Digital Marketing News 3-22-2019: B2B Content Marketing Effectiveness & More
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Digital Marketing News 3-22-2019: B2B Content Marketing Effectiveness & More

Welcome to the Digital Marketing News!
I’m Tiffani Allen, and with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite.
Hey do you like it when things are relevant yes I prefer it when things are
relevant too fortunately the folks at Facebook agree with us they are making
it easier for marketers to tell exactly just how relevant their ads were so it
used to be relevance was a single metric after you ran your ad you would go and
look and it would say have that you know that and that’s not very informative so
kind of single opaque metric so instead of that they are turning it into three
different rankings one is overall quality one is engagement rate and one
is conversion rate so three different rankings those are all compared to how
other ads competing for the same audience performed Wow so this is great
stuff we love measurement we love improving stuff keep an eye out for this
it’s coming April 30th I like it yeah so you know something that’s really
relevant to b2b marketers you have a relevant segue for me there’s a new
study out there called cut through the b2b noise cut really showed some really
interesting stats about b2b content oh yes so only 3.4 percent of b2b marketers
polled thought that their content was extremely effective that’s down from 12%
in the previous year of the study whoof and now mm-hmm five point four so
that their content was extremely effective compared to 18% the previous
year my goodness and 47% said it was somewhat effective
which was up from 19% sort of meeting in the middle there makes sense to me so
some key learnings from this there are quite a few issues for marketers
especially b2b marketers around identifying the right target for content
persona based marketing and that sort of thing knowing how to measure the impact
of the content and then of course you know just knowing where to put the
content is another whole ball of wax here so for those of you who read the
study it is linked in the news the kind of few takeaways here are to focus
on creating quality content that resonates with your audience and that
you can measure those are the three things you should be doing to really be
nailing it for content marketing mm-hmm increasing quality quality and relevancy
of the content never a bad idea no no no so switching gears just a little bit
from content to advertising yes want me to talk a little bit about native
advertising that is native display ads that are intended to mimic in their form
but not in a legally binding way the content that you might encounter on a
website or social media network there was a recent study by E marketer that
would looked at a whole whole bunch of native display ads and they discovered a
few key traits first they’re becoming more mobile 88.8% of ads are going to be
served on mobile by 2020 I see they’re becoming more programmatic so eighty
seven point seven percent going to be programmatically purchased by 2020 and
they’re becoming ever so slightly less social so social media is down about
three percent to seventy three point five percent still a pretty sizable
chunk of all display ads being on social the interesting thing though here is
they say the native display market is mature so they’re calling it that it’s
currently worried about bills and the slow onslaught of death and how they’re
gonna pay for the kids college know mature in that they don’t see these
numbers changing overly much over time they say this is the typical native ad
now is going to be bought programmatically from a social site
served up on mobile and that’s just kind of what a display ad is now so I thought
those fast making the way that’s shaking out you know what I found fascinating so
many things I feel like yeah give me one the list of 11 skills that marketers
should have that we found I’m in a recent infographic from Maryville
University it showed 11 important marketing skills that is one more than
10 that is one more than 10 precisely so the first one was content marketing
which that was interesting specifically within content creation analytics and
project management mm-hmm yeah number two was mobile
marketing so that’s pretty relevant to what you were just talking about there
so that’s mobile design development and e-commerce analytics but there are a lot
more of these skills which I found exciting because they’re all skill set
you know we have here as an agency including email marketing social media
marketing search video production getting big data analysis also big and
then operations UX design and then blogging which is different than content
marketing yes if you don’t know the difference you should probably hire an
agency to do both of those things for you an agency like this one right just
say hey do you consider yourself a social media influencer no no you might
be though so there’s an interesting thing like people who might not have
considered themselves influential may consider themselves more so after
reading a recent report from trust insights and you know it’s right in the
name gotta trust them to get the insights they said they looked at
several thousand social media influencers folks who have the very top
range which is about eight and a half million followers on across platforms
and then down to people who have five or six thousand those poor unfortunate
souls but their takeaway was the bigger the audience the lower the engagement
rate right so there is not only are there diminishing returns as your
audience gets bigger there is just a cliff an engagement and not the fun guy
from cheers either now there was a drop-off in engagement just like off a
cliff at 20k for Facebook 60k for Twitter so Instagram that was
interesting they are more gradually tapered they don’t have just a huge
drop-off there is a market decline at 6 K and then a sharp decline at 50k
interesting I thought that the Instagram engagement levels are interesting too
that was bizarre like 10 times more than Facebook and 400 times more than Twitter
no big deal just a little something we might want to look at
so there’s movement toward Nano and micro influencers as well a smaller
audience but again to your point more engaged audience which is important and
they estimate greater ROI for multiple micro versus one big influencer and we
agree yeah that kind of goes against conventional wisdom but right along with
what we’ve been saying for quite some time that the numbers of the follower
counts you know those little vanity metrics don’t mean as much as what
relevance to your audience and actual influence not only can they have a huge
audience but actually compelled to take action yep
all that that makes hey speaking of influencers and things that are cool
just wanted to take a quick trip to client corner which our camera doesn’t
move so I can’t but client corner right here 3m just
launched the second season of their science champions podcast I’m super
excited about this because I like to help them make it and I like to listen
to it it’s fantastic first episode has dr. Jeff cherry who is a physicist and a
nuclear energy specialist he’s fascinating the second has Joann manna
stirrer who is a science teacher biology teacher and she is on twitter at science
and goddess making science accessible to people talking about science education a
renewable energy and a cell biology and all kinds of neat stuff so if you like
science and if you like 3m and who doesn’t we’ve got a post-it notes you
know take a look at that – all right well that’s all news to have for you
this week we’ll be back next week with more digital marketing news if you need
more in the meantime you can follow me on twitter at tiffany underscore ellen
or top ranked at top-ranked that you can find me on twitter at nitrites nit ewr
itës and please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for all the
cool stuff that we do just for you I’ll see you next week thanks for tuning in you

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