CPA Affiliate Marketing for Beginners EXPLAINED | CPA Marketing Guide 2019
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CPA Affiliate Marketing for Beginners EXPLAINED | CPA Marketing Guide 2019

in this video I'm going to tell you what CPA affiliate marketing is I will cover advantages and disadvantages of CPA affiliate marketing these should help you to decide whether or not you should get into CPA affiliate marketing yourself I will also share my personal opinion and my personal experience with CPA affiliate marketing now without further ado let's get right to it hi guys for those of you who don't know me my name is Alex and welcome to my channel my name is also where share tips on how to succeed online and in this video I decided to cover a topic that I haven't touched on my youtube channel at all CPA affiliate marketing what are these the advantages and disadvantages in my personal opinion on CPA affiliate marketing so if you are an experienced affiliate marketing and you know what CPA affiliate marketing is then this video is the definitely not for you but if you are a beginner if you're starting out with I feel that marketing or you already make money online but you're still not sure what CP I feel that marketing is and whether or not you should get into that then you definitely want to watch this video until the end so without further ado let's get right to it so what CPA affiliate marketing is CP stands for cost per acquisition or cost per action which means that you as an affiliate are getting paid based on the action that needs to be completed by the customer by the visitor of this product or service pages that you are promoting what types of actions the raw in order to get paid a commission there are typically three main types of actions that you can get paid for the first one is CPI which stands for cost per installs as you can guess with this type of promotion you are supposed to promote other apps usually mobile apps or games which are usually mobile games so as soon as someone installs the app or the game that you're promoting you get paid a commission for each and every install in the majora of cases these kind of installs are free for your customers so you are promoting just of the install you're converting the installs not sales quite often there are in-app sales like for example you can download a free game but there is an in-game sales for example like some additional items additional looks additional kind of modes and so on so forth so the second type of action is Cpl cost per lead when you're promoting cost per lead the type of offers you get paid for each and every lead but at the same time there are different gradations for these offers for example they can be as simple as collecting just zip codes collecting just emails you know these kind of really basic generic information without the names without any complicated questions only on one page somebody arrives to that page submits their zip codes and you can get paid but usually the less the information your visitors have to fill out the less the Commission that you might get paid for example for the zip code submit you may get paid up to pretty much one dollar usually even less than that it depends on the country it depends on the offer but some of the companies of course are ready to pay you even twenty even forty even sixty or maybe even in some rare cases up to 100 dollars per lead but the higher the Commission for each lead you might get paid the more complicated the survey that that lead has to fill out the more fields they have to fill out and often high commission kind of cpa offers they ask their leads to fill out even to even three pages with all sorts of information including personal details which a lot of people are not very keen on filling out therefore if you're choosing between two offers the first one pays one dollar per lead and the second page 62 palete quite often especially for the beginners $1.00 per lead offers will convert way better and will be way more lucrative because you would need way less budget on testing and finding the right setup the right landing pages the right can approach and the third type of actions either CPE affiliate marketing world is of course CPS cost per sale this speaks for itself you're promoting an offer and you get paid a commission only after you make a sale it can be all sorts of products it can be physical product it can be service it can be digital products it can be promise anything if you ask me which type of action type of offers you should go with as a beginner I would recommend you to go with Cpl because these type of offers convert way better the conversion rate is way higher in comparison to the High Commission CPL offers where they ask the visitors to fill out the really really long and thorough forms it's way better to go with a low commission offers that convert really well to get the experience get the information and understand the whole process what kind of it's better to test various things and for this type of kind of low commission type of offers you also will need lower budget to spend on ads now let's have a look where you can find CP I feel that offers to start promoting to choose from one of the best websites that I recommend you is called offer world and offer world is right in front of us offer world is pretty much an aggregator of affiliate offers like in the CPA affiliate marketing so you can see here all sorts of information first of all you see payouts the type lead sale install there should be somewhere categories well it's like vertical as they call it in CPA feel at marketing now networks networks is affiliate networks one of the most popular ones are like among others is max bounty you can see right here we will jump into max bounty just in a second into max bounty dashboard also speaking there is countless amount of affiliate networks in the CPA affiliate marketing world and you have to pay attention and do your due diligence when you're choosing your affiliate Network where you will be working where you will be searching for offers and promoting those offers because there are a lot of not very honest I feel that networks there are a lot of affiliate networks in cpworld that are scamming their affiliates maybe there's coming their customers advertisers as well of this I'm not sure I don't have experience with the advertisers side of this kind of business but I know for sure there are a lot of scamming kind of affiliate networks that either shave your commission which means that they basically steal from your pockets how we can avoid getting scammed when you're choosing CPA affiliate network the first one is I recommend you to go with the biggest names in the CPA affiliate marketing world and choose the biggest affiliate networks the second is do your due diligence and go to Google go to specialized forums there are even specialized websites that do the reviews and collect feedback on affiliate networks and I feel let's share their experience their opinion and so on so forth so I highly recommend you to go with the proven affiliate networks that have good reputation among different resources on the different forums and a third way how you can avoid getting scammed by affiliate networks is