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Customer Lifecycle Marketing | Tim Queen

hi guys I’m Tim Queen and today I’m
going to share with you about life cycle marketing the problem that most business
owners apply in their business and marketing is to send the same message to
everyone on the website on the email is on a social media trend without
segmenting them not qualifying them without like customizing and
personalizing the approach for each and every person so what I want you to think
about is about different buying temperatures of buyers
you might have someone coming to your website who is really cold they don’t
understand anything about the problem that you’re solving they don’t
understand the value proposition that you are doing they don’t have any
background knowledge whatsoever so those people they need a lot of Education to
first understand the problem then to understand the solution and then to
understand how you can help them get their problem fixed so if you come to
those people and you’re trying to sell them or hard sell them and try to push
them to buy something you want to lose 99% on 1 this is the worst thing you can
do then you have some people who have some knowledge they might have heard
like a few buzz words they don’t know what the buzz words mean or how to apply
to them or how much this is worth they don’t know how much they have to invest
let us feel I have to do SEO I have to do socially I should be on LinkedIn but
I don’t really know what the plan is how to implement it so they’re like a little
bit higher on the on the scale but there’s only like some level of
education to first understand what you’re offering and then at the top end
you have the people who completely perfectly understand the problem they
understand the different solutions they understand which of the solutions your
specific business is offering they know the pricing and the value they know the
return on investment and they’re basically ready to buy it
those are the red hot leads and those you can sell basically immediately you
have a high close rate so the trick is to understand or to guess
correctly who is in what buying cycle on your website one of the ways how you can
do is you can guess by publishing different articles with different levels
of experience for example you might write something else completely for
newbies and beginners or who’s answering a very basic questions which you could
assume only someone with no knowledge whatsoever would ever ask so if you have
someone coming to this particular page and you’re able to track this that this
person was watching this beginner article and reading it then you can take
an educated guess and think this person probably needs a lot more education on
the other hand you could create something for Eve intermediate which is
like a little bit more advanced and you can share with them more advanced
tactics so you can see who is coming through those pages and a great way how
you can structure this is to think about what kind of search phrases would a
beginner person in intermediate and an advanced level person type into Google
and to correlate your article titles and content and your overall message to fit
exactly into that scheme so another great way how you can segment people
into different segments is by just asking them there’s amazing technology
out where you can just put up like a little quick survey form on your website
and you can ask a simple question like three to four answers and based on what
the people click you can instantly segment them and if someone know it now
becomes the trick you can save this in a cookie so the next time someone comes
you might show them some different content but the best way how you can
actually store this information is you have to get someone to sign up for your
email marketing software because then you can actually attach a tag or a
custom field and store this information so you the next time they’re coming to
your website you can actually show them different content you can always
remember that if you’re sending them out an email they click a link they come to
your website the website sets a cookie the website
can pull up the tags and so oh yeah this is a beginner person oh yeah this is an
advanced person so you can then customize the text so there’s different
types of customizations you can do I’m going to share two with you the first
one is you can adjust parts of your website you might change a headline to
make it better understandable for the person reading it that this is relevant
for them this might include changing a headline
changing a few buzzwords or my reordering some of your page structure
for example if someone is coming to your website and they’re reading in the
beginner article and another beginner article you might actually restructure
your article overview page and put all the beginner article at the top the
intermediate article at the bottom and then the advanced at the lowest point if
you have someone who’s advanced you do it the other way around you put if you
have someone who’s intermediate you do it like differently you put intermediate
at the top then advanced because usually people go upwards and then the beginner
articles at the bottom so this is one way you can also have little pop-ups and
little notches little notification sheets that can pop up on screen after a
certain behavioral indicator have shown that someone’s really engaged with your
content and show them that something is only relevant for a beginner or for
someone who’s more advanced for example if you’re running three different
webinars one for total beginners one for intermediate and one for advanced people
you can choose to put up a pop-up on screen to only like for a beginner
webinar you only show this pop-up to people you guess and like in the
beginner level and the more advanced topic to the intermediate and the expert
topic to the advanced readers the benefit of this approach is that you are
showing relevant content to each person you’re not losing them by showing them
something that’s way over the head or way below them nobody wants to read
nobody went to university wants to read like how to learn the alpha
nobody who is not even liked doesn’t know the alphabet wants to read a
physics textbook for PhD students you have to have the right message for the
right audience otherwise you lose people and when you lose people you lose every
opportunity to nurture them by sending them out email sequences getting them to
revisit your website reading another article you lose this opportunity to
turn someone who might at some point in the future turn into a customer forever
so if you want to learn more about life cycle marketing how to install a
segmentation like this how to change the content and how to build this up for
your company make sure that you send me an email on my website Tim Queen calm
and follow me for more marketing strategies and tactics for your online
business see you next time

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