reading my Web site and that is basically what affiliate marketing is for this strategy recommending you know someone else whose products and then getting paid a commission for it. Now I’m not going to build my own supplement company. I’m not going to go out and start a new supplement company. I don’t have the money for that. I don’t really know how to do that but I can build a Web site and I can explain why for example optimum 100 percent whey protein is my favorite brand right now and I recommend you click here and buy it at bodybuilding dot com to save the most money. So do you see what I just did there. I just did affiliate marketing. I recommended a product optimum 100 percent whey protein and I told you where to click and go buy it at bodybuilding dot com bodybuilding dot com. They have what’s called an affiliate program so if you have a Web site related to bodybuilding supplements you can recommend your Web site visitors to shop at their online store. So if one of my web site visitors buys a supplement from bodybuilding dot com based on my referral then I get a commission to sometimes commissions for products are low like 1 or 2 percent sometimes they’re higher like 8 or 10 percent or even 50 and 75 percent of the product’s price. So you don’t need to physically sell anything. I don’t need to ship anything out. I don’t need to collect any money. I just recommend my web site visitors various products and I go tell them where to go buy them. Now there are thousands of established businesses that sell health supplements online and many of them have affiliate programs that someone like me with a health related Web site could join. Now that’s my first web site. And again it doesn’t exist any more but it gives you an idea of how affiliate marketing works with this strategy. So I want to go over one more example. This is my second Web site. And again I have this Web site is actually still up and running but by no means should you go out and emulate it. I also made several mistakes with it. The concept works but sort of the execution is is not there and it’s one that I don’t work on anymore. But this second Web site shows you the power of passive income with affiliate marketing so again after my first web site sort of failed I didn’t give up I started another Web site about another topic that I was interested in and that shaving. So I registered the Web site electric dash Shaver dash guide dot com and again this actually the site is actually still up and running but if we head back to that archive dot org and use that wayback machine we can see that back in Jan in March of 2011. This is sort of what the Web site sort of looked like that was my same design and then as of right now I got a bit more of a modern and better looking Web site and that’s what it looks like at the moment. So basically I don’t work on this Web site any more because I have a beard now I can’t really shave and review electric shavers is just not something that I’m into. But the real reason is that I’m just working on some other projects and other Web sites that are just more lucrative and my time could be better spent on those. But it’s still up and running and it still makes me money and at the time of writing this and recording this video I have not updated the website in three years and it still makes me thousands of dollars every year. So when it works affiliate marketing can be a great source of passive income so I haven’t worked on the site in years it still makes me money every month and when the Web site makes money I’m basically the exact same way as I sort of described in that health supplement example. So the Web site it’s a great resource for electric shavers. I reviewed them I researched them and then I recommend the brands that I trust I’m perceived as an expert when it comes to electric shavers and people trust my recommendations. So I don’t own an electric shaver company. I would never go out and design a new electric shaver. I just recommend the Braun Series seven because it’s the best shaper for all skin types and it offers the best value so you can go and find a great deal on the Braun Series seven at if you click here you can see the latest price do you see what I did there again. I just did affiliate marketing. Again I recommended a product the Braun Series seven and I told you where to click and go buy it on Amazon dot com. So Amazon has one of the most popular affiliate programs for people like you and me you can basically build your own affiliate marketing business around almost every single product that is sold and listed on Amazon. So I was interested in electric shavers. So I started a Web site about them. I offered really good value for people who were researching electric shavers I reviewed them I answered common questions and I recommended my favorite brands and so on. So I didn’t go out and try and start an electric shaver company. I just recommended the best Shaver on the market. The Brian series 7 and I told people to go buy it and when they did and I was shown to be the refer Amazon would pay me commissions. So I built a useful website about this topic electric shaver. I haven’t touched it in years and people still find my reviews they listen to my recommendations and I’m still perceived as the expert when it comes to electric shavers and more importantly Amazon still pays me commission. So I want it basically go over even more examples with you now. Quickly recap these two but then give you some more ideas on how other people are doing affiliate marketing and even how some big brands are doing it but for beginners like people like you and me these two examples I think are really the best sort of way to start to envision how you’re going to potentially be successful with affiliate marketing. There