Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 234
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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 234

Unknown Speaker 0:02
Alright, we’re live. What’s up everybody? Welcome to Hump Day hangouts for the first
day of May 2019. We have a really special guest for you guys today, which is gonna be
awesome. But before we get into that, I want to go the round robin and say hi to everybody,
because we don’t have madam secretary today. Would. You forgot the episode number? 234.
Oh, there you go. Now, you know, that’s why we get we keep them not because he’s handsome.
You know? And so let me get this in order. Okay, so I got Adam. What’s up, Adam? Are
you doing man? Hey, I’m doing super well. Thanks so much for having me. But awesome
book. But remember, that’s not the same Adam that everyone’s used to seeing. So I get Yeah,
I’ll get I’ll get to that in a second. I get to that. Unknown Speaker 0:47
What’s up Marco? Unknown Speaker 0:52
Sorry, I was talking to dead Mike. I’m good man. Mayday. Let’s celebrate communism. Unknown Speaker 1:01
Hey, what’s up, Bradley? How are you doing, man? I don’t know how to follow that. Unknown Speaker 1:07
So good to go, man. All right, awesome. Okay, cool. So uh, so yeah, in case we you guys
haven’t noticed yet. We have a we have Adam from organics today with us. And it’s really,
really cool to have him on board. We have been, you know, promoting his products and
whatnot with great pleasure. And it’s a great pleasure to have Adam. And you know, before
we we go into that I wanted to give you guys a round down of announcements, which I got
from our main man, Adam moody here, which is basically, if you’re new to semantic mastery,
welcome. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel. If you’re watching this on
YouTube. If you’re watching this live, thank you for being here. If not, don’t forget to
subscribe and whatnot. If you want to get a repeatable step by step system to rank your
websites, don’t forget to get Unknown Speaker 2:00
The SEO battle plan which you can get by going to battle plan that semantic Unknown Speaker 2:07
you can also go to MTV dot CEO for all your done for you, SEO Services, everything that
you need over there. And if you’re ready to take it up a notch, you can always join the
semantic mastery mastermind which is pretty awesome. We have local business owners and
an agency owners and that is that is pretty cool over there. And I just wanted to give
these guys you guys a tease about this is that we’re getting a facelift on. We’re getting
a facelift on our flagship GMB program. So we’re going to talk a little bit about that
later on as well. So with that being said, I think that I didn’t miss anything that I
missed anything, Bradley, subscribe to our YouTube channel. There you go subscribe to
our YouTube channel. So with that being said, we have Adam steal from organics. What’s up
my man so it’s great to have you here. This was long do because we have Unknown Speaker 3:00
Been, we’ve known each other for quite a while, right? Yeah, I think we’ve sort of mutually
been following each other. Unknown Speaker 3:09
I don’t know probably since what I want to say 2012 2013 Unknown Speaker 3:13
something like that. Yeah. Yeah, we’re all guys been in the industry. Well, semantic
mastery. We we started this as a company, I think in 2013. Or maybe it might have been.
Yeah, it’s been a while. So it’s been a while. So and I like that T shirt that you haven’t,
man. It’s pretty cool. Yeah, it’s pretty good. Unknown Speaker 3:34
You got it. You got it. Alright, so So yeah, so just as a proper introduction, Adam is
the owner of Logan x organics not I asked him he said Potato Potato. So but you guys
know I’ve talked about him a lot. Hands down. It’s the best citation cleanup service out
there. And also like that, he’s got the monthly citation building which are really nice as
well as social profiles and you Unknown Speaker 4:00
Different types. They’re both structured and unstructured citations that get built, it’s
really good service. It’s like the Cadillac of citation services as opposed to the you
know, the the other services that are much more like compact cars is the way I look at
it. And so typically when I have any clients that need citation cleanup, which happens
fairly often, you know, Unknown Speaker 4:20
that’s I always go directly to him, even though there’s other vendors out there that might
do stuff cheaper, they don’t get as good as results. And so, you know, by the way, citations
are not the only thing that he does over there. That’s just typically what I talk about because
that’s the service that I use the most but I know that Adam has put a lot of work into
recently adding a lot of additional services and more higher end services as well. So if
you guys haven’t had a chance to take a look at it, I am going to drop my affiliate link
but semantic mastery com forward slash Logan x ELO gn ELO ga ni x and you can go see what
all kinds of services he has. Great white label service guys, again, if you’ve got,
if you’ve got lower end clients, you might it might not be the best time Unknown Speaker 5:00
idea for you but a lot of you guys are doing well with your clients and it’s a great service
because it’s it the reports are beautiful all of that so I can’t say enough good things
about Logan extra service. Unknown Speaker 5:12
Thank you, Bradley. I appreciate that. Very good. Unknown Speaker 5:15
So with that we also you know, I guess Adam you got anything cooking on your end like
is, you know, anything new services that you want to talk about or anything that you’ve
been in, that’s been in recent development or anything industry, you know, industry news
or industry related, I should say that you’ve that you’ve, you’d like to shine some, some
of your expertise on right now or what is a little bit of both. For starters, Unknown Speaker 5:43
I’ve been heads down focusing on the link building part of our business, trying to cut
the list that we the lists that we previously offered. Unknown Speaker 5:57
Sometimes Allah card sometimes Unknown Speaker 6:00
Previously, by domain authority. Unknown Speaker 6:05
Here, we’re selling a lot of stuff that was your typical guest post stuff like, you know,
you go to the site and you pull up, say, the last most recent 10 posts. And it was like,
super, super obvious. Oh, yeah, this is a paid guest post site, or they do paid guest
posting. And so we’ve sort of more or less read our list of that going from, from somewhere
of, I don’t know, somewhere between 50 and 100,000, give or take, Unknown Speaker 6:31
give or take 10,000 sites on our list to something a lot smaller, somewhere to the tune of, Unknown Speaker 6:39
I don’t know, five, six, maybe 700 sites total. And we just reply to very strict criteria,
both quantitative so metric related stuff like they have at least 500 monthly organic
visits as per a attracts and more qualitative stuff like pull up the last 10 posts, read
every single one of them was Unknown Speaker 7:00
The content quality, who was the author? Where’s the author from? What else have they written?
