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Dawn McGruer Speaker, Author, Trainer in Digital Marketing

so regardless whatever I’ve been doing
in my career from starting the Academy to public speaking to writing my book
it’s always been about a passion of digital marketing and the whole ethos
that we hold as a business and our mission and vision is about developing
digital marketing skills in business and even when we’ve won an awards have been
centered around this passion because in every aspect of what we do there is one
fundamental journey that we’re trying to take businesses through and it’s always
the same result it centers around profit and we were looking to always maximize
digital marketing to scale and grow a business so even when we started a
journey back in 2000 and going from programmer to obviously digital marketer
and then evolving into the Academy in 2005 now we’ve reached 20,000 in our
alumni and the whole ethos and the drive is still the same it’s it’s about
bridging the digital skills gap in the UK and helping businesses grow and
generate leads and convert profitable customers so over the years it became
very apparent what the pitfalls were in businesses that weren’t succeeding in
marketing online and we developed digital marketing model our ultimate
digital marketing system for success proven try tested strategies and our
Digital Marketing Mandate Model focuses on all 8 aspects are critical in
business today because as a marketer you know where you want to be but the difficulty is knowing the exact steps and the day-to-day actions that digital
marketing needs to take to reach and recognise the results that they want so
there’s never been a more exciting time in business
the involvement in digital marketing has just enhanced that journey and the great
thing is with digital marketing is there’s no monopoly any size business
can actually market and have a great online presence

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