Creating Your 2019 Content Calendar For Social Media [DOWNLOAD MY TEMPLATE!]
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Creating Your 2019 Content Calendar For Social Media [DOWNLOAD MY TEMPLATE!]

are you stuck on where to start creating
a Content calendar for 2019 well grab a pen and paper grab a coffee because in
this video I’m going to take you through a step-by-step tutorial on how you can
create your content calendar for social media for 2019 plus if you stick around
to the end I’m going to give you the template that I use so that you can
bypass a lot of the hard work and guys if you want the best social media and
content marketing tips tricks tutorials and how-tos then make sure you subscribe
to this channel and hit the bell below so that you’re notified when I put out a
new video every Wednesday now let’s get into it if the idea of creating a
Content calendar overwhelms you or fries your brain then number one you are not
alone but stick with me because I’m going to take you step-by-step through
everything I go through and by the end of this video you’ll know exactly how to
create a Content calendar for yourself this is the process that I use with
pretty much all of my clients and it’s pretty freaking awesome if I may say so
myself okay so if you’ve got your pen and paper let’s dive in now basically my
content calendars Center around five bigger questions that I asked myself and
then in answer to those questions I’m able to attribute certain content within
my calendar so let me walk you through those questions the first question is
what are the main goals that I am trying to achieve so included in this question
is what are the main platforms I’m going to use this year what what is the
priority on my website am I looking for traffic to my website am I looking for
traffic to other platforms or am I looking for growth you need to
understand where you’re headed with those goals in order to make good
decisions around your content so for example in eleven lights media our
priority is less on our website and more on social and that’s purely because
people hear about me and follow me and then they connect with me
through social media and that’s actually how I grow my business so for me to
drive growth and traffic around the different social media channels that I
use is a high priority to me however for some people they actually want more
traffic to their website and that’s fine the other thing is perhaps you have a
channel that’s of high importance for you to grow so specifically for eleven
lights media this year I have placed a larger emphasis on YouTube being my
primary platform and Instagram being my other primary platform
I never typically recommend more than two platforms as primary platforms
because it just overwhelms people and most people don’t have the resources or
the team yet to sustain that kind of content output and even that content
trail like following things and seeing if they’re actually making a difference
so that being said I do have what I would call sub platforms so I’m still
going to be posting on Facebook just a lot less frequently and I’m probably
going to be doing a lot less original content for those platforms and it’s
going to be repurposing of other content I’ve created elsewhere for YouTube and
for Instagram I’m also having LinkedIn this year as a sub platform for eleven
likes media so just to recap that make sure you know your goals for your
content before you start so you know where to put your energy once you begin
creating content the second question that I asked myself for myself and for
my clients is what will my pillar content be so we’ve already established
that YouTube is of high priority for eleven lights media this year and so
therefore my pillar content is going to be this video these types of videos that
are how to’s or tutorials they are packed with information and education
and therefore they stand alone as really strong pieces of content and I will
likely draw heavily from these pillar videos for my Instagram inspiration so
to speak so when we’re asking questions about what our pillar content is
to be we have to know what our primary platform is which we’ve already
addressed in the first question and we have to know what format we’re going to
produce content in so let me go a little left field for a second because this is
not something that I do for myself in my business
however somebody’s pillar content might actually be their podcast so that format
is then audio and that becomes important later on when we look at micro content
so let me regroup for a second at this point we have not put a single thing on
our content calendar yet however that’s okay because that’s going to start
falling into place with these last couple of questions so my third question
is what is my schedule how often do I want to be posting on
these platforms and probably even more realistically how often can I create
content once you know how often you want to be posting and also how often you can
create the content you now have the ability to open up a calendar and have a
look at the spots that need to be filled for some people it’s going to be every
day and multiple times a day across multiple platforms for other people it’s
going to be a handful of times a week or even a handful of times a month in order
for them to establish consistency and sidenote bonus tip right here
consistency is everything and it’s also the hardest thing to do but consistency
wins business more times than a perfect feed or a perfect video or perfect audio
you have to understand that it is better that you start with less and you’re
consistent then you aim too high and fall flat and you don’t show up at the
promised time for your people okay so now we know our main platforms we know
how often we can create content we know what our primary format is going to be
and we know how often we want to schedule and we know how often we can
actually create the content so now we need to look at our fourth question this
is really where we start putting pen to paper so let’s start with my business as
an example before we move into question four so this is my pillar piece of
