Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 247
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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 247

Unknown Speaker 0:01
You are already live to, by the way. Well, good. Unknown Speaker 0:05
Well, behind the scenes Welcome everybody to the show known as Hump Day hangouts where
we Outlast Google Hangouts. And we’ll explain a little bit about that. But first, I want
to introduce everybody and let you know you’re in the right place for getting your questions
answered. We appreciate you joining us on episode 247. Today is the last day of July
2019. And let’s just go down Say hi to everybody real quick. And before we get into it, and
we got a few exciting announcements. So Chris, how you doing today? Doing good. Sunny here,
even it’s dark already. Unknown Speaker 0:38
The weather is holding up pretty good. Nice. All right. Unknown Speaker 0:43
Could you elaborate on how about you? How’s the let’s see, we’re going we’re in the middle
of summer how’s winter going for you? Unknown Speaker 0:49
It’s winter Unknown Speaker 0:51
now. Now it’s good, man. It’s good. Nice, nice HTC I hope I get to you know, the I get
to rub the OG. Unknown Speaker 0:59
So Unknown Speaker 1:00
So yeah, good. I’m good. I’m excited for the live. It’s coming. It’s gonna be there. Unknown Speaker 1:06
It’s gonna be awesome. So I’m excited about that. Cough Cough go to poker live com Get
your ticket today. Okay? I don’t know if he said that. But Marco, how about you? Hey,
dude, man, position of Po, po, po powerful, however you want to call it, that, that that’s
what you want to be. And this is how you start, by the way, coming in here and asking us questions,
and then going out and verifying. Don’t just take somebody’s word for it just because they
have a title, just because they work for a big company or whatever. Guys don’t don’t
don’t fall for that. Because there’s a lot of misinformation on the web. I see it. I
mean, now I’m just Unknown Speaker 1:43
almost like if I weren’t in that, whatever timeline and Google, it would be a minute
by minute feed of misinformation about SEO, and you’re doing yourself a disservice if
you pay attention to all the bullshit that you’re being fed. Come here. Ask your questions. Unknown Speaker 2:00
don’t take our word for it. Verify tested, we’ve we’ve already done it. So we’re very
confident in what we have to say and what we have to offer. But by all means, please
go test. And if we’re wrong, come back and let us know. We’ve yet to have someone come
and tell us. Look, I went and tested and you’re wrong. So please prove me wrong. But we’ve
had people come and tell us that you’re wrong. They didn’t say we’ve gone and tested and Unknown Speaker 2:24
we have people tell us who are wrong. Unknown Speaker 2:27
So by the way, Hi, everybody. Yeah, moving on down. Bradley. Hi. How you doing? Yeah,
I was gonna mention a video we all were laughing about yesterday, but I’m not gonna tell people
who that was. or do anything like that. Yeah. There’s a funny moment somebody had put out
a video about certain techniques not working and it’s something that’s worth a while and
is going strong. So just let them do it. The old hard way with PB ends and stuff. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 2:54
Well, Bradley, how you doing, man? I think you’ve got a storm brewing literally there,
don’t you him? I do and two weeks ago, I think it was two weeks ago. Unknown Speaker 3:00
I got cut off like 23 minutes in because of an electrical storm. And it’s, um, it’s looking
pretty, pretty bad out there. So hopefully I’ll be able to make it through the whole
hour. But we’ll see if Unknown Speaker 3:12
you guys are ready for it then I just got a few announcements I want to get through
and then we will jump into the questions. Because like last time, we can’t guarantee
that it will stay up and what I was alluding to in the introduction, I may have misspoke
and Bradley is it. It’s not Hangouts, it’s going away. Right. It’s Hangouts On Air is
going away. So now it’s called Google webcam or some shit. And I don’t know, I have not
even attempted today’s the last day of Google Hangouts on air. So Bradley, does this mean
that hump day hangouts are gone forever? The last day of Hyundai Hangout, we’re killing
it all over by God’s pleasure. No, we’re just a few weeks shy of Unknown Speaker 3:51
of our four fourth fifth year, no fourth year anniversary because we started in October
of 2015. So Unknown Speaker 4:01
Actually, it’ll be five years. Five years. It’s already shed whose October must have
been October 2014, then, yeah. Wow. I’ll be damned. Yeah, because we’re going to be at
a, I think Episode 260 would be our five fifth year anniversary. So we’re approaching that
anyways, we have out as Adam said, we have outlasted Google Hangouts apparently because
Hangouts On Air is going away. They they’re, they’re calling it Now Google webcam or something
and you have to fire it up or initiated a different way which I have not learned. However,
we can use zoom which we’ve been using internally for a lot of stuff and you can actually get
a live stream key and pipe it directly into YouTube what using the live stream key so
that’s probably how we’re going to end up doing it so the format of the video itself
may change a little bit guys, but the you know, it is still going to be right here on
Semantic slash HD questions is where you can watch the live one and it will
be streamed into our YouTube channel so you’ll still see it there as well. Yeah, yeah. Unknown Speaker 5:00
reveal more secrets now. Google is not listening anymore. Yeah, we’re piping it into YouTube.
there still was. Unknown Speaker 5:08
Yeah, but yeah, yeah, if you’re watching this, it’ll be transparent to you Don’t worry about
it. We just figured we’d give you a heads up to a case you’re using it regularly just
know that there’s some changes coming down. But for watching it, nothing’s really going
to change. We’re just going to put a different video on the page and it’ll still be on the
YouTube channel. So if you are new to Semantic Mastery, this is your first time joining us
thank you first of all for watching wherever you are, if you’re at Semantic Mastery. com
slash HD questions or if you’re watching on YouTube, just ask that if you want to get
your questions answered, make sure you go to Semantic Mastery comm slash HD questions.
That is where we monitor for questions and you can ask them ahead of time and then you
know if you can join us live if you can’t we understand. You can always catch the replay
on YouTube and see what the question or rather the answer was to your question. As far as
the next step, the question we always get is a you know, what should I do? You guys
put on a lot of training, you’ve got a lot of videos, then you know, watch the videos Unknown Speaker 6:00
course get the answers you need come to Hump Day Hangouts and then grab the battle plan.
All right go to battle plan dot Semantic Mastery calm you can find out a lot more about that
there. And if you’re ready to really take things up a notch whether you’re got a you
know digital marketing agency you want to start one your business owner that really
wants to take things up to the next level. Go to mastermind dot Semantic
find out more about that there. And if you ever have any questions about that you can
ping us you can ask about it in Hump Day hangouts here and we’ll be happy Of course to talk
about that. If you’re more of the done for you type and you want to get stuff done for
you go to MGYB dot CEO great way to leverage it for clients or yourself your own projects.
