Digital Marketing QA – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 250
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Digital Marketing QA – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 250

Unknown Speaker 0:01
Probably now. All right, well, assuming that we’re actually live because it says we’re
live Welcome to Hump Day hangouts today is the 21st of August 2019. And we have got the
full crew here we’ve got her on on video which you know rarely happens normally he’s robbing
banks and so he has to work just guys are not show his video, but today we’ve been blessed.
He’s not robbing banks. So thank you for non for being here with us. Do they always come
on medium? Have they hang out? You know why I came on media today because they want to
show this. What do you got there? This is a powerful coin. They’re rare. They’re extremely
rare. Just a handful of people have it, specifically this one. And so as you can see, it says powerful.
So it’s a powerful coin and we got one. I got one, a buffalo buffalo 2018 and they’re
rumors that they might be a new set of these powerful live 2019. So I’m just Unknown Speaker 1:00
Going because of the coin you know it’s just a gift just to cut the check so so anyways
yeah I’m really excited about that we have some good stuff coming up so if you want to
hang out with the Semantic Mastery crew learn a shit ton of new stuff to grow your business
make awesome connections and then have a good time and then maybe have a coin like this
one but not this one like another one just come to powerful live 2019 is going to be
pretty cool. I have to agree with her now I couldn’t have said it better yeah you’ll
get a coin and it will be there is I can confirm a coin this year and it will be unique so
definitely show up like her Don’s doing it if it’s just for the coin that’s cool but
hopefully you’re there for everything else. Unknown Speaker 1:39
Um Let’s go down the line real quick Bradley you’re next on my screen How you doing? I’m
hoping that I don’t get knocked offline again fucking storm so Unknown Speaker 1:49
let me know it take a day off you don’t have to make up whether stuff you can just say
it right? Yeah, I think I missed one Hump Day hang out or two to one was Unknown Speaker 2:00
scheduled off and the other one I missed. You guys covered it for me in what? 250 episodes
now? Yeah, about that. That’s crazy, man. So, no, I’m not lying. There’s really a storm
out there. Deal. Well, we got everyone here. Let’s keep moving on Chris Are you there?
Yeah, of course. Hey, how you doing? You doing good? Cool. All right just gonna keep moving
Marco you there? Unknown Speaker 2:26
I’m incognito. Unknown Speaker 2:30
Marco we got something coming up next week, right? Yeah, but it doesn’t work. Unknown Speaker 2:35
Yeah. So we should have actually I might go and edit the webinar, which is what we’re
hinting at or I was to be you know, you’ll learn how to find out what’s not working. Unknown Speaker 2:46
Let’s grab the logo, let’s scratch it, you know, like scratch it like that. That doesn’t
work like doesn’t work. Unknown Speaker 2:53
Like I said, even if it did work, Google could shut it down at any time that you know how
many times we’ve heard that over the last four years. Unknown Speaker 3:01
Well, assuming it doesn’t work and people, but people still want to show up. What’s it?
What are we going to be talking about Marco? Oh, well, hello, ranking Google using Google. Unknown Speaker 3:13
It’s the whole basis the whole principle. The whole theory when it when it first started
was that it would be much easier. Unknown Speaker 3:21
And I don’t know four years later, will show Wednesday because we just had an awesome case
study posted in the Semantic Mastery mastermind we finally went after something e commerce
right. So well, this is local, this is local. This is local, we took on. I mean, I showed
what Lowes, Walmart, Amazon, you name it all. All the all the big boys. We took them on
and getting results and you can’t get any better than I did. As they always say proof
is in the pudding. Right? Show me. Don’t tell me Well, I’m going to show you the dress that
people can talk. But I’m going to show you and so that’s next Wednesday. Unknown Speaker 4:00
One hour before Hump Day Hangouts. So make sure you make sure you tune in early on next
week on Wednesday, to hear mark will talk shit and to see what’s not working. Definitely
highly encourage you, everyone be there. Just like Marco said with the live case study ongoing.
