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Daymond John – Branding Your Business

now as I shared with you on my Instagram and snapchat that I was going to be giving you some good good thing today on branding so we're talking about branding today and before I get into that number one thank you for all those who who reached out to me because I'm opening on my team for only five different slots to help anybody out there put together some kind of branding package they may need for their company and three of the slots have already been filled and there are two more open but those are people obviously that need branding need whether it's you know the local identification and things that I nature for deck stands for their website and for their cards and for their point of purchase and all that type of stuff so the two spots left but that branding package starts off at about five thousand dollars and that's that's kind of like the basic branding package so we have two spots left and anybody else who right now is checking me out maybe you don't need that or maybe already have your brand established and I want to just give some information and discuss branding today with everybody because I love talking about branding and speaking about that I want to make sure that I shout out the companies that help brand my blueprint and Kol I mean my shark branding services did this but the people who put the physical signs in created it at blueprinting Cote is a birth visuals and absolutely amazing company they did some really slick stuff so thank you to them now anybody who needs to know more about the services my sharp group services when it comes to branding you can all just um right I need help all right put in I need help and then we can has going to call you all right so first of all we're getting the branding I want to make sure I shout out all the people who give me love because social media is all about not only following me but I have to follow you back because it's a give-and-take and a lot of people think that is purely just just suppose the posts of things and tell everybody what you're doing and you know how it goes in the world you are seeing everybody sizzle reel and you're kind of always playing your blooper reel because everybody's on their best behavior and I don't believe that I believe that you should follow your people back so I want to basically sell I'll make sure I shout out Sam Samuel Samuel and these people all hashtag the power of broke and that's why I'm shuttin the mount Alyssa Rudin Jessica Ross Tiffany ware derek country counter e t–'s Jaxon Xavier Mehra Lucas Luca Joseph Natalie Morello Garcia Melanie King Tara Watson and my man Paul Bush was an amazing artisan he's been following me since day one it's amazing how you kind of like meet people and get to be their friends almost you know through social media and even at my level when I'm quite busy when I see those people support me I try to support them back all right so let's get into branding now a lot of these things are going to be very simple and something that say I can't believe you just told me that but believe it or not there are a lot of things that people do forget and they don't know and I comprised the list of a bunch of stacks here I'll be reading all and this came from Forbes and USA Today Alissa them but I'm going to go a little bit more in depth about them alright so number one when if you're established already that you're going to create a brand make sure that you can patent trademark get the URLs and all that all that stuff you want to go out there and put your name out there of the brand you have and then you find out that you can't clear the URL or you can't clear the trademark and a lot of people believe that because maybe it's their name or they they name their child that that you know they can easily clear that mark and you cannot because I joke all the time and I say that if if you can clear any name because it happens to be the name your mother gave you then I'm going to name my next child BMW and I'm gonna name my next child after that Apple computers alright so you can't do that yes but make sure you clear everything now you're going to seem to look back and forth there I'm shooting on various different cameras right alright so now let's see what's number one all right determine your brands target market believe it or not a lot of people don't know who their target market is why because what I call it is proof of concept a lot of people come up with random this idea and they think that one market is going to absolutely love it and then market does not love it so how is going to go and determine your market well you're going to get out there in the streets you're going to try to sell or you're going to create videos or Kickstarter campaigns don't determine your market just by asking people and not having some form of a trade because they're all going to say yeah I buy it should I buy it go and try to create something and hopefully try to sell it whether it's a curriculum whether it is you want to be a physical trainer whether it's you want to be a chef you try to sell people whatever you're selling them when you know I thought a fool I would give a lot of people my clothing and many people would come back and tell me how much they loved it and the day that I found out the colors and the sizes and the things that really worked with the day that I stood outside and I sold it to people on the street and then I would notice more of this color moves more of this size moves and I would get my real analytics from people who didn't care about me and they had to put their money out of their pocket and buy the product from me so try to determine your brand's target market all right number two define your brand mission statement what is it that you provide think about this a brand is something that is something that somebody buys into and there's a promise behind it a lot of people think that brands always have to be glamorous they do not many of us grow up with no frills things you know what the promise on all that was it's no frills it is beans and it doesn't cost much as your grandfather grandmother and what that means why am I paying extra because there's all the Green Giant on me I don't need that crap that is a promise that now you don't need to pay 200 50 cents because of the Jolly Green Giant because it's just beans and the end of the day it's just beef so your brand could be a brand that promises that we're not–we're not going to sell you a whole bunch of crabbers of beans or your brand could be something that says I'm going to sell you luxury or your brand can say I'm going to show you quality all right you know in my business at a certain time you know we were looking at selling only the selling t-shirts now a who would t-shirt would cost around $30 but they're some of the companies came out with these three packs of white t-shirts because they said I studied the market and you may pay $30 for a Daymond John FUBU white t-shirt you're going to get it dirty you're probably going to wear it three times and then you're going to throw it away so why don't we come out with white t-shirt that you can buy three for $12 and you know what you're probably going to wear each one of them three times and before you know it you've got more wears out of those three t-shirts than the one who won so you have different sorts of opinions so make sure you are determine your mission statement what are you providing and how can you reinforce that especially that's going to be when it comes to advertising and marketing as well people look at advertising and marketing from you in all that different areas they get it