For premium done for you SEO and marketing services, stuff like links embedded syndication
networks, our way is Dr. stacks, all sorts of other stuff as well. That’s just the tip
of the iceberg. There’s more coming out. I think Rob is actually bringing on some beta
testers today for a new service. And then of course, subscribe on YouTube. Whether you’re
watching this live right now or you’re catching on YouTube, hit that subscribe button, stay
up to date with these Unknown Speaker 7:00
And then all of the I’m going to be humble and say kick ass content that we put out.
I think you should definitely subscribe. So, other than that, you guys, is there anything
else? I wanted to talk real quick about? Hopefully live, but is there anything else we need to
tell people about? Unknown Speaker 7:16
No, I’m good. No. All right. So real quick, I want to tell everyone. If you are interested
in joining us in October, it’s October 11 12th and 13th. If you join with the VIP event,
which I highly recommend you do, we priced it so it makes sense. Go over to poker live.
com We really want people who are interested in really hands on learning as well as networking
covering a wide range of material to join us this year in Denver for a second year in
a row hopefully live. I’m not going to run it down. Go check it out at BU live com and
see if you think that this would be a good fit for you. Again, we’re really looking for
people who are definitely the action takers who want to meet others who are doing some
kick ass stuff, and learning from not only us but each other as well as Unknown Speaker 8:00
guest speakers, we’ve got Jeffrey Smith coming and we’ve also got Adam Benjamin a copywriter
coming, Rob will be joining us. And I’m going to force him to get up in front of people
and say a few words but just the amount of networking, what you’re going to learn from
each other and what we’re going to be able to share with you is going to be invaluable.
Everyone we talked to last year, you know, really had a great time they learned a lot
from it and learned a lot from each other. So just head over to pokey live comm check
out the videos from the people who attended last year. I think they say it better than
we ever possibly could. But on that note, does anybody want to add to that about poker
life? Yeah, I wanted to add that one of the best things that fulfil live had in my opinion
was the fact that we were older there and we were all networking with each other. And
a lot of you know, this amount of businesses were burnt bond, or were like created during
powerful live. And it happens right when you put together 20 3050 people that are focused.
You know, I know in Unknown Speaker 9:00
making it happen better focus on getting better clients getting more clients that are focused
on growing their own assets. It’s like, you know, magic happens so and something else
that I found out is that Yeah, I have I have a I have a visitor here. So something I’ve
got I found out is that Yeah, I got so many jokes I could say right now. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 9:22
So, um, Unknown Speaker 9:24
what I’m gonna say I lost my train of thought. Unknown Speaker 9:28
No, but yeah, but Unknown Speaker 9:30
the reality is that I, I’ve had the honor to work with super, super successful people.
And one of the common traits that they have is that they network, right? They get together
with other people, other successful people that push them to be better and push them
and make them focus and whatnot. So I think that’s one of the best thing that both has
to offer. So yeah, hope you guys be there. Unknown Speaker 9:52
And I just real quick want to add to this because this is my own personal bias. So for
anyone out there who’s a little bit like me, you know, I used to hear networking and think
like Unknown Speaker 10:00
MLM or you know people being you know, crappy and just, you know, rubbing elbows to meet
people and stuff like that. And one that’s not what we’re about and to that isn’t what
that means. And so I just bring this up because that was kind of my own thing several years
back I avoided stuff I avoided going out to groups like this, and then now realize, wow,
okay, like having a mastermind. Being a part of a group doing these events a couple times
a year, our own as well as going to other people. Just really helps accelerate things,
you know, making those connections learning from people who know more than you and helping
other people in the same fashion just really helps. It’s not about what about all the pitching
we’re going to do from stage to make sure that everybody’s buying all our shit. Yes,
exactly. Non Stop pitch fest. It’s great now Just kidding. Yeah, no pitches. Now then.
Obviously, you know, we have more training, but if you know you can ask us about that.
Our speakers. Our guest speakers do not pitch. Yeah, it’s it’s not content. It’s about learning.
Yeah, it’s a training event. It is not a pitch fest. I’ve been to too many of those and various
industries, but an internet marketing Unknown Speaker 11:00
One of them where you go thinking it’s going to be a weekend where you’re going to get
some training and it’s like very very short on training but long on pitching, you know
what I mean? And, and that’s, we you know, that’s not that’s not our style so definitely,
well alright guys, let’s let’s get into it before Unknown Speaker 11:18
we cut off the Unknown Speaker 11:21
noise more talk. Unknown Speaker 11:23
Let me grab the screen Unknown Speaker 11:32
Okay, it looks like Brian is up first he says I just bought syndication networks and RYS
tax for three clients. First time using the service. I’ve been through syndication Academy
so familiar, but wondering, should I get the syndication network setup in full first, so
I can give all the properties to build the RYS tax. Yes. Short answer yes. And what are
best practices for providing the best links, content, data, etc for getting syndication
networks in RYS stack setup Unknown Speaker 12:00
These clients have websites GMB, some web to Dotto properties and content. I see the
forms to fill out to get them going but just asking your advice to optimize the setup,
and then how to self manage and add value afterwards using the RYS instruct guide that
comes with it. Thanks. Okay, so yes, absolutely, I recommend getting the syndication network
first, as we talked about in the battle plan. That is the process that you know, our step
by step procedure is to start with the syndication network, that’s always the first thing that
we do. Once that has been delivered. Then you order that Dr. stack that way you can
include your syndication network properties, as far as what to include in the orders. For
syndication network, really, all you need is a logo, your your primary URL, your money
site URL, or if it’s for a YouTube video, it’ll be you know, our excuse me a YouTube
channel, then it’ll be for that but you want to provide an RSS feed to something else.
A few people have asked recently that have the press advantage, their own subscription
or that have been doing Unknown Speaker 13:00
Press advantage, you know, press releases through MGYB, that when we set up an organization
page for you, or if you have your own, like I said, your own subscription and you’re managing
your own accounts, then they also have an RSS feed. And that’s something that you can
include as and have, you know, apple, it’s created for your syndication network also.
And that’s something is very, very powerful, so that you can syndicate those press releases.
So keep that in mind. Guys, that’s a feature available in MGYB. You know, for the syndication
networks, but definitely get those first provide the logo, the money site URL, just fill out
the form and give it what it’s asking for. As far as content you don’t need any content.
The content is going to come from your blog, when you’re posting or publishing content
to your blog. It’s going to get syndicated to the network for your dr stacks. I’ll let
Marco talk on this briefly too. But for Dr. stacks, you don’t need any content either.