We’ll be talking about that a whole lot more. And if you’re not, or if you’re watching right
now and you’re not on the Semantic Mastery email list, head over to the website or if
you’re watching on the page, sign up, you’ll get an email invitation to the webinar we’re
talking about as well as some other great stuff. So real quick, before we jump into
the questions I wanted to say to if you’re watching for the first time, thanks for joining
us, you can always come here. This will be where the newest latest greatest upcoming
Hump Day hangouts will be. And that’s at Semantic Mastery. com slash HD questions. All right,
and then the next step after that is to grab the battle plan. You can find it on the sidebar
somewhere where you’re looking at it or if you’re watching the replay on YouTube, you
can find the link down below. That’s the best place to get started. You can Unknown Speaker 5:00
Looking for repeatable results. And if you’re looking to take things up another notch or
two you’re starting or you’re wanting to grow your digital marketing agency you want to
join an experienced community you want access faster access to real world info, then the
mastermind is probably the place for you to be find out more about that at mastermind
dot Semantic Mastery calm and wherever you are in that area of those groups. MGYV dot
CEO is where you can get your done for you services. get hooked up with your syndication
networks, you’re always dr stacks, press releases, link building embeds and a ton more coming.
To be honest, if you haven’t been over there in a while. Go check it out at MGYBMTYV dot
CEO, Rob and team have been busy adding some services making some updates so go and check
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Let us know what you like and what you’d like more up Unknown Speaker 6:00
Don’t we have some new Unknown Speaker 6:03
Am I allowed to talk about the new packages coming out in MGYB Thank you kit well yeah
we could say it’s potentially because if it doesn’t happen we don’t want people to be
depending on him but we’re we’re working on them will say and hopefully they come out
so yeah I want to talk about that brother well we’ve got some new packages coming out
soon very soon with that will make it a lot easier for you guys to place orders because
it’s kind of like bundle pet services Unknown Speaker 6:30
depending on competition levels like different you know, we’ve kind of a Rob is put that
into the link building packages and embed packages now which is great because it makes
it easier instead of you guys trying to have to figure out what’s best or have to contact
support to figure out which configurations are best depending on your competition levels
and stuff that’s going to be suggested right within the sales or the order page excuse
me, so it just be on the lookout for that we’ve got three new services new packaged
services bundles essentially coming with Unknown Speaker 7:00
In the next week or so, Unknown Speaker 7:02
standing by guys, that’s all we got right now. Anybody got anything you want to toss
him before we hop into questions? Unknown Speaker 7:10
All right, well, last thing I will say to, like Tom was talking about with pokey live,
if you haven’t grabbed your tickets can be in Denver, October 11 to 13th. Just go to
pokey Grab it there. And I encourage you to grab a VIP ticket. It’s a great way
to get an extra day of the event we spend a day right before we start with everybody
and we go out to an event, have some drinks out some food. And it’s nice to get to know
everyone beforehand and then roll into the event you already know everyone, it’s a little
bit easier. And just a lot of fun here at TS plus one. When some of us drink we tend
to get a little bit loose with information. So Unknown Speaker 7:45
I don’t know where my face and Bradley’s is for everyone else. But like yeah, that’s all
right. I guess it’s just one at a time. So yeah, talk to Bradley get all the secrets
you’ve ever wanted. Unknown Speaker 7:54
All right. If we can jump into it. We got a lot of good questions already. So let’s
do it. Grab the screen. Unknown Speaker 8:00
Then Unknown Speaker 8:05
you guys confirm that you see my screen? Yeah, we can see it. Okay. I don’t know if I can.
Does it lock on me when I’m sharing the screen? Do you know? Does anybody know? It does actually
Yeah, it does. Okay, good. Unknown Speaker 8:18
Alright, cool. So let’s get into these. Let’s see, the first one looks like it’s going to
be this one says what’s the best way to make a right NAP on citations for a service area
business considering that this kind of business can have multiple zip codes since he or the
business provides service Unknown Speaker 8:37
for an entire city? Unknown Speaker 8:39
Well, the citations you’re supposed to use whatever the physical location of the businesses,
that’s the address, the name, address, phone number, that’s what a citation is, right?
And a P stands for name, address, phone number. So you list in your citations, the actual
physical location of the business regardless of the service area. Doesn’t matter what your
service area, it doesn’t matter. If you just Unknown Speaker 9:00
Service, eight zip codes, you’re going to put the zip code of where the business is
physically located. And it’s absolutely critical that you have consistency across everywhere
that your nav is published. Its data consistency. And it’s really, really important with citations.
So I know what the Google DMV site if it’s a service area business or GMB profile page,
whatever you typically want to hide or not show not display the actual physical location.