content I’m going to be creating this particular thing weekly however I want
to be posting three to four times a week on Instagram so that being said I would
use this video and make a teaser for my other platforms including Instagram and
now I know that I already have one piece of content for that week filled because
I’m going by a weekly calendar I only need to worry about one week at a time
that will make the process less overwhelming and it will allow you to
really go okay here’s my pillar content here’s my other content that we’re about
to talk about and then it’s just up to you to fill the gaps where necessary and
we’ll talk about how to do that in a really meaningful way in a second so my
fourth question is what is the micro content that I can create out of my
pillar content so for example out of this piece of content itself I will pull
some audio of something profound that I say hopefully I say something profound
for you guys I will pull a quote and I will turn this information I’m giving
you now into long-form written content for Instagram as well so now I not only
have this teaser that I’m going to create for Instagram to direct people
back to YouTube because it’s my priority but I have three other pieces of content
I can pull out of this video to reinforce my message and this is really
important you need to be reinforcing your message multiple times throughout
the week or month or however often you cycle through a message because people
hear and see and assimilate content in different ways and not only that if I
put out a teaser video and they miss that call to action to go and watch the
YouTube video then maybe they’ll see my long-form written content and go I can’t
believe I missed that video I’m gonna go watch it now so you actually need to be
reinforcing your own message over and over and it gets boring for you and you
feel like you’re beating the same drum all the time and it’s
actually really difficult to do as a content creator because we know the
message like in our bones and so we’ve we just feel like people are gonna be
sick of us but it’s just not true we find that people need to hear something
over and over and over and over before they will take action before they’ll
understand before they will have that forgive me for using this term but like
there a-ha moment so don’t feel bad that you’re using one piece of content
and basically rehashing it and banging that drum because people need to hear a
message over and over I cannot emphasize that I cannot state that
enough do not be afraid of giving that message again and again so now in my
Instagram week my three to four posts that I want to do I actually have three
out of four of them so I have my teaser I have my quote so whether I end up
doing that as an image or an audio sound byte or even like a video snippet I have
three different options there which is incredible but I’ll probably only use
one just for myself and then I also have my long-form written content so now if I
want to hit that marker of making sure I get four posts out I really just have to
look in at how I’m going to fill the gap in a way that’s meaningful for my
business and that’s where we get to question number five so question number
five is how do I support my overall business goals and I use this question
for the filler content because oftentimes people go I don’t know what
to post I’ll just shove up quote I don’t know what to post so I’ll just put
something funny up and those things aren’t inherently bad because sometimes it’s important to pull back a little bit so that we’re not information heavy all the time and overwhelm our audience
however it’s better that you can support your business goals so if a really big
goal for you is to get people to your website this year then have great stuff
on your website that you can point people back to or if a
business goal is to make a certain amount of revenue then clearly you’ve
got to sell more product or more of your service
so consider having a sales called action each week or each fortnight or each
month whatever is comfortable for you the higher dollar value you have
probably the less call to actions you’re going to have but it’s okay to say hey
guys I sell X Y and Z feel free to fill in
this form here DM us for a quote here or buy my t-shirt here those things are
totally okay to fill in those gaps so basically if you can fill out the rest
of your content calendar with things that make sense for your business goals
then you nailed it and you’re going to be able to create a Content calendar day
after day week after week month after month however you do it so now you know
the exact steps and questions you need to ask yourself in order to create an
awesome content calendar but what about right now when you need to have content
out yesterday well I’ve got you covered I’ve created a download with a month
already done for you a month that you can fill in for yourself and also the
visual framework that I just gave you so that you’re able to fill it in and
you’re off and running so download that now the link is going
to be below guys if you like this video please let me know by leaving a comment
below telling me what was the most helpful step for you also make sure you
like it subscribe share with your friends all those good things and I will
be back next Wednesday with a video for you

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  1. Perfect timing .. I have been thinking about how to do this…. and that I should… so I'm glad to find you here. the whole thing as helpful! I can't tell you just one thing! And I took notes… thank you my savoir! I think I'll grab your download too. 💕 yahoo you made my day! -Elizabeth

  2. Couldn't agree with you more planning ahead of time with your social media can help you streamline your messages across all platforms. Also with you on not to choose more than 2 main content 😉

  3. Thanks for talking about the way you repurpose content. That's a phrase that gets thrown around a lot and you gave it a more concrete application!

  4. I keep meaning to do this and found this super helpful! Thanks for giving me the boost I needed to get this moving forward! 👊

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