You just need basically your handful of your a handful of your money site keywords, your
primary keywords product and or service keywords and then we do everything else. Unknown Speaker 14:00
Margo, can you talk about that? Yeah. Well with keywords, it depends on whether they
order one of our keyword gigs first, right? Or if if they’re going to provide us with
the keywords. So that’s that’s a depend scenario as with anything Unknown Speaker 14:16
that that’s a depends right how much information you want in there. We do collect information,
as you saw from the contact form. But I mean, our VA is are trained to go out and look for
relevant content. Because when it comes to an RYS, a DRS technology site, it doesn’t
matter. We actually want to mirror your money site. So whatever’s on your money site, you
want that on the drive stick to push relevance from driving and the G site over to your website.
That’s all we’re concerned with. Sometimes, the G site will rank so we do try to make
it as good look as good as possible. But I mean, I don’t see anything that you necessarily
have to do with the RYS stack except provide the info Unknown Speaker 15:00
That we request or order it from us. And yes, by all means submit your tier one branded
as part of the URLs that you want to push relevance to, because that really helps. And
then when you do link building, it really helps to have that spread throughout the dry
stack. Unknown Speaker 15:17
Very good. Next question is from Dave. He says, Is it a good idea to have four pages
on your website dedicated to one city and a county. Unknown Speaker 15:25
Then each page, each page would be for example, plumber plus city or 24 hour plumber plus
city or emergency plumber plus city after our plumbers plus city, then repeat the same
to with the next city or county? Unknown Speaker 15:41
I’m going to say no, I would like to get everyone else’s input as well. But I don’t recommend
that years ago. Yes, but now, I think you’re better off optimizing one page because those
are all very similar. So optimizing one page just has you know, separate basically content
sections or header, you know, headings Unknown Speaker 16:00
With that, where you can optimize for each one of those sections, you might have a paragraph
or two about each one of those types of plumbing services on the same page. However, what I
would recommend you do is create a category for that and create so essentially going to
create a silo for that particular city. And then that way you can if you find that you
need additional, which you likely will, you’ll probably need some additional content to help
to push that page right and yes, for you know, for SEO purposes, then if you have a category
setup for that same city, you know, plumbing cert, you know, plumber, city, plumber, or
what however you want to set up the category, you can publish blog posts within that category,
like in other words, you can publish blog posting, put, place them in that category,
and then use silo linking structure to be able to boost that page, if that makes sense.
But instead of having four pages that would likely be thin on content or very close to
being almost duplicate content for each page. Unknown Speaker 17:00
I think you’re better off just optimizing one longer page for all of those terms for
that particular particular city, then creating a category for it. You can even redirect the
category URL to that page itself. But that way, whenever you’re publishing blog posts,
you can place them into that category and then use the internal linking with proper,
you know, siloed linking strategy to link back to that page and get a boost from it
that way, especially when they’re syndicating through syndication network. So Margaret would
say you and Unknown Speaker 17:29
how would you do it? I 100% agree have one one page with all the information on it, because
it’s all relevant. And it doesn’t have to we used to target it that way. one page per
keyword, but that’s no longer necessary. So we give Unknown Speaker 17:44
the bot all of the information on one page what I do also recommend to skip navigation
links. And what that happens is that then it helps rank rank divide up your content,
so that you could actually rank with your skip navigation makes it NN your Unknown Speaker 17:59
extra Unknown Speaker 18:00
For that, what what that’s navigation for that question. And this is especially true
a frequently asked questions, but let me just try to stay on on this subject here, skip
navigation so that Google can pick out it what’s relevant and what it will rank it.
And it will sometimes and often pick out the question and answer or the service and then
the explanation about the service and excerpt and actually put that in the SERPs since you’ve
used skip navigation to guide the user to the best fit for the query. So yes, totally
what you said plus, don’t leave out skip navigation to guide the user experience. Yeah, you can
go ahead and turn on No, no, yeah, I was about to say that with with with Google at this
point in time, you don’t need to, you can should like have more content and markup properly
marketed properly. And you should be on a good spot because the same page could rank
for it will run for hundreds and Unknown Speaker 19:00
Sometimes Sometimes thousands of keywords, you know, so yeah, I totally agree. Unknown Speaker 19:04
Yeah, with a skip links or the jump links, whatever you want to call them, you can actually
link those, like from the blog posts, if you’re doing blog posts for additional content to
kind of give that category and page a push, you can actually link with those within the
post directly to those those hop links, which would go directly to that section on the page.
So that’s how you can optimize within the silo for that. So it’s very, very powerful.
And remember all that gets syndicated through syndication network, so Unknown Speaker 19:32
Okay, well, thanks for refreshing when I didn’t ask you to. Unknown Speaker 19:37
Alright, so the next question is from Gordon, what’s up, Gordon? He says, Hey, guys, thank
you very much, again for these extremely helpful hump days. It’s really appreciate it. You’re
welcome. As always, Gordon, he says, I know you said previously that it is super difficult
to rank your local niche. Unknown Speaker 19:51
Thought we’ve answered this multiple times. But let me finish reading it, I guess, local
niche lead gen site organically because of the heavy presence of directory type sites
on the first page of the Google search results. But if someone Unknown Speaker 20:00
wanted to try rank a local Legion site organically for a small, less competitive location. I
was wondering how much of a site ranking factor having a relative GMB listing was, if at all,
and whether you can actually just ignore setting one up and still rank without any increase
in the degree of site ranking difficulty. Yeah, I mean, as I mentioned before, you can
as you if you’re in a, like a suburb area, for example. So out of the broader geographic
term that most people would be optimizing for, right? So if you’re if you’re targeting
a geographic modifier or a local modifier, tight term, that is not very competitive at
all, then yes, you stand a much better chance of ranking organically. And as we’ve said
before, you know, you can do it without having a GMB week for a long time for Well, about
a year steady. We pushed the GM bees very hard because we were, you know, so easy to
get them and you could get them in each location that you wanted to rank but for what you’re
trying to do, I would say Unknown Speaker 21:00
I know you know, you’re not gonna if you’re not going to try to spam a gym be into that,
then yes, you can chat, you can just set up a, you know, a page on a site, for example,
or in a standalone site for that particular area. Unknown Speaker 21:14
I would and I’m sure Marco would agree, or everyone would agree that I think you’re better
off creating a brand. And then building authority through that particular brand domain that
may cover multiple areas, even organically if even if you’re not trying to rank with
the GMB you know, in the map section. Because what happens is over time your site will grow
will gain authority, right will accrue authority, which will make it easier over over time to
rank in new areas when you want to optimize for new locations, as opposed to setting up
like individual sites for each location, which is kind of the GMB strategy. But we’re talking
about organic ranking now. So you really want to accrue that authority and it has a cumulative
effect from all the other work Unknown Speaker 22:00
You’re going to be doing so that each time and here’s an example. You know, for a lot
of the lead gen stuff that I do, I’ve created multiple sub domain WordPress sites for. So
what happens is each new location would get a new sub domain. And then I would install
a new WordPress site that was typically usually just a one page website, well, maybe a couple
pages like contact form and things like that. But what would happen is after like the fifth
or six sub domain, then each time I would add go into a new area and I’d add a new sub
domain for new location, it would rank so much quicker than what it took to get the
first few right, if that makes sense because it was benefiting from all the authority that
accrued across the entire root domain as well as all of its what I call sibling subdomains.