because it either reminds them that they bought into this community or this idea or this concept or it introduces new people to the brand and says maybe you should come on over here because we're cool or we're hot or sexy or rugged or rule alright so make sure you defined your brand mission statement here's a good way to start off can you put your brand in two to five words alpha being different nice you just do it food before us by us right can you put your brand in two to five words why also do you need to do that because internally when you are talking to your staff as you grow do they know the mission statement you know you go over to nike it's pretty clear when somebody says just do it right get it done just do it we're not going to stop we're never going to stop Nikes like the Diddy of sneakers right we won't stop right so you get that right all right next now we want you to research successful brands within your industry that are targeting similar target markets to yourself right so who's going to be hanging on this next to you or who's going to be on the internet putting commercials next year now I like to say that you need to also look at people who are not in your industry and how are they doing something very similar and how can you translate that you need to educate yourself because the mistakes have been made out there if they have been out there and you can always learn all of other people in the States so do your research because if you do your research on this how much are you want to say this is your tuition you have to do your research on the ones that have failed because after they fail the hindsight is twenty-twenty you're going to have a very clear vision of that all right next step number four according to Forbes and USA Today both I'm just mixing them all up is a outline your key quality and what makes your company stand out amongst the competition what makes you stand out are you agile alright can you get the glitz to the person right away you have amazing customer service right what about your quality let's look at Louis Vuitton Louboutin is one of the most prestigious brands in the world you will never see the Louboutin on sale why because at the end of the year when they have the rest of they're good they can't get rid of most companies will go in discount them do a sale send it over to the Burlington coal factories of the world somewhere you know what Louis Vuitton does somewhere in Tennessee I'm told that they burn all the excess goods they burn it I know some of you ladies have had a heart attack but that is the truth and if I find out where they are in Tennessee I'm going to go out there and I'm going to buy a truckload of it and sell it to you but the bottom line is you're not going to see the Louboutin ever on sale well I haven't never seen it and maybe that's the reality of it now let's see what did I have in Google that was that stood out amongst my competition well at that time designers usually were one person a Ralph Lauren basashi Tommy Hilfiger so I said to myself well you know I want to put a hang tag together with four different individuals so people can see all parent qualities and/or of individuals and all different taste levels and say you know what all for those guys I resonate with this person i resonate with that person alright so I wanted to stand out as a group right number two I also made sure that the music artists got the product works number three is something that I did because I knew that big guys often can't go places but big and tall and they didn't have a lot of goods that they would like to wear besides the big old shirts and they weren't getting some stylish stuff so the first couple of pieces I had that I gave away I mean 5x and 6x for the really big guys why because those big guys first of all they stand out there a billboard second of all they usually big guys like joyful and or security or ballplayers or does big lovable guys you can't help but love them and third of all they would wear those big shirts they would wear those shirts because they didn't have too many other pieces that were as stylish they would wear it ten times to every one time that another person would wear it um so I made sure the big guys had it right something else I said to hope how my stand out I decided that a boo boo was for us buyeth and that wasn't about color is about a culture but I never put what Google meant on the garments because I want people to have this discovery factor I wanted them to find out about it and go oh by the way do you know what a you know florists bhaiyya stands for all right so on so that I made sure that I did that and those a couple ways that I hopefully try to stay out in front and hopefully that worked I um so I want to for us to remind you that if you want me to help you directly put in your my team to help you directly put a hashtag of I need help in the in there and my team will give you a poll and I'm also going to be doing shout outs a little later on so now let me get back to another one of this so alright step number five craft a brand logo and tagline and color scheme alright now that's what we talked now when we bought the brand now you're ready to go out to the world you're ready to say here's who we are all right so what are you going to do now there's actually science behind colors and branding and color schemes and names number one if you're going to come up with a name come up with a Google of Google Facebook come up with a name that is something that stands out so when you hear it you go what is that you know when we came up with FUBU we realized later on because I really wish I could tell you that I was a branding genius at 19 years old I'm not even a branding genius today I just happen to have a lucky run with a couple of things and I'm here to share it with you but when people saw or heard Coogler they said is that Italian is that French what's the fugu is that African is a Chinese that sound like the poopoo platter what is it but it stayed in people's mind the same way as Google and all those other things if you're going to come up with Thomas's pies or Thomas's uh Thomas's or something it's very general right and don't come up with you know just general names you know great Internet company that's it's good be pretty hard to protect number one and many people are not going to know who you are I've also have seen people do something a little different they bub and bankers or somebody late and they come up with a prestigious name that is kind of well-known but people didn't realize that it's not them so they would be the stanford shop or something like that so just really think about how you're going to do that now the science to it actually is that every color evokes a different emotion so science has shown that yellow really evokes optimism it holds clarity and warmth yellow like the Sun like sunflower yellow like some of my friends teeth it evokes warm alright I'm just joking orange friendly cheerful confident right I'm not saying that you have to study all those and you have to make sure you do it but at least if you know the rules then you know when to break them and you know what to do so make sure you study all colors and how they work and where they can be used some of them can be the dominant color some of them could be the accent color coke obviously what I tell you red with white all right all right now let me go to stage number six form your voice and what's your voice is that in your business voice are you coming that's professional are you relaxed are you funny and we all know Geico is awkward and quirky right did you think about you think what the lizard right it's all coordinate or if you