DEEP DIVE: Stock Market Plummets On Trade War Concerns
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DEEP DIVE: Stock Market Plummets On Trade War Concerns

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34 thoughts on “DEEP DIVE: Stock Market Plummets On Trade War Concerns

  1. As much as I trust Trump I still have worry about where this is going and how my investment is gonna turn out.
    Fingers crossed.

  2. Guys wake up listen the green ppl are lying to u co2 is bluff Without CO2 and plants we cannot breathe! We also emit CO2 when we breathe, so soon as we are taxed to breathe … … CO2 means it is a carbon atom and 2 oxygen atoms, together they fill all the atoms of the atoms so it is an extremely stable molecule. CO2 is by no means toxic to something living, it does not oxidize and it does not interact with almost anything else. Common carbonic acid in soda is precisely CO2. CO2 is exactly as stable as H2O (water), though heavier. H2O has a weight of 18.02 g / mol while CO2 has a weight of 44.01 g / mol, thus carbon dioxide is about 2.5 times heavier than the water vapor. Although CO2 is counted as one of the greenhouse gases, it is one of the least efficient greenhouse gases due to its atomic weight, because it does not enter the atmosphere but just falls down to the ground. H2O, on the other hand, is a strong greenhouse gas and comes up relatively high in the atmosphere where it forms clouds that become rain. So, on the other hand, CO2 is vital for all green plants, the more CO2 the better the plants grow and the more oxygen they can produce. The effect is called photosynthesis and goes like this: 6 H2O + 6 CO2 + light energy -> C6H12O6 (grape sugar) + 6 O2 In other words, plants use water and carbon dioxide to make grape sugar and so the residual oxygen, so CO2 is the best we can have to increase harvests and get a stronger nature. Further on humanity's total emission of CO2 through all times corresponds to what a single medium-sized volcanic eruption emits. So, why do many "experts" say that CO2 is dangerous in various unspecified ways? Yes …. have you noticed that products with "low CO2 emissions" are much more expensive? And that the government wants to tax harder things that emit CO2? It is simply a huge scam, a lie, for companies to withdraw more money and governments can excuse higher taxes.


  4. It's called insider trading. Have a sell off and blame things that have nothing to do with it and than buy buy buy. Just wait a while and you see go sky rocket back up.

  5. The stock market has always been like a casino. If you play and win…joy and happiness, and if you play and lose…oh it's always the President's fault. Or it's a rigged game.
    If you don't have money to lose, get out and stay out. It's that simple.

  6. To END domestic terrorists We NEED to END this culture of death! End the corruption of our children! STOP Abortion! STOP assisted Suicide! Hold corrupt lawmakers & politicians & MSM accountable for their call of violence & racist baiting! Killing is Wrong! coming here illegally IS breaking the Law! Should be deported NOT killed!. The DNC & Hillary NEEDS to be imprisoned for their evil!

  7. President Trump has known for years the CORRUPTION that the Chinese have gotten away with thanks to previous Presidencies who literally had ZERO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE and further, SOLD AMERICAN BUSINESSES AND TECHNOLOGY to other countries. What President TRUMP has accomplished for American businesses in less than 3 years has NEVER been accomplished before in the history of our country and China knows this very well. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND ALL TRUE 'LEGAL' AMERICAN PATRIOTS.

  8. What about the shootings that happen in Chicago everyday?…I guess if the shooter is black and not using an assault rifle and just killing black people it's not news worthy?

  9. We have a president that filed a zillion bankruptcies, stole from college students, steeling his way in the irs, threating people to sue. I think ๐Ÿค” the fn duck is a fn duck ๐Ÿฆ†

  10. Trump has to go. Not a negotiator but a tactless orange man. His ideas of fair trade is good but he just sucks so much at negotiating. It is not just about tariff. I voted for him in 2016. He needs to go next year. He is effing up an otherwise good market!

  11. It's coming sense and knowledge, the stock market will never be able to maintain an uphill climb. There will always be times when it drops, and sometimes hard due to aggressive buy's and sales.
    It won't be much longer real estate will take another dive due to their aggressive hike in home prices. People continue to believe all is well when they spend 70,000 for home improvements and expect to sale their home for that much more and a profit on top of that.
    The key word here:

  12. 700 points? OMG what we gonna do? Another – 15,000 points and we may hit the norm for past administrations.

  13. The sky is falling-The sky is falling. Stocks went up the next day. Never thought I'd see FOX acting like CNN and MSLSD.

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