join different ones before we get to advantages and disadvantages of CPA affiliate marketing and kinda hidden stones that you have to consider before going – CP affiliate marketing I want to invite you to the dashboard of Max bounty Max bounty is as I mentioned before one of the most reputable CP affiliate marketing networks on the market these days they hire they have quite decent offers quite a lot of them and they manages work work really well I have to mention that in order to get registered and accepted by CPA affiliate network in the pretty much most of the cases you would need to have a call with affiliate manager so max bounty is one of those networks that has no exceptions other than making a call between you and affiliate manager in order to consider you as their affiliate you know in order to accept you so they may accept you they may decline your kind of application but there is no other way other than having a cool with their affiliate manager I had to call myself as well my future I feel that manager at the time called me from Max bounty we had a child for like I don't know three to five minutes I told about my experience I told about the ways how I planned to promote the products and about the verticals all the zany she's what type of products and offers I was planning to promote within max bounty and you know we had a chat they're really nice guys because they are interested in honest genuine people who are really want to promote even if you don't have experience you still want to be kind of present yourself as genuine person who is just straight up forward with their affiliate managers now let's get into max bounty dashboard so this is a campaign search the most important thing I want to share with you here and show you the campaign search function and what type of campaigns of the rah for example in CPA affiliate marketing unlike Clickbank for example or unlike the major of other affiliate programs and affiliate networks that you can choose from CPA affiliate marketing offers they have kind of strict rules street demands to the promotional methods to the type of traffic to all sorts of details for example the first parameter that you can filter the offers out is by traffic types not all the offers accept email traffic not all the offers accept for example search traffic not all the office accepts social media traffic yet at the same time there are some offers that accept only email traffic they that accept only search traffic that accept only social media traffic incentive native mobile contextual and all that is other types of traffic's and is exactly the same so you have to pay attention to that and you have to consider what type of of traffic you're planning to drive to promote those offers for example if you have a massive email list then and this will be your only traffic source or the main traffic source to promote the the office then you have to uncheck the rest of them and keep just the email and search it offers out if you will be promoting for example through the email but the offer does not accept email marketing traffic then you first of all you will not get paid the commission for those conversions for those sales for those leads or installs the second you might even get into trouble with the affiliate network because these conditions are set by the advertiser by the company that are placing their offer to these networks the third party their clients basically and if you will be driving traffic the type of traffic to their offer that they don't accept then the whole network max bounty or like other affiliate network that you're using will have an issue with it with their clients with their advertiser so you don't want to go against the rule because you might get into trouble and might get even banned so it's pretty simple if you're running Facebook ads to promote the offers then of course you should select social media traffic if you're running just mobile Facebook ads then you can select social media plus mobile traffic as well and you know and then when you're seeing the offers you have to make sure that both social media and mobile are accepted because some of the try some of the offers accept only mobile but don't accept social media because there are other mobile traffic source then the second parameter that you have to choose is country now one of the biggest issues with CPA affiliate marketing is that the majority of offers are aimed for particular countries even the same product the same service you know the same offer can be split into different ones based on country for example one can be in English for for the US only not even for Canada for UK and if you will be promoting English language offers to all five countries New Zealand Australia UK US and Canada but they offer accept only u.s. traffic you like out of five countries on the US traffic will be accepted and only u.s. traffic will bring you conversions and commission the rest of the countries even if they will receive those leads and sales you will not get paid so this is one of the biggest issues and this is the main reason why I personally don't really like city I feel that marketing from like my youtube channel or my websites because I get international traffic I get traffic from all over the world therefore one of the best ways how you can and should promote CPA affiliate marketing offers is with targeted traffic and targeted traffic in the majority of cases is paid traffic where you can choose at least country it can be social media traffic like paid ads for example Facebook Ads Twitter ads Pinterest ads any kind of ads on social media it can be Google ads as well it can be Bing ads as well all sorts of us there are native ads there are pop ads as well that also allow you to target by countries now then you can choose the category as we covered before the category can be sort of a niche for example be soap is business opportunities business to business dating downloads is not really niche but it speaks for itself is download so most likely they will pay you based on the installs or downloads is another type of kind of install so as soon someone downloads an app or software you will get paid a commission ecommerce it's usually it's physical products and so on so forth so it's yeah sweepstakes is one of the popular and one of the best ways how a beginner can start making money with CPA I feel that marketing now when you choose a niche right here there is sub category as well you can choose what type of business opportunity for example within that niche if you choose ecommerce there are some other ones as I said parameter that you have to choose either CPA type here they didn't split up by cost per install cost per sale cost per lead they split up by the type of payment because some of the offers pay your percentage of the kind of the sale or some of them pay you a fixed price per lead but even if you choose fixed price per lead it doesn't really mean that all the offers will be cost per lead because with this type of CPA on max bounty some of the offers will be also cost per sale the only thing that they pay you not the percentage of the sale that you make but they pay you a fixed price for every sale I recommend you to go through the office like that so