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Croydon digital strategy consultation

We want Croydon Council to be the very
best council for our residents. We want to deliver excellent services and we
want to make that relationship between residents and the council as easy as
possible. Core to that efficiency is our use of digital, we’ve recently set up a
crack team of digital experts led by Neil Williams who we’re very fortunate to
have. He and his team will be driving the work around developing our digital
strategy and whether that strategy relates to how our social workers can
use digital tools to make sure that they can work in a mobile way, and be able to
connect up with our customer services and our customer information systems back at
the council when they’re working with residents in the field, right through to
the way that we actually really talk to our residents and how we make sure that
we’ve got a really good relationship with our residents. I joined the council last October to lead our digital transformation. This new strategy that
we’re writing now is going to guide the work that my team and I do for the next
several years and we really want to make sure we get that right it’s all about
outcomes for people, outcomes for businesses in Croydon and therefore we
want your views we want your input to make this the best strategy we can make
it. So please do get involved please contribute your ideas via this website
and help us to shape the future of a digital Croydon. Digital and the expansion of digital is absolutely fundamental to Croydon’s future. We are
London’s growth borough and we want to see and maintain truly sustainable
growth for Croydon and to do that that’s about having a conversation with all our
communities across the borough, businesses and residents and the role that digital
has to play in that as I say is absolutely crucial going forward. This survey is about finding out from you how we can serve local people better. We care
about our communities and we want to use digital technology to communicate
through our website that you can trust, that your life’s improved
and the council provides better services to you

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