Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 248
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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 248

Unknown Speaker 0:07
As we are live, and I am not looking at the screen, so welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts
Episode 248. Today is the seventh of August 2019. And hopefully, this is coming through,
okay, if you guys can leave a note on the page, tell us you’re here say, Adam, we hear
you, or Adam, stop talking something like that. We’re dealing with the new technology
for streaming this stuff as we had to ditch the old method, but we’re still streaming
on YouTube and on the hump day hangouts page. So with that said, just leave a note and we
are going to say hello to everyone real quick. So, guys, oh, man, this is messing me up.
I’m used to a different order. But we’re going to start with Bradley Bradley. How you doing,
man? Unknown Speaker 0:49
All right. Let me figure out how to unlock. Okay, I think I think that worked. Can you
go? Can you confirm? All right. So yeah, this is we’re trying zoom meetings for the first
time, streamed directly to YouTube guys, and it’s a little bit funky getting it started.
And looks like Chris is joining twice. So anyways, it’s going to take us a little bit
of time to get used to it. We’ve been using Hangouts since hangouts was released. When
was like what 2013 or 14. Unknown Speaker 1:18
So I’m going to it’s a bit of a learning curve, but besides that, we’ll figure it out. You
guys have to deal with it. And I’m good. I’m here. Can you hear all right everything, Adam? Unknown Speaker 1:31
And he’s cool. Unknown Speaker 1:32
Yep. I was just checking the audio on the page. And we’re good. Unknown Speaker 1:35
Alright, cool, guys. So yeah, but other than that, I’m good. Excited to be here. Unknown Speaker 1:39
Moving on. Unknown Speaker 1:40
All right. Cool. Well, Hernan you’re up next. How you doing, buddy? Unknown Speaker 1:44
I might, Hey, what’s up everybody? Hey, these are man from the internets. And I’m just really
excited to be here. Really excited to be on zoom. And really excited to be on Hump Day
Hangouts. And really excited for powerful live 2019 that’s coming. We have some really
cool stuff coming up. We got some really cool speakers coming up. And it’s going to be pretty
epic. It’s gonna be pretty epic. I’m pumped Unknown Speaker 2:08
for that. So thank you guys for being here. Definitely, you know her non touchstone I
want to say real quick. First of all, if you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet go to poker, grab them. haven’t updated the page yet. We just confirmed our depends how you
look at it. We’ll call it the fourth guest speaker, Kathryn Jones, the creator and owner
of CF design school. If you haven’t yet go check out her stuff. But she’s going to be
talking and she’s got a ton of great experiences going to be sharing with us. You know, she
started business on her own as grown it into a seven figure business with a team. Just
a great human being and a lot of business growth over the past couple years. She’s going
to be sharing with us. So with that said, let’s get back to talking to everybody. Marco
How you doing, man? Unknown Speaker 2:52
I was talking to a muted Mike. Unknown Speaker 2:53
Oh, no. Unknown Speaker 2:56
Good shit. And I’m really looking forward to hopefully right. pOH food for those of
you who don’t know, is how we do the do we do? Otherwise known as position of Fuck you.
It’s It’s where you want to get to? How do you how do you get there? Well, we consider
ourselves helpers. on your path to post with this. This is the start Hump Day hangouts
is the start of the path. Some of you are people that we know that constantly come here
for information, you go apply it in your business, we’ve known people to grow businesses from
simply being in Hump Day Hangouts. And if that’s their powerful, that’s fine. But the
path also includes the the membership areas that we have, where we share a whole lot more
information than what we would generally share in public, what we share in public is generally
generally things that are there known in or should be known in SEO circles around the
web. It’s not it’s not a great secret, it’s just we sometimes put our own spin on it.
But the place to really grow your business and to really get the that detailed information.
And that extra hot sauce that I used to do that I do would be in our Semantic Mastery
mastermind. Anyway, I’m excited to be here. I’m liking this this new way that we’re doing
this with with zoom. I love zoom. been using it for a while. And I’m seeing that even in
the in the video feed that it just looks awesome. Real Chris sharp. So yeah, let’s do this.
Nice. Unknown Speaker 4:24
Alright, last but certainly not least, Chris, how you doing? Unknown Speaker 4:28
Doing? Good. Super good to be here. Unknown Speaker 4:32
Good deal. what’s Unknown Speaker 4:34
what’s one personal development thing you think you might be talking about it? Hopefully
live? I’m putting you on the spot here. Oh, Unknown Speaker 4:46
I’m really not sure about that yet. Like, Unknown Speaker 4:48
I have a couple of really good ideas that Unknown Speaker 4:51
might change some people’s lives. But I’ve nailed it completely down yet. So like that’s,
I’m going to be working on those things. next couple of Unknown Speaker 5:00
weeks. Cool. Yeah. And I put Chris on the spot. And what he said that sounds like a
big claim. But I totally back it up. We did talked a little bit yesterday about some stuff
we’re planning with Semantic Mastery and how we’re going about that. And things we’re doing
to make our lives easier, make business better, and make things better for customers, people
watching this show people buy things from us, etc. Members, Chris has got a lot of really
good ideas and stuff that’s been put to work in other places and brought a lot of success.
And I know he gave a great talk last year and believe is going to be sharing some killer
stuff this year. So on top of that, just wanted to say real quick before we get into the questions,
you guys if you’re new to Semantic Mastery. Thanks for watching us here as we’re getting
started with zoom. And this is the place to be if you want to get your questions answered
digital marketing, if you want to be talking about how to get clients how to prospect.
If you got questions about funnel, maybe you got questions about paid ads, you’ve got questions
about anything like that, ask us and if we don’t know, we will definitely point you in
the right direction. But beyond that, you know, question we get is okay, well, where
do I start with Semantic Mastery? Well, this is the place to start. Come back here. Join
us each week. If you can’t join us live, you can always ask your questions, you just go
to Semantic slash HD questions catch the replay. But we love it. When you
join live. We’d like having the interaction. We like knowing what’s going on with you hearing
about the success or issues you’re having just like we share. But then after that going
and grabbing the battle plan. All right. And you can find out more about that at battle
plan dot Semantic Mastery calm. It’s all about getting easy, repeatable results. All right,
we put a lot of work and effort into that that’s got real world experience and ways
to get results in there. Just go over there, check it out. Great way to get started with
us. And then when you’re ready to take things up a few notches, whether you either want
to start a digital marketing business, whether you’re a solo printer, and you want to have
an agency or maybe you’re a business owner, and you’re looking you know to grow this side
of things and you realize you need to at least understand if not do some of this stuff yourself
or build the team behind it. Come join us in the mastermind and you can find out more
about that at mastermind dot Semantic Mastery calm. And last but certainly not least, if
you’d like to save some time and money and you know, doing stuff kind of ties you up
so to speak, you know getting stuff done for you is a great way to both save time and money
whether you’re again you’re doing it for clients, you’re doing it for yourself, but head over
to MGYB dot CEO for your done for you digital marketing, SEO needs stuff like syndication
networks, RYS Drive, stacked press releases, Lincoln beds, everything, whatever you need.
