Digital Marketing News 11-22-2019: Influencer Marketing for Millennials & Gen Z
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Digital Marketing News 11-22-2019: Influencer Marketing for Millennials & Gen Z

Welcome to the digital marketing news,
I’m Tiffani Allen. And with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite. Yes,
hey, I want to talk about something that goes from a thing that I kind of
understand to a thing that I don’t really understand at all. I love it. Let’s
start with Instagram okay, something that is popular among the Millennials and
other children, but which I am still trying to find my place on that one put
up pictures sometimes you know but Instagram is going after a platform
which I really don’t understand at all but
tick tock the tick tock is very popular with the kids these days and Instagram
wants a piece of that action so in the same way that they paid loving homage to
snapchat and it’s stories they are now paying loving homage to tick tock with a
new mode called reels oh yeah as in fishing as in video reels which would
make a reference that would make no sense to the demographic they’re
targeting because films don’t come on film what surely not know anyway as we
might expect Instagram is picking up on this to try and grab some of tik toks
mojo you they are introducing new editing tools where you can create short
videos which you can share and of course remix right as the kids these days like
to do you can also include music from Facebook’s growing musical library and
you have some options for some cool editing tricks so keep an eye on this
marketers that’s rolling out in Brazil for a test run but then it is going wide
and soon every functionality from every platform will be on Instagram or
Facebook and we will never need to go anywhere else again how convenient
wonderful speaking of social media platforms and we were and we were
snapchat introduces extended play commercials I love commercials and I
hate when they’re so short I know you need more contacts right so in addition
to the standard six second unskipable so you can now extend the content up to
three minutes hmm but folks will still be able to skip after 6 seconds so it’s
still important to make sure you get your creative hook and your angle in
there early so folks will want to continue to view your content yeah it’s
not enough to just have an exciting six seconds and then and get super boring
because at any point they can to try it out yet exactly you cannot trap them in
a three second commercial that sounds like my own personal hell speaking of my
own personal hell has at it just kidding Twitter please
don’t ban my account I love you hashtag pffffff twitter has added a conversation
insights tool so they’re kind of borrowing a little mojo from those
social listening services adding an interactive graph that can display how
many tweets are happening about your brand or a specific account actually
attached to the brand got to be a specific account but you can see the top
accounts that are talking about your brand you can see a timeline of tweets
about the brand or a candle that are filtered by engagement or format or
verification status one thing that you cannot do though is sentiment analysis
so that is something that will still have to rely on those third-party tools
for but this is handy to give you I think an overview of how your accounts
doing and who’s talking about it certainly can raise some issues that you
can explore and some more robust tools so get on your Twitter Thank You Josh
mm-hmm as a senior content marketing manager
Matt top-ranked marketing senior I can see how the Twitter conversation would
be exciting for you it would that was a very personalized segue I appreciate
that thank you I practiced I’m so speaking of
personalization did you know that nearly half of businesses aren’t investing in
personalization tools yet no right right 325 digital customer experience
executives were surveyed by simpler media and 27% are conducting limited
experiments of personalization only 9% are getting benefits from
personalization tools overall well yeah so 18% have budget and are evaluating
solutions for personalization but 25% are considering but don’t have a budget
so in other words nothing exactly and 21% this is kind of shocking to me 21%
said personalization is not a priority right so we said here on the news every
Friday and tell you how important it is to do personalization here we are so
again if you have the budget or maybe make the budget give it a shot maybe
start a pilot expand out but definitely something customers are starting to
expect so if this is you think about it okay and I’m going to read an
alphabetical list of names and we are going to use marketing automation to put
everyone’s name personally into this video so Erin with two A’s make sure
that you use mark and personalization Abigail please make
sure you use marketing personalization we do have the technology right – I want
to say we don’t okay well Aaron and Abigail just got their freakin minds
blown which hopefully Aaron and Abigail are Jen’s er Millennials oh because we
know now how Millennials and Gen Z’s interact with influencers and we know
that we are clearly influential people of interest naturally but there was a
good survey recently it was 2,000 interviews with 13 238 year-olds so your
Millennials and your Jim Z’s and they found that 72% of those folks are
following at least some influencers there half of all Millennials say they
trust influencers which is pretty high also compared to only 38% said they
trust celebrities presumably Keanu Reeves was not included because we all
trust him implicitly on absolutely somehow 110 percent of us do yeah but
you know why because he’s authentic yeah an 88% of folks in this survey said that
authenticity is important that make sense yeah did you know that YouTube
where you may be seeing this video now yes me too it isn’t the most popular
platform for men to follow influencers and Instagram is the most popular
platform for women to do so interesting very 88% of Gen Z and
Millennials learn about products on social media all right so there’s
definitely a marketer hook there for sure absolutely 50 percent say social
media is where they most often learn about products to buy okay right and 56
percent have purchased a product after seeing a post from someone they follow
about that product which really explains my Facebook feed I have it up these
great shoes and the fabfitfun box mine are all the ab workout where you put
your phone in a little thing and like do abs oh that sounds cool clearly I
haven’t tried it yet but I plan to very sick should we switch streams probably
perfect that’s all the digital marketing news we have for you today if you want
more of course you can follow top-rank on twitter at top-ranked or me at
tiffany underscore allen yep maybe you can find me on twitter at night right so
that’s an ite WRI tes and please do subscribe on youtube or on our blog for
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I’ll see you next week thanks for tuning in bye should we talk about the gorilla
chimpanzee sorry it’s the chimpanzee you’re not sure what it is I’m not sure
where it came from it’s watching us it’s dairy

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