kind of know the Geico commercials when they come on before they even say a cycle because it's kind of like over 20 voice and are you going to communicate in this aspect right because think about it if you're on social media you know the way you look at social media is you know if you're on LinkedIn right you're communicating in one voice right now your funny voice should could be a funny person who's you know at a banquet mixer and you're here you know your joyful and funny alright when you are on Facebook you're kind of the funny person at a family reunion you're going to talk a little bit different but you still need to advocate consistency of who you are if you're an Instagram you're a funny hipster and if you're on snapchat you may be a little bit younger but remember the communication is different in each platform but the DNA of who you are should be exactly the same all right um build your elevator pitch all right you must know who you are at the drop of a dime and be able to share it there's a little exercise you can take take a business card I know many of you like gaming you're so old you're still doing business cards but take a business card if you can and write down the pitch of your company on the back of that business card your pitch to be able to be that small that concise that sharp if you have to keep going through your pitch and people don't get it then you don't even got it right so get that thing down that's your two to five words that is who you are who do you sell to would you deliver to and why do you promise to deliver on that promise what makes you so special and you need to put make sure that is out there all right next one is let me be authentic to your brand's personality all right um keep it real really honest you know keep it real at the end of the day it's all about making sure that the personality always stays the same no matter where you are if you're funny and witty then you can't go around addressing people as excuse me ma'am you know in your communication throughout your emails and everything else you do alright number nine integrate your brand into every single thing you do that means externally alright if you are somebody who is a you know a music related brand make sure that external brand feel the same way make sure when we call the office at that phone that type of music plays that represents the type of brand you are make sure their employees dress the same way that brand is make sure the internet and every time that we have a touch point with you make sure there's a consistency in that I've learned things are the hard way I wish I could tell you that I woke up one day and I knew all these things every single thing I'm telling you are things that I had to learn the hard way sometimes I've gotten it right and also everybody praise me and sometimes I've gotten it wrong and now I can tell you about it let me give you example you know when one of my brand's I think was coogee when the internet really started coming around we would have this great relationship with all these music artists they would wear our brand all the time and this brand is a you know very expensive sweaters that are really bright and vibrant and now Olsen these brands are on all these videos the people saying oh wow amazing but you know what they did after that because everything was changing over and you remember I'm somebody who started in 1990 or 89 and now it's 2000 and they would start looking on their phone like we do down but this is when it just started and they were so looking their phone at the Coogee website now also you just saw this pretty cool G sweater and it costs about two or three hundred dollars you go on to the website and we would have just this little coloring of it and it would be flat no photography we Rahzel they need to know where to get it it would look like this years catalog on there and it would look cheap it would look because we didn't put the money into shooting it and so what happened there all the money we may have spent in advertising marketing and creating this brilliant imagery of this expensive piece you go here and it looks like you're buying some popcorn you don't want to buy it so it in return it hurt the image of the brand because the first touch point once the internet came around was this way that it was presented so you've got to understand that you need to have this personality of rent and this consistency in your brand and integrate that same personality and consistency in every single thing you do and let us or not lease is kind of like being authentic to your brand's personality but it's staying true to your brand you will find Batteries different people that will try to tell you what to do or you will chase trends and in fashion we always are tempted with chasing trends because the buyers that you'll go to if you're not selling directly to the customer the buyers also give you example if I went into a big retail store today and they would say the 70s are coming back bill bottoms are out man we are we are we are smoking with the bell-bottoms but if not or that brand I have it we are not a brand that's all about heritage and maybe we're a different type of brand um hold on god bless myself thank you very much shout out to what if anyway if you go and go announced are putting bell bottoms on your pants well if this or is carrying parents that have bell bottoms on them they're doing really well today those pants are probably designed by a designer 18 months ago and by the time I designing now and I ship it out to you next season every one of you fashion mavens or people like that first of all will say well I don't know that grandpa Bell Bob so I'm not buying that brand with Bell Bob and by the way bell-bottoms were so last year so if you're going to die or supper or your brand is going to slow down let it be because of your decision but believe it or not your and the people who really believe in you they are your biggest ambassadors there go out there and so I'm going to say well wow man that company where why don't they develop on and your fans will say because they don't do bell-bottoms I don't do bell-bottoms so always really keep it real and honest alright and last and not least is just always every single point that I've hit today you always do your research on those points because these points can change at any given time I'll give you an example the car industry was doing the exact same thing for so many years they were selling cars the muscle cars in a little big muscle cars from the 70s and the 60s they were always marketing to men men men men because of course women's rights were not at where they were at today and people they weren't valuing our amazing female population at the time well here's what they start to learn one car company slowly learned this they said I don't care what guy it is whether he's buying a muscle car whether he's buying a Cadillac or a car for the house guess what if he's buying a muscle car he's buying because the girl he likes loves muscle cars if you buying a car for the house the mother is saying listen honey when I gotta take the kids around or whatever I gotta do this is the kind of car we want so then they started finding out that the women were probably the 90% of the decision makers on what cars were purchased right so think about that the car industry was around about 60 years before that and they didn't figure that out but somebody did their research and they decided to slip it all on their heads so make sure that you also do the same all right so those are some of my great points there and like I always I've been saying lately is a number 1.i all these broadcasts are my version of giving back