Customize Marketing & Sales Videos: Better Personalized Videos
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Customize Marketing & Sales Videos: Better Personalized Videos

Do you want to learn how to make more effective one-to-one personalized videos? Are you finding that the one-to-one videos that you’re creating right now are either not getting the amount of engagement you want Or you feel like they could just be better then you’re in the right spot Hey, you know what time it is. Are you a HubSpot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprocket. Ah, that’s right. It’s your boy George B Thomas from sprocket. Ah, calm back with another Educational video look creating personalized one-to-one videos can be difficult But in this video, I’m gonna share with you a way to take those blah Unengaged videos and make them well Amazing make sure you hit the subscribe and the bell somewhere along the way but with that said Let’s get into the good stuff many people are fanatics when it comes to customizing things everything from pimp your ride to be dazzling your jacket or purse or even Monogramming your towels or robes People want to feel like it no matter what it is is theirs they want to put their stamp on it But maybe even more importantly they want people to see that it is Theirs look around the world and you will see that people are visually customizing almost everything so it only makes sense that people would cling to videos that are Visually customized and have their personal stamp on it This is why taking the time to customize your one to one videos visually for each human You are about to send a video to is so important. There are several ways You can visually customize your personal videos each of these will depend on how much Customizing you want to do during shooting your video versus editing your video? the first way you can add visual customization is by purchasing an led marquee or Sign with adjustable letters that can sit on a shelf behind you in your video This could be customized with their name and a short message to them Their eyes will be drawn to their name and automatically read the message as you talk to them the second way you could customize their video is by getting wood or plastic letters and Simply having their or hello and their name on your desk or in front of your laptop Depending on how you’re shooting your video link right here It could be right here, but it’s not the third way You could visually customize their video is to use a small whiteboard or chalk board that is easily changeable video after video after Video after video after you get it the fourth way. You could customize their video is to add top and bottom bars with again a short message containing their name or pertinent information to your call that fits for Them the fifth way that you can visually customize your one-to-one videos is to create a lower third graphic that can Easily slide in and out of frame as needed during the video, of course This tactic would be during the editing process and the sixth way that you could customize your one-to-one videos is to use their logo and brand colors to make them feel at home while watching your video a Super-secret ninja tip create shirts with the name of your prospect leader customer and wear it in your video Wait what that my friends would be a lot of shirts Can your closet handle that tip maybe skip that last tip and let’s move on you can use any of these ways to visually Customize your videos or use a variation of a couple of them at the end of the day You want your video to be customized enough to grab their attention? But not visually overwhelming or distracting remember with these one-to-one videos. Your message should be the meat of the meal and your visual Customizations the salt and pepper or maybe even the condiments the key to successfully visually Customizing your one-to-one videos is to do it but not overdo it Did you like this video then make sure to subscribe to the channel and hit that bell as well for instant notifications And so we know that you’re part of the sprockets our community head over to sprocket accom for more actual and tactical training for sales marketing and service Professionals until next time make sure you’re focused on being a happy helpful humble human and along the way make sure you’re doing some happy hub spotting

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