That makes sense. So you can you can accomplish that same thing whether using subdomains or
not, you could be doing it just through a domain and with inner pages for that matter.
So I mean, initially it may be a bit difficult but if you’re starting with a low competition
area, Unknown Speaker 23:00
Yeah, yeah, you stand a really good chance because a lot of the directory style sites
are not going to be targeting on a more granular location level. So again, I say it is absolutely
possible without a GSB. Guys input, please, it’s it’s possible. But when when you’re talking
about local and something that triggers a three pack, something that triggers the map,
you’re going up against proximity, right. And so what you’re trying to do is put so
much power so much relevance and authority that you override, that that proximity factor
that’s triggering that map, you’re trying to get your brand to be so related to the
location and to the keyword set to the niche that it actually overrides proximity and creates
a knowledge panel rather than the three pack. Now, the problem that I run into time and
again, if I’m going to push that much power, it’s going to take a whole lot of money until
it’s a whole Unknown Speaker 24:00
lot of money that most local people don’t have to give you if, if you’re doing clients,
and it’s a lot more money than I care to spend in a particular niche in, in, in a location
in something that’s location specific unless it’s it’s a really high ticket item that I
might be after that I know that that you know, if I’m doing dental, for example, I know that
cosmetic dentistry or maybe a Unknown Speaker 24:27
what you call it Unknown Speaker 24:29
a facial reconstruction surgery, right and not not not just getting your face redone
or whatever, but reconstruction surgery where they actually had to go in there and work
on on the bone or whatever. That’s a lot of money also. So that’s worth my time. You have
to weigh how much you can make from it from and what you’ll have to spend to be able to
make that and how much time this is all going to require. overriding that proximity factor
is not a joke, it can be done but Unknown Speaker 25:00
You have to override that you have to somehow overcome that. Because what what Google is
going to push to that person looking at that particular IP, is something related to that
IP. And how do you overcome that? Unknown Speaker 25:15
Yeah, I just want to add real quick. I love what Marsha said, the fact that when you’re
approaching this type of, of whether you’re working for a client or you’re you’re launching
your own project, which you very well do. Unknown Speaker 25:31
The reality that you need to it’s like, it’s like any investment, right? There’s the risk
reward ratio or the you know, the the money and the time that you need to put in a project
before it becomes profitable. And sometimes, you know, we, we want to, like, we want to
send a nuke or we want to nuke the entire search engine and we spend a lot of money
and we spend a lot of a time for a project that might not be profitable. So if you’re
going after injury attorney, if you’re going Unknown Speaker 26:00
And after, like, that’s what Marco was saying and come because medic dentistry, right? Those
are niches that might require you to have a nuke, right to nuke it down like to to actually
go all in and it might take you maybe a year to see results, right. But then when you’re
going after some other niches where the cash flow is not there, or maybe, you know, the
money’s not there, that’s why I like to I like to work with high ticket potential clients
or high ticket items like pool installation or upon installation, landscaping, you know,
high high ticket type stuff that you know, will make sense when it comes to using these
type of techniques that Marco was saying, which you know, do take time and money. So Unknown Speaker 26:42
I love that. Unknown Speaker 26:45
Anyone else? Unknown Speaker 26:48
Right. So Gordon comes up again with By the way, I recently read an article that said
that the reason that the local directory sites take up a large percentage of any particular
local Google search result is that not Unknown Speaker 27:00
95% of the local businesses in that area have such low SEO signals that Google deems it
more appropriate to rank the directories ahead of them. The article said that such situations
were actually indicative of it being easier for you to rank a website for that particular
niche and location. Can this be? Can this theory be at all possible and have any merit
whatsoever? Well, you know, I’m again, it’s going to vary it’s going to depend on the
the query and the location because I can tell you for a fact knowing that I because I’ve
battled in local space for a long, long time, that that is not the case for a lot of there
is that are more competitive. It The reason that the directories ranked so well, is because
they spend a lot of effort to get them to rank and they’re, they’re benefiting off their
inherent authority from being a large authoritative site, which is what we’re talking about in
the previous question, which is why we record you know, recommend that you’re going to build
you know, a brand that will start to gain or crew authority for that very reason. Unknown Speaker 28:00
So my point is like, and I always use this example, but like Fairfax, Virginia, like
plumber Fairfax, for example. That’s the one that I’ve shown multiple times these Hump
Day Hangouts. And it shows that there’s only two or three brands in the search results
for that keyword. The rest are all directory pages. And it’s not because those brands aren’t
spending a shit ton of money on SEO, trust me, they are. And it’s, it’s not it’s not
that those that there’s not other people competing. And that’s why all of you know, Yelp and home
advisor and Angie’s List and all of them are ranking. It’s because those directories have
put, you know, put forth a lot of effort to show up there because they know there’s a
lot of traffic, so I’m calling that bullshit again, or I should say I should qualify that
with it depends on the area. If you’re talking about a lower competition where there’s not
a lot of people competing for particular keywords Plus, you know, location modifier, the location Unknown Speaker 29:00
That you’re targeting I mean, then yeah, that very well could be that the directories are
just ranking there because there’s not very many people competing. But in, the more the
more competitive areas, which is, you know, you can usually just, and I don’t usually
recommend using the Google AdWords or ads Keyword Planner Tool for SEO research, however,
you can determine where people are competing by looking at the search query numbers, the
search, you know, search volume numbers within the Google ads, Keyword Planner, because people
that are bidding for keywords and paying for AdWords that you know, you’ll see that in
the keyword planner, because you’ll see what their average cost per click is, you know,
and you’ll see high numbers and things like that, which is also high volume, high numbers
as far as the cost per click, but also perhaps high numbers in search volume, which means
there’s demand there, and there are people there are people competing in that space,
both for ad space or ad exposure as well as for SEO Unknown Speaker 30:00
So you can use that data to determine which areas are if you go look in the keyword planner,
for example, for, you know, plumber plus a location, and it shows very little or no search
volume, and which means there’s probably nobody bidding on keywords there, then yes, that’s
an area you could probably write for fairly easily with organic SEO, because it means
it’s not very competitive. But if you go look at like plumber Fairfax, for example, Fairfax
VA, or Virginia or something like that, you know, Fairfax plumber, something like that
any one of the variations thereof, you’ll see that it’s got high search volume, and
it’s got high cost per click numbers, values, high cost per click values, and that’s because
it’s a very competitive area. So it’s it again, those directory sites know that and that’s
why there are working on, you know, actively or proactively working on ranking on that
first page of Google because they know they’ll get a lot of traffic from it. Any Any other
comments on that, guys? I’m Marco. I know you how you love articles about Unknown Speaker 31:00
Seo Unknown Speaker 31:01
Oh dude, how did they get that 95% plus number? Did they go? Did they go to every local niche
and and go through every possible keyword in the niche? And how did they measure Unknown Speaker 31:15
whether it would be easy or difficult? Did they try to actually rank me because we do
go after very difficult competitive niches in competitive very Can you type in something
that you’re not logged in please a plumber in DC or DC plumber. Unknown Speaker 31:40
Because we went after that two years ago when we were right around this time, as a matter
of fact, a little bit before when we were doing our academy reloaded. And we’re like,
man, we’re in the three pack number one plumber in DC number two, and then if Unknown Speaker 31:58
this was two years ago Unknown Speaker 32:00
Yeah, nothing has been done in two years. And it clearly doesn’t work. No, no, it doesn’t
work. That doesn’t work. But you’ll see that the G site is ranking in there and plumber
in DC organically. There’s three of those that you mentioned. Right? The What do you
call it? The directory type sites and then some under it are also Yelp, Angie’s List
and home advisor are the three number one or get the first three organic listings guys.