to everybody because they're free and they're all these other people walk up to me and say hey man how can I be sexual how can I do this and that just going on my facebook I'm going to touch on a lot of these points but I also want to add in some financial information for a lot of the people out there who are looking to retire or maybe you're not you look at retire 20 years old because all the banks that I work with amazing people every an insurance company I know is in all these great commercials they don't just give you information I guess they want you to come on in and then they'll sell it to you but I want to give you some information all right so I'm going to just touch on some real random retirement facts for you just so you can think of this all right 88% of Americans are worried about being able to maintain a comfortable standard of living after they retire and in with their retirement 88% so if you're watching me now and you're concerned about retiring that means 88% of an entire country feels the same exact way and you're no different alright so you're not alone 34 percent of American workers have no saving set aside specifically in retirement and that's according to the Social Security Administration why well because listen I know what happened after all eight came around you know people got hurt you had the bus over your 401 K you ended up having to leave a job that you thought was always going to be there even if you had money you helped a couple of friends your house is underwater and I know exactly where you are right now right and many people like that and everybody said to me well they means you didn't get affected and oh wait let me tell you something I got affected in oh six and oh seven because when you know when somebody has a shirt and they can't pay their mortgage they wear the shirt ten times right 20 times 30 times so I thought a feel the pinch so when you have companies are doing a 300 million they go to 150 and then they go to 80 and then 15 yet the little a lot of people you feel the prints oh I felt the pinch like everybody else I just want to make sure that you know you're not by yourself would you have to do something to prepare yourself all right so let's talk about some things you can do to prepare yourself you can save up to fifty five hundred per year in a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA and an additional $1,000 if you're over fifty years old so if you're over fifty take advantage of that opportunity or if your parents over fifty make sure you go out there and take it an opportunity for them also you can save up to $18,000 for 2016 in a 401k or similar employee sponsored plans and up to $24,000 if you're over 50 that's not including matching contributions from your employer so take advantage of all that type of stuff all right because here's a lot of things here's something that I've noticed especially when I hang out with billionaires and I'm not ability now I know it's one thing they all walk around with these little books right and these little books use it like that book we used to use in third grade where it's black and white on the cover of it and kind of fill in the ink right and they all write down how to save them in taxes that's what I've noticed the most wealthiest people world in the world do why because so many other people out there saying well how can I do more business more business more business but isn't it easier that the money you've already made save a certain amount from going out the door you've already made the money you're going to you don't gotta find a new customer so always think about that right all right and the reason I'm sharing a lot of this information is because you may need to start preparing and believe it or not with compounding interest in the way that you can save and a lot of these fireman financial instruments out there you won't believe if you start putting away you know $200 a month right now what that would amount to in 30 years trust me you won't believe that right all right let me give you another thing an average monthly Social Security benefit is thirteen hundred and thirty five dollars per month as of 2015 all right so now if you're thinking you're going to retire on Social Security and you are going to live off of it well as a 2015 it's $1,300 a month will you be prepared for it or will you be able to put away some stuff right now or you need stop putting away stuff right now I'm not sure if you're getting this information from other people but I want to make sure you know that Social Security makes up at least half of all income for 65 percent of retirees that means there's a lot of people depending on this and a lot of people haven't done their homework so make sure that you do that of income for thirty six percent of retirees those are people who really never save and maybe they don't have kids who could take care and there's one last interesting fact the number of senior citizens will go will grow from 40 million now to 90 million in 2050 a Social Security system may run out by then but if you are somebody who is right now looking at this and you will be a senior by 2050 start putting away some money and if you're somebody out there looking to do business think about that if 90 million seniors will be around in 2050 that means it's going to create a huge demand for health care services senior housing and things of that nature so make sure you take a key to that as you are developing and growing your business all right I'm going to leave you with one final thing that means a shout out time hashtag the power broke and I'm going to shout you out remember hit up my hit me up at Ted which they hit me over Damon Damon Donna Hamlin hit me up a day Matt Damon John calm at the out certain questions if you need my shark branding the the shark group to help you with branding we have options for two more packages we'll do those for a minimum of five thousand dollars and size of the packages and if you just need help to set it up put your questions there too so I can answer more questions for you while you're out there in the world and I'm just trying to share all these things I learned alright people will just shout out powerbrokers Katherine Somerville what's up I think that's is let me see who else Mary gee let me see Margie thank you very much let me see anybody else let me see come on Tanya shoutouts hashtag power Brooke are in and Thomas there you go who else Lola I see you follow Brooke was up Austin to land want to shout out like three or four more so if you're trying to type it in now it's already going Trish what's up ah let me see well meaning is that Michelle Michael I can tell Green sod Meier stop and alright Laurie I see alright so thank you everybody I'm going to try to keep doing more of the Facebook broadcast so you get to know what's going on and thank you for everybody who's been watching and everybody was been coming by my blueprint in cold space and I'll see you I don't know it's just Friday nights a brand new episode of stuffing I'll be in San Francisco this Friday and I love every one of you and hopefully this information was good enough for you to just add just a little more of value to you so you could just be a little more successful remember activate the power of rope don't go out there and spend all your money make the mistakes small and then you keep moving on and moving on and moving on and every overnight success is taken 15 years so don't get frustrated just make sure that you wake up before everybody go to sleep everybody you don't take no for an answer surround yourself with like-minded people and you know be honest with yourself all right love you all bye