Is their social engagement? Is their comments? Who are they linking out to go check out the
site they’re linking out to etc, etc, etc. So just making sure that it’s not, it’s not
stuff that’s going to get our customers in trouble down the road. So that’s my life has
pretty much just been that for the last three or four months and probably for the foreseeable
future. So there’s that and then on the news side of things, something that’s kind of caught
my attention lately and I’d love to get everybody’s opinion on it is paid GMB in the future. Are
we looking at a future where we’re paying? Our everybody in GMB is paying per lead? Are
we looking at a future where we’re paying a monthly fee to have a GMB? What does that
do to fake listings? Are they gone or do people just pay or that kind of thing? So my team
and I have been discussing that at length the last few days. Unknown Speaker 8:00
Just took a few tweets from some folks brought that on. I think alphabet had some pretty
not so great. Unknown Speaker 8:10
Well, it’s still commendable gains, but people are now saying that okay, well, now they need
to find a way to make more money and maps is on their hit list, supposedly, oh, and
there was some sort of a Unknown Speaker 8:24
survey that they had going around. I didn’t personally see it. I saw screenshots up, but
that they were basically asking questions about how would we pay for GMB? What we’d
like to see all that kind of stuff. So it sounds like it may be happening sometime in
the near future. It’s in the pipeline. Possibly. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I think it’s, there’s
it’s multifaceted why they don’t want it, you know, could be because they want to generate
more revenue, but I also think it’s also a way to combat spam. Unknown Speaker 8:57
You know, and Unknown Speaker 8:59
you Unknown Speaker 9:00
Know that whenever the mobile first index occurred in July last year, it opened up this
huge, huge, like gaping hole for spam DMS. And you know, Unknown Speaker 9:11
a lot of us have been taken advantage of that. And so I think that you know, and we knew
that the days were going to be numbered, it was that it had a limited shelf life. Unknown Speaker 9:20
But we’ve always said, you know, it’s quite a while you can, and, you know, Unknown Speaker 9:24
I’ve been, I’ve assumed that one of two things were going to happen was one that it was it
could go paid, which would eliminate a lot of spam listings right off the bat, because
a lot of people aren’t going to pay for spam listings, if they’re not generating real revenue
for them, or people won’t attempt to try to start new ones or number two, would be to
require a lot more verification, like submitting corporate documents, for example, in order
to get a to register or verify or profile, that kind of stuff. And so, you know, I think
that I think that they’re going to do whatever they can to kill the Unknown Speaker 10:00
fam side of it. And, you know, Unknown Speaker 10:02
we’ve seen a lot of changes over the last maybe six or eight weeks now where, you know,
they’ve done things to try to prevent that. And it seems like, you know, it’s the cat
and mouse game, and that we always play, you know, it’s it’s that they, Unknown Speaker 10:13
they close one loophole, and we find it somewhere else, you know, we crack the code somewhere
else. And and when I say we, I mean, all of us in this industry. So, you know, I don’t,
I feel like even if they do go that way, there’s still going to be opportunity. I mean, for
example, I’ve got a number of lead generation assets that are produced very, very well for
me that I’d be willing to pay for. There’s no question. And I think if you approach it
that way, it’s just a cost of doing business, you know, you work that into your overall
costs for you know, and pass that off through your the cost per lead and that kind of thing,
if you’re going to do it that way. Number two, I think that even if, even if they do
that, they’re still always going to be workarounds that we’re going to be able to, you know,
figure out and again, when I say we, I mean us as an industry as a whole, not just Unknown Speaker 11:00
us, you know what I’m saying? So, you know, Unknown Speaker 11:02
again, it’s, Unknown Speaker 11:04
every time there’s a big change in in anything that has to do with Google especially, it’s
like in you know, Adam, you’ve been around for a long time. So you get this, but this
is more for our audience’s benefit. A lot of people run around with their hair on fire,
like, you know, Unknown Speaker 11:17
the sky is falling, the sky is falling, it’s not the case. It’s, you know, even if it’s
a really big shake up, let the dust settle, figure it out, you know, take a few deep breaths
and then work through it and always find additional opportunity. At least that’s my opinion. So, Unknown Speaker 11:30
Marco. Unknown Speaker 11:32
I’d like to first and foremost, post to Unknown Speaker 11:38
Google being broken Of course, I’ll let me have a drink. Unknown Speaker 11:44
Because every time they do something stupid, Unknown Speaker 11:47
they open up another stupid door. And, you know, Unknown Speaker 11:51
stupidity kinda. It’s kind of like a domino. stupidity Domino, so whatever it is that they’re
doing somewhere. Unknown Speaker 12:00
along the line, guys, we’re talking about if we knew that how huge the algorithm actually
was, Unknown Speaker 12:09
right and everything that they were trying to control, because every time they tweaked
something, something else breaks. And that opens a gaping hole. And so we’re going to
take advantage of that. And then there’s things that they just literally cannot control. Because
I’ve mentioned this before. It’s part of how the web is built. Fundamentally, there’s things
that they just cannot do, no matter how much they try, when Unknown Speaker 12:41
I want to call it whenever MSN, right? When they try to control it Explorer, and they
try to do things their way. It didn’t matter. I used to have to code for whatever version
of explorer they were doing, because they were trying to go against the WCC and do things
their own way. How did that work for them? Unknown Speaker 13:00
It was it was explorer now How? How’s that? Where’s edge? I mean, I know its edge, they
had to get rid of the Explorer name, because it sucks. And SEOs, we found a way around
everything. That’s what we do. That’s our job. Or, at least for me, my job is to manipulate
to find ways to manipulate them, because they manipulate look at it. Now that now, it’s
an IF. So, we don’t even know if it’s going to happen. But you know, it’s obviously something
that they’re thinking about whether it happens or not. I mean, if if we have to pay for it,
we will will just charge our clients a premium. And, Unknown Speaker 13:38
yeah, they’re going to piss off a whole lot of business owners. And I want to see what
happens behind that. So I’m kind of looking forward to it. Unknown Speaker 13:48
Preach. Yeah. So and, you know, I mean, it’s interesting is it whatever happens will, you
know, we’ll figure out a way to still monetize it. This is what we do. Like Morgan said, Unknown Speaker 14:00
So, Unknown Speaker 14:01
very cool. Well, just out of curiosity, Adam about your, your link building services now
that you’ve been focusing on building now Unknown Speaker 14:10
is it Have you noticed a huge difference since you started really working on the quality
of them and in the rank, you know, the, the boost that it gives to ranking with the effect
that it has on rankings and even traffic for that matter? Because I know and, again, I’d
like to get Marco’s opinion on this. One of the things that we all know works really well
is not just having links anymore. It’s having links that have true engagement to you know,
so activity, relevancy, trust and authority. That’s Marco’s art. Unknown Speaker 14:39
You know, and so the fact that you’re going out and not just finding places to place links,
but also places that have real traffic and real social engagement and that kind of stuff
that has to have a significant effect and have you seen that like, you know, consistently Unknown Speaker 14:57
you know, Unknown Speaker 14:58
yes, and no Unknown Speaker 15:00
I certainly can’t point to any beta or anything like that, or tests like good tests that would
sort of conclusively say one thing or another, just because most of the sites that we’re
working on are not, not our sites, their agencies, and those agencies, this is their, these are
their clients, and they could be doing a million different things at the same time. So it’s
very hard to, you know, to conclusively say one thing or another. Unknown Speaker 15:28
A lot of what we’re doing is, is sort of based on our own theories we’re trying to imagine,
okay, you are a Google manual reviewer. you’re performing a snip test on this site, what
are you looking for? What do you not want to see? What do you want to see that kind
of thing? So that’s, it’s very theory theoretical. I also think what we were doing previously
using topical, like niche specific sites, but ones that certainly engaged in a lot of
paid link building like Like I said, before, Unknown Speaker 16:00
You pull up 10 of their recent posts, and eight of the 10 were definitely paid. And
the two were actually data. They were organic, they’re written in house kind of thing. I
think that’s still working. I think results wise, I think that’s totally still working,
I’m not seeing necessarily any more results, per se, have a site up a similar traffic,
but what it’s forced us what all this sort of scrutiny has sort of forced upon us is,
we are now working with sites that have much larger amounts of organic traffic and engagement.
