Customer Journey Maps = A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy
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Customer Journey Maps = A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Hi I’m Rav and I’m part of the user
experience team at Creative ideaz and I’m Kash
the head of digital transformation at Creative Ideaz Let’s discuss how creating personas and customer journey maps can help determine the best digital
strategy for your business so, why can’t your ideal customer be everyone? well simply put you can’t just please everyone but there are people that you can and by identifying the segment’s in the market through using personas. These are fictional characters who represent your ideal customers and
you’ll need to understand specific goals, motivations, frustrations and their core needs that they expect your business to meet it’s important to know who your
target audience is as well as who they aren’t as it may differ from who you might
think now we understand key information about each persona such as their
background, motivations, frustrations needs and skills we can start to understand how they will consume your product or service and this is through
the creation of customer journey maps A customer journey map helps us to capture your customers’ experience with your brand it helps to tell the story of a
customer experience capturing the triggers, need, method of finding your
business and process of achieving the desired goal such as a purchase or
inquiry Identifying the customer journey will help you align your message at the various customer touch points Which is what we’re successful in doing with our clients importantly we don’t just assume or predict based on initial meetings the best way to truly interpret customer insights is to ask them you might be thinking it doesn’t seem necessary for your company but under the surface if
you haven’t broken down your customer journey or not aligned the touch points
with objectives how do you know that the marketing channel or message is best to achieve success with your product or service everything you do should be
about connecting with your customers in a way that they are most likely to
consume your offering This may lead to a website, an app or even a simple social media page you might think that SEO is needed because you want new leads but in fact a series of short paid social campaigns will be better what makes Creative Ideaz different is that we don’t have a pre-built solution
for your problem we have a tried and tested framework of identifying the most
effective digital strategy for your business and helping you to deliver it

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