Developer Change Decision Considerations When You’re Replatforming
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Developer Change Decision Considerations When You’re Replatforming

– Hi, Anthony here, today I’m gonna talk
about developer change decision considerations. As a result of watching this video, you’ll have a process in a spreadsheet to help make a good decision
on selecting a new developer, if you’re gonna build a new website. (upbeat music) But first of all you’re gonna
end up with a spreadsheet that looks something like this one. Looks quite complex, but let
me break that down for you. (upbeat music) In terms of decision criteria, you’re really looking at three things, the technical capability
of your developer, the cultural fit with
your business or brand, and the financial considerations. (upbeat music) If you wanna go deeper, there’s a whole list and range of things that you might consider here on screen, and use those to build
your own spreadsheet (upbeat music). When it comes to weighting,
not every criteria is the same. But you need to realise that your criteria adds up to 100% of your decision. You can’t have 170% of your decision. So you need to trade off those criteria, and keep a tally on, you
know, the relative merit. That way, you’ll get
a much better decision by making sure that you
stick to that 100% threshold. And another thing if you do
have, must have criteria, you might be able to take
that criteria outside if you’re building a website, and it has to be below $100,000. Developers that don’t
come in under that number, are out, they’re gone. Then use the 100%
criteria across those ones in grade or your once by that 100%. (upbeat music) When it comes to scoring, it’s a subjective exercise,
and the more people you have, the more people’s biases
that averaged out. So try and evolve the three, four, are key decision makers and run through your criteria within. Not everyone will see it same, but you should have
trends that you can see somewhat the same. (upbeat music) And finally at the end,
it’s a mathematical scoring. It’s your raw waiting time, it’s your weighted criteria score, and that comes up with
something like this. You can see in this decision
it was very, very close. We weren’t expecting it to
be so close, but it was. Some very skilled
developments and scores were, you can see here 28 verses 28.4. But we know with hindsight that we went with the right developer, so it was a great, great outcome. (upbeat music) So just to wrap up, what’s the criteria that you use? And do you have a process? Please leave me a comment
as to what that is. If you’ve liked this video, then please give me a like or a share. And only if you want to get
a copy of this spreadsheet, then just messaged me, and I’ll send that through to you. Thanks for watching. Bye. (upbeat music)

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