And while we may not be necessarily seeing better rankings per se, what we are seeing
is actual referrals from these sites or get a referral showing up in, in, Unknown Speaker 16:53
in analytics. And in the case of you know, we do a little bit of Unknown Speaker 17:00
Link Building for our own site. And in the case of us, we’ve seen actual money come from
this and that i think that’s that’s the, it’s great to increase rankings and everything,
but the real sort of cherry on top or icing is, is, is when you get referrals and you
get the, the Yeah. You know, Unknown Speaker 17:21
actual sort of return on investment, if you will, that shows up in analytics. Yeah, well,
valid, relevant traffic, you know, Unknown Speaker 17:29
from referral traffic, if it’s relevant traffic that can can convert, you know, and as opposed
to just having links, which can help rank and obviously then when people search for
specific query, have they find that, you know, that helps conversions too, but in kind of
like a two step approach versus you know, having relevant traffic coming through links
from very well placed links, you know, what I’m saying? Like, I think there’s a lot of
benefit to that. I mean, that’s the bottom line. Rankings don’t mean shit. It’s the revenue
generated from them that we all want, you know what I’m saying? So Unknown Speaker 18:00
I think that’s cool. Marco, you got any comments on that before we get into questions? No,
I mean, he hit the nail on the head. Because I talked about this last week, right? That
when we did the syndication Academy updated and MTV, Google is looking for for the finish,
right? It’s looking for that person that coming through that referral to finish whatever tasks
was set for them to do. So they land on your website. That’s one thing. But if they bounce
Well, it was useless. Because that person did nothing for even though it was relevant
and might have come from authority and trust nothing. Unknown Speaker 18:45
What happens is that that activity is measured it and I mentioned it that you need to set
right remember we talked about this you need to set the goals you need to add analytics,
Google Tag Manager that a facebook pixel Unknown Speaker 19:00
Everything so that everything is picked up and that that person is followed Unknown Speaker 19:04
all the way through. And what Google wants to see is they want to see that finish. They
want to see that call. They want to see that form fill. Or if you have in them download
a PDF or whatever in exchange for an email. All that action is what actually sends. It
finishes the signals is the cherry on top, right? Because I mean, Google, and we mentioned
this with with YouTube ads. Google is sending people through YouTube ads to you to see what
it is that they’re going to do that doing the same thing. If you have analytics on your
website, you have Tag Manager, you’re following them, you’re cooking them, then of course,
they’re going to be followed and everything that they do is going to be seen. That’s the
art of art activity, relevance, trust and authority activity on the link. How did they
act and react when they got to the destination? Did they finish Unknown Speaker 20:00
Did they leave it halfway? Did they come back? That’s why it’s so important to have a cookie.
Because the person may not finish the action on that day, but let’s say they came back
15 days later, I still counted that cookie. Right? So that’s why we want all of these
things so that we sent. This is one of those, one of those times where you definitely want
Google to get all of these signals. We hide a whole bunch of shit from Google. Right?
tier two and out, putting your golden frame in your tier one, Brandon, you want Google
to get as much information as possible about what people are doing when they engage with
your links off site. And when they come on site, how they engage with, I saw on his t
shirt with content, right with with links, how do they engage with it? Do they like it?
You know, Google, Unknown Speaker 20:53
you can bet that the following that heat map the following that person, they’re seeing
everything that person knows that’s the most important Unknown Speaker 21:00
Part of the links played a vital role in this because how else is Google going to get those
signals? If not through links? Unknown Speaker 21:10
Well said my man, all right, well, I was hoping I could just add one more thing to that. Unknown Speaker 21:17
We we’ve been doing in order to get all these new links, there’s a tremendous amount of
outreach that is involved. And one thing that we’ve seen not only improve Unknown Speaker 21:27
the amount of referral traffic that we get from these placements, but also the conversions
themselves is an actually on the outreach side of things. The sort of the, the amount
of emails we get back accepting our content, is when we go to these these websites, I’m
certainly not the one to, I didn’t create this or anything. I think I heard of it at
a conference. But what what we do is we reach out and we do a little bit of keyword research
in advance, and so will identify keywords that are relevant to the current Unknown Speaker 22:00
That they’re already producing that they’re not presently ranking for. And we’ll approach
them with that information and say, Hey, you know, here’s a couple pieces we’ve recently
written, they’ve received good good traffic, we’ve noticed you don’t rank for this particular
keyword, we think we could write something really great. And with the sort of domain
authority, etc, that you already have, I bet if we put together a piece of content for
you, that is specifically optimized for those, those those keywords that you would get more
monthly organic traffic out of the Unknown Speaker 22:32
you know, out of the the the deal and with that, we found a lot less people coming back
to us and saying, okay, sure, but I want 200 bucks, which sucks. But and and then of course,
you know, people, the actual people that read it are more engaged and more likely to click
and more likely to do something on our on my site. So I found your very valuable, you
pitch it to them as it will benefit the Unknown Speaker 23:00
And their overall organic traffic numbers as well, potentially. Right? Yeah. Because
everybody else that’s reaching out to them typically is is not really thinking of how
does this make them money? So I look at how are they monetizing? Is it AdSense? Is it
what is how are they making their money? Can I put something together that will potentially
make them money? Because then they have no reason to charge me because I’m putting something
together that will potentially make them money. Yeah, I saw that long term money versus or
recurring revenue. You know, for example, obviously, if they’ve got ads on their site,
and they’re getting ad revenue, then you know, a piece of content that ranks well and gets
organic traffic consistently over time, that’s going to actually produce a hell of a lot
more than $200 for one guest post, you know, that nobody ever sees really, you know what
I’m saying? So, yeah, I totally get that. What What is it? w II FM what’s in it for
me, right? Yeah, Unknown Speaker 23:55
so very cool. All right. Well, look, we’ve got not many Unknown Speaker 24:00
Questions can compared to what we usually have them. I’m pretty surprised. But we’re
going to actually go through the ones that we have. And if we need to wrap it up early
today, I’m cool with that too. So let me actually grab the screen and we’ll get into it. Everybody
cool with that? You guys cool with getting into questions? Yep. Unknown Speaker 24:21
You guys are quiet today on Hump Day Hangouts. You better post some questions or we will
wrap it up early, just so you know, which would be like a first. That’s okay. Um, so
the first question comes in from Lloyd, he says I have some older IFTTT accounts and
when I went to login to IFTTT, I noticed all my tier two recipes have been turned off any
idea as to why too many RSS feeds so IFTTT turns them off because it looks like spam.