you filter out by traffic you filter out by country and then just click search maybe you can choose the category as well if you know what you want to be promoting then click search and then just go through and have a look SOI is a single opt-in deal why would be double opt-in Cpl it's obviously cost per lead nowadays I want to say couple of words about the advantages and disadvantages of CPA affiliate marketing and among the advantages the main advantage that I have to mention is scalability because the best way to make money with CPA affiliate marketing is with paid ads and as you can imagine paid ads is like a type of water the more you open the tap the more water comes out and the same with with paid advertising paid ads the more money you put in the more traffic you get out and the more traffic you get out the more conversions you're getting the more commission you're getting of course you have to make sure that you are profitable there's no point to waste that money on the paid ads if you are not profitable this is the main reason why I recommend you to start with the low-hanging fruits with a kinda low commission sub like immersive means zip submit or some kind of like minor information submit or sweepstakes to get the hang of it to get some experience to get better understanding and you still can scale those low Commission offers to really high profits now the second advantage of CPA affiliate marketing is the type of offers because for example a lot of businesses in the real world they are ready to pay for leads in order to find those businesses especially local businesses you should go out you should call to those businesses and sell to them your services kind of pursue them and make them believe you that you will bring those leads and sales to their business and there's a lot of hustle in all that so if you want to just buy media like run ads and make money generating those leads and not to sell your services as a lead generation for example you can just go to Sydney affiliate marketing networks find those lead generation campaigns CPL cost per lead and just start running especially if you know what you're doing there are people who are making millions and millions by doing just that so there's really high potential in terms of earnings in terms of profits in this type of business but having said that there are also some disadvantages to CPA affiliate marketing the first disadvantage of CPA affiliate marketing is their limitation by country as I mentioned before if you are not running Facebook ads and if you are getting organic traffic to your website to your YouTube channel to your social media then CPE availab marketing might not be the right choice for you here is why I personally like Clickbank because Clickbank doesn't have any restrictions at all Clickbank products you can sell all over the world with any type of traffic and you know promote in any possible way that you can think of so in my opinion CP I feel that marketing is worth getting into only and only if you plan to buy media to buy traffic to pay for ads and run those as to promote the offers the second disadvantage is kind of a continuation of the first one the first one was restriction by country and second one is restriction by type of traffic but of course you can find some offers that don't have any restrictions by traffic but in general you have to pay close attention to what kind of traffic they accept the third disadvantage of CPA affiliate marketing is the level of scam in the CPA affiliate marketing world and you can find the scams not only on particular CPA affiliate marketing networks but you can find that the scammy offers as well because you never know what you're promoting you never know what they are doing with the leads afterwards you just don't know that and I've seen in some CPA affiliate networks the landing pages that you even see right away that it's a scamming kind of products coming offer that they don't promote anything or even if they promote something these coming people they will make sure to do everything to squeeze out as much money as they can with the lowest possible value to those people so I personally don't feel comfortable promoting these kind of products and considering the nature of CPA affiliate marketing you cannot be one Harmsen sure of what you're promoting on the Clickbank for example if not right away but eventually you can get the sample of the product get access to the product to make a review and see yourself whether or not it's worth promoting on Amazon if you're promoting physical products you can always see the feedback of the customers and you can promote only kind of five-star products with high ratings with a lot of good feedback to make sure that that product is worth promoting on your properties to your audience and the fourth disadvantage of the CPA feel at marketing is that the CPA offers are not very welcomed on facebook ads or Google ads of course you can promote them you can promote them with those platforms I'm not saying that you in need immediately will get banned but you have to know how to do that you have to make sure that you will set up a breach page a landing page and promote the legit offers only but even then even then you cannot be one Harmsen secure and you are really risking to get banned from facebook ads at least I don't have much of experience with Google ads but Facebook ads sooner or later most likely not 100% sure but most likely will ban your account I personally don't want this to happen by any means because I personally use Facebook ads to work with clients I provide the services Facebook as promotional services to my clients and I run my personal offers as well and if Facebook decides to ban one of your accounts you are in trouble pretty much the rest of the accounts are in trouble as well and your whole and your whole business manager is in trouble as well of course there are some workarounds like bank accounts or renting accounts or like farming accounts but it's really pain in the ass it's like a massive headache and I don't don't want even to get into all that I'm not really familiar with all these gray or black hat techniques on how to run Facebook ads but I don't even want to get into that I just like my favorite traffic source paid traffic source is Facebook ads and I want to keep it as clean as possible as white hat as possible for this very reason started my Shopify dropshipping store and I started running Facebook ads to promote physical product by the way if you didn't know I started a brand new YouTube channel where I documented my Shopify dropshipping journey if you haven't checked that out you can follow the link below this video in the description now guys I created this video to make you understand better what CP affiliate marketing is what are the advantages and disadvantages and help you decide whether or not you should go into CP affiliate marketing I hope you found this video helpful if you did then please hit the like button below this video also consider subscribe to my channel and they should hit the bug button so that you get notifications of my future uploads now thank you guys for watching and see you in the next video

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