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DeWalt Titanium Drill Bits | Lowe’s Pro Products

Today we’re looking at DeWalts 14-piece
titanium drill bit set. Hi, i’m ay with Lowe’s. And i’m Matt Whitbeck. Today we’re
looking at DeWalt’s 14-piece drill bit set with titanium coating – for two times
longer life. I’ll tell you, one of the first things I really like about this is
the no spin shank. We’re able to get this into the chuck quickly and easily, lock
it in place, and eliminate a lot of slippage that
might happen with a normal smooth shank. Let’s check this thing out. Let’s
see what it does. We’re going to go through a piece of steel first.
Normally that’s going adull a drill bit really fast. After going through the steel, we’ve got ipe.
This is one of the hardest woods I’ve ever worked with.
Red oak, cabinet grade plywood, and pine. I’ll tell you, with that patent pilot point, even
after going through something solid like a piece of steel that would normally
take down the front of a bit, but this thing is able to go through with
precision without a bunch of tear out. I think that’s a really big deal. The
coating with titanium allows for a lot of long lasting durability. And with
DeWalt’s stackable kits you’re able to keep your pieces neat and organized and on
your truck ready to go. A lot of times you have to replace these because you
lose them in your truck. If you guys want more information about the entire
assortment of DeWalt products check out the link in the description below.

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