Digital marketing course, What is Digital Marketing#2
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Digital marketing course, What is Digital Marketing#2

Did you don’t like doing that. So we learn marketing. What is Digital Marketing basically doing the same things digitally on their digital platforms. So digital marketing is achieving the marketing objectives through digital technologies. So what are the digital technologies. What do you think. What other digital technologies available in today’s world application. You have more leeway the hardware part of it is not. Yeah. Hardware is supporting data. But let’s say Internet that is digital mobile apps that is do you know what else is digital. Why fight digital billboards like right. Moving by both videos use digital platform. Right. What else is digital. Social media is digital. What does a digital even nowadays newspaper did you don’t get what you use. BBC is a cable TV smart smart channels like the online. There are now TV channels. Netflix is available on the Internet right. So basically yeah it’s all social media. So they are digital technologies which are available in the market. So you need to optimize all your channels. So marketing is choosing these digital technologies to serve your customers. That is called Digital Marketing. OK. So let us look at it in more a little bit more depth. So it’s a customer centric digital marketing customer centric means focus. Focused centric means focused so marketing is customer centric customer centric means is that all the activities is focused toward the customer. It’s not about us as a marketer. It is not about the business as it is about the customer right. What they need and how what what kind of problems we want to solve for them is all about customers applying digital technologies which may include web emails database mobile IPTV to contribute marketing activities and achieving a profitable acquisition and retention of customers. So it goes attracting the customer acquiring those customers and retaining the customers and delighting those customers. So you have four phases of customer also right. We’re going to be learning that through improving customer knowledge not customers money. You’re not losing customers knowledge. You are using your knowledge about your customer. Yeah. So you need to learn your game your consumer first before you go and educate them. This is normally the mistakes 90 percent of the market does do they just go and do the marketing without understanding what is their customer needs. I also do that I want to get rid of that because when you do it practice you are not trying to understand or you think you understand your customers but when your technologies or your initiatives fail you’re not able to get the customer. Then you realize oh you are wrong you don’t know your customers yet. So we are improving customer knowledge. I will give someone this off their profile behavior. Value loyalty drivers what are their profiles. What. How do they behave. What do we think as a value. And what is the what how they bring how they keep loyal to your business. So you may be the service provider is serving business or you may be a business providing services to your customers. So when you are doing the marketing let’s you are gonna do the marketing for your real estate business. So you need to think both ways. Write your business do that I’ll tell the customer what value you are providing and business that cost that particular business how they will provide the services to their customers. So what the customer’s needs. Next someone need maybe to find a house their customer need maybe to go and search on Internet. They may be looking at Facebook post for houses they may be looking at newspapers they may be looking at the TV channels for information what are their pain points what do they want to know before they buy a house like you need and then deliver the integrated communication through online services that match their needs. So you need to match their needs. OK so that is the digital marketing. Indeed yes in one sentence digital marketing is anything that you need to do to grow your business. That’s it. That is simple formula one in marketing anything that can grow your business through different Internet channels that is quality digital marketing. It means getting more Web site visitors. Yeah it means it may mean attracting more leaks. It may mean generating more sales. It may mean driving more repeat purchases. So you are looking at both all the aspects of your customer journey you are attracting them first. Making them a visitor. You are and converting them into a lead then from lead to sales sales to repeat purchase. Yeah. So that is what is the purpose of your digital marketing. Start from when the customer is a stranger to you to become your loyal customer. Right now it is called Digital Marketing. OK so what kind of digital marketing tools are so.

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