Digital marketing plan for rural micro-enterprise (Pottery Industry)
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Digital marketing plan for rural micro-enterprise (Pottery Industry)

My name is Ravindra Dhanushka. I am the owner of this business. We first had a shop where we bought clay pots from outside and sold it. Later, since we were unable to meet the demand due to low production by the outside shop we started manufacturing clay pots on our own. In the year 2011 we started manufacturing our own clay pots and selling but we have been running this business since 1990. In terms of competition, there are a lot of people who make at home but it doesn’t really affect us as we are able to provide for the required demand. We promote our business on the newspaper, but we hope to move in to digital marketing in the future. We look forward to promoting our business digitally, to bring awareness and as a result to get more orders. The drawback that we fear about digital marketing is that we might not be able to meet the demand due to unfortunate weather conditions and circumstances like that. I live in Nugegoda. Ratmalana. I live in Jawaththa. iOS. It’s an iOS. Android. Well, i use this app called home workout app quite frequently and also Instagram. Whats App because i use it all the time. Instagram. Whats App and Viber. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, um… that’s it! Facebook. Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram and then Twitter. Well im on Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Buying things online. Because its more convenient and you get a large selection and especially you can order stuff from abroad. Buying it from the shop. Its easy since you can see what you want clearly and buy. I prefer buying things online because its much more convenient as you get it right to your door step. Like, thrice a week. I rarely read the newspapers. Almost on a daily basis. A lot of time! Not much. About two hours. Not very much. Maybe half an hour to one hour. Yes, we cook from clay pots. Yeah! sometimes my mom uses it for cooking, for plants and sometimes we keep water in those clay based products. Well, I’ve not used a clay based product. But I’ve seen my using it for cooking purposes. Yes i have! For cooking and to plant like… plants. I like using clay pots but its easier to use stainless steel. Yeah! because its so much cheaper, healthier and it gives more taste to cooking. Clay pots. Because I’ve heard that chemicals get mixed into the food when cooking with stainless steel products. Because its Eco-friendly. Well i don’t think so. There is a few that I’ve seen in Arpico but in outstation you get a lot of places. Well i don’t think there is enough. I would like them to be available in supermarkets and specially the ones that are available i Colombo, i find the quality really bad. As it is thin in layer and tends to crack more easily. Yes, there are enough places in Colombo. Not much. Recently i visited Kaduwella and there was so many there. But compared to Colombo there was more.

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