So it basically just hides the street address, but it will still show the city and you know,
where the where the business is located. But force most citation directories or even Unknown Speaker 9:41
non business directories, but places where you’re going to publish the name, address
and phone number a mention of the business which is still considered a citation, you’re
going to want to make sure that you have as much of the data you know like a lot of a
lot of business directories are going to require you to have the full street address anyways
regardless of whether you hide it or not. Unknown Speaker 10:00
UNGMV and so what’s important is that you make sure that you’re consistent wherever
it’s published. In some cases, we’ve talked about, you know, being able to not show the
street address in other places that it’s published. For example, if you’re going to publish a
press release, you could choose not to list the full street address and just do the business
name, city state zip, instead of the street address, city state zip. But again, most business
directories if you’re specifically talking about traditional citations, if you’re going
to be Unknown Speaker 10:31
publishing business directory listings, they’re going to most of them are going to require
a full street address. Unknown Speaker 10:38
Good question. Just to reiterate, a citation is any mention of any of the three points
right in, Unknown Speaker 10:48
in the business which is the name, address, and phone number to any of those three, can
be a citation. It has nothing to do with other zip codes or service. Unknown Speaker 11:00
or anything else other than the zip code where the business resides? Because that’s what
the citation is referring to where the business is the name of the business and the phone
number. That’s a citation. Unknown Speaker 11:12
Sweet. Okay, um, here’s another good one says, Hey guys, I have about five or six Google
accounts that I access from the same computer. Some are more personal, but there are two
that I would like to do more SEO on for business. Should I be thinking about a VPN or proxy
to prevent any sort of footprint from one IP address know what you mean that, you know,
that’s one thing you can do. But we that’s not even really the most important thing anymore.
The most important thing is for each one of those profiles, Google profiles, accounts
essentially, to start accruing and building its own history. And one of the ways you can
do that is use something like browse eo or ghost browser. Unknown Speaker 11:52
I think we have actually linked either one of those Semantic slash browse
EOB ROW SEO or the other one is just ghost browser Semantic Mastery. Unknown Speaker 12:00
dot com slash ghosts browser I know, those are what we’ve called or I’ve called browser
keeper apps. I don’t know if that’s the proper name, but it’s what I’ve always called them.
And what that essentially does is allows whenever you log whenever you go into an account, it’s
basically keeps the session logged in. Right? So it’s an app that keeps your session logged
into that browser for that particular account or profile. And what happens then is you start
to accrue a history. And what’s what’s odd about using like a VPN or proxy, which is
what we used to do years ago, was we would have to switch accounts like every time we
would switch accounts, we would do a browser, clear cache and cookies essentially. And then
we would maybe run see cleaner, for example, which would do a deep clean of cookies and
clean like zombie cookies and things like that. But and then we would log in, but that’s
really odd now, because how many people are logged into a Google account and then log
out from a single device and then log into a different account? It’s very rare. And so
that actually throws up red flags. Your best bet is to use a browser Unknown Speaker 13:00
app, I think goes browsers probably the most popular right now that I’m aware of. And just
set up a profile for each one of your, you know, Google accounts, essentially. And then
each one of those will maintain its browsing session for no matter what it is that you
do unless you unless you, you know, purposefully clean it. Anybody want to comment on that? Unknown Speaker 13:23
Good. Okay. Moving on. Fitz is up next. He says Good day, gents. Thanks for offering
this form to help us. My question is how do you guys create images for posting to GM bees?
If you’re posting for two times per day? That’s a lot of images. How can that be done cost
effectively and efficiently? What would that cost approximately? Thanks. Um, well, it you
know, I don’t know what it costs depend. It depends on how you know how you’re handling
it. My VA is my blogging VA is we don’t have any accounts that we post four to five times
two per day, four to five times per week. Yeah, sometimes seven some some cases 10 times
a week, which would be twice per Unknown Speaker 14:00
Day Monday through Friday, but my VA is typically use a combination of customer or business
provided photos, right. So for most of my clients, I have a shared Google Photos album
that they or staff members of their business deposit photos into, that my VA has access
to. or we use so it’s a combination of customer provided photos or you know, you know, client
provided photos, Unknown Speaker 14:29
stock photos, which we don’t particularly like to use, but sometimes we still use them
anyways. And also grabbing images from YouTube. We’ve talked about that many times. So find
YouTube videos that are have you know, relevant scenes or images for whatever business it
is that you’re promoting. And use make sure that your select high resolution of the video
player and just pause the video take a screenshot of a YouTube video and like an image from
the YouTube video. That tends to work well because you can get topically relevant Unknown Speaker 15:00
images that are unique because they’re not, you know, those are going to be unique. Very,
it’s very unlikely that any of those have ever been used anywhere else on the web. And
it for geographically or you know, geo relevancy, you can take screenshot images of like, known,
you know, landmarks and stuff around the business from maybe Google Street View or maps and
stuff like that. Just got to be careful that you don’t have the Google watermarks in them.
