Digital Marketing Mistakes | Vivek Maheshwari
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Digital Marketing Mistakes | Vivek Maheshwari

So just starting a digital marketing company
doesn’t going to take you anywhere. Until you have the sufficient knowledge for
any business, no business can make a profit for you. So today i will share some experience, which
i had usually seen in today’s emerging new digital marketing companies. So here are some basic mistakes which they
usually make. Mistake number 1: Trying to catch every fish So the digital marketing companies which are
just like a new born baby in the market, are targeting each and every person available
in the market. They don’t have a particular niche or targeted
area, with whom they want to work. They are so eager to get the work, that they
are trying to catch each and everyone available in the market. As i just said, they are so hungry to get
a work that they are trying to catch each and every fish available in the market. But the result, they are not getting anyone. Mistake number 2: Boosting is campaign Now the second biggest problem which i personally
see is, that the new digital marketing company doesn’t even know the difference between
campaigning and boosting. They are going on with a boosting process
to gain clients even for their business. At last the result is same, only outgoing
no incoming. They are spending money to get the business,
but not getting any in return. Mistake number 3: Not having enough knowledge
about campaign Some of the companies know about campaign,
but they don’t know how to run a campaign properly. They don’t know about keyword system, they
don’t know how the lead generation campaign will work, and the biggest thing is that they
don’t know which platform will work better for different niche of business. So even if they got the client for first time,
the clients are not willing to take their service for a second time. Mistake number 4: Not having enough knowledge
about graphics Just running a campaign is not enough for
getting a business. The digital marketing company have to show
some attractive graphics to attract the customers. But unfortunately they don’t have enough
knowledge about graphics, even some of them make the graphics but they don’t about the
color science. They don’t know which color will be appealing
to customers eyes and which color will attract them toward business. As a result the new digital companies are
being not be able to survive in the present market situation. So starting a company without any prior knowledge
and without learning about the current field of work, i think its the biggest mistake one
could ever make. So digital marketing is not about just boosting
the post and getting likes. So learn, not much but at-least the basic
of digital marketing before getting started or entering into this field. -Vivek Maheshwari

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