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Curtin Business School and Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA

The Faculty of Business and Law
Industry Connect team acts as the conduit between our host organisations
and our student body. We have plus twenty areas of commerce that we teach, and
therefore our industry partners run across that breadth of twenty majors. The
Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a not-for-profit member-based organisation.
We have over 9,000 businesses that are our members within Western Australia.
Since 2016, the CCI has been located on Curtin University, Bentley campus. This is
beneficial for all of the Curtin University students as we help them
connect directly with businesses that are here in Western Australia. These days
experience is something that employers really are looking for. They want
students to be prepared, they want students to be professional, and lets you
apply the knowledge from uni into the real world. I’m studying Accounting and
Taxation at Curtin University and I’m at Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
According to my eligibility criteria, they found me an accounting internship. I
also manage to learn more practical side of accounting, which I never did it
before. So I did a Marketing and Public Relations internship, and I thought this
would be a great opportunity to develop those skills that I’m learning at
university, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had at uni. The process
to find an internship through Curtin University is super super easy, super
simple. It took me about three months from the point of doing my resume’s
polishes, making it speak as much about myself as a potential candidate as
possible, and I went to an IQ test and EQ test and then the most important step is
absolutely the interview session. We do all of those things that would be
expected of a student once upon graduation and seeking their first
employment. In fact, they get to do it in a controlled and supportive environment.
I think it’s a massive advantage. My internship was to do with industrial
relations policy. I got to sit with the CEO of CCI, which is amazing. I got to sit
in board meetings – I interviewed the Uber Policy Manager. The internship basically gave me a huge boost of confidence.
It’s absolutely valuable and I would highly recommend that to anyone else. Great that
you actually been put in an international environment like Curtin,
but and then you have to actually test your knowledge and being able to see
whether you have that employability. It’s also the connections that you make, the
network that you build from the internship – just all these amazing
amazing people that you can get advice and knowledge from. Everyone is there for
you, if they want to teach you, they want to supervise you. Once they get out into
that workplace and really do build that bridge between what we’ve taught in
a classroom and what they’re doing out in industry – confidence just
skyrockets. That’s what we love to see.

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