CPA Marketing For Beginners | My Bing Ads Strategy Revealed
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CPA Marketing For Beginners | My Bing Ads Strategy Revealed

Hey, guys. What’s going on? Joshua Elder here. Welcome back to the channel, and in this video
today, I’m going to talk about CPA marketing. I want to talk about my last two weeks into
CPA marketing, a brand new journey here for me. We’re going to go in depth. We’re going to talk about why I decided to
get into CPA marketing, exactly what CPA marketing is, and if you should actually get into CPA
marketing. If you’re here for the first time, go ahead
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you how to build a life and business full of freedom, passion, and fulfillment. If you’re excited for this video, go ahead
and hit the Like button. What is CPA? CPA’s an acronym for cost per acquisition,
so you’re actually making money when somebody takes an action, whether they enter in an
email address, whether they go to a website, whether they buy something or don’t buy something,
they don’t necessarily have to buy something for you to make money. That’s what’s so great about CPA. For example, what I’ve been doing for the
past two weeks is I’ve been doing Bing Advertising and specifically PPC advertising or pay-per-click,
so essentially what I’m doing is I’m placing an ad at the top of Bing search engine. I’m actually paying to be ranked at the top. When somebody clicks on that ad, they go to
what’s called a landing page. They’ll read the landing page, and this landing
page is kind of like a pre-frame to, I can indoctrinate them into know a little bit more
about our product, and then eventually go and purchase the product. In the last video, I talked about indoctrination. It’s just a fancy term for getting people
to know, like, and trust you or your product. The great thing about this is I don’t have
to inject myself personally. I can actually use testimonials of other people
on behalf of the product, so I like it because there’s more analysis that’s involved in it
and less branding on your part. You’re actually branding the company and removing
yourself from the process completely where with regular affiliate marketing and intent-based
branding type marketing, you have to spend more time branding yourself, you have to spend
more time building a relationship. It takes time for people to really trust you
and to buy from you, but when it comes to CPA marketing, you can basically bid on specific
search phrases that have buyer intent. Again, for example, one of the products that
I’m actually selling in my CPA campaign, and we’ll be jumping in my computer in one of
the future videos, and I’ll actually show you step by step on how this works on screen,
but what I’m doing is I’m bidding on keywords or search phrases that have to do with helping
people to stop snoring. That’s one of the products that I’m promoting
is I’m helping people stop snoring. When we’re thinking about snoring and people
snoring, and we’re thinking about the customer and we’re having this snoring issue, what
would I actually type into the computer to solve my problem? First, you would probably “how to stop snoring”
or “why am I snoring.” You might go down a rabbit hole. You might find these different snoring devices,
these different snoring chin straps. Then what you’ll do is you’ll go back to the
search engine after you’ve done some research, and you’ll start typing in other search phrases
around snoring. Since you kind of learned about why you snore
and you learned about how to stop snoring, specific devices, now what you’re going to
do is you’re going to go and you’re going to type in those specific device names into
the search engine. Now, these specific device names, product
name keywords, in other words, have buyer-intent, which means the person that’s entering this
keyword most likely has their credit card in hand, and they’re pretty closed to making
a buyer decision. This is where we come into play as CPA marketers
is we want to catch people at the end of the search versus the beginning. Let the other people educate them on how to
stop snoring and why you snore, and then what we can do is we can actually, once they’ve,
get into a situation where they know how to stop snoring and they’re about to make a purchase
on the device that’s going to help them, that’s when we want to bid on those specific keywords,
those specific search phrases that are based around PNKs, or product name keywords, so
when somebody’s typing in “stop-snoring devices,” “stop-snoring chin strap,” “stop-storing tools,”
“stop-snoring remedies,” things of that nature, those are all buyer-intent based keywords
and keywords that are based around specific products. We would write down this keyword list of as
many keywords as we can think of, aka search phrases, that people would type in around
products that are based around snoring. Does this make sense? That’s the idea of CPA marketing. Now, not every single product or every single
campaign that you’re running is based around a physical product. Some campaigns may be based around an email
submit where you might be offering a free iPhone or a free gift card for somebody to