And if it’s not there, let us know. And we’ll look into adding it. All right, we’re certainly
growing that out and want to provide as much as we can for you guys. So with that said,
Is there anything else that you guys want to touch on before we dive into questions? Unknown Speaker 7:46
No, not at the moment. Already? Well, if that’s it, let’s, let’s do this. Unknown Speaker 7:52
Alright, so first, let me figure out how to share the damn screen. Unknown Speaker 7:56
The little sharp button, green button. Unknown Speaker 8:01
I know that. Let’s see if I can hear the whole screen. Unknown Speaker 8:06
All right, and then I do I need to lock it on me too. I think I do. See? Unknown Speaker 8:12
Yeah, we’re seeing your whole entire desktop. Unknown Speaker 8:15
Right. So if I see it on you. Unknown Speaker 8:18
Yeah, you’re good. Now it should be the whole screen. Correct. I’ve got Unknown Speaker 8:22
your whole desktop and yeah, it’s locked on you. Okay. Unknown Speaker 8:25
So I should hide in the windows and tabs that I don’t want anything to show? Is that what
you’re saying? Yeah, yeah. Unknown Speaker 8:31
Saying. Unknown Speaker 8:33
All right. Let’s zoom in on this a little bit. Okay, cool. So we’re going to start with
some very long questions. Some very long questions from dawn Stevens. Unknown Speaker 8:43
So all right, real quick, a shout out to Don that’s great. I lived in Africa man for like,
seven years. So I saw this got excited. I’ll be flying into Syracuse actually here in like
a month. So anyway, so let’s get Unknown Speaker 8:57
Alright, so Don says, Good, everyone. I’m from Syracuse. And I’m hoping to sign new
clients. I have a question about GMB. Google My Business I’ve read over and over again,
strategies to get into the three pack. I still have so many questions. Maybe someone can
help two questions. My client is in real estate, in what is considered a suburb of a bigger
city. I can rank her in the suburb but it’s so difficult with the city. Correct? Yeah,
it typically is, especially in real estate. There is so much competition in her office
addresses in the suburb, not the city. How can I have her ranking? Both the realtors
who are ranking the city all have offices in the city, so this makes it difficult Plus,
it’s crazy house. Some realtors don’t even claim their business and their rank higher
ranked than my client. Some of unfinished profiles, hardly any photos etc. We are posting
regularly adding new pics and having a link campaign for Google Maps, including content
and blogging with a Google Map embedded frustrating to do all this work and not have her ranked
well. Yeah, and Don, that’s part of the problem with GMB is because it went so hyper local,
local as of July of 2018. So over a year now, when the mobile index first out or mobile
first index really took over was it went hyper local in that people like it’s a proximity
is one of the biggest proximity to from from the searcher to the actual business location
is one of the biggest ranking factors for maps. There’s ways to overcome that. But it
does require a lot of work, especially in the real estate industry. Well, I wouldn’t
I wouldn’t say that necessarily just for maps, but for organic rankings. It’s tough to rank
in the real estate industry too, because like if you’re trying to rank in the organic section,
because you’re typically fighting against very high authority type very aged domains
like century 21 long and foster weichert, you know, and then also like a lot of the
directory style sites now or property listing sites like Zillow and Redfin and Trulia and
all that kind of stuff. So it’s very difficult to rank organically, but as far as the GMB
stuff, the maps ranking in proximity issue is what you’re running into, for the most
part, Marco, we can talk a lot more about this, we have a program called local GSB pro
that can teach you how to overcome some of those proximity issues. But it does require
quite a bit of work. It’s not something that you can do really overnight, especially without
having a without being having the physical location actually in the city that you’re
trying to rank. So it’s going to be difficult Marco would say
you Unknown Speaker 11:31
you’re muted. Unknown Speaker 11:37
Can everybody else hear me because Unknown Speaker 11:38
I got I got it, I got it, I couldn’t find my unmute button, it did the thing change
on me. But yeah, the problem that he’s running into is proximity. And that’s what he has
to overcome anything. If he thinks he’s done a whole lot of work to try to overcome, he
hasn’t even started cuz I don’t see any mentioned about dry stack, plus d side in here, I don’t
see anything, I don’t see anything about siloed of the different things that we teach both
in local GMB Pro. And in our ys Academy reloaded, I add ID, the whole entity has has now what
he’s trying to do is accomplish it backwards. It’s difficult enough to get it to bleed to
get enough trust and authority to get to bleed from main city into suburb. And you know,
the way that we do it, and the way that we teach it, that that’s difficult enough, because
you don’t have a presence in the in the suburb, for to trigger proximity. So what you’re trying
to do is overcome proximity with activity, relevance, trust and authority, right? The
Art of art, trying to override everything but that but it has to be so much that you
can actually take down all of these people who Google already considered relevant for
the search that they answer the query, let’s say for example, plumber, a whatever city
or city whatever, plumber. And that’s, that’s what Google displays you trying to overcome
all that? I, I remember, when he posted this question, I’m going to tell them to post it
here, because I wanted to address it. The problem is that this is backwards, right?
You going from a suburb to a big city, where there’s a lot of competition and in that in
that big city. So there’s a couple of things that you can do, you can try and get an office
air quotes in the city and get verified there. And then the suburb can be the main office,
and then you can have an office in the city or backwards. And then you can start relating
that way between the city office and and the main office or the main office in the city
in the suburb, and then additional suburbs, you could do it that way. Right what I call
the spoke, where you relate the spokes, all around that where you’re pushing all of that
power, relevance, activity, relevance, trust and authority. That’s how that’s just a start.
Because we do press releases, we do link building, we’re doing embed runs, we add depth breath
to the Dr. Stack was the site. We do a lot of things in on on the GMB not just the post
but on the on the site, and how we silo the posts, and how we’re doing press releases.