All are enabled, so it’s working fine now, I don’t know that’s I mean, I saw the post
in the syndication Academy, Facebook group about that. I think, Lloyd I don’t know if
it was either posted it or what but I saw I saw a similar post about that. Unknown Speaker 25:00
Well, other people commented and said the same thing. That would be a question that
I would directed IFTTT. I’m not sure why that is. I haven’t experienced that. Well, I mean,
of course, I haven’t gone through all of my different networks that I have running to
see if anything’s been turned off. But the ones that I have seen recently that, you know,
I, I haven’t seen that problem. So I don’t know why that is. Unknown Speaker 25:21
I know that typically what happens if they’re going to turn off recipes or athletes as they’re
called now, you, you usually get email notifications prior to them turning off, like if there’s
a reason that they’re going to turn them off if they need attention, for example, or something.
Or if they turn them off, you typically get a series of emails saying, you know, that
an app that’s been turned off or disconnected, and it needs to be reconnected. So usually,
there’s some sort of warning signals, if they just arbitrarily turn them off. I don’t know
why. And that again, would be something that I mean, if I had an answer for you, Lloyd,
I’d certainly give it to you, but I don’t so that’s something that obviously I don’t
work for IFTTT, I would direct them Unknown Speaker 26:00
That sort of a question to them to their support and see what see what their explanation is
for that. So Unknown Speaker 26:08
Alright, the next one is Fitz. What’s up Fitz? He says, Thanks for always answering questions
on hump day it is appreciated when we add new sites like flick or Nimbus or any other
new sites, how do we add them? Same as for at ID pages on Amazon s3. Okay, well, that’s
that’s a simple one fits. You know, here’s an example. I pulled this up earlier, because
I saw your question, I use that technical, technical SEO com tools schema markup generator,
usually when I’ve got to produce the code for local business, you know, structured data,
and right under here is the social profiles. So for each one of these, you click now it’s
got a label here, but if you take a look at the actual code, there is no label. So it
doesn’t matter what these things say or what the icon is over here. They’re just additional
links. So when you and I know it’s probably small on your screen, guys, but if I were
to take this code, and I didn’t grab all of it, but let’s just take this code for him. Unknown Speaker 27:00
minute, and pretend that it was already all filled out with the information that I was
going to. Let’s zoom in on this for a minute. Give me a minute. Unknown Speaker 27:13
Okay, so all you gotta do is right here would be your same as URL, right? So loose HTTP, Unknown Speaker 27:22
same as URL, right? So all you would do is just add Unknown Speaker 27:27
more of these, right? So just it’s a tab, then it’s, quote, your URL and quote and then
a comma, and you leave the last comma off the last same as URL in that section of code.
I’m not a coder, so I don’t know what that all that shits called. I just know how to
fumble my way through this stuff when needed. So my point is, you can add as many here as
you want. Now, I typically recommend just adding tier one branded profiles. Citations
can work too, but I usually will only add the you know, top level like the citations
that are really powerful. Unknown Speaker 28:00
But yeah, you can add, you can add as many of them in there as you want. Just remember
the last and it just go validate it, check it in a structured data testing tool to make
sure you didn’t make an error somewhere. But it’s really simple to do. And then the last
thing is all you got to do is go update if you’re talking specifically about like an
HTML page, hosted an Amazon s3 bucket, all you gotta do is just update the index dot
HTML file. So go delete the original file from the bucket and then upload the new one.
And that’s it. That’s all you should have to do. Okay, yeah, Brandi, I like using James
Flynn’s website. Okay, because he gives you the same as code. All you have to do is enter
the URL. Right? Well, that’s what this does to. Unknown Speaker 28:44
You just put the URL in here and it puts it in as the same as right here. You see that?
Okay. Yeah, yeah, Unknown Speaker 28:49
all I was saying was, there’s a limited number of here that they’ll give you so like, even
if I checked all of these, and these are the fields where you enter the URL in and it will
you know, Unknown Speaker 29:00
populate over here. But there’s a limited number of fields. So if you have more than
that, all you got to do is just copy the code, put it into a notepad file or use notepad
plus plus and it formats it better. And then you can actually just copy you know this and
paste it in underneath and just keep adding as many as you want. It’s real simple. It’s
not something that should be difficult. So Unknown Speaker 29:21
all right. Good question fence. Next one is Dan demand. Unknown Speaker 29:27
I don’t know if that’s it or not, but it’s a look looks like for a new YouTube playlist.
