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Digital Marketing MSc at Northumbria University | Live Chat

My name’s Craig Bradshaw I am the Programme Leader for MSc Digital Marketing at Northumbria Newcastle Business School In terms of the course itself it is a Digital Marketing Masters as it says on the tin but the kind of main aim of the course is to give students a really good solid understanding of marketing theory but kind of in terms of what’s popular at the minute for businesses, a lot of businesses struggle with using digital channels so whether that’s social media whether that’s search engines, whether that’s YouTube we try and give students the practical skills to be able to do those in the jobs that they’re hopefully going to get in their careers once they’ve graduated Other than describing is as a Digital Marketing Masters yeah I think it’s a really contemporary course based on marketing theory which will never change you know, marketing’s always been there but at the minute we are very much about teaching students how to utilise digital channels in order to reach the audience that they want to I think the most appealing facilities for students obviously other than the Business School being very cutting edge and having kind of lots of technology we pride ourselves on our practical workshops which is kind of not just about theory and not just about having opinions about
what certain topics mean we very much sit you down in front of a computer get your hands dirty with real data for real companies learning how to use that data and using that to make important decisions for businesses It plays a heavy part, it’s quite a tricky challenge I think because digital marketing in general as an academic subject is emerging so the theory and the research is quite limited but we try and base it on more traditional marketing theory but kind of bringing it more up to date with contemporary practice so a lot of students are involved in research in data around real companies and real businesses with real challenges and then using that data to make intelligent decisions as well as things like the dissertation which can be on any digital subject of their choice or the business clinic which again is based on research putting that into real practice for businesses Other than the fantastic facilities and fantastic staff we pride ourselves – especially in the digital marketing team we pride ourselves on our strong links with industry so you know we we’ve all come from practice we’ve all got connections in local businesses national businesses, international businesses and we try and pass those opportunities on to students as well so they will learn the stuff that they need to learn to do the jobs they want to get but we’ll also try and provide them with as much opportunity as possible to to get the jobs that they want to get through the connections that we’ve got I think the world’s their oyster really but in terms of the the course itself we very much designed it so that graduates can get the jobs they want to get either in agencies, so digital marketing agencies either in the Newcastle area it’s got very strong links for digital Leeds Manchester London but also in-house, every company will need some sort of digital presence so our students could happily go into those jobs hit the ground running from a research perspective you know I’m doing a PhD in Digital Marketing at the minute so PhDs are very much an option and even setting up your own firm we’ve had students who’ve set up their own digital marketing consultancy and again yeah whatever you want to do we try and give you the skills to do it The course isn’t specifically for people who’ve got a background in marketing and we try and position it in a way that anybody who’s got an undergraduate degree in any specialism can come and do a Digital Marketing Masters so I’ll hold my hands up I’ve got an undergrad degree in linguistics which isn’t marketing at all but I found marketing fascinating I wanted to know more about it I did a Masters at Northumbria in marketing so we’ve kind of designed the course in the same way so anybody who wants to know more about digital because it is a widely discussed subject could come in and do the course to a very very high standard

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