Now, it all adds up into a whole bunch of power when you push it with link building.
And when you run embeds and you do link building, but it all has to be put together in a way
where all of that power is going to carry through all of those hubs or that link stream.
So that it powers up whatever that final pieces. And add to that the fact that I was just talking
to rob and he just pointed out that if you’re looking for example, at something like Indianapolis
plumber, Google is now showing Google guaranteed above the feedback, right in zero position.
That’s what you’re seeing now, in mobile. So you have to scroll through that, then it’s
Google ads. And then it’s the three pack. And so it’s not just overcoming the you can
you can get in the three pack with enough power. But how do you overcome? How do you
get people to now scroll down all the way to the map pack to make that call to you.
And you know it to get into the organic search, where you have to overcome all of these as
as Bradley mentioned, Angie’s List, Yelp and all of these other really powerful players
in the niche you overcome, come them with power. And as I’ve mentioned before, in order
to push that much power, your client is going to have to have really big pockets like it
like the rest of these people do. Or you’re going to have to be willing to do all that
work. And and I hope that all of that work that you’re doing can pay off a lot of times.
It’s not even worth it. Unknown Speaker 15:43
Yeah, I would agree with that. I mean, it’s I think we still probably your best bet is
what Marco said in this case would be to get a second office or location, so to speak.
And you know, you there’s ways that you can kind of, you know, you can still you can still
get them, it’s it’s not as easy as it used to be. But you can still get additional locations.
And you know, in the case of like what Marco saying, especially when you’re going from
a suburb to a big city, that’s even harder than going from a big city to a suburb. In
other words, if your primary location was in a big city, then it’s easier to overcome
that proximity issue by pushing into a suburb, right, a smaller adjacent area than then vice
versa. And so, you know, there’s there are there are a lot of things that you could do,
though, is it worth it? I don’t know, it depends on the budget. You know, like Marco said,
there’s obviously the dry, foundational stuff that we’re going to do anyways, right, which
would be like the Dr. Stack plus g site movie called theme mirroring, if you’ve got a website,
you can do silos, and you could have location based silos that are with with what we call
geo posts, which are essentially optimized for the areas that you’re trying to target
in and try to build depth to that silo, do proper to silo in internal linking. And in
mirror all of that through a drug stack of G site, press release, siloed stacking, which
we just covered recently. So there’s a ton of stuff that you can do. But again, it’s
a lot. It’s an uphill battle, there’s no doubt. And it depends on how big their budget is,
and how long they’re willing to wait. Right? If they want to speed the process. They need
to spend more money, right, so that you can do more of this in a shorter period of time.
If, if you know and that’s that again, a lot of the times it’s just very difficult to do.
It’s not that you can’t do it, but it depends on like, Is it going to be worth it? Are you
getting enough to make it worth all that effort? You know that we can’t answer that for you.
That’s something you have to answer for yourself. So but right now still probably the easiest
thing to do would be to just get another location if you can. You know another secure GMB verified
GMB. So the next question was, second question going to start a crowd search campaign for
her GMB page and not sure if the destination for should be the GMB page and the client’s
website. If you’re using actual crowd search, I would recommend you don’t do either. Because
you know, those are bots guys and through commercial IPS, it’s not something I would
recommend unless it’s been significantly overhauled since the last time I use it. I wouldn’t recommend
sending it direct to a money site for sure. And probably not to a GMB page either. If
you send that stuff through referral sources like Facebook and Twitter and stuff like that,
and that’s different, that can still have a little bit of an effect, but it’s still
very insignificant compared to how it used to be. So you know, I would I would recommend
that you, you would actually buy traffic, which you can do from Google ads and Bing
Ads and even Facebook ads where you can buy real traffic to engage with your primary website.
And even to the GMB if you wanted. You could Google you can actually buy traffic and clicks
to your GMB right in your GMB website, your maps URL, that kind of stuff. And that way
you’re buying real estate targeted traffic that’s going to count Google is not going
to count. It just kind of ignores it’s not that it’s going to be you know, toxic, but
it kind of ignores these search and click bots or CT spam bots, what I call these right
click through spam bots, because it understands that the algorithm can spot that stuff out
immediately. Right? It’s instant, it’s algorithmic. So I don’t recommend doing that. If you’re
going to be using those CT spam bots, then I would recommend that you do that through
like referral based sources and do it out at like, you know, tier three, two, tier two
or tier two, tier two tier one but not directly to your money site. Because honestly, I don’t
think that’s a I don’t I don’t think it’s wise to do that anymore. And in fact, I just
don’t think it gets counted at all, but I’m afraid that it could also raise red flags.
So I stopped doing that a long time ago, because you can buy real traffic for with from real
targeted audience for inexpensive, right? So yes, Google Search Ads. Hold on guys. Google
search ads are obviously expensive. Bing search ads are typically considerably cheaper. Plus
Facebook, which Hernan can speak about, but also YouTube ads, and you can also buy traffic
from display ads, you know, may not convert all that well, but it will still give you
more targeted and relevant traffic. So Hernan What do you say about Facebook? Unknown Speaker 20:18
Yeah, that’s actually a good point, Bradley, because I don’t I’m not, I don’t remember
how much you would end up paying for, for a, for a for a credit or whatever on crowd
search or these these type of search Unknown Speaker 20:35
traffic. Unknown Speaker 20:36
But um, you know, for a local area for a metropolitan area, you can get chip, you can get clicks
for maybe 10 cents a click, you know, real click, like a real actual person go into,
let’s say, a an article on your website, right from Facebook. And this will be local IPS,
because you can be as local as you want in there. So the these will be local IPS, that
are going through Facebook, right, which is a completely 100% valid source, or you can
send them to your tier tier one links, right, GMB or whatever. And this will be the local
IPS local people going from mobile, going from desktop like actually behaving like a
real human being word, right? Because they are real human beings. And they can be really,
really cheap. So you can spend like five bucks a day, or three bucks a day on a landing page
for you type of campaign on Facebook. And you know, you can actually get traffic initially
right off the bat, to your client or to your to your own assets while you wait for SEO
to kick in. And so I think that i think that’s, you know, combining the the immediacy and
the speed of PPC with you know, the longevity of, of SEO, I think it’s the best of both
worlds. And it doesn’t have to be spanked, expensive, you know, just take a little bit
of the top, or whatever the time is paying you and invest that back into Google PPC,
or even Google Unknown Speaker 22:08
tough to call or paper call, Unknown Speaker 22:09
or you know, that type of stuff that will give the your your client traction off the
bat. Or you can do Facebook lead ads, which are working really well right now. And it
will give your plan attraction off the bat, which will buy you time to do the SEO with
peace of mind, you know? Unknown Speaker 22:28
Yeah. Anybody else want to comment on that? Okay, I Unknown Speaker 22:36
thought Margo would jump in, but he looks muted again. So I’m going to move on. So yeah,
as far as a, I don’t recommend using crowd search or any spam bots. But guys, honestly,
for tier four, your primary asset, your digital asset, I wouldn’t do that. You know, again,
you can use it to push out a like tier three to tier two, that kind of stuff. But I really
don’t recommend you going direct to your money site. With that we stopped suggest that many
well at least two years ago, if not longer. For that reason. So you’re better off just
buying real, real traffic. And you can do that it’s inexpensive, there several different
options, you can combine options, too. So all right fences up, he says Good day, gents.
