Digital Marketing News 3-15-2019: The Latest Stats on Influencer & Data-Driven Marketing
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Digital Marketing News 3-15-2019: The Latest Stats on Influencer & Data-Driven Marketing

welcome to the digital marketing news
I’m Tiffani Allen and with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite yes
you know what I like what winning yeah yeah where I like winning on the
Internet yes cuz that’s the only place that somebody my age can win no you know
like the basketball court not happening playground courtroom
probably not but social media absolutely it turns out I am not alone
b2b marketers are also winning on social media yeah it turns out guess what the
top social media platform for b2b marketing is LinkedIn LinkedIn yes
hashtag client LinkedIn have added 123 million users in the last two years not
bad twitter has added 9 million for comparison other they’re doing real
great 80% of b2b leads are coming from LinkedIn so this report so that makes
sense live video though is the new hotness over at the LinkedIn and it is a
key part of that puzzle so people are seeing more engagement with the live
video among other tips though for social media other platforms out there you know
first of course usually LinkedIn to approach and market to specific people
and the structure not like specific like Bob Johnson but like give me a specific
job role you know because Bob is not the solely in charge of all this spend but
you can augment with the other platforms you use Facebook they say to boost
awareness and Authority and kind of interact with your community use Twitter
to build connections I know we as an agency feel like Twitter is a powerful
tool for getting to know influencers sharing their stuff promoting their
stuff spreading the love around Instagram they said is also a thing that
b2b businesses should be involved in it is a good way to build brand attention
and of course if you have some stunning visual components to your brand that’s
the place to go with that right so really what I got from this story is
that pretty much every social media platform except for snapchat is great
for b2b and it’s worth checking out seeing if your audiences in there yeah
where’s the shot I like it hey there’s another thing that happened
no I don’t believe it yeah so according to the 2019 edition of
Edison’s the infinite dial time it is infinite podcast listeners are
increasing sharply year-over-year nice yeah absolutely I mean I listen to my
first podcast this year so yes yeah and how many are you listening to
no that’s how it works that’s right so more than 50% of people in the United
States have listened to a podcast like myself nearly one in three people listen
to at least one podcast every month ok that’s probably more than folks that
read books or you know whatever so last year for comparison it was more like one
in four so it is increasing quite a bit as you can tell and then the increase
actually spans through age group so for example there was a 10 percent jump year
over year in the 12 to 24 demographic and about a 4 percent increase in the 55
plus bracket which is the slowest to adopt but is growing which kind of helps
us understand that this might be here to stay
right it seems like this is just a legitimate Channel I love that the
bottom age is 12 though I know it’s not like thinking of 12 year olds listening
to all the serial murder podcasts and yeah actually I don’t like thinking
about that time to think of it it’s a great guest you’re into it by the way
David Tennant has a podcast you know the interviews people like you and miquelon
highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys nerdy things as we do yeah
speaking of total nerds most marketers I know are because we are super into
analytics a measurement making sure that we can put numbers to the things we’re
doing to help with that twitter has unveiled a new analytics dashboard oh
yes yes so that’s cool this is something that’s in the early stages but they
unveiled it at a an unveiling ceremony with a look at this thing and marvel at
our works really and marvel we did it’s aimed primarily at helping you maximize
engagement for video Twitter it gives a grid view that’s updated in real time
that shows the times that people are engaging with video content
awesome no that’s not your video content specifically but the time when people
are most inclined to watch videos so it makes sense to throw some in there at
that they also said well you know what if
this is enough time for you that’s one of the busiest times a but we are
integrating a scheduling tool right there so you can look and you can put
your videos where they’re gonna get more seen so this is exciting
Twitter obviously feels like they need to play catch-up a little bit in the
marketing game they have more tools in the works so keep an eye alright just
one just one eye that’s probably true I can’t spell it you know there was a new
influencer marketing survey no that’s like it was mostly b2c focus there were
some b2b folks in there and it was from media kicks and just kind of outlined
some of the top challenges and thoughts about influencer marketing on the whole
so 80% of marketers feel influencer marketing is effective really 9% say
that our way is comparable or better than other marketing channels but what’s
interesting what is interesting one of the top concerns our top challenges
we’re measuring improving ROI right so they’re gonna say that it’s comfortable
or better but we’re not sure we’re not exactly sure right but it is something
that you should continue to do is measuring that ROI and then of course
finding the right influencers is another top challenge so again that’s kind of
one of the benefits of working with an agency and that front because there are
a lot of relationships that can be formed but finding those influencers in
it can be a moving target so it is something to think about what will be
relevant to your niche what are you trying to convey in terms of messaging
and do these people and if we’re looking for and of course then there’s the whole
issue of fake followers and things like that but there are plenty of tools to
help you work through it know for sure and then b2b that’s less of a problem
you know not if not too many folks are trying to be fake b2b influencers cuz
you have to have at least a little thought leadership you can’t just play
with sunglasses and Easy’s and you can’t did we say Easy’s somebody should yeah
stop Brinker I think really likes his Easy’s so finally for our last report
though there was another little outlook for data report that came
out that I thought was kind of interesting this is from our good
friends at the IAB their annual 2019 outlook for data yeah I say any well
last year it was the 2018 wasn’t the 2019 so it’s an annual report right that
comes out once a year it turns out yeah but the top data priorities that were
listed in this report data users said that they are going to prioritize cross
channel initiatives well above all others in 2019 so that includes
measurement and attribution of course cross channel and then audience
identification and matching across cross channel because you know we’re aiming at
this kind of omni-channel doesn’t matter where people contact you consist of
experience so being able to measure across all those channels is a super big
deal I feel like yeah definitely I think there are some challenges to you that
we’re surfaced by the study which makes sense so one is the looming threat of
heightened government data regulation er and what have you totally make sense
about 52 people said there are 52 percent of respondents said that which
is by and large the biggest concern other than that is siloed organizational
data so who owns what data and how can I get to it there’s another concern
difficulty improving ROI rears its ugly head here too with about 33% of folks
saying that was a challenge and then of course lack of internal experience not
necessarily gathering the data but analyzing the data making it into
something useful is another key challenge and of course solving all
those challenges involves developing skill sets but also throw in some money
at the problem in probably this kind of motion yeah but talking about data
spending so it’s not surprising that sixty nine point two percent it’s the
point two it gets me every time they said their organizations that have
increased spending our data and related services in 2018 over a year to 2017 but
then three fourths say that they are anticipating investing even more in the
coming year yeah so I mean we need you know those data platforms bringing your
data together there’s all kinds of Mar tech that you
can bring to bear on this problem so it looks like people are beginning to
understand that like the future of marketing is almost entirely data
absolutely makes total sense well that’s all the news we have for you this week
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with our faces we’ll see you next week thanks for tuning in bye you

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