Digital Marketing Course  || Google Digital Unlocked Full Information in Hindi
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Digital Marketing Course || Google Digital Unlocked Full Information in Hindi

Digital marketing can be a great thing if a company like Google teaches us! and If Google Give You course and certificate free than it would be great! In This, Video I’m Going to share with you information about Googles Digital Marketing free Course also i will Give you information about certificate and course and I will give you F.A.Q part on Google digital Marketing course so you can understand it easily. also Good News for Youtubers I will announce on my channel and Bonus Point! So, Watch Full Video and Subscribe for more! Hello Friends, I am Pawan Rajput your watching pawans Marketing Youtube channel. [Sound] /[intro] Google Give You Free of Cost Digital Marketing Course And also Give You free Certificate! and the specialty of this certificate is you can use this certificate in job interview i would like to show you my certificate I have completed my course because google mail me course as You can see here, your name will be here and other informations The good thing is You will get signature of CEO, president So, This is a certificate. you earn it! Course Name Is – Google Digital Unlocked Friends, This Course is Best for Beginners if you have some information about digital marketing than it would be a great option for you Let’s Take More Information About Course in Details The course is free and Online and the best things is You take the course anywhere, anytime, at any place You can Use Phone or Pc! In This Course You will get 26 Modules In Every Module you will get 3-4 Video Lessons Video is Very Good For Understanding in Video, Google Give You Real Life Examples to better understand also Some animations Friends, The main Fundamental Digital Marketing concepts have been covered in this Course Because, This Course is Very Good for Begineers at Every Video Lesson, You will Get assignment This Course has 106 Video lessons After Completing all Models you have to Give Final Exam simply you have to the exam and get certificate Some Important things about final Exam 1st Things is you will get 3 attempts to pass or clear the exam 2nd Thing is Exam is about 40 Questions and you have to give correct answer of 80% questions so, friends, it’s time to take F.A.Q (Frequently asked questions) on Digital Marketing course or Googles Course Question No. 1 – Any Time limit to complete the course? or is there any deadline? Friends, You Have Unlimited to complete googles digital marketing course if you have start course today than you can do a course for 1 year! even for a lifetime also! Also, In Exam You Have Unlimited time to give answers the Questions Question No.2 is watching full video lessons is compulsory? No! There is no compulsory to watch the full video. if you have some information then you can skip video But One Thing you to do is play 2-3 seconds video to complete task of watching video Question no. 3 is how I will get a certificate? You will Get two options one is you can download it as a PDF file or you can mail it to your Gmail account Question No. 4, Is There any age restriction? No There is No Age Restriction. No matter your 18 + or 18- anyone can do it It’s Time to Take Bouns Point! and the bonus point is I have made video clip my final exam question paper with Answers! The Benefit is Whenever you go to the final exam you can prepare yourself by solve the my question paper maybe some Questions can be repeated! {Check out channel for video} Questions paper is not same all time! but some questions may be at least watch the video so you can pass the exam and get certificate! Now some Important News or update/thing for youtubers! First thing is that at every second 300 hours of watch time video is uploaded! Because competition is Very high on youtube right? nowdays, to rank video or get viral video is very hard it takes a lot of time! if your serious about your youtube channel and want to get more views and subscriber and earn some money then you have to run a youtube ad! means you need to advertise your video on youtube I am Coming up with youtube ad series In Series, I am Going to teach you how to run a youtube ad step-by-step! i will upload video in part like part 1,2,3 at the end of series, I will solve your questions on youtube ad make sure you follow this series Make sure you subscribe channel for more video and hit bell icon for notification comment like and share comment now! subscribe I hope you subscribed channel and like the video and comment, don’t forget to share with your friends, thank you so much!

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