Thanks for this form to get real world answers that work. I’m confused. How do you point
a Google Sheet to another property, I have a syndication network and I want to put in
a Google Sheet then point it to either the business site or to a G site, but not sure
how to point it well. Remember, when we say point, we just mean add links within the sheet.
Right? It can be anchor text links, or just naked URLs, and make them hyperlink to the
property that you want to push to. And now your sheet becomes a, you know, a tear or
a link, right that you can then do additional stuff to, as far as point you know, to point
to a business site, for example, dot business I site, which would be a GMB website, you
would just point you know, put links within the the Google Sheet to that business site.
But for G site, you can either put a link directly to it, but you could also embed it,
which is you know, kind of like GRYS, Dr. Stack stuff, right, you could embed it in
the G site. So there’s multiple ways to do it. But typically, you’re going to link to
it. But you know, you can, you can do embeds by, you know, embedding the actual sheet in
various web properties. But you can also put links within the sheet to the properties that
you’re trying to push power to and both of those or do both, really, you know, embed
it and put links within the sheet because now you create that picture and picture that,
that double mirror effect, right? When you put two mirrors together and you look into
them, what happens it gets smaller and smaller and smaller, right and good. It’s almost like
a never ending tunnel. That’s what we do with the iframe stalking. And that’s, that’s how
you can handle that. Market. You want to comment on that? Unknown Speaker 24:58
No, that was that was perfect. Unknown Speaker 25:00
Okay. Anybody else? Unknown Speaker 25:03
Just asking guys. Alright, so next Gordon says, Hey, guys, your help on and Hump Day
is very, very much appreciated. I had previously asked a question about using a partial match
domain, like top top local plumber calm for a local Legion site. Thanks for your helpful
answer. I would like to better understand a couple of things. That one you said to stay
away from exact match domains. But since some people might search using the phrase top local
plumber, Google might consider an optimized domain. Might Google consider it an optimized
domain and raise a raise a red flag? First of all? No, not really. I mean, top local
plumber, yes, that that could be a you know, a, an exact match on a local level, in my
opinion would be or through my experience is it would be like, top local plumber plus
city now that would be more of an exact match domain, then then top local plumber, which
is more general, right? Because when we’re talking about especially on a local level,
and we’re talking about it exact match domain, we’re talking like I used to build sites with
exact match domains, because it worked incredibly well. Right. So for example, I would say,
you know, plumber, Fairfax, VA, com, or Fairfax plumber. com or something like that might
be what i what i targeted. But what I recommend is not doing that now talk local plumber that,
you know, that’s a partial match. domain name, in my opinion, even though some people may
search for it, it’s not the normal, like keyword type search that people are going to be targeting
for finding a plumber with local intent, you know, or trying to find a local plumber, excuse
me, because most of the time they’re going to enter in at least for desktop, they’re
going to enter in an actual location modifier. So just keep that in mind. I mean, yeah, top
local plumber, it’s, I could see how you would think of that as an exact match domain. But
I think of that as more of a partial match domain. Okay. Number two, if you have the
niche in the domain name as just mentioned, is it safe to optimize the URL for the for
inner city pages to contain the specific niche again, like for example, top local plumber
com slash Dallas dash plumber or top local plumber? Com? That’s Austin dash plumber?
Or would you be? Or would repeating the niche be a Google red flag trigger? Yeah, I wouldn’t
do that because you don’t want to have the the keyword repeat multiple times and the
URL if you can help it. So why not just use the slug for the city name instead? Right
You don’t need to add the that Dallas dash plumber, or Austin dash plumber, if its top
local plumber, plumbers already been declared in the domain, right? So I would just use
Dallas or or Austin, you know, set up the category you are the slugs that way. Right.
So the the URL itself, right you the category might be Dallas plumber, or Austin plumber,
right or might be categories or pages, but you can still optimize or edit the slug or
the URL, the perma link for that category to remove the plumber, right so that the name
of the slug or excuse me the page or the category in that case could still contain plumber.
But I would edit the URL to make it shorter more succinct and omit plumber so that you’re
not repeating it again and again. Because chances are, you’re going to end up having
it especially if those are categories or top level pages. If you’re going to be placing
any posts underneath of that right? Then you’d also probably end up repeating similar terms
in that slug, right for that for the post title or post perma link, for example. Or
if it’s a child page, for example, depending on how you structured your silo, right, whether
it’s a complex silo or simple silo. So just remember, I always Now guys, I always recommend
trying to keep your URL so short and succinct to the point as possible. And you don’t have
to repeat a bunch of keywords. In fact, I recommend against it. Unknown Speaker 28:55
Anybody else want to comment on that for moving on? Unknown Speaker 28:58
Yeah, I wanted to add something that you said that resonated real, you know, really big
with me the fact that you don’t need to, like Google right now is intelligent enough. Like
for instance, I don’t know search for local plumber in your area, or how to unplug a toilet,
whatever that is. And there’s a high chance that a website like BuzzFeed will come by,
right. And the reality is that they combine not because of how, like of course when they’re
when they’re when they’re writing an article, when they’re putting together an article on
their website. They’re aiming for each rank on Google, right. That’s why they will have
keywords, and LSA type of keywords on their headlines and on comment on the paragraphs
and whatnot. But they’re not as adamant as having it on, you know, at every step of the
of the of the article, like on the URL on the first on the headline on the h2 h3 like
bold, underline, you know, it, Alex, that type stuff, I think that Google is like much
more intelligent. And right now that it can understand that if your website is about plumbing,
and you have schema about the area that you want to rank about, and then you mentioned
it a couple times on the text naturally, I think that you have a high chance of ranking
for that keyword. And the reality is that people as Bradley was saying, people will
not be searching for plumber, Virginia, out of that query, there will be hundreds and
thousands of potential, you know, queries that people can come up with, right. And all
you need to do is to go into Google Search Console, and see all of the impressions that
your website God based on the queries that you’re ranking for. So there are millions
of variations, you know, so going after that and be more natural about the URL structure
and more natural about how people, you know, speak in the articles and whatnot. And then
using all of the other stuff that Bradley and Marco were mentioning, like, you know,
scheme on the website, and then maybe an RYS dag, or whatever that is, I think that will
help you rank. But you know, fake Google is like, I think it’s, you know, it’s machine
learning is advanced enough so that he will understand the topic about your your website,
without you having to expressly say it and put it in a way that’s unnatural, even in
the URLs, right, because nobody will type it, nobody will go in and type local plumber,
com forward slash Dallas forward slash best plumber in Dallas, right? Nobody will type
in that, like people will search for something and they might type in best plumber in Dallas.