were great examples for beginners these first two and you know most people should start a Web site about a topic that they love or that they’re passionate about or that they are least interested in. This is usually the best advice for beginners. It’s what I did. It’s what I sort of continue to do. It’s what so many other successful affiliate marketers have done in the past as well. But let’s quickly look at a few other examples so you can see sort of the bigger picture of affiliate marketing as well. So the first step that we’re going to do is we’re gonna head over to some YouTube examples so you can certainly go and check out YouTube and check out some of these examples yourself. Here I’m just going to read from the five step blueprint here. But if you go to YouTube and you were to search the Braun Series 9 review my video at the time of recording this comes up first and you can see it there in the first spot. And if you were to go watch the video and look at the YouTube description you’re going to find some links. And those are affiliate marketing link. So if people were to watch my review and they were to click on the link in the video description and get taken to Amazon. If they were to then purchase one of the Shavers or any product on Amazon I would receive a commission. So if you jump over to YouTube and you were to search any sort of product and review I’m you’re going to find all sorts of marketers that are doing affiliate marketing. I recently looked at some camera reviews so I went and read and watch some reviews on some of the better cameras that I wanted to buy and know and behold you look at the YouTube description filled with affiliate links. These people are putting out the reviews and they’re also putting their affiliate links in the video description so you can go to YouTube and sort of review any sort of product that you can find examples like this. Other companies that and people that do affiliate marketing you know some big companies do affiliate marketing. If you’ve heard of these companies like retail me not or Groupon. They do affiliate marketing in a different way where if you were to go on to their Web site and use their coupon code you’re going to save like 20 or 30 percent on the product but then they’ll also receive maybe a five or 10 percent commission based on their referral. So they’re giving you a coupon but they’re also getting a credit for that so coupon codes those are all doing some sort of affiliate marketing type of structure. So some of those big Web sites other big sort of magazine type of Web sites as well they all do affiliate marketing. One example is P.C. mag if you were to go sort of plug in a search term like the best wireless earbuds for 2019 you might find a Web site like P.C. mag where they review or they list the top 10. If you were to go and click and click see it or click best price you’re going to get taken to Amazon. P.S. Meg is doing affiliate marketing they’re recommending these earbuds and they’re sending you to Amazon where they will get a commission if you purchase based on their top 10 list or their reviews. Other big Web sites this Web site called the wire cutter it’s really popular in their affiliate marketing sort of teaching platform. It does a great job at reviewing tons of products very in-depth reviews and they are also doing affiliate marketing so they review various products. They send you to Amazon and they’re going to get commissions and this one is really popular to discuss because at the time of not recording this video a few years ago maybe it was actually sold for something like 30 million dollars to the New York Times. So yes if you didn’t really know by now I’m sure you do. So many people shop online and there’s so much opportunity to earn a living make it a whole business about around affiliate marketing. So many people shopping online and you can certainly get a slice of that pie as well. So you’re probably sitting there wondering you know how are you going to get started. What are you going to do hopefully some of these things that we discussed in this first video. You can start to have a vision of how you’re going to be successful. And the truth is anyone can be successful with affiliate marketing you can pretty much build the business around almost any type of product. You don’t need a team of editors or an office to be successful and you don’t need to put yourself in front of the camera either you can start your online business from your personal computer in your basement that’s what I did I started working in my parents basement I work in my own basement now. But if you do it right you can make a lot of money and you can become very successful and you can get a really successful passive income stream coming in as well. So the challenge is really doing it right without failing a bunch of times. And this is again why I created affiliate marketing that works. I want to share information with you to get you on the right path to doing this and becoming successful so you don’t have to fail a bunch of times so I’m glad you’re here and I’m glad you’re watching this series so that’s the end of video 1. Hope you got a clear understanding of what Affiliate marketing is and we’ve touched on you know a little bit about what you should do and we’re going to jump into that video too. So in chapter two of the five step blueprint we’re going to talk about how to build a Web site for affiliate marketing. We touched on it there. That’s the best path for you. You need to build a Web site. I’m going to show you exactly the steps that you need to do that in video number two so you can see the link to the second video directly below this one and I’ll see you in the next one.

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