I was going to get views, comments and the like. But I’ve been told this is no longer
effective. Unknown Speaker 29:37
embeds of the obvious next thing to do is there too much when it comes to embeds to
move videos up in the SERPs? What is your most recent way to rank a siloed out playlist
aside from Google ads? For some reason the ads I have spent a considerable amount on
and have seen no bump in my rankings. I use use method shared by Bradley in a webinar
for video ads to no avail. Well, it’s going to depend on Unknown Speaker 30:00
A lot of factors, then. I see. I mean, I got, Unknown Speaker 30:05
I got one in particular, I’d love to show you right now, but I can’t because it’s for
a project I can’t reveal at the moment. But I’ve got a project that I’m working on right
now that I haven’t done any SEO to other than it went out to a tier one branded syndication
network, which is a brand new network because it’s a brand new project. So and it’s just
one branded syndication network. And all I’ve done since that is set up an ad for it, and
it’s ranking on page one for a fairly competitive term. And so again, I see that is against
my standard operating procedure is to set up ads, if you’ve got your targeting set correctly,
you will get a bump from that there is absolutely no question about it. So it also obviously,
the video has to be optimized properly as well. So if you’ve got those two things, right,
so you’re on page correct. And then you’re doing you’re setting up your targeting correctly
when you’re driving traffic to it from YouTube ads. Those are your buying engagement signals
from Google. It will work Unknown Speaker 31:00
Again, it’s it’s likely that you’ve got something that’s not completed or not optimized well
and it could be the ads not optimized well or the targeting. Or it could be the video
is not optimized well or could be an Uber competitive term. But that said, when it comes
to using the YouTube playlist, that’s essentially the YouTube silo method, right. So the idea
there is to create the silo with your the term that you want to rank for if it’s a broader
term, then go find all the supporting keywords and then create similar videos that are supporting
videos like supporting articles would be within a silo and put the place them on the playlist
and there’s different ways to link to do the internal linking from within the playlist
to help to boost whatever video it is that you want. I would recommend that you know,
don’t just link from the video description up to the like the top of silo which is the
video that you the keyword that you want to rank for the most that should be the top of
the silo. So video number one in the playlist, then all of this success, the subsequent videos
right so Unknown Speaker 32:00
Those would be the supporting articles essentially the supporting videos are going to target
longer tail keywords that would are in that same keyword theme. Right. So that same Unknown Speaker 32:11
that same silo essentially. And then typically people would just link from the video description
up to the video that they want or daisy chain them together so link from one video to the
next to the next to the next. And then at the end link back up to the top of the silo
that that works too but use comment links, because comment links and by the way, you
can pin those but comment links are at least they used to be and I haven’t haven’t checked
recently but I don’t think it’s changed or do follow links when their YouTube links from
from YouTube the YouTube comment links there do follow links so use those as well. Okay,
so not only link from the video description, which are typically nofollow but not linked
from the comments and then you can actually pin that link as a pin to comment so that
your it stays right below the video at all times. Okay, so check that as well as far
as Unknown Speaker 33:00
views comments in the like, if you’re buying spanned views like, like you go to a view
service, or and by comments and likes that way, Google’s algorithm or YouTube, our YouTube’s
algorithm knows that those are fake accounts now that are doing that, because they don’t
have any real activity, like the algorithm can detect that stuff. Marco can go on and
on and on about that, Unknown Speaker 33:23
you know, to confirm what I’m saying. So that’s why I always recommend buying relevant traffic
from Google directly. Because then you you’re likely to get real comments, real likes, perhaps
real subscribes and you’re getting views from real people. Google knows those are real people.
Because you’re buying traffic from Google, from known buckets, right? known buckets,
meaning known audiences. And that’s the whole point. If you’re buying spammed faked engagement
signals, the algorithm can detect that and it just basically disregards it’s not that
it harms it anymore. Like is I just think it’s ignored. So you know, Unknown Speaker 34:00
As far as embeds, you can go crazy with embeds, you can go ape shit with embeds if you’d like.
My assessment has always been and has been for a long time now though, if you go out
and build, you know, 10,000 backlinks to a video or get 10,000 embeds for a video that
has very few views, then is that natural? No, I mean, you can still brute force SEO
stuff, doing that kind of stuff, especially with videos, you can still get away with that.
But in my opinion, it’s a lot better to do smaller embed last like 50 or 100 embeds at
a time on like tier one embeds, then maybe do some tier two stuff and then send some
traffic into that kind of like what we were just talking about at the beginning of this
webinar, right? Send some traffic to some of the pages that the videos embed, embed
it on to get views on those pages, that kind of stuff kind of activates the whole process
because now it’s looking as instead of just being a spam SEO tactic, it’s actually getting
those engagement signals and YouTube you can rank with engagement signals alone from you. Unknown Speaker 35:00
Guys, there’s no question. You rank within YouTube and Google, you might need some more
traditional SEO stuff as well. But engagement will help it to rank in Google, you know,
Google search as well. So does anybody want to comment on that? Unknown Speaker 35:15
Adam, you got any YouTube experience SEO stuff, which said about the ads, this is what I’ve
done in the past. And that’s definitely so my goal, especially when I don’t have an audience
or my client doesn’t have an audience. It’s a pretty quick and high quality way of getting
some engagement. It’s not always good engagement, in the sense that sometimes the comments aren’t
exactly what I’m looking for. But engagement nonetheless. And indeed, I’ve seen that on
multiple occasions impact my YouTube video rankings in the Google service. So I certainly
agree with that. Unknown Speaker 35:52
Yeah, and so you know, again, with local guys, if you ever geographic targeting set you can
go broader with your topical targeting, or your audience target. Unknown Speaker 36:00
You know, I prefer audience targeting over topical targeting. But you can go broader
with that as long as you have a really tight geographic area because then you’re getting
if you’re getting clicks, engagement signals from local IPS, so your your geographic relevance
is more important than topic for audience relevance, in my opinion, if you’re trying
to make a local video, if you’re trying to rank something that’s more global, or you
know, national, for example, then it’s much more important in my opinion, well, first
of all, you still want to have local IP clicks and what I mean local is local to whatever
your local area would be. If it’s like if it’s if you’re looking to rank for a US based
term, you’d want your, your your location targeting to be united states, for example.