Because that could be you could get in trouble for Google for that. Anybody else want to
comment on that? But I showed in local GMB pro training how to get unlimited local images.
Yep. And how to get rid of the how to avoid the watermark that that’s all it’s all in
the training. Unknown Speaker 15:39
There you go. Unknown Speaker 15:41
So as far as what does that cost approximately? Unknown Speaker 15:44
You know, again, my VA is just do everything on a pay. Most I’ve got one VA that I pay
hourly, but the other for blogging, but my other VA is they they discharged on a pay
per post basis. So it’s just you know, wrapped right into the service. It’s up to them. The
general Unknown Speaker 16:00
Right The to get the images or generate the images. In the case of stock images, I fund
an account or my clients one and account depending on what the agreement is with my clients,
like, you know, so some clients have funded account my VA is have access to that other
clients, I actually, it’s just wrapped into the monthly retainer, so I actually fund it,
but it’s not very expensive, you know, depends on how what kind of arrangement you have with
your VA. Right? It’s very cost effective guys content marketing is one of my primary sources
of revenue for my agency because I pay a va a set amount and I mark it up usually at least
100% if not 150%. So you know, I’m making money off of basically just providing them
with the tools and the knowledge of how to do it. And and it’s great because it’s just
money, its revenue on autopilot, so Unknown Speaker 16:53
Okay, if it says having a good day, send a send a quick donation to Marco’s charity having
not so good a day client or Unknown Speaker 17:00
Something driving you nuts. Get back at them and send a small donation. Okay, that’s cool
fits. I think Marco would appreciate it. Yeah, thanks a lot for I really appreciate it. We’re
always needing money, though. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 17:14
Gordon’s up, he says, Hey guys, thank you very much again for the great help you provide
on hump days. If you order an RYS Drive stack from the MGYB. Store and have it targeted
to a client’s web property. For example. Unknown Speaker 17:26
For example, the GMB listing, can you turn it off? And for later date if the client stops
paying you? And if so, is that something that average consultant consultant can easily do?
And if so, how much would MGY be charged to do it? Yeah, it’s actually really simple to
do. Because if you’re, you’re the ones going to be managing it for them anyways. And all
you have to do is either go in and delete the drive stack entirely. Do you have access
to the Google account, right? Unknown Speaker 17:52
The driving because we you know, when you buy a drive stack from us, we’re going to
create a new Google account, then build everything in there and then we’ll share it with you
for Unknown Speaker 18:00
And you can take ownership of it or do whatever you want to do. But the the Google account
that we create, when we create the DR stack that that’s going to be the the original owner
of the Dr. Stack anyway, so all you gotta do is log in there and just delete it as the
owner, right? If you want or just turn it set it to private again to where nobody has
access, only you are the owner has access. However, we do know that. Unknown Speaker 18:24
Now I market might be able to comment on this, if you turn something not to public, but to
anybody can view that has the link, you can still pass juice through that even though
it’s not publicly available on the web. But Marco if you turn it to private to where only
people that have the or if you if you set it to private to where only specific permissions
can be given to you know, very specific people. Does that stop passing juice or will it still
pass juice? I haven’t tested that. I can’t ask for that. But I Unknown Speaker 18:55
just said it’s a private sense. You’re going to be doing a whole lot of work through that. Unknown Speaker 19:00
And then you go in and and you just turn it to whatever else you want another client,
something personal, you just have to edit it right in that in that niche in that category,
whatever it is that you’re targeting. So don’t just set it to private while you go in and
you edit the content. What I would recommend is eliminate the D site altogether and then
build a new one with the old dr site that’s been edited. Unknown Speaker 19:28
There you go. And that’s something that we may be able to do in the future. I know Mark
has been working on that, being able to go in and edit Dr. stacks and add stuff to them
after they’ve been the initial ones been built. But that’s not available yet. You guys will
know about it when it is. Alright. Unknown Speaker 19:47
Next question. He says By the way, you mentioned previously that we can create a GSB post with
a video embedded in it and then use that URL post to run an MGYB embed job but will that
provide any significant ranking power to the GMB the Unknown Speaker 20:00
Or just the post itself? Thanks again. Unknown Speaker 20:06
I’ve not done any of that Marco might maybe marker you can comment on that I’ve not done
an embed gig for an MGYB video post. or excuse me for excuse me a GMB video post. I have
no idea if that would do anything or not. Marco, can you comment? Unknown Speaker 20:24
Hello. You’re muted. Unknown Speaker 20:28
Yeah, sorry about that. So you do an embed run? Unknown Speaker 20:32
Well, that provide Yeah, it’s an iframe. It’s an iframe of the post that that has an inner
page on the GMB. So of course, it’s going to pass power to everything. Unknown Speaker 20:45
Okay, yeah, I mean, again, I haven’t tested any of that. That’s why I couldn’t comment
on that. Unknown Speaker 20:50
I know the embed gigs that we’ve got running in Amherst and MGYB. Right now are working
crazy good. In fact, that’s what the case study that daddy have posted on our mastermind Unknown Speaker 21:00
Today was about specifically about a combination of our services but the embeds being a big
component of that. And, and it’s working really well it’s working well for GMB mapping beds.
