Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan with Christopher Lobus
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Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan with Christopher Lobus

Hello, I’m Dr. Chris Lobus and I’m
going to be teaching the Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan course. I
earned my doctorate in international marketing, and my dissertation focused on
consumer behavior and in my current role as the senior director of project
management at iProspect, I get to use that all the time for large
organizations. In this course you’ll learn how to be a marketer for an
organization of any size, you’re going to learn how businesses come up with their
target audiences, how they come up with their objectives and then tie their
marketing goals to them, you’ll learn about the various media types and the
marketing channels that exist, as well as the tools and technologies that
marketers use to track their performance. And we’re going to finish this course
with you presenting the integrated marketing plan that you developed to
real-world executives who are going to give you real-world feedback so that you
understand the time and energy that it takes to develop a plan like that, as
well as the effort to get it approved and integrated into business operations.
So if you need marketing solutions today or you’re just generally interested in
the field, or you want to pursue your business education further this is the
course for you.

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