But what I’m saying is topical or audience targeting at that point would be more more
important in my opinion, because I’ve been able to achieve really good local video or
local keyword rankings with videos by just using kind of broader topical or audience
targeting, but setting my geographic area very tired Unknown Speaker 37:00
For just around, you know, within a 30 mile radius around a particular city, for example,
that kind of stuff really helps. So again, if you’re not seeing any movement at all,
and you said you spent a lot of money and not seeing any bump in rankings, my guess
is you’re not you’re targeting is incorrect. Okay, during the mastermind, I’d be happy
to analyze that for you live on our we got a webinar coming to our mastermind webinar
tomorrow. So I don’t know if you are not if you are posted in the group will take a look
at it for you tomorrow. Unknown Speaker 37:30
And if he’s not, then it’s a good time to join. I agree. Unknown Speaker 37:35
I agree. Alright, so Gordon’s up he says, Hey, guys, thank you very much again for your
hump days. Help. Okay, it is greatly appreciated. I’ve been hearing lately about ranking in
the Google in Google neighborhood, as it’s easier than ranking in the regular GMB three
pack. What exactly is a Google neighborhood? That’s a good question. Is it different than
the regular gym be three pack? And if so how is the ranking protocol different? I don’t
know what a Google neighborhood is. I’ve not heard that term. Unless there Unknown Speaker 38:00
Somebody was just talking about ranking on a more like, Unknown Speaker 38:04
you know, hyper local level, like suburb based keywords instead of, you know, city wide,
maybe like neighborhood based or, you know, very small section or boroughs. You know,
like, for example, I don’t know, maybe that’s what they’re talking about. I’m not sure as
any anybody know what Google neighborhood is? Yep. What is it? Okay. It’s actually two
to two things. It was started in May of last year. I think it was. So yeah, about a year
ago. One is Google neighborhood, which allows you to build interestingly enough, my map,
people say My Maps are are dead, right, Brandi. Yeah. But here’s here’s Google last year,
giving you a whole new platform where you could build a map around your neighborhood,
right? This this is this. This is one thing because it’s my maps and yes, of course. It’s
totally different from the the GMB three Unknown Speaker 39:00
Because GM bees use Google Maps not My Maps. Now the the other one the other project that
they started with neighborly, but neighborly with a you, because they actually started
it in India. Unknown Speaker 39:14
So the neighborly project is for people Unknown Speaker 39:18
to form I don’t know, relationships are on the neighborhood in India, it’s it’s not yet
available everywhere. So it’s just two different things and and i don’t see like it could be
beneficial to build you know a neighborhood map with all kinds of kinds of of relevance
and and of course your clients Unknown Speaker 39:38
project being the most prominent in the neighborhood driving directions, K, it uses km L and you
could do a K ml download. If you can do a camera download, you can do an upload, and
you could do a whole lot of nasty excuse me relevance in using k ml, right. We do that
with my maps all the time and all is it Unknown Speaker 40:00
Academy reloaded. So yeah, it’s two different and distinct things from the GMB three pack.
unless they’ve updated it from the last time that I took it. I haven’t had a look in about
three or four, four months, regarding the two projects that they started. You know,
I try to stay on top of my maps and everything that’s going on there because they work so
well. Unknown Speaker 40:25
Very good. Thank you. I wasn’t aware of that. It’s not something I’ve even seen this Google
neighborhood. So. Unknown Speaker 40:31
Okay, cool. So how do you find the URL for GMB listing to use an authority backlinks
for rank boosting? Thanks again, okay, so go into your DMV dashboard, click on the Info
tab. You can even find it on the Home tab where it says view on search and view on maps.
Just right click copy link address, paste it into a notepad file. Remove any of the,
you know odd characters after the see ID number, which is essentially the ID number for that
location. So at the end of the URL, sometimes there will be like question mark equal Unknown Speaker 41:00
Goals n for English and in there might be some like coordinates and things like that
you can eliminate all of that stuff. And then you’re just left with a maps. google com URL
with something like C equals and C ID equals or something like that. That’s your URL. But
you want to change the sub domain from maps dot google. com to Because
if you take that, if you right click that link address, as I’m saying, right white,
click on the view on maps, and then copy link address and you go to a redirect checker like
redirect detective com I think it is or where goes or something like that. And
you paste that in. It’s a 302 redirect to that same URL, except instead of
It’s With its but the rest of the URLs exactly the same. So my point
is, you just want to swap that, that subdomain from www dot and then that URL, right Unknown Speaker 42:00
There is a straight 301 redirect. And it’s not even a redirect if you if you take that
URL and put it in a redirect checker, it’s going to say 200 test, okay? Right, that’s
the HTML code or whatever, the header code or whatever, it’s a test, okay at 200. But
if you, if you go paste that into the browser, you know, the address bar, and click Go, then
it will load the map listing. And then once the map listing is fully loaded, it will convert
to that long, stupid, ugly URL that maps gives you. So that’s why I’m saying it’s interesting
because it’s it’s essentially a redirect, but there’s no redirect in the HTML header,
it only converts to that real long URL once the browser is fully loaded, the maps listing,
so that’s the best link in my opinion to use. I’ve done some testing with that and I’ve
got the best results using it. Unknown Speaker 42:49
Okay, good question. Dan says I noticed an email at $17 price for the video lead gen
system. Is that an add on or what exactly for that is that for I can’t tell you because
I don’t I don’t look read all of our emails. Unknown Speaker 43:00
Dan, I’m not sure about that I’m sure it was probably an order bump and that was probably
before we launched the new version of it. You’re probably talking about an older one
correct me if I’m wrong but if you have a question specifically about it find email
and contact us at support support at semantic mastery. com Okay. Unknown Speaker 43:18
Tony says thanks for all the work and advice always very useful. I managed a few websites
part time and I like to follow the battle plan advice the ultimate SEO plugin download
page says that this plugin is not translated into English UK yet. Clearly I would like
to use it but I am in the UK with UK clients. does this matter? Unknown Speaker 43:36
Isn’t it pretty much the same except for the miss the the odd spellings of a few words? Unknown Speaker 43:42
Is it Can anybody correct me on this one is there there’s something significantly different
between UK English and American English where the plugin wouldn’t work? Not only the the
spelling, but I don’t see how that should matter because you have to type in your titles
and your descriptions anyway. Yeah, so Unknown Speaker 44:00
I don’t think that there’s any difference and do get the plugin get the paid version.
Yeah, the SEO ultimate plus get away from Yost. I hate that fucking virus man. Unknown Speaker 44:14
Yeah, that’s all But seriously, that’s a great plugin guys that the get the Unknown Speaker 44:20
the paid version SEO ultimate plus their version two dot o was coming out soon it’s been in
beta testing for months now because the coding behind it is been delayed a few times but Unknown Speaker 44:32
you know it’s a great plugin and the paid version I don’t think the free version is
really supported anymore anyways, but the paid version is and it’s still it’s still
my SEO plugin of choice no choice. It’s it’s two years old it probably won’t work with
the with the new the newer WordPress right it We’re at 5.1 point point one I mean the
free version. Yeah the free version is it’s not updated. So but the the Unknown Speaker 44:59
ultimate plus Unknown Speaker 45:00
You get a five star five site license for what? 4546 bucks. Totally worth it. If you’re
in our mastermind you would get 10 licenses. That’s another reason instead of paying 97
bucks you pay the regular 47 or whatever. And you get a 10 website license for another
reason to be in our mastermind, Jeff he’s a buddy man. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 45:23
So yeah, I don’t think it would make any difference as far as UK English versus US English. I
can’t imagine it would we got a lot of members that are from the UK that are using it, and
I haven’t heard that before. So but again, they’re probably using the paid version. Unknown Speaker 45:36
All right, girl, girly, I guess it says, Hey, guys, thanks for these webinars. Usually how
many does is it take days does it take for an ROI stacks to show that start to show their
power that varies. Unknown Speaker 45:50
It does take a while it does. There’s no question. It’s not something that happens overnight.