com or something like something like that. So I think that maybe we need to go back and
relax yourself a little bit in terms of, you know, over optimizing the keywords over there.
So Unknown Speaker 31:48
yeah, I’ve I’ve made the comment that you don’t have to hit hit hit Google over the
head anymore, like you used to. Right? You know, in fact, if you do, you can trigger
a you can bring your your question quality score down for your your page or your ranking
score as good as Marco calls it. And it actually can hurt the entire site, not just the individual
page. Unknown Speaker 32:09
Yeah. And that that that that’s also provides a good point with it, which is like your site,
like a page of your website can rank for hundreds of keywords, right? So you don’t need to optimize
a page for a keyword, right? Because at the end of the day, nobody will be typing in that
exact keyword, like maybe some people will, but most people will search like all over
the place. So that same page, provided that your content is long enough that you added
enough, you know enough other side that you have schema and whatnot, will run for hundreds
of keywords, if not thousands, you know, so have that in mind. Unknown Speaker 32:50
Yeah, the problem with having the keyword in the URL multiple times is that you usually
end up over optimizing that that’s where you that’s, that’s that’s the entire problem.
Now it’s her Nan said, you can run a petition, but people aren’t really looking for the exact
thing that you think the person is looking for. But the main issue here is that then
on on on page, you have to be really careful about how you’re going to write how are you
going to approach this so that you don’t keep saying plumber, plumber, or a plumber, city,
city, plumber, plumber, city, city plumber, plumber, like we used to do back in the day.
That’s how we used to optimize, back in 2004 2005. It just repeated as many times as possible
until Google ranked it get as many links as possible until Google ranked it. It was that
simple. It’s not that simple anymore. Because of the over optimization issue where the where
you run into quality, right, Google will gauge user experience. And it’ll gauge the quality
of your page. And it’ll weigh that against all others. Now, here’s the caveat. If all
others are doing it, then by all means you have to do but and I think this runs into
the next question, sorry, you need to check and see what the company what the competition
is doing, and how they’re doing it so that you can decide what it is that you need to
do to top them. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 34:15
Yeah, there was actually we, I don’t know, do we still do core reports and NGYB? Marco,
used to provide that I think we do. Let me check. I’ll check and get back to you. Okay.
So Gordon, I’m going to start answering your question, because it’s still similar about
on page optimization. And Marco would correct me or chime in and Monday says, By the way,
for a multi city local Legion site, when using one inner page per city, do I understand correctly
that you should use each major keyword and an h tag or a heading tagged paragraph title?
And then optimize for all the other keywords you want to target throughout the content
and each of those city pages? And what is the maximum amount of age tags you can use
on a page before Google thinks or spam? Alright, so first of all, you know, you don’t you don’t
need to do that. Because as as Hernando said, the ranking the Google understands natural
language patterns now and can understand the intent of a page now and like the meaning
Believe it or not, like through artificial intelligence and rank brain and things like
that it can actually understand the meaning of a page. So where we used to optimize by
frequency of words or word phrases, right, it was that’s how we used to optimize it,
we would look at keyword density as it as a determination of how well a page was optimized
because Google would use Word frequency, like as as a as a way to determine how well or
what what a page was about, but it doesn’t do that anymore. At least not to agree to
at least not entirely, in fact, it will actually use Word frequency as an over optimization.
side, you know what I’m saying? Like, if you continually hit the same word, phrase, or
phrase, you know, phrase over and over and over again, and typically keywords or phrases,
right there keyword phrases, not singular words, then then then that can actually be
a negative thing, right? It can actually, like I said, lower the ranking score of the
page, and actually cause problems. So you don’t need to highlight all those in a bunch
of different age tags, the better way to write, and we’ve been doing this, and I’ve been doing
this, especially for years, it’s been is really to figure out what your top level terms are.
So the broadest of keywords that you want to rank for, and perhaps put those in a couple
of H tags, just the broadest of terms, and then you can work in the longer tail terms
into the actual content, right, and, and what and so so the broadest of terms, especially
if you can break it down into almost like categories within the page. Right. So we talked
about silo structure and creating pages that are optimized for keywords and things like
that. And in the years ago, you know, prior to one of the panda updates, one of the many,
we used to suggest that you would have a separate page or post optimized for a singular keyword.
And you would string those together into silo format, or, you know, silo structure that
would kind of all in with internal linking, and everything would push up and push link
equity and link juice and keyword seeming and all of that up through the siloed. To
help you rank the broader of terms, the more competitive terms. However, you know, many
years ago, I’d say 2014 timeframe, we found that was actually causing more problems. And
one of the better ways to do it now is optimize a longer content page that you can actually
break down, like individual keyword themes in a hierarchy, structure almost, that would
go into separate paragraphs or sections. And age tags Make sense? There, right? So because
those are heading tags, so it makes sense to break down a page into almost categories
of content, right. And if you’re going to use a longer form content, guys, that’s where
something like a table of contents Unknown Speaker 38:07
at the top of the page or you know, that that uses jump links could actually link down.
