Custom Branding Your ExaVault File Manager
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Custom Branding Your ExaVault File Manager

ExaVault offers extensive
custom branding options. Custom branding helps you to personalize
the ExaVault file manager for your users and customers. We’re going to show you how to customize
your account with a company logo and custom domain. Log into your account
and go to the My Account section. Locate the custom branding tab at the top. The custom name will appear in the
footer copyright and on emails such as notification emails. This is our
fast banana marketing account, so we’ll be rebranding
it with that name. Next, you can rebrand your
account with a custom logo. Click the button to upload your logo. Logos will appear at the top left and
replaces a custom name on most visual displays. You can choose a color palette for
further customization of your account. Save changes at the bottom. You will see your custom logo at the
top and your custom name in the footer copyright as well as other places when
you use the account and share files. Another custom branding option
is adding a custom domain. If you have access to a
separate web hosting domain, you can set up a custom address for
your users to access the file manager. You’ll need to do the steps in the custom
domain section at the bottom of the custom branding page. First, download the HTML file and locate
it in your downloads folder. Then copy this file to the web
server that you have control of. Next, enter your new custom domain in step
three on the custom branding page for your account. Make sure you use the option that
is appropriate for your web server. We’ve already installed this file
on the web server, so we are using that location
as a custom domain address. Creating a custom domain is a great
way to white label your account. Any emails or links you generate will
come from your domain, not ExaVault. And here’s what a share link will
look like with custom branding. For more information on
customizing your account, email us at [email protected]
or visit our support page. Thanks for watching.

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