But the the boost that you can get from it can be quite significant and they can and
it can last for Unknown Speaker 46:00
years. I just demonstrated that again last week. When Marco and I did the MTV and syndication
Academy update webinar, I was talking about that. I can demonstrate it again. But my point
is those the effect from that will last for a long, long time, is how, how long does it
take for it to show any boost? That really depends, and I noticed sometimes it takes
a lot longer than others. Marco can, you can comment on that? Yeah, sure. And I’m gonna
go totally with you. It depends. Unknown Speaker 46:33
It depends on the competition. It depends on on your keyword targets. It depends on
how well your website structure set up. It depends. If you’re aiming it at at GMB. Right.
And if you’re trying to pop it into the three pack, it depends on how much power you’re
putting behind it. Are you doing press releases? Are you doing link building? Are you doing
link building to your drive stack press and press releases? Are you doing tiered link
building? This whole matters because the Unknown Speaker 47:00
That’s that’s the amount of power that you can push. If you read the done for you User’s
Guide, it recommends waiting 21 days, because that’s when you clear the Google dance. And
you know that some people will say that there’s no such thing as a good Google that they call
it a sandbox, call it whatever you want. It takes 21 days, from the moment you start for
your project to settle into what good where Google thinks it could be. So on the 22nd,
day, you go and you take a look, whatever Rank Tracker you’re using, I like to use a
search console and analytics to see what kind of bump I’m getting to see if anything moved
up. Plus, some local rank trackers if it’s local, or some other type of rank trackers.
Once you have the data that you need data. You can’t go on suppositions you can’t go
on. What if you can’t go on on how long will it you have to have the data once you have
the data and you see that you have stuff on second page that you can print Unknown Speaker 48:00
Push up there, you can hit it with presses, you can hit it with a PR bomb, you can hit
it with, you can do a mind map and beds, and then link built to the mind map in bed. There’s
tons of things that you can do. That’s why you get the User’s Guide. And if you didn’t
get the user’s guide, you should have gotten a link in in your email by the way to download
it. Then what you need to do is contact support at MTV dot CEO, and ask for you done for you
User’s Guide because that tells you what to do. Unknown Speaker 48:29
There you go. And again, this will be demonstrated on the webinar last week that I was talking
about guys, which is nuts. This is you know, this is all done from a Dr. Stack. That’s
the Google site within the Dr. Stack. Okay, this is the WordPress doc these This was done.
Take a look at the date on this. I know it’s probably small. I’ll zoom in on just one of
them guys. Unknown Speaker 48:48
Look at the date on that may 16 2015. Unknown Speaker 48:50
So that was almost four years ago. And if you take a look at this guys, this was just
one of the and this was four years ago when when I didn’t even know like I Unknown Speaker 49:00
I just learned how to build a Dr. stack that day. And I didn’t even have instructions for
Marco, he just told me about the concept. And it was on a Saturday and I literally took,
I stopped doing what I was doing that day, and spent about five hours building my first
drive stack, without even any instruction, just based upon that little bit of information
marker told me and this if you take a look at this, guys, I mean, again, ranking number
one for four years. And the WordPress com site, it’s pushed my main site up and put
me into, you know, I’ve got somewhat of I’ve got a local IP, so I’m showing a knowledge
panel as well. But for various keywords or variations of the keywords, ranked for many
of these properties, again, with doing absolutely no backlink building, and just actually doing
the drive stack stuff, right. So again, number one for all our ranking all the other Virginia
SEO agencies with a shitty Google site that has shitty spun content, like literally that
was a spun article from an from a content farm and it’s got nothing but a bunch of drive. Unknown Speaker 50:00
That’s a broken Google Plus embed. Google Plus is dead. And like it’s just absolutely
been dominating for four freakin years now. And what’s interesting is this
site free WordPress. com site, if you guys go view page source on this, the only content
on this page and the post body of this page is this right here. The rest of that is just
embedded iframe, they’re just embedded Dr. Stack files. There’s absolutely no written
content on this page, guys, except for that one line of text right there. And it’s been
ranking number one, or in this case, that’s what number three for years and there’s no
bad go check the backlink profile on this stuff. It’s insane. And so again, like you
know, it took probably, I don’t know, seven or eight weeks before I like I remember because
I had been checking on it for several weeks. I was checking on it to see if if anything
had happened from the stack that I built was the very first one that I ever done, and I
don’t build them now. Anyways, we got somebody that Unknown Speaker 51:00
And for us, right? You guys do too. You can, you can hire us to do it. Unknown Speaker 51:04
But I looked at for four weeks, I kind of track this. And then I gave up on it because
I didn’t see anything from it. And then one day somebody had said something I said, Oh,
yeah, let me go check on that. And it had been several weeks, and I went and checked
on it. It was boom, number one. And it’s been number one ever since. And it’s just been
crazy. Unknown Speaker 51:22
So it does, it does work. And it’s not, that’s not the only example. That’s just the one
that I don’t mind showing. You don’t I mean, so, Unknown Speaker 51:30
be patient. Also, some of the other things you can do is build links to it. That’s you
know, we’ve got a link building service specifically designed for that. And MTV. So you know, you
can you can hit it with kitchen sink spam, and it will take it like a champ. Unknown Speaker 51:44
Alright, next is what’s the point of an ad ID page. Did you make any tests with that
Id pages if they make a difference? Yeah, we wouldn’t have taught it if we didn’t make
tests if we didn’t test it first. So we are you know, everything that we do we’ve tested
and it’s has to do with the the Unknown Speaker 52:00
The reason it works so well is iframe stalking, which is taught in our ys Academy, primarily.
But the ad ID page principal, or the method has been taught in pretty much all of our
different paid courses. And that just works really, really well because of iframe stalking.