And that creates internal linking within the page within a singular page, right. And that’s
very, very powerful. But the idea here is to just pick your top level keywords that
you’re trying to optimize for. And if it’s if it’s for if it’s already being if a page
is going to be dedicated to a city page, a city, you don’t need to keep working the city
turn into all of those H tags. Now, you want to just focus on the topical keywords, or
the service keywords, right. But you know, if it’s for a plumber, for example, you’re
going to be talking about different services. So you don’t need to keep working, you know,
Water Heater Repair plus city and Drain Cleaning plus city and, you know, Emergency Plumbing
plus city and all of your H tags, because the page is going to be optimized for the
city anyways. So you can work on just now more natural language patterns and talk about
breaking the content down into sections that are specific to the different types of products
or services that you’re going to be promoting. And then use longer tail keywords Eva knows
just, you know, the the paragraph parts of those sections to kind of reinforce the theme
of that section, if that makes sense. And remember, if you’re going to use longer form
content, which is what we recommend, instead of creating multiple pages, within a particular
silo, each being optimized for one keyword, you can accomplish all this with one page
now. And then, you know, like I said, with a table of contents and jump links, it’s very,
very powerful. So Marco, what were you gonna say? Unknown Speaker 39:36
I was going to say that yes, we still have Cora. Okay. And it’s still in in MGYV cosa
just had their I posted the link on the page. And and as far as this, this is where Cora
comes in especially handy, because then you can go and see exactly what your top 10 competitors
are. But however many you want to insert what they’re doing to rank for that keyword, you’ll
have all of this correlation of data that you can apply to see if you can go or how
far that’ll take you towards taking on the competition, you’re still going to need either
entity, your entity has to be right, your own page has to be right. syndication network
for entity again, Dr. Stack press releases as long as the press releases don’t don’t
care. And honestly, guys, if you think that I mean go your way we use press releases,
like crazy. And then link building into all of that and embed runs with link building,
we link bill to everything and we stop at the DR cyclist g site. And then it all the
wave just carry through to wherever it’s intended, whether it’s a MGMB post, or the website,
and we’ll link below to that also. Or if we wanted to carry over to the to the money site.
We don’t build links to the money site, because we don’t need to, we don’t have to anymore.
But as far as getting there and like how many h1 tags are okay, generally it’s one. But
if your competition is ranking with three, then when in Rome do as the Romans do, you’re
going to have three h1, you’re going to exactly follow the patterns, so that so that you can
mimic the competition and Googlebot will take you into that competition and then start weighing
other factors to see how far up in this ranking chain you can go. There you go. Unknown Speaker 41:25
So Mama’s up, what’s up Mohamad long time, buddy. He says, Hey, guys, what’s the use
case of buying MGYV YouTube video embeds? Is it just so the videos can get organic views
by the embeds and the video will be ranked higher on YouTube? Well, it’s an SEO signal,
buying embeds and you can still brute force stuff, you know, with those SEO signals and
embeds. And I’ve talked about this in the past. And I think some people misinterpreted
what I was saying said, but what I what I prefer to do is running embed campaign at
the same time that I’m running an engagement campaign, right? Because just like you stated,
don’t get me wrong, guys, you still can just use flat out SEO signals and get results with
videos like you can hammer them with links, you can hammer them with embeds. And that’s
all you do. But my point is, is if you take a video, then you get 10,000 embeds for a
video. And the video has 36 views. You know, that’s clearly a signal that it’s being that
the embeds were done for SEO purposes, is it going to hurt the video? No, at least I’ve
never had an actual video penalize. I hear that some people have but I’ve actually never
had one penalize. But is it going to rank better it very well could with a with proper
relevancy being embedded in the right places, you know, done on age network and that kind
of stuff, it could still help. But I want it to be a more natural, or to look or appear
to be more natural. So whenever I do an embed campaign, first of all, I do a smaller embed
campaign on videos, for example, and then I’ll drive traffic in like views, I’ll increase
the view count and not with spam bots. Guys, I buy YouTube ads, which means I’m buying
real views from a real audience. Google knows the real because they’re real users, right.
And Google’s delivering my video as an ad to people and they’re going to, they’re going
to view it whether they like it or not, they’re still going to going to register as a view
from a targeted audience, a real audience. And so if I’m going to do a big embed cape
blast on a video, that I’m at the same time, I’m going to buy views, using Google ads for
video, right, and so that way, then that’s kind of a perfect storm. Now you’ve got the
now let’s say you get 10,000 beds, which I wouldn’t start with that I would start with
something smaller, like, you know, 5000 in beds or 2000 beds, but then I would set up
a video view campaign using in stream ads, see that the user can’t, you know, if you
use that video discovery ad and somebody has to click on it, in order for the viewer, to
for the video to start. And that would register as a view. But with an industry mad, it’s
going to play in in front of other videos, you know, you guys are all familiar with in
stream ads, right? The pre roll ads that play on YouTube. So people are going to be exposed
to and it’s going to count as a view regardless of whether they wanted to see it or not. So
you can buy targeted view. So I would start with something like, especially if I’m going
to do an embed campaign that’s not on a drip schedule. Let’s say I’m going to order 2000
beds. And it’s going to be done in a week or five days or something like that, then
I might do a $10 a day video ad campaign. So that I can get a lot of because views are
cheap guys, you can get views for you know, six or eight cents of you and sometimes even
a lot lower. So I would spend like $10 a day during that week that the embed campaign is
being completed so that I could get my view count up to thousands of views, the same time
that I’m getting thousands of embeds. Does that make sense? And that together is going
to help the video to rank so much better? Well, first of all, YouTube, yes, I don’t
find it hard to rank in YouTube, at least for most of the stuff that I’m targeting works,
I find it more a lot more difficult to right now for videos is in Google itself. But again,
that same that those same strategies will work for ranking and YouTube and ranking in
Google as well. It just seems like for Google, you need to have more of those signals, which
are again, engagement signal guys are probably one of the biggest ranking factors, if not
the well, they are the biggest ranking factor for YouTube. And we know that because we’ve
ranked videos on pure engagement signals without any Unknown Speaker 45:27
manipulate Unknown Speaker 45:28
SEO, you know, manipulated SEO signals. In other words, no manufactured any SEO signals.