Do you think it’s because nobody’s competing for plumber, DC for DC plumber keywords or
do you think it’s because they’re highly authoritative and they’re actively trying to rank organically
here? Think about it. You know, that’s my point, Marco. You know, Marco is talking about
how using RYS tactics has been able to get this brand, which you know, to rank as well
both are well in the in the maps pack, but just organically down here to sites, you know
that the branded domain as well as the Google Unknown Speaker 33:00
site but that’s what I’m saying the top three are actually those directory style sites and
it’s not because this is not competitive. Does that make sense? Yeah, we should we should
rename we should name our ways Academy the freedom tool or something like that because
if you think about it like Yelp, Angie’s List and home advisor they’re all have their own
marketing team those are like teams of people you know I’m probably they have two or three
people dedicated to SEO alone and big boy No. Yeah, what big fucking budget so they’re
spending millions of dollars every year not only in advertising, but also in SEO. I know
I know this because I witness how people you know, they will hire like two or three in
house SEOs working eight hours every day. And then you go in with a like 100 times lower
budget 100 times less the amount of people right because it’s usually yo your own with
a BA and then you sneaking Unknown Speaker 34:00
Under those three behemoths of a wet website, so that’s that’s one thing that always Academy
should be renamed to Unknown Speaker 34:08
the freedom to or whatever, you know, this cost is this test was 500 bucks. Yeah, it
was a test. And there were named work to you know, that doesn’t work by the way that they’ll
tell you that that RISX dry stocks don’t work. But anyway, I just wanted to show that that
you have to push that kind of power to beat these people. I’d be wary of anyone pushing
that those kinds of numbers on music and back them up with the test that they did. And I’d
be careful going into a non competitive area. If you’re planning to make a whole lot of
money or just try to rank in a whole lot of low competition area so that you can get a
few leads coming in. If these people aren’t investing in in these low competition areas,
it’s likely because there’s very little money to be made a true in there, but you can still
make money by out ranking them in these letters. Unknown Speaker 35:00
Competitive areas except you do a whole lot of them so that it makes sense to whatever
it is that you’re trying to do whether it’s provide leads for the client, or sell the
lead yourself. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 35:12
Alright, so Mark earlier you had posted this link to this question here. So I’m going to
just hand this one over to you. Unknown Speaker 35:19
Yeah, this question always comes up. And I just wanted to answer it’s a new person, I
understand that you guys also come in from other groups where they’re still using these
metrics. And he says that he’s trying to rank for national keywords while ordering multiple
syndication networks, as well as dry stacks. plus g said be good enough to give me decent
trust flow and domain authority. Oh, well, I have to use other link building tactics.
here’s here’s the deal, why I wanted to ask you this. I can’t tell you whether it’s going
to give you trust flow and domain authority nor do I care whether it gives me trust flowing
and domain authority because I can push Unknown Speaker 36:00
What I call art and the art of art, which is activity, relevance, trust and authority
into my stream, as you just saw in DC plumber, and people are doing this nationally with
affiliates with with all kinds of different projects. And we’re doing this also with with
what Bradley is not teaching and what he’s in. We’re going to push a national brand into
this and take some take that guy on that’s dominating the space. Now, my point in answering
this is I don’t care trust flow is a majestic metric domain authority is a Maz metric. Domain
rank, I think it isn’t, isn’t a trust. None of them know. Unknown Speaker 36:42
Okay, we know there’s over 200 ranking factors. We don’t know how they’re weighted. We don’t
know how much importance Google gives to each one. So that the final piece of the puzzle
is your ranking score. It’s the ranking score algorithm and it’s the ranking score panel. Unknown Speaker 37:00
That’s what you’re after. That’s the Holy Grail. Nobody can approximate that. Because
nobody knows the weight that each one has. What we can do is pushed, as I call it the
art of art. And yes, I’m taking from Sun Tzu and the art of war, of course, but activity,
relevance, trust and authority so that I become so trusted and so authoritative in the niche.
That rank brain is forced to find a place for me in the rankings. That’s how we do it.
That that that’s the way that we do SEO. It’s not the only way. But it’s one of the correct
ways to push away that kind of beat people up and move them out of the way. In the rankings.
