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CSULB Sport Management

Hello I’m Nina Cash and welcome to
NewsLink on this segment we’re going to be highlighting the sport management
master’s degree program offered at Long Beach State University will also be
spotlighting some of the special features and professional benefits of
earning this graduate degree most important things that we believe fort
management program offers here on campus is the full student learning options so
not only do we learn about facilities and business management and ethics and
law and Finance but we also learn about leadership and what really goes into the
full student package my name is Megan McMurtry I work for the
Los Angeles chargers and I’m the guest services manager so I’m on the team that
handles all of our season ticket member accounts and servicing those guests
throughout the year well my job is to work with the NFL corporate partners and
work on their exhibits and their activations at events like the Super
Bowl experience my core responsibilities are handling activation for a handful of
our corporate partnership accounts so I learned about that program while I was
still in undergrad at Long Beach State I met a lot of current students in the
sport management program and they told me a lot of really good things about it
I was in a position where I was working and needed to continue to work and this
program was super flexible and worked around those types of hours it was
pretty cost effective so compared to some of the competitive schools in the
area it was a great price and then third was just the extended network from the
advisory board to the faculty to the students so I think that when students
are entering the program it’s really important that they keep an open mind
and not narrow themselves to you know working for the NBA or working for their
favorite MLB team or working for their alma mater you know there’s so many
different areas in sports that they can work in I had a background in marketing
so I thought I wanted to do something in sports and potentially marketing but
really had no idea so coming into the program
through all the faculty they had helped me get some unique internships kind of
find out what I liked what I didn’t like and then once I found out what I did
like they helped me expand my network into that field make solid connections
get some good experience and then ultimately I made to my first job we
have over 300 different affiliates with sports teams to nonprofits to
universities to marketing we have these relationships and these connections
which are so key to having the students meet and ultimately connect to get hired
for their job the internship experience as part of the program is really
beneficial I think it’s one of the main takeaways from the program for me
especially I did stuff with the Clippers and the Oakland Raiders and both of
those were in corporate partnerships here we have very experienced faculty
members that are in the sport management industry that have many years experience
that work with Olympic athletes that work as executives at these professional
stadiums and universities and as athletic directors but they also can
share that other experience about what what does it take to get hired my
favorite class was the finance class with mr. Roundtree it was great the
project we did was around a college football bowl game and that incorporated
a lot of things I use in today’s job we pride ourselves in knowing that we are
always available whether it be phone text message internet face-to-face that
our students never feel like they can’t get ahold of us once you join our
program you become part of the family and that’s really important that every
student feels like we’re going to be there with them every step of the way
during the program I actually received a full-time job working for ESPN and
worked on the X Games for three years three words to describe this program or
engaging challenging and rewarding fun informative and beneficial passionate as
everyone I met was passionate about sports and I felt passionate and then
also inspiring you know it just our professors and learning about all these
different careers in the sport industry just really makes you feel inspired that
you can do so many things the most memorable experience in the
for me was the end of the program right around the time of my capstone I was
presenting the capstone I was wrapping up the program I was also working on the
X Games Los Angeles event the same weekend and at the end of the event they
offered me a full-time job so it was super exciting and just icing on the
cake for you know ending the program and it all came full circle if you want to
reach your career goals then stop sitting on the sidelines and get in the
game with a master’s degree program in Sport Management from Long Beach State
University thanks for watching this segment of newsLink I’m Nina cash we’ll
see you next time

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