Whenever you have a lot of engagement to a video, there will be natural SEO signals that
occur to the video such as people will share it comment like on it, share it via social
media link to it from sources, if it’s a you know, if it’s getting a shit ton of views,
like real engagement, like viral type engagement, there will be some natural SEO signals that
are going to accrue. But I’m talking about manufactured SEO signals. So I’ll let some
other people just jump in on this. But as far as the YouTube video embeds, yes, that
is that is an SEO signal that can help a video to rank both in YouTube and and Google. But
I always recommend that you implement that the same time that you’re also doing an engagement
campaign. And Mohammed, I know that you’re familiar with how to run YouTube ads, because
you’ve been in the mastermind, so anybody want to comment on that? Unknown Speaker 46:21
Yeah, here’s, here’s the thing about YouTube, it’s a 100% neural network, that means it’s
ai 24. Seven, right, there’s, there’s really the human interaction that takes place is
just they have human moderators going through and and seeing any of the red flags that the
neural networks put up. I haven’t, like I haven’t gone back and tested enough and YouTube
to see if there’s two or three separate neural networks that are that are active in, in,
in YouTube, which would, which means two or three separate algorithms at play in YouTube.
Now I personally, I love it, that it’s a neural network. Because that means that if you just
overpower the math, if you can figure out the math, and then overpower the math, then
it doesn’t matter how you’re doing, you just overpowering the math. And so you can take
it you can totally fake it with with with embed with embed runs, it just has to be done.
Right. Fortunately, we have a data with multiple embed network their ad with multiple embedded
works, they’re relevant. They’re relevant. This is echoing somebody needs to mute, Unknown Speaker 47:34
it was turned on, I got him. Alright. Unknown Speaker 47:37
So he’s, he’s built a network it we talked about this three, four years ago, we were
talking about how to build it out and set it up, how to link build to it, so that it
powers up. And so he he’s got millions of web $2 and places where he can embed, and
it’s all relevant. And it’s and it’s niche related. And he knows exactly how to link
build into it to push power along to your YouTube channel, to your YouTube video to
your playlist. wherever it is that you want to go. The packages were just added into mt
YB dot dot CEO. So if you’re going to take advantage of whether you want a Kickstarter
package, whether you want the medium kid or whether you want that that natural boost,
where you just really want to boost it up. Yeah, Daddy knows what he’s doing. Yeah. And
then that, that that what that does is it delivers it in reverse, if pushes it so that
you get the neural network to take notice. Rather than getting visits into it, to get
the neural network to take notice just two different ways of achieving the same purpose.
Yeah, I’m not I’m not saying that you don’t go by YouTube views, because you should, you
should get that that mix in there of real people acting like like real people, because
Google is going to follow that person, all the way through your you’re all the way through
to the final decision that the person makes, which is whether to buy or not give you information
or not, which is what you’re really looking for. If at the end, you’re not set up properly,
to close that person in whatever way it is that you set the goal, then you’re fucked
Anyway, you because you’re doing it wrong, if you’re not gonna, if they end up on that
page, and nobody finishes the whatever it is that you’ve set for it, whether it’s a
contact list, whether it’s click the call, whatever it is, then you’re done anyway. And
so if you do both, you do both so that you you send clear signals to whatever algorithms
and neural networks are at work within YouTube. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 49:48
Also, I just by the way, Mom, go into the our SEO tutorial script, the free Facebook
group and take a look at the post that video just recently posted about embeds. And he
was talking about I’m just doing GMBM beds. But he’s got you know, hard data there that
shows the you know how well the embeds do work. And I agree with Marco you can you can
do it one way or the other, which is what I was saying you can still brute force and
SEO like with SEO signals to get a video to rank. I just prefer to do a combination of
both at the same time, and that it seems to work really well. You know, so you can do
it both ways, though. All right. We got we’re running out of time. So I’m going to try to
roll to the next couple blazed eight. Okay, says just joined a syndication Academy to
Dotto and I was wondering if you can tell me the best way to go through the training.
The reason I asked that I was watching a video and Brad started talking about tier one, tier
two, and so on. And then I went back and said, Remember when we covered this while showing
images of web rings? Now I don’t remember this because I didn’t see those videos. So
there must be in order to watch the training. So it makes sense. Any month. Any advice is
much appreciated. Thanks. Yeah. So, you know, I would recommend going through the training
modules first. There’s the one, like I would go through the way and I should have logged
into the middle Unknown Speaker 51:00
Shut up. Actually, if you want me to share my screen. Unknown Speaker 51:02
Yeah, please. Unknown Speaker 51:04
Um, let’s see, I cannot start screen share while the other participant is sharing. Unknown Speaker 51:08
Well, let me stop my screen share then. Unknown Speaker 51:11
The program. Unknown Speaker 51:12
Okay, go ahead, man. I’m gonna Unknown Speaker 51:14
All right. I’ll let you talk through it. But it’s specifically down towards the bottom,
but I’ll just kind of go through it if you want. Do you want to talk through it? Or I
can? Unknown Speaker 51:23
Yeah, well, also. Yeah, man, go. No, you go ahead and talk to it since you’ve got it open. Unknown Speaker 51:29
Yeah, no worries. I mean, just to go quickly, obviously, I forgot whoever was asking the
question. But and this is what you’ll see. And if you know, if you’re not a member of
syndication Academy, this is what it looks like behind the scenes, for part of the training
at least. And then we have the private community on top of that, but Home tab, here is what
you’ll see when you log in, just start at the top and work your way down here. Because
as you know, we add syndication Academy as we updated version 2.0. We, as we’ve added,
we added instructions in here about what to do. So of course, you want to watch some of
the intro about the user interface updates, how to join the Facebook group. And then in
here, we have, you know, please follow the training in order to note that the updates
module is where any updates will be posted. And if this is your first time inside, you
might want to watch those first, and then go through the rest of the training, just
so you’re aware of any changes that have happened. And that it would be over here, when you go
into the training, you can see that there’s the updates, and then you have the normal
remainder of all of this training along with the bonuses. Unknown Speaker 52:32
Yeah, and so if you just want to click into go up real quick and click on the update section,
you’ll see that there was updates through there, guys, and the dates are in there, and
that kind of stuff. And also, if you go back through to the the actual main core modules
to whenever there was an update that was recorded about a specific, you know, property, for
example, and like this, set up the accounts or anything like that, anytime there was an
update that was discussed in a webinar, then that part of the update was cut out, and then
actually put into the proper place in the training modules as well. And, you know, we
tried to be stay on top of that. So again, I totally agree, go through the updates and
watch them because it will then then go through the regular training on a case by case basis,
or excuse me, the regular modules. And that way, you’ll be familiar with certain parts
that if you if you get to it, it doesn’t look the same or it’s not jiving with when you’re
when you’re doing your build out. If it’s not jiving with what you’re seeing in the
video, you’ll know that that was probably already covered in an update. And again, if
the update section for that wasn’t actually added into the training modules right next
to it above or below it, then it will be in the update section. So all you gotta do is
check that often as you go through the regular training modules. If you come across something
that just doesn’t look right, just go to check the training the updates module, and just
scroll through the titles, you’ll see I tried to clearly identifying the titles with the
update was about so that it made it easy for that. So remember, there’s a lot of moving
parts to a syndication network, which is why we recommend that you buy them from us from
the from our store, because it’s a lot of work. And you’ll see that when you’re going
through all the training, but I perfectly, you know, encourage you to go through the
training and understand how to build the networks and all of that anyways. And, you know, there’s
a lot of parts to it. So that’s why there’s a lot of updates to Okay, Unknown Speaker 54:24
can I can I add something real quick is that I’ve been through a lot of digital trainings,
and I’m not going to say that Bradley’s is one of the most organized type of training
that you could possibly find online. But it is like no kidding, this training is set up
specifically so that you could get a completely untrained virtual assistant from whatever
in the world. And by the end of it, you will have a full on Super proficient syndication
network builder. And that that goes to that goes to show you the level of detail and the
level of I would say organization that Bradley puts into every piece of training that he
puts out. And, you know, I I personally think I’m a big fan of Bradley training, being his
partner because the level of organization that it has its second to none, and I’ve done
a lot of training digital training specifically during, you know, my my lifetime and and my
career as a as a digital marketer. So, you know, it’s there. It’s there, believe me. Unknown Speaker 55:35
Awesome. Thanks, man. Alright, guys, we’re gonna I’m gonna answer two more questions.