It’s to me, it’s the only way it’s either that or compete with the million dollar companies
and unless you have million dollar pockets, you can forget it. You can go and do it that
way. Look for million dollar pockets or do it our way which is pushing the Unknown Speaker 38:00
Art of art. So I hope that answers your question fully. And if it doesn’t, please come back
to the Facebook group. And we can go further into this. Because I this I find this really
interesting. And we try to push people away from third party metrics that are simply selling
their metric. And it doesn’t really apply in most. Unknown Speaker 38:21
Yeah, it has to be really high in order for it to make a difference in these highly competitive
spaces. Yeah, yeah. Remember how we remember we, we had some case studies of manipulating,
manipulate and she say, the main authority like big time with thousands of thousands
of top domains, and trust flow, so was easily manipulated. It didn’t correlate though, to
the, to the, you know, the traffic or the visitors that those websites have. Because
when you so for instance, the traffic and the domain authority school of thought comes
from buying PB ends, right and if Unknown Speaker 39:00
That was the case then would you would be buying Unknown Speaker 39:03
websites with a lot of traffic, but usually you would, right you will buy a domain just
because of their metrics, which is fine, right? It’s a school of thought. But we we went,
we were able to manipulate we took, I don’t know, domain authority up to 90, and trust
flow up to 70 and 80 using like safe links and all that shit. And I remember that, you
know, it was it was pretty easy to manipulate and but it didn’t correlate with sales, will
visitors heads and sales, which is what we’re what we’re going after. So, I think that that
makes a lot of sense. And also, if you guys wanna if you guys want to join the Facebook
group, it’s free. It’s called. Unknown Speaker 39:42
If you go to if you go to and if you search for SEO and marketing by Semantic
Mastery, you will be able to join the group you should need to answer a couple questions
and then you will be able to join the group free Unknown Speaker 39:56
Alright, so next one. Unknown Speaker 39:58
Let’s see this is a good question. Unknown Speaker 40:00
said just from Jason. He says, Hey guys loving your Hangouts. Thanks so much, but I’m a bit
worried is local SEO dead now? In the previous hump days you said to stay out of the GMB
and even clients GM bees are too risky to edit now and that organic rankings are mostly
just all directory sites now. So if we can’t confidently approach a client and offer an
offer to edit and optimizer GMB to rank it and can’t rank your own site, either, because
it’s only directory sites ranking, what is there left to do? What are we supposed to
sell them just PPC services? If so, can the battle plan help me with that? Thanks. Okay.
So, Unknown Speaker 40:32
unfortunately, I guess what I said the other day was taken a bit out of context when I
said that because what I mean in part it was or maybe it was misunderstood, or maybe I
said it wrong. Okay. But to clarify, no local SEO is not dead. Not at all. Far from it.
But what I’m saying what I was saying was Yes, right now GM bees are a bit risky to
optimize, to do anything on page with even valid businesses are getting you know Unknown Speaker 41:00
Getting getting chopped or suspended by Google because of like valid actual valid changes.
So I just say, you know, be be wary of that. Be aware that that could potentially can happen.
And it sucks because there’s not much that you can do about it, except file a reconsideration
or reinstatement request and wait until Google finally gets around to looking at it. And
hopefully they’ll reinstate it. It took several weeks for one of my clients that got suspended
for no apparent reason. And it took like three weeks. So I’m just saying just be careful
with that. As far as ranking organically again, I’m not saying you can’t do that. What I’m
saying is that it’s difficult to do and it can be depending on the area, like what what
we were just talking about in the previous question, but for Gordon, was if it’s a lower
competition area, you can generally get fairly good, organic ranking results without a whole
lot of work. It’s the more competitive areas that are going to take a little bit of time
and the site itself is going to have to accrue some authority typically before Unknown Speaker 42:00
You’re able to get any significant traction and organic rankings for that. But it can
be done and it can be done with really good on page, like site structure number one on
page SEO, you can like you can significantly shortcut the the time that it takes and the
effort that it takes to rank organically if you have proper site structure and proper
on page SEO. Right. And there’s something that we talked about a lot, the best on page
site structure and on page SEO training that we are aware of and all of my partners will
agree is Jeffrey Smith, SEO Bootcamp, which you can get it Semantic Mastery comm slash
SEO boot camp for half price. And I’m only saying that because it really is hands down
the best on page training we’ve ever seen Jeffrey Smith, what he’s able to do with just
on page and the way that he structures his sites is absolutely incredible. He can outrank
authoritative sites with little to no backlinks at all because of the way that he structures
the sites now. It’s a lengthy process to set up sites that way Unknown Speaker 43:00
Once you learn how to do it, you can streamline it, but it’s something that you I would recommend
doing. So have I gone to all my clients and said, No, you know, I can’t offer you SEO
Services anymore? No, it’s not that at all. But what I have found recently, especially,
is to offer a more holistic approach like a more overarching marketing approach than
just SEO. Right. And you know, guys, we, we’ve, we’ve talked about, it should be common knowledge
now that you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket, right? So you don’t want
to rely entirely on Google for leads. So you’re better off in my opinion, right now offering
SEO Yes. And organic SEO is certainly something that you can you can offer but you also want
to work in to it if possible, as a as a marketing consultant or professional, right. You want
to be able to provide additional services that are going to help the business whether
you do them yourself I don’t recommend Are you build a team that does them for you, or
you outsource them to third party vendors? Unknown Speaker 44:00
You can still provide these and kind of manage the work like act as the conductor, right,
of all of the different pieces that you’re managing for a marketing campaign for business,
which could be SEO, content marketing, which is really part of SEO anyways, inbound PR,
right? So that’s like getting a public relations work out there that includes press releases,
interviews, articles written like, you know, not not like spammy SEO articles, but like,
you know, news articles written which again, can be press releases, but getting maybe,
you know, interviews done on podcast, things like that. Those are all considered inbound
PR. PPC, absolutely Pay Per Click remarketing, right video stuff, all these things that direct
mail Believe it or not, I started doing direct mail for one of my newer businesses. I’ve
been doing a lot of it in the last couple of months actually. And direct mail, believe
it or not, has a significant effect on your digital presence, which I never would have
put those two together over the last several Unknown Speaker 45:00
years because I’ve been entirely a digital marketer for many years now. But now I’m seeing
the actual benefits of being able to provide or incorporate direct mail and other types
of online, or excuse me offline marketing into an overall marketing campaign, because
it will have an effect through what we call social engineering on on an online presence,
because if people see a brand name outside of digital right outside of Google, for example,
if they see it on in direct mail, or if they see it on maybe published in places that they’re
reading and low around their local town or something, they may go to Google, it’s likely
that they’ll go to Google and search for that brand name. And that is a huge ranking signal
guys. That’s called a navigational search query. A brand search is a huge Unknown Speaker 45:49
SEO signal, right because it create it signifies that the brand is got is is is popular, it
was gaining popularity. And so Google loves that and will actually start Unknown Speaker 46:00
To give or promote a brand in the search results, because people are going and searching for
that brand name. And so it’s, it’s very interesting. But what I’m saying is, instead of just focusing
like on SEO, for example, try to think of more of a holistic approach. And that’s part
of what my what I’m going to be talking about it at tofu live this year is about how I’m
seeing in one of my own businesses now how having a more holistic approach, as I call
it, to marketing has an effect all across the board, including digital and SEO for that
matter. So what do you guys Unknown Speaker 46:36
I love that I actually love that. Actually, you know, if you’re running radio ads, like
who, who the fuck, listen to radio, right? But if you’re running radio ads that can also
help your digital presence because it’s the same thing, right? And then if you’re doing
remarketing now, the reality is that I think that I mentioned that last time they hang
out the fact that people need more and more time. Unknown Speaker 47:00
points to make a transaction right? And the the talking points are all over the place.