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  1. I need help. Wish I had found this video when it was posted. But then again Ive grown much more in the mean time.

  2. Branding is important it can make or break a business for sure. Outsourcing as a entrepreneur is smart because if you cant do it hire someone who is able to over deliver and you will not go wrong. A Brand is just a logo if you do not have actions that align with your message. What I have learned is that you do need copyright the name too. I have a friend who sings and she got scammed due to no split sheets or contract was in place as a basic principle people do not care and see $$$ and do not care about what could happen…

    A mission statement is important as a basis of building a brand he is 100% correct it should be done before a logo is ever thought of Great tips here very inspiring!

    Research can be done by creating demographics using Google Trends for the past five years you can go deeper and look at forums groups and channels in your niche market take note of the categories you will need it later.. Then you need to take all that data and figure out if it is viable from a scale to 1-100 and that would allow you to find out if it is a upward trend or downward trend and build content on what people are searching for…

    This is just a little of what goes into market research online offline you can take a look at a business local and find what they cannot offer.. and you over deliver on it

  3. First of all some of the stuff he's saying is incorrect. Number one he was never in competition with Versace or any Luxury goods brand. He came out as an inner city low budget t shirt company. Fubu was targeting the same market as Karl Kani, Mecca, Marc Ecko, Academics and a couple other inner city hood brands. Some of the stuff this guy says is so far from the truth it makes me really wonder.

  4. I need help. Just started a fashions and accessories line (F.L.Y – First Love Yourself Fashions) and I would love help with marketing. Thank you.

  5. Daymond I have an idea for the next Nike! AKM (Ah-kum) Always Keep Moving we should team up and blow it outta the water!

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