So Tommy’s, and then Kyle’s, and we’re going to wrap it up, because I’ve got to leave here,
right at five just about so we’re gonna try to roll through these rather quickly. Tommy
says if I write one blog post per week, and buy one press release from NGYB to point at
each blog post and do this ongoing monthly for my client, how often should I buy the
web to auto blast to power up all of these when it comes to time to submit my new posts?
For this follow up blast to I also include all the original blog posts in my order that
were hit with the first web to Dotto blast, so they get hit a second time. Okay. So first
of all, I wouldn’t recommend that you are you submit your blog post URLs for the link
building, you would want to submit the press release URLs, right. And if you go back to
the it’s in syndication Academy, we just showed the syndication candidate Academy dashboard.
Hopefully you guys were seeing Adam screen, I don’t know if I had unlocked the video for
my site or not. But um, it also in the MGYB store, I think the last one that we did, if
you go to MGYV, dot CEO slash store slash webinar, which we need to link to that in
the header, guys, if it’s not in the navigation bar of the MDYB. Store. The last webinar that
we did was on PR stacking, PR press release SEO and PR stalking, you can’t find it there,
just go to our YouTube channel, go to the Semantic Mastery YouTube channel and type
it or you can just go to Google or our YouTube and just go to regular search and type in
press release SEO and PR stalking, you’ll find our video, it’s right there, you know,
one of the top few videos. So click on that and watch it. And it’ll tell you exactly how
to stack PR is press releases using that silo strategy that we’re that I was talking about.
And in that, if that’s the case, you don’t need to constantly add new, you know that
you can continue building depth to the silo and that’s perfectly fine. But when you work
when you do add bio, purchase a link building package to power up the press releases, you
don’t have to keep link building to the the press releases that have already had PR or
excuse me links built to them. Because if you’re doing the linking strategy, linking
together correctly stalking through a silo fashion, then it’s all going to flow through
anyways. So it’s not necessarily it’s not necessary to do that. So I would rather do
more frequent smaller link building packages to like, let’s say you did it every other
month. Let’s say you were doing bi weekly press releases blog posts, plus press releases,
right? So yeah, be two per month, let’s just use that as an example. Then I would I would
rather do every two months, order a link building package to the four press releases that have
been published in those two months. And then two months later, order another smaller link
package to the next for press releases. And if you chain them all together properly, it’s
all going to flow to where you want it to flow anyways, which is exactly what we’ve
been teaching. Okay. Unknown Speaker 58:34
So, and that, Bradley, just for the record, we do have a link on the MQIB. co page to
the latest webinar. And on the webinar page. There’s a link to the previous webinars. So
everything is available. Unknown Speaker 58:49
Beautiful. Okay, good. Thank you. And like I said, Guys, if you ever missing anything
like that, you can always go to our YouTube channel because it’s live on our channel too.
So I said the last one guys, and then we got to wrap it up with Kyle says. love your show,
guys. And super appreciate you do this every week. And you’re welcome. Cali says my questions
when it comes to internal linking silos? Do you recommend to a linking up and down the
tiers of the silo example tier one pages link up to the main page? And the main page also
links back down to the tier one pages etc? Or do you recommend only linking up the silo
also? Yes, so first of all, because we’re at a time, Unknown Speaker 59:25
so for us to that please don’t give my Unknown Speaker 59:28
methodology ally understand. I’m just going to say link up like that. That’s that’s the
better way to do it. I would not be linking, you know, through, in and out because it does,
it doesn’t seem natural that way, in my opinion. And, you know, we’ve talked a lot about this
in the mastermind, especially recently. And Marco went over this in great detail, but
the short answer is linked up. Okay. Second, the second part of this question is also if
you have multiple silos, do you recommend keeping the internal linking separate between
silos? Yes, absolutely. Now, four users per for visitors and for navigational purposes,
right, it makes sense sometimes to link to from one silo to another, but just nofollow
those links, guys, doesn’t mean you can’t link between silos, just make sure that you’re
stopping the flow of PageRank. Right. So how do you do that with a nofollow link. So you
know, we prefer not linking between silos where possible, but sometimes it makes sense
to do so. And we don’t want to restrict visitors, you know, the the the flow or behavior flow
of a visitor where it makes sense to direct into other pages, for example, in a silo for
like, service paid like service. businesses and such, a lot of times there’ll be a Contact
Us link that will link to a Contact Us page, which is not part of the silo, doesn’t mean
you can’t use a Contact Us link in your in your articles or your supporting posts or
whatever is any part of the siloed just means no, follow it. Right. So that you’re not passing
you’re not bleeding, the theme of your silo. Does that make sense? So you can link between
silos guys, you just make sure that you know, following those links, okay. All right. I
think we’re done. Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
All right. You want more join the mastermind? Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
More or less moral of that story. All right, everybody. Thanks for being here. We will
see you guys next week. We do have a mastermind webinar tomorrow. So I will see you guys there
for that as well. Thanks, guys. Bye, Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
guys. Transcribed by

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