They’re not only on their on their computer, but they’re also on their mobile phones, and
they’re on their email and on social media and then on Google and search engines, and
then, you know, banners and so it’s like, the more holistic you can be for your client,
you become a local marketing expert, not a local SEO expert, right? It’s like saying,
Well, I’m a local Facebook ads guy. Well, what happens if Facebook changes the rule
of engagement? Right, you’re fucked. So I definitely do agree with Bradley in terms
of being more holistic, because that will not only give you more ease in terms of how
you can approach a project and give the guy results, but also will make you more valuable,
which translates into that you can charge more money because you’re giving much more
value to the businesses that you’re that you’re working with. So the more toolbox you can Unknown Speaker 48:00
dominate and master and you can have them on your tool belt, the better. It’s like,
you know, you become a more well rounded marketer or expert in the field. So you can effectively
charge more money at the end of the day. So that’s pretty cool. Everything in our battle
plan still applies whether local or non local. It’s just a matter of how you apply syndication
networks as far as your entity, your your RYS plus Dr. Stack, then your press releases
then embeds and then link runs link building into embeds and press releases Dr. Psychology
set, the dissect was de sac being your SEO shield and your filter and your power up to
whatever it is that you’re doing wherever that juices going. It goes through that drive
second that g site to amplify the power. And I and and i guys come on two years ago, we
haven’t done anything to DC plumber, and it’s still right there dominating the three pack. Unknown Speaker 49:00
So Unknown Speaker 49:02
much more needs to be said, SEO. Yeah, SEO Virginia’s and a four years boom. Unknown Speaker 49:07
And that’s a word good. That was showing that right there, mate may 16 2015 is when I did
it, and you can see it still. Boom, you know, so many versions of that, like SEO agency
and same thing I’ve met, my budget was five hours of time. That was it. Like there was
no money put into that at all. It was five hours of my time to put that and it’s ugly.
It’s awful, because it was the very first drive stack I ever built, which I don’t build
them now. Look, it’s even got a broken iframe from a Google Plus post that used to be there.
And it’s not where you know, and it’s a shitty spun content. I mean, it’s awful guys, but
it’s still ranked number one. And it’s, you know, all the other SEO agencies in Virginia
are below it and have been for what you have like you have like three or four spots in
there because you have the Bradley Batman dot which is you know, syndication
networks, the network as well. URL and then bookmark Unknown Speaker 50:00
Yeah, I’m having the same thing. And I’m on a different IP. So and what’s crazy is this
site guys is a one page site. There’s no blog on this. There’s really no content on this
site. It’s just a one page site. And it’s just it’s a benefited from the authority from
the Dr. Stack. And that’s basically it. So again, it’s, you know, you could, that if
you were to look at my SEO metrics on any of these, you’ll see that they all suck according
to third party metrics. But the proof is in the results, guys, you know, so, Alright,
moving on. Because we’re gonna we’re gonna run out of time here and there’s a couple
other questions I’d like to get to hopefully. Unknown Speaker 50:37
Okay, so the next one is sky blue says I’m finding it easy to rank videos on YouTube
with CTR software, and producing high quality videos, but I’ve been struggling for the past
year to Rank YouTube videos and Google search. I’ve used RYS, DAX embed networks and other
link building tools, which normally would have got my videos ranked, but I’m not seeing
much of a positive effect using these same strategies and Google anymore. Any tips on
what you find currently working for Unknown Speaker 51:00
ranking videos in Google Yes. And I’ve said this some dozen at least a dozen times, if
not many times more than that. And we’ve even done training on it. I, you know, again, I
can’t assume that you’ve seen all of that, but YouTube, or buying real traffic to the
video, which you can do through Google ads, that is, you know, do all of the SEO things
that you’ve been doing, there’s no question. Also, make sure your siloed like if you’re
if you’re if you’re having a particular video or keyword that you’re having a hard time
ranking in Google search, again, use the YouTube silo method to and create just like you would
be trying to rank a web, a web page or you know, or for a keyword using a website, you
know, you you take that broader keyword and then you find supporting type keywords and
create additional content with longer tail keywords. And then you create that internal
linking structure that links back up to that page so that each one of those becomes another
potential like, you know, piece of content that can you can build links to which will
and you can push your direct the Unknown Speaker 52:00
Link equity backup to the top level page, the one that you’re trying to rank well, you
do the same thing with the YouTube silo. Right? So do all of those SEO things that you’re
talking about, make sure you’re also using the YouTube silo structure, which is essentially
using playlists. But then also by real traffic, guys, you know, if you’re getting great results
using CTR software, click through rate, click what I call CT, spam, right click through
spam software or there, there are also CT, spam, you know, groups where you know, things
like that, that’s fine. That’s great that it’s helping you in YouTube. But if you want
to rank more on better on Google, by direct traffic signals you can get, you can buy relevant
and targeted traffic directly from Google, right from their Google Ads platform. And
it works really, really well especially if you’re if you’re you’re doing all of the SEO
stuff and on top of it, right. You know, and by the way, there are some keywords that Google
just does not like to rank videos for. Just Just know that I know because sometimes I’ve
seen Unknown Speaker 53:00
struggle really hard to get anything to rank and in once I do get it to rank, it doesn’t
last on page one, it gets pushed to page two very quickly. And it’s just one in sometimes
you discover those kind of keywords that just don’t want to rank videos. or Google doesn’t
want to rank videos on page one for. However, for a lot of this stuff, like I said, if you
buy real traffic signals, right from a targeted and relevant audience, which you can do through
Google ads for very inexpensive, right, so again, if it’s local stuff, you can set your
geographic targeting to you know, a radius or within a specific zip code or a specific
County, for example. And that way, all of the views that it starts to accrue are from
IPS within a specific geographic region, which will help it to rank for a local type of keyword.
