CSIRO Digital Careers Overview
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CSIRO Digital Careers Overview

(Male 1) App developer,
drone pilot, Youtuber, it’s crazy how many jobs there
are now that didn’t even exist when we were born. (Female 1) And smart people say
there’ll be even more in the future. Today’s jobs will go extinct and
new ones will get invented. (Female 2) What are
they going to be, umm…? (Male 1) Well, no one knows
for sure but it’s safe to say heaps of them will be digital. (Female 3) Digital. (Female 2) Digital. (Male 2) Digital careers. (Female 1) What’s that mean? (Female 2) Well, it doesn’t
just mean like writing code. (Male 1) It means jobs in the future
are going to need human brains plus computer brains. (Male 2) Like a truck driver in the
future won’t drive an actual truck. They’ll drive a computer that
drives the truck by remote control. (Female 1) Chefs in the
future will have more computer controlled
machines doing stuff. (Female 2) Film makers, musicians,
artists are all going to use digital technology even
more than they already do. (Male 1) Doctors, police,
teachers, almost all careers are going to be digital careers. (Female 1) So, that’s what
digitalcareers is for. This website and all the stuff
around it are here to help us get set for jobs of the future. (Male 2) To explain how new
technologies might affect us. (Male 1) And show us great
opportunities that are opening up and how to take advantage of them. (Female 2) So, for like,
subscribe, and all that because a digital career is
probably going to be your career. [Music plays]

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