complete a survey. You could make money that way too as well,
so they enter an email address, and they’ll pay you like sometimes 10 cents, 50 cents,
$2, even all the way up to $15-plus just for a lead because they understand that on the
back end if they can get a quality lead, that $15 that they’re paying you, they can take
that lead and turn them into a buyer that’s worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That’s why they’re willing to pay you some
money on the front end. We’ll get into detail about certain affiliate
networks that you could become an affiliate of, how to apply to these networks, how to
get approved from these networks. I’ve got like three networks right now that
I’m seriously working with. I’ll actually pop up on screen right the now
the progress. As you can see right here, made some decent
income right around $440 or so from what I remember. That’s not profit, by the way. I’ve actually lost right around $400-500 overall
in the past two weeks, but this is still, guys, this is the testing phase. We’re still testing. We’re still trying to find those money keywords. What happens is you start with a huge list
of keywords, and you start running ads to these keywords. Some of these keywords are going to convert
into buyer, some of them won’t. What you need to do is you need to trash the
keywords that aren’t working, which is what I’m finally doing now, and now I’m putting
all my money into those keywords that I’ve converted. How do we find out which keywords convert? Well, we can use tools like ClickMagick, CPV
Labs. There’s tons of different tracking tools out
there. Another one I think is Prosper202 or something
like that. I use ClickMagick. I’ve been using ClickMagick for the past couple
of years now. It’s one of my recommended tools. I’ll go ahead and link that in the description
below, but again, I’m going to get into detail about how to run these CPA offers. Just wanted to give you guys a quick overview
about CPA marketing. One of the networks that I actually would
recommend that you get started with is a network called It’s P-E-E-R-F-L-Y dot com. You want to get registered there. You can get registered for free. I don’t think they have an interview process. Typically, with these networks, you have to
get on the phone with the affiliate manager, and you have to tell them about your experience
in the past, how many sales you’re generating right now, how much traffic you’re generating,
and if you’re somebody that’s new, it’s hard to be able to qualify with certain affiliate
networks. Well, with PeerFly, you can actually sign
up without any interview process as far as I know up to this point. It’s free to sign up. It’s quick. You’ll get pretty much instantly approved,
and you can start promoting offers. That’s the network that we’re going to start
promoting offers within is PeerFly. We’ll help you set up the tracking. We’ll help you find the offers and all of
that cool stuff. Why am I actually doing CPA marketing? Well, I mentioned this a few minutes earlier. I’m doing CPA marketing because I, number
one, I want another stream of income. Number two is I like the fact that you don’t
have to spend so much time branding yourself because, quite honestly, it takes work to
do videos, it takes work to brand yourself, it takes work to put yourself out there and
create content daily, which I will continue to do, but this was great to focus on in the
intro when I wasn’t creating intros because it kind of gave me a new-found passion because
I love numbers, I love analytics. CPA marketing does require sort of an analytical
mind where you have to learn how to be more analytical and read numbers and charts and
things of that nature. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, let me know by liking this video. Comment below. Let me know if you’re excited to learn CPA
marketing. I would love to know. Put “yes” below or put “I’m in” below. Let me know that you’re excited. Also, if you want to go along the journey
and actually see my exact campaigns and the inside of my campaigns that I just don’t show
on my YouTube channel, check out my top recommended system, check out my Inner Circle Program. I’m going to be walking you through everything
that I do as I do it, so you can walk right behind me and model, and heck, even copy exactly
what I’m doing so you can start generating some more results. With that said, this is Josh Elder signing
off. We’ll see you guys in the next video. Take care.

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  1. I make 5 figures per day with cpa and FB ads….it's powerful but you need to work really hard if u need to see consistent results, not like 1000$ one day and next day zero…..if people put effort, time and money sincerely in CPA as much they put in full time job….they can make a really good living just like I and many underground marketers do….Bing ads is good place to start for newbies because 7search is no more.😥

  2. Great video man! Looking forward to more! One quick question, what ever ended up happening with your joshsswingsystem results? I was curious to see how that ended up working out but I believe you stopped the series

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