Digital Marketing – Branding and How to Define Your Values for Social Businesses – Lesson 2
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Digital Marketing – Branding and How to Define Your Values for Social Businesses – Lesson 2

Hi Everyone, this is Yume here. Today’s
topic is Branding. How to Define Your Values and Your Audience. First, let me give you
a short intro about me before I begin. I’m a digital strategist and technology consultant.
I got my first big break in 2006 working as a Director for a digital startup company that
ending up selling for $110 Million dollars to a publically traded company. In 2011, I
started my own business. If you haven’t watched my introduction video, I highly recommend
to watch it, it explains what this series is about (it’s also the first lesson). I show
you how to connect, and talk about your vision and business through a simple message. So,
let me ask you? What is your brand about? How does it represent your values? And does
it effectively represent these values through your services and products? This is important.
Because it’s your foundation. I recommend if you’re interested in starting a business
or already have a business; to get clear on your values. Here’s an example, if you watched
my first video, I set up a few things about this series: I introduced myself. I gave you
background on my story’. Why I do what I do. I also gave you a high level understanding
of my values by saying I’m targeting businesses that make
it a priority to give back to the community, act with integrity and invest in the principles
of diversity and inclusion in the market place. I also defined my target audience; entrepreneurs,
startups and businesses: Within that, I defined another sub-set: minority-owned businesses,
women-owned businesses, for-profit and non profits, that may share similar values to
my values and brand. Why is this important? Let me ask you, have you ever heard of the
80/20 Principle? If you have here’s a refresher, in business, 20 Percent of customers or clients
account for 80 percent of the revenue. So part of the message in this lesson is when
you define your values and your audience, you better refine your target audience, which
means you spend time identifying and focusing on the areas of revenue that’s going to
matter for your business. Basically not waste time on people who won’t ever buy from you.
Your brand, is one key way that shows how you represent your values and what you do
to help your target audience; which are your customers and clients. Those who buy a service
or product from you. Now can you think of ways you can apply this info to your own business?
Please share your feedback in the comments. You can learn more about the topics that I
talk about here in the

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