But it doesn’t have to just end it that right. You can also do audience targeting or what
we found to work really, really well is what they call in market or life event audience
target targeting, because those are highly relevant. Viewers in Google knows that guys,
if you’re buying traffic Unknown Speaker 54:00
From a particular interest bucket or audience type bucket from Google. In other words, Google
has identified people that have, you know, using Google products that are in market for
a particular product or service, right? That means they are actively seeking that type
of product or service. They’re doing recent searches. They’re consuming content. They’re
engaging with content and videos and things like that around that particular topic, product
or service. Right? So Google knows that and it puts them in this bucket that you can access
and you can, you can buy traffic signals from that particular bucket. You can tell Google
Okay, look, I want you to show my video to these people because you Google are telling
me that they’re interested in this product and or service. So now when, when when they
view that video as an ad, now it’s it’s registering as a view from a relevant audience. So as
Marco just talked about art activity, relevancy, trusted authority, now you’re getting two
of those signals. Unknown Speaker 55:00
Right off the bat, you’re getting the activity signal from the view. And you’re getting the
relevancy because it’s from a known audience within Google that is that Google knows and
told you was interested in that product or service or topic, whatever. Yeah, we we talked
about this in way more detail in our mastermind. Correct. So I mean, if you really want to
get deep into this, I suggest that you come and join our mastermind, because that’s where
everything happened. That’s where we go really into detail. And plus, you’ll get the training,
the ads training on top of that. So it’s just the place to be is RSM at the Semantic Mastery
mastermind. Unknown Speaker 55:40
So we’re going to move on but that’s I would recommend doing that the Ctr the click through
steps, bam software in the groups and stuff can help to a degree. But if you really want
to get better, the best results or if you’re in a really competitive type of keyword, then
you know buying real engagement signals from a from real, relevant traffic. That can also
by the way, potentially convert Unknown Speaker 56:00
Take whatever conversion action you want them to do they could become leads or prot, you
know purchasers of a product or whatever the case may be. So it makes sense to do it and
it’s very inexpensive to do you can you can accomplish it with a small budget. Unknown Speaker 56:12
Okay, uh, let’s see if we can try to get through the next two very quickly you do you need
to be concerned with exact match anchors from GCRYS to money site or should we do exact
match anchors? That’s for you Marco. Unknown Speaker 56:27
Yeah, that’s a question for for RRYS group isn’t it? If you’re in there you and it’s
it’s in the training everything that you’ve just asked us in the training to get it from
there or when you get the done for you, sir? done. It’s done for you. You don’t even have
to worry about whether you do exact match anchors or how it’s linked. But what about Unknown Speaker 56:48
done for you Dr. Stack? What about what what about somebody ordering and done for you Dr.
Stack would you get a match? Now get the deep keyword research. Unknown Speaker 56:59
That’s what I would recommend. Unknown Speaker 57:00
Get the deep keyword research from MGYV. And we will take that. And that’s how we push
all of the relevance through all of those related keywords that we get, which is thousands
of keywords from our deeper keyword research. Unknown Speaker 57:16
Okay, last question, guys. It looks like we’re going to miss Ernest. But what I’d like to
get this one he says, because I know Marco, I knew this would set mark off. He actually
talked about this, and I think it was our mastermind, just today, actually. But he says,
I gotta ask, What is your take on john Mueller? from Google stating that Google ignores REL
equals nofollow for links? This is confusing and would certainly be contrary to everything
website developers and SEOs have been doing for years. Unknown Speaker 57:42
That’s, yeah, sorry about that. That’s not what he said. Unknown Speaker 57:48
Okay, is that no, no, that’s not what he said. It’s misleading, because that’s not what he
said. And what Search Engine Journal says. He said, is that what he said? So please pay Unknown Speaker 58:00
attention to what the guy said, it’s definitely not the case that you have any kind of ranking
advantage by marking all outgoing links, nofollow. That’s what he said. And I called bullshit
on what he said, because I know for a fact, and it’s tested and proven Unknown Speaker 58:20
that sculpting this shit, right? works. You just have to do it. Right. How do you do it?
Right again, that took place in our mastermind. It’s been an ongoing discussion. For what
about a month and a half since two months maybe? Since I since I revealed that again,
you know what’s working before it’s working now, in our mastermind, and I told him, this
is how you do it now. Don’t don’t do what we used to do. And we went through the whole
discussion. Somebody actually took the time to call me on it. And they went and they applied
it to one of their websites one something that they’re working so immediate results.
So I call bullshit on john Mueller. Unknown Speaker 58:58
Plain and simple. Unknown Speaker 59:00
tested and proven. Thank you. Unknown Speaker 59:03
All right, we got about a minute it says which keyword done for your service should be purchased
to be sent in with your RYS order. And that’s what you just said the deep one correct yet
if you want the most effect if you want to have like like everything that’s available
under the sun and then some get our deep keyword research content as we go in there for almost
three days and pull up but jump on that for just a minute. what’s crazy is if you if you
do that if you get the deep keyword research, spend the money on that and then use that
or submit that with your drive stack order and we use all those keywords to build it
build out the drive stack, watch your money site if you haven’t connected to search console,
watch the impression count from you know take a screenshot before you order the drive stack
and then after the drive stack and and you know like I said it takes a few weeks but
what you will see as month over month you’ll see your impressions go for for number of
keywords that your site your money, psychotics Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Over four will significantly increase month over month. And it’s crazy because Google
will start to recognize your domain your site for a lot of these additional keywords. It’s
crazy. So and that’s something that I love to do with clients guys, I take screenshots
when we start on I start a new project for clients, or for a new client, for example.
And then one of the first things we do is order Dr. stacks and you know, hammer with
with links, but with all the keywords every single month, I can show that their impression
counts are going up, you know, for from, and I explained to them that that means that their
site is being discovered for more and more different keywords. And it’s a great way to
get, you know, a known for a lot that add that additional relevancy is what I’m trying
to say. Yeah, it can be overwhelming when you get that spreadsheet with with all of
those tabs, right with all of those sheets and all of that information. But we do filter
it, we do get rid of the duplicates, we put it into three silos for you. You can divide
it into however many silos you want, because the Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Our other market level keywords are categories and subcategories that can be applied from
that. So it’s up to you what you do. But if you just apply those three silos as we give
them to you, not only to the drive sec, but to the website, and how we show that that
it should be done, you’ll see significant, as Bradley said, you will see significant
increases in in everything that you’re doing, because of all of the relevance that we don’t
usually add to it. Unknown Speaker 1:01:27
All right, Father, one more minute behind but looks like we got all the questions. So
thanks, everybody for being here. We will see you guys next week. Thanks, guys. Alright,
man. Bye, everybody. Transcribed by

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