Digital Marketing News 1-17-2020: Micro-Influencers and the Rise of Dark Social
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Digital Marketing News 1-17-2020: Micro-Influencers and the Rise of Dark Social

Welcome to the digital marketing news,
I’m Tiffani Allen. And with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite. Hey,
I want to talk about something that we don’t often talk about. I don’t like to
talk about it. Oh no, it’s – it’s a secret to everyone. Kind of an open secret, and
the elephant in the room. Instagram’s Web interface kind of sucks.
Oh, I was really nervous about what secrets we’re talking about. No, not the
deep family secrets that we strive to bury on a daily basis, no. But yeah,
Instagram’s browser experience not the best you can tell that they’re a
mobile-first app that’s the way that they’ve been pushing users for ever
however it seems like users have been pushing back they want a little more
functionality on their the browser experience and they’re about to get it
so Instagram is now rolling out very slowly the ability to do direct
messaging from your browser oh sitting at your desktop maybe you’re at work I
would never be on social media at work but some of you might you can create new
groups you can start chats and you can look at people’s profiles from your
regular browser and instead of having to pull out your phone and be very
conspicuous about what you’re doing right I think though this is important
for marketers because Martha Zuckerberg has said that private messaging and
groups and stories are their fastest-growing forms of communication
and he’s looking to amplify that experience for people so he has hinted
that the goal may be to have whatsapp and Facebook and Instagram users all
able to message each other so if you’re not thinking about dark social right now
is the time to think about it you should again mm-hmm speaking of Instagram and
we were we were did you know that seventy five point nine percent of micro
influencers say it’s their platform of choice but what pray tell is a micro
influencer and what do we know about them well according to a micro
influencer trends report from social pub Lee a survey of over 2000 almost 3,000
migrants linzer’s thousand six hundred and sixty-seven that’s the exact number
yeah we got to be precise about two thousand six hundred sixty-six years a
net no no exactly that extra that just little extra is so important so these
folks have less than 10,000 followers okay
so keep in mind seventy five point nine percent right I love Instagram the
second most popular is Twitter at nine point five percent that’s a bit of a
drug exactly and third of course is eight point five
with Facebook so eight point five percent like Facebook YouTube is next
after that at three point nine percent so the greatest opportunity for these
micro influencers is on Instagram according to the survey we also believe
in micro influencers for b2b because they tend to be more topically relevant
and they have a little bit more credibility within a specific b2b
audience so again something for b2b brands to think about when they’re
engaging in our marketing is how do you get on those Instagram stories that are
so popular with the kids and the business people and also think about
something that wouldn’t have been covered in a more b2b or b2c centric
report but LinkedIn is a place where you will find lots of micro influencers who
are highly highly relevant yeah about your topic so that’s something that we
look into and they are also hashtag clients okay keeping it real but
speaking of getting in front of an audience
our segues are on point today but I have a little bit of news about us ad and
marketing spending short version it’s going up o gonna rise to almost three
hundred and ninety billion dollars in 2020 that’s a seven point two in percent
increase over last year there are a couple of factors in just popular
culture that are contributing to that we got a summer olympics coming up there’s
some kind of election in the u.s. happening oh yeah later this year that
it will probably lead people to spend some money advertising maybe a little
bit but advertising is going up even accounting for those so online
advertising is the biggest grower it’s gonna grow across all categories
including digital audio and podcasts for the first time is going to get over ten
percent increase 15 percent for podcasting and digital audio I may have
talked about that briefly in the past hmm possibly we’ll have to look at the
archives but the two big losers for ad spending sadly are our old friends
terrestrial radio great of course radio not conducted by extraterrestrials and
print media you’re gonna see nearly 10% decreases so
if you’re a marketer and you’re doing digital marketing keep digital marketing
like you do digital marketing wise digital marketing
speaking of digital marketing we were we were and schema which we weren’t we
weren’t they weren’t no sadly we weren’t Google announced that after April 6 of
2020 just 21 days before my birthday I’ll have you know marketers yes it will
no longer support data vocabulary markup in favor of what we know is schema
markup mm-hmm okay so they’re focusing on the development of schema markup due
to the increasing usage and popularity it’s easier to use there’s great ways to
test it all of these items which are super relevant to everyone so Google
will be alerting you via search console if you’re using this outdated markup so
you have an opportunity to fix it but it will start treating an error after April
6 so either way you’re gonna know something is going wrong so update to
schema get rid of the old stuff make sure your user experience is good and
don’t get all those scary errors from search console which are always very
dramatic but fair yes and also errors that could appear to the people on your
page that’s not good they if you’ve seen the two languages
side by side they’re really really similar so I’m glad they’re doing the
announcement otherwise you might not even know so keep an eye on your search
console for those things those items speaking of items goddess popular the
possible segue I like many people like to download apps on my phone yes like
that’s a fairly universal experience we have some reporting on the most
downloaded apps of 2019 I’m ready so on the very top of this list it’s very good
news for Facebook they have four of the top five most downloaded this year
that’s a wats a hat at number one so as I was saying Newark social oh sorry I’m
dark what can I say and messenger is at three facebook Messenger Facebook itself
is only at number four but then Instagram is under Facebook at number
five maybe already everyone already has them they might they might already know
who’s this guess what’s it to though what tick tock oh yeah it’s new to the
charts number two for both Android and iOS
it is number one on the iOS App Store this year
so kind of new guy on the block but getting a lot of attention I’m
struggling to understand it but as marketers we’re definitely going to have
to pay a little more attention to it what I thought was interesting though is
there are two apps I hadn’t heard of it number six and seven there’s like II
like with an extra II got it and share it like capital share and they’ll it
okay yeah number six and seven but it turns out these are apps that people are
using to make content for Instagram and snapchat okay so these there’s like an
ecosystem being built up around looking good on these apps so collections of
filters and ways to edit content so I thought that
was kind of fascinating too yeah I agree there are some Google specific apps that
are also very popular with the caveat that Google’s apps are always kind of
you know already installed on Android phones so this data might be a little
bit skewed meaning maybe Google is the most popular app but we just don’t know
about it right um would be classic Google wouldn’t it
of course so YouTube’s number eight which you know of course everyone uses
the YouTube especially you folks watching right now YouTube but it is
number two for iOS downloads so again it comes installed mm-hmm exactly
snapchat is down at number nine I’m surprising surprising whoa you never
know I’m Twitter is that number twenty four Twitter yeah but it’s engagement
stats are rising so maybe it’s making a comeback time for November and then
they’ll say don’t call it a hashtag comeback right north four years oh we
can get al al in on this I’m ready okay let’s do it
LL Cool J not a micro influencer but if we can get him we’ll let you know
absolutely well that’s all the digital marketing news we have for you this week
move back next week with more news if you need more in the meantime you can
follow me on twitter at tiffany underscore ellen or top ranked at
top-ranked yep and you could find me on twitter at nitrites that’s an ite wri
tes and please do subscribe to the blog and to our youtube channel and keep an
eye out for all the cool stuff coming your way in 2020 see you later bye

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