Digital eCommerce Video Training Part 3
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Digital eCommerce Video Training Part 3

Hi. Patric Chan here and welcome to your 3rd part training for the digital e-commerce. Now I have a question for you. Do you
attend like seminars, training or workshops, like in a hotel room or a venue
and so on? I’m referring to those offline events. So if you do attend those, then
have you thought about how does the event organizer or the speaker or
trainer and so on, put up a seminar or put up a workshop? So if you look at their business model, they will spend certain amount of time and certain amount of
budget to promote this workshop of theirs. And through that process, they will
also have to have cost for the venue. So they may rent a workshop room in the
hotel perhaps and that could cost 10,000 … 20,000 or even more or even less, which ever the amount is. And then you have all the logistic team in place to actually do the event. And the thing is that when they do this event, this event will be held in a particular place. In a certain demographic. With that in mind, it’s also means that this event, this training, this workshop that they are
doing, it has limited size because they can only fit up to the maximum of how big
the room can be. That’s the 1st thing. The 2nd thing is that there is real high
cost because of the logistic and also the hotel room itself. And thirdly, I
think, the most so-called ‘stressful’ part for any event or any workshop is that
they have a deadline to do that. Now I want you to look at a different
perspective. And that’s where digital e-commerce comes in. So all the workshops
and so on, they are actually selling what? They are actually selling information. Of
course this is not normal information. This is specialized knowledge. So they teach you on certain topic … whether it’s feng shui, whether it’s internet marketing,
where it’s e-commerce, whether it’s real estate, whether it’s training, weather it’s crypto currency and so on. And if we were to migrate this model and go into digital e-commerce, do you see
how powerful it will be? Like can you imagine doing a workshop or should I say, training someone without actually having a workshop, without actually
renting a hotel room and so on. You see all these events that are going on, these workshops, seminars and so on, if they understand what you understand about
digital e-commerce and they start to structure their training, their content into modular courses that could be be marketed on the Internet … Wow … they will be removing a lot of cost. And the best part is, it can even be
automated. Now that’s the power of digital e-commerce. So the other
point I want to bring out about this is that the way how they sell the seminar and so on. Sometimes they will tie up with like big companies, big
event organizing companies, seminar organizers and so on. And by doing that,
they will have to share profit. Obviously they have to do that because
that’s how the seminar organizer will work them. Because they
are doing all the work and they deserve a cut of the profit. Logic right? Now you
see, if you look into how digital marketers are building their business, in
fact, you hardly see me doing any seminars or workshops. Like it 2017, I only did one seminar for the entire year. And I only did like two workshops and that’s about it. I can’t remember how many but very very
few. Maybe two maximum maybe three. But if you think again, if I say just do on like one seminar, that doesn’t make sense in term of the economics of it. Now does
this means that I don’t do any other info product business marketing? The very fact is that, I’m doing that every single day. And it’s all on the
Internet. As you can see right now, this video that is being shot, many people did not go into digital marketing because they were concerned about ‘Hey you know, I’m a low-tech person. I do not know how to do digital marketing’ and so on. Now, this is a common whiteboard. Nothing fancy and so on. And the lighting, it’s not even perfect. In fact the lighting is just the light that I have on my ceiling. That’s about it. Nothing impressive, no amazing
prop and so on. And I’m recording with like probably, I think, this is like …
I don’t know how much this cost but it’s a cheap selfie stick and I’m just using my iPhone, which ever smartphone that you’re using is probably fine to
record a video. So let me explain to you in a different way how digital e-commerce
literally transform the industry of the info product business. Info product
business are referring to selling information as in selling education, selling knowledge and so on. It could be specialized knowledge on
achieving certain goals. Specialized knowledge to solve certain problem and
so on. Now look at this perspective. So let’s say I want to do a workshop. Instead of me cracking my brain on how to fill in the room and work with
partners and so on, and worry about not being able to do the workshop … now if I
just focus on digital e-commerce. Let’s say I sell a book and let’s say I sell a thousand copies of my book over the Internet. And it’s not hard to do that
because there’s Facebook, there’s Google, there are many websites where you can get running advertising and so on. So if I sell a thousand copies of my book
which means I have 1,000 customers. Now the best part is that all I need
to focus on is how could I promote the workshop to my 1,000 book readers? So I
could just send email or maybe a couple emails to have 50 to 100 people to say,
decided to come for a workshop. But the key point I want to point out here is that
the cost of me sending emails is zero. I don’t need to run ads, I don’t need to do previews, I don’t need to do anything. I just focus on digital
marketing, in that sense. And all of these are an automated system because it’s
digital. Now that’s provided if I want to do the
workshop. If I don’t want to do the workshops anymore from my book customers, I could offer them different program like modular courses where it comes from
syllabus to syllabus, syllabus and so on. And let’s say out of the 1000 customers, I mean the book readers, I only have like five people who buy the modular
course. Let’s say just five. Now is that a problem? Not at all. Why? Because if you
understand digital e-commerce, your cost is zero. You’re selling intellectual property. You’re selling an experience. You’re selling knowledge and so on. So if
I know I just have five customers who buy my modular course that is still fine. That is totally fine because there’s no cost as what I’ve just shared with you. And look at the upside of it. What if out of a thousand book customers, I have say 100 people, 10% of the customers, who decided to get a
modular course. And the modular course could be priced as expensive as a seminar seat or as a workshops seat. And the beauty of that, with the modular course, I don’t really
need to work. Because I don’t need to travel to the hotel, to the venue and
prepare. I don’t have to do that because I am just doing the recording at the
comfort of my own time, with my laptop, with my computer in that sense. So that is basically a scoop of idea about digital e-commerce, how you could be building a totally
different kind of online business. You can watch the part one where I explain to you why the market, it’s very ready right now, thanks to the physical e-commerce, where it has made all of the potential
customers very familiar with buying online. And then I have the 2nd part
where I also share about digital e-commerce. I actually expand that a bit further to
explain to you the key point about that. And of course now you’re watching
the 3rd segment. So I hope you like this video. If you don’t, that
it’s alright as well. to mentioned in the earlier video that I recordered which it’s totally unscripted is this. One more thing is
that, now you may be thinking that ‘But I’m not a seminar organizer. I’m
not a speaker. I’m not a trainer’ and so on. ‘How can I tap on digital e-commerce?’. The very fact is that, the first thing is that you need to understand that you may think that your knowledge or your information or the things that you know it’s not valuable. Because you already know about that. But the very fact is that if you’re looking at the whole country, the market is huge. We’re taking about millions of people out there. So for instance, let’s say you know to do
something. You may feel that ‘Hey you know what? This is nothing fancy’. But the very fact
is that it may be fancy to some other people who are unaware of that knowledge. The second thing is that when you look into business especially
on the internet, the opportunity, it’s so big. Because when we go to the offline part, we always focus on our surroundings. What we actually have. We have limited resources. But when it comes to the Internet, the opportunity, it’s massive. What do I mean by that? So if you have the knowledge of digital e- commerce, there could be someone who you could partner with to
help them to bring their knowledge on the internet. Their content on the internet. And work out some deal where you can profit from it. It is just like being like a
seminar organizer. But instead of having all this crazy cost and so on, you’re just
working with someone who produce the content and you are building the business. And
these people could be public figures, these people could be authors, they could
be speakers, they could be coaches, they could even be consultants, they could be just people we have with additional knowledge. That’s it. Alright, I’m really going off right now. Thank you.

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