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I was giving the example where your ad has reached
1 lakh audience out of that maybe 20 or 30 actually clicked and they have come to your
website and you have an offer running on your website and you see that only two people have
taken this offer so 1 lac to 30 to 2 Now the job of a conversion rate optimization that from
that one lakh can I make it hundred people visiting my site and some that hundred can
I make 10 people buying my product or taking my offer this is done by lot of strategic
and tactical things. For instance, I might want to change the messaging on the website I might want to change
the image of the product of the image of an ambassador of the website I’m I want to change
the lines which I put in terms of the Facebook ads I might want to change that there is certain
targeting option that I have in Facebook ad is a median actions and this conversation
that Optimizer guy what it does is this is it says this kind of message into this kind
of a target audience will give the second year result if there is lot of science, of data lot of experiments which happens and this is one of the I’ll say very fast growing career path
in the best unfortunately in India it is still not even a baby so back to the question answer
session no more question so I’ll get into the next one
so we start off with SEO, again to repeat it is something
which is organic so if you search for restaurants near me all if you search for the best Bluetooth
headphone then there is certain results which comes without the Ads, these are organic results
now this organic results can be put in the court in can be manipulated I am not saying
that it can be really manipulated but it a search engine like Google can be given certain signals where did you know they will say that in a person like to win searching from
Bangalore who is looking for the best bluetooth headset like this pic of signals website in
form of the content which is there in form of other people were visiting from that particular
city and then there were display this particular result in front of me what goes on in terms
of the search ranking weather in the first page only contain the word first page how
many of you actually go to the second patent search for something out of coding work inside
this is probably one of the areas where you have to learn the basic coding write content
work as I said know the content from Jadavpur actually message with the content you have
to have content weather in it is like a title for it is like a small step at which come
on the another Google Search on even the content of the page which happens between authority
in digital marketing and then people link to you then it kind of gift a signal to the
search engine like Google saying that ok digital marketing or somebody if you are good in a
particular area like for instance if you are good in yoga and you are searching for the
expert 10 Google will try to see that how we know this particular keyword can be linked
to a particular page which is a yoga instructor link building also happens which is getting
more difficult our days will 6 part where you need to see that how many people are coming
from different links how many people are coming to the sides how there in getting what are
the number of pages their visiting what is the time they will take to do the rules campaign management room value to a c o u
p p c u do social media campaigns and lot of time because it is also a social media
so you might also try to shift to a social media control the screenshot 2nd day before
yesterday as a see that in Naukri there are some 11,000 jobs which are listed in the ratio
category in LinkedIn there’s some 5000 jobs which are listed in the mix of a lot of things
because one typically happens is the people will give job posting in Naukri or a LinkedIn
where the devil you searching keywords in the digital marketer will have if you as one
of the keyboard but this is just too kind of indicate the time opportunity that is there
if you are if your manager or I want to become a nice executive salary which I have a screenshot
which are picked up from the glass door again this is very very indicator fuel see that
their sum is on the top and also the entry level the salaries can be much lower than
this which is the maybe around the tool acts of two and half life in that I look for when
I recruit for my project for my client is what they have proved it in terms of how they
have to write a particular site how much how many days or months it cannot be done in days
how many months they have taken to get certain keywords live there in the first page of Google
and more important how they have done it will be termed as a planet if you with which we
can full a search in the Google for humans then the algorithm updates will catch up and
analyse website so I also when I do the interview I also see that whether the sky is using IMO
long term of an approach by which we find a Black hat technique ok no more EPC pay per
click a campaign manager so this is a team of this is a person who does search engine
and display ads display ads are displayed atrocity go to the Times of any
other publishing site you will see that a small banner switcher getting displayed at
the library in the bottom of the page on the right side of the page so there is a way that
we can talk about this page this can also be done through Google play something called
Google display network so I think its 90% + websites in the world under this particular
distance network the Google Adword platform weekend compete for the particular place on
a particular page inform of inventory in what social ads are so you see most of IT in Facebook
there’s also ads in Twitter there is also at in LinkedIn CEO and the one of the main
theories of this particular person is how to get the best possible targeting because
real doing lot of hypothesis we might say that you know if I want to target selling
my phone right and I might say that I want to talk with people who are you interested
in mobile for interested in app store interested in some other things which are related to
the phone and hence I target to scan the publishers are those kind of interest so so what we should
do we go with the hypothesis and see that we are classified into two three targets and
we see that which of which one of them is working better and then we put more money
in the targeting option which is working better that is also something for Optimisation with
write optimised so let’s see if you have 10000 rupees to spend your first two thousand rupees
and then start seeing that which one is giving more result and put the list of a thousand
into simple we didn’t have distinct for discussion
today and it is very much return on investment in that is a thousand rupees what do I get
to reach do I get some kind of Elite do I get some so I am right time to drink some
social media campaign for real estate developer and they have given the particular budget and I have to give

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