Creating your content marketing plan – quick guide
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Creating your content marketing plan – quick guide

the aim of your content marketing plan
should be to align your content marketing with your business objectives
each piece of content should think about these six elements creating your content
marketing plan the content marketing funnel you should decide which level of
the funnel your content covers is at the top middle or bottom buyer personas
which will your content target medium what form would best suit the content
should it be text image video or audio channel where will your content be published
your website or social media what call-to-action will be used and finally
impact measure the impact of your marketing efforts this includes
consumption metrics but could also include looking at the life of your
leads a marketing automation system can help with this we will include a link to
our marketing automation video in the description bar below that’s it the
backbone to your content marketing strategy effective logical and
measurable but if you want to be really effective take a look at our more
detailed video the smart content marketing funnel and how to use it

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