Okay. And it works, it does make a difference, because you can use the the ad ID page or
any sort of stacked iframe page doesn’t have to be an ad ID page. We just do that, because
that’s very specific to local guys. But again, you can create tier one properties that are
using a Google site, for example, with a bunch of iframe stuff that you do, and it’s not
going to get into specifics here. But then that becomes a link building target. Right,
that becomes a target that can boost all of the assets. Unknown Speaker 52:44
So yes, it does absolutely help if you’re in any one of our paid trainings, and you
have the Learn how to know how to build them. If you’re in the mastermind, we can get into
that much deeper if you’d like. You know, we can talk about why and how and I can show
you other examples. Unknown Speaker 53:01
Okay, Dan says I will have to go through. So he’s the one asking about the YouTube ads
and a playlist and all that. He says, I have to go through with a fine tooth comb. Because
what you mentioned, I’ve done with the exception of comment links. Thanks for the input. Yeah,
no problem. Unknown Speaker 53:13
Also, Dan, think about this. If you have other profiles available, like from syndication
networks, for example, other Google profiles that have YouTube accounts, you can go in
and actually take that video and add that video that you want to rank for and other
playlist. So in other Google profiles, create a playlist, a keyword optimized playlist for
the keyword that you want to rank for, and then add the video that you’re trying to rank
into that playlist in other Google accounts, right? like it, comment it from those other
Google accounts, as long as you’re not all logged in from the same IP. So for example,
and even if you are, it’s okay, but not what I’m saying is don’t, don’t just go clear your
cache and cookies and log into another Google account. That doesn’t work. What I’m saying
is if you’re using something like browser or ghosts browser or something like that, Unknown Speaker 54:00
Where your browsing sessions remain intact for each profile, you can even use the same
IP, that’s fine because all of those different profiles are going to be acting as if they’re
their own. You know, their own their own profile, Unknown Speaker 54:12
their have their own browsing histories and things like that. And so you can use those
to kind of help give it a boost. I had it I ran a test for one of the videos that I
had that I had done some standard SEO stuff like it went through my syndication networks.
And I had set up a video ad for a YouTube ad for it to start getting some engagement
but it was bouncing on page two, like it was hovering on page two. And then all I did was
I took five different browser to profiles that I had that have a significant history
built for them. And I went in watch the video, I commented with one one profile I liked it
with another profile then with the with the fifth but I did several things but it with
the fifth profile. Again, they were more aged Google accounts but that have had a Unknown Speaker 55:00
You know, a significant browsing history and activity that have accrued within those profiles
for, you know, over the last couple of years, really. But the last thing I did was I created
a playlist keyword optimized playlist with the lat the fifth profile, added that video,
then I commented on it with the playlist URL is the comment. And, and like, within, I’m
not kidding, within 30 seconds, it jumped to page one, and it’s been on page one ever
since. So that kind of stuff really does help if you can get the video added to other people’s
playlist, essentially, even if you’re doing it yourself. That will help to Okay. Unknown Speaker 55:39
All right. We’re almost out of time, but we can run through the next two, I think Hey,
guys, one more question. Did you ever want a new situation to take the number one organic
gym be ranked from a competitor when both your client and the competitor had the same
name and GMB and nearly the same exact match domains, the both shoot for the same they
both shoot for the same exact match, brand new Unknown Speaker 56:00
What makes Google decide that one brand is actually now another brand eg one website,
taking over the top positions, even knowledge panel, in some cases, usually navigational
type search queries, which again, that’s that it’s an engagement or an activity signal.
We’ve talked about this many times in the past. But what’s called site weight is part
of the algorithm, I think that was introduced in the algorithm way back in like 2010 or
so I remember I learned about it in 2011. But essentially, if all things are being two,
if two sites, two brands with a website were equal, all things being equal, which I know
is damn near impossible, but if they were, if one site has the navigational search queries,
and then they click through more than the other, that one’s going to have more weight
in Google’s eyes, in other words, is given more weight given more authority. So what
I mean by that is doing some navigational search queries a query like a brand, a brand
search or a website names Unknown Speaker 57:00
So in other words, if it’s Joe’s plumbing, com, we’ll just use that as an example is
the website and the name of the company is Joe’s plumbing. Then people doing searches
for Joe’s plumbing. I know you’re saying you’ve got a competitor with the exact same name,
but you’ve got a unique URL, right? So if you’ve got Joe’s and the other
guys Joe’s plumbing com then I would do like Joe’s searches like a search
for that domain name and Google and then click through Unknown Speaker 57:29
you know, you could do a navigational searches, which would be brand plus services like so
different types of services, service keywords, or product keywords, depending on what type
of business you’re trying to promote. I’m looking for the contact information so Joe’s
plumbing contact, or Joe Joe’s plumbing phone number, like seriously that type of a search
query Joe’s plumbing, plus phone number, like you put that in and if it pops up with the
right phone number on the right list and click through those kind of things. Now not it’s
not something that you can do from the same IP that it’s going to have an effect Unknown Speaker 58:00
But if you can kind of crowd source that out, there’s ways to do that right micro task workers,
for example, those type of navigational queries will help to push it out something that you
have to maintain though. So you know, until once you take over that position or get your
knowledge panel to appear as opposed to the competitors, a lot of times organic activity
will take over anyways and will help it to maintain that. But you can force that issue.
You can also do it with ads. Again, I can’t talk about how to do that here but you actually
can do part of that using Google ads or even Facebook ads. So again, it’s all about that
activity and engagement signals on the on the brand that that you want to promote and
that’s going to help to give it that edge. I mean, you can do some other standard SEO
stuff but I found that you know, we’ve been a Marco and I have both done tests where we’ve
been able to manipulate knowledge panel or in things like auto suggest, by you know,
specific engagement signals. Unknown Speaker 58:59
market you want to comment Unknown Speaker 59:00
That Unknown Speaker 59:01
all that handled it perfectly. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 59:05
that’s been my experience as well. Using stuff like, micro workers is one of my favorite
but there’s a number of other ones that are Yeah, good. Hang on where you live? Well,
yeah, that’s an old process. We talked about Ivan boot Amir taught me that years and years
I think it was 2011 might have been 2012. But that’s where he like introduced that,
that concept and micro task workers and I mean, it’s it really that’s what I call click
through spam, but so CT spam, but it works really well. It Again, you have to engineer
it correctly, but if you do it right, then you can you can significantly change, like
the positioning of a website and you can also change like auto suggest, you know, suggested
search queries and all kinds of stuff doing that. Yeah, it’s good for like, reputation
management’s where, you know, you know, brand name, spam comes up and you want to put something
above Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
it in an auto suggest have used it for that. But yeah, like you said, it’s the kind of
thing you have to maintain when you start doing it for a period of time. Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
In my experience, it often reverts to what it was. Yep, not done anything else. Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
Alright guys, we actually have to wrap it up. Sorry. We’re at the five o’clock Mark
and I have to run but I appreciate all the questions they did come in. We were worried
that it was going to be a slow day today, but it wasn’t. So thanks, everybody and Adam.
Hey, man, thanks for hanging out with us today. Da totally My pleasure. I’m really really
grateful for you having me it’s been a little bit of fun. Absolutely, man. Anytime. So thanks,
Marco for hanging out, dude. We’ll see all the man. Thanks, Adam. Bye, everyone. Transcribed by

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