It works well for video embeds it’s just it’s it’s you can do you know you can you can iframe
pretty much anything so there’s a lot of things that we can use the embed service for right
now that are super powerful. So Unknown Speaker 21:24
yeah, I wanted to add something real quick so that we don’t forget I don’t forget before
I forget, as you say that if you like what you’re hearing if you like all of these back
and forth between Marco and Bradley and the people within the mastermind, you should really
consider joining the mastermind. There’s a lot of high level technical SEO people in
their their souls a lot of business owners right now that are crushing it with all of
this stuff that we cannot share publicly. So I would recommend that if you if you love
what these guys are saying Come join us because you can have a lot more of that so Unknown Speaker 21:59
gold star for Unknown Speaker 22:00
Turn on again. Unknown Speaker 22:02
It’s a good Good, good plug for us, buddy. Thank you. Unknown Speaker 22:06
Alright, so the next one is I already have some syndication setup using IFTTT and my
blogs, RSS feed to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. If I order a single tier syndication network,
will that require modification to my existing syndication? Or would Semantic Mastery just
create a new network from scratch? Thanks. Yeah, typically, we’re going to just create
a new one from scratch, which it’s okay. We’re not because remember, we’re not going to create
a Facebook page for you. We don’t do that. For a Facebook profile, we just we don’t we
don’t do that. Twitter. Yeah, we can create we would we would create a Twitter account
typically an A new Tumblr account, and it’s okay to have more than one Tumblr or Twitter.
I don’t I’m not so much of a Twitter user. It’s part of the networks but I don’t know
maybe somebody else can comment on if it’s okay to have multiple Twitter accounts for
the same brand. But you can have more than one Tumblr blog or more than one WordPress
blog in a syndication network for brand Unknown Speaker 23:00
The goal is not to create a whole bunch of them because that’s very spammy. But it’s
okay to have, you know, an additional one or two, it’s not going to hurt us, you know,
especially blog properties, it’s really not going to hurt you just don’t want to. What
I recommend not doing is creating multiple syndication networks full on networks, for
one particular brands were the only content that’s ever published to them, is the content
that’s republished, repost it syndicated from a blog, the money site blog, and that’s because
that leaves a footprint, which is clearly used from an IP, you know, search manipulation.
But as far as, you know, if you just have a couple of syndication points like Facebook,
which we’re not going to touch anyways, Twitter and Tumblr. I don’t think that would be an
issue. Can anybody comment on the Twitter part of it? Unknown Speaker 23:46
I don’t think so. Either, unless you’re pushing really, really hard on getting those index,
but it’s really hard to index a tweet, right? So I don’t think it will be it will be that
big of a deal. Unknown Speaker 24:00
We have we have experience sending people through T dot CEO, which is Twitter, you know
shortener through GO the GL. And all that sorts of shenanigans, which we had. And you
know, it did move the needle. So I don’t think it would be any issues doing that. I wouldn’t,
I would still keep it like natural as natural as possible. Yeah. Well, usually you don’t
have usually like any company out there. If you think about it, any company or business
unless they’re opening Twitter accounts or Twitter profiles for different branches, they
don’t have like a lot of Twitter profiles, they have like just one main Twitter profile,
and then they seem to get out of that. So I would follow that route. Yeah. And also
keep in mind, if it’s a Twitter account, if you’ve already got a Twitter account that
you know, you actually really engage with the company and the brand does or whatever
that actually engages with, you know, has followers and that kind of stuff and it’s
being really used. Then if you have another one that’s created as part of the network,
when you buy it from us, it’s not a big deal because it’ll basically be standing Unknown Speaker 25:00
Anyways, until it gets, you know, a lot of engagement. And if you’re not actively using
it other than just posting tweets to it, it’s probably not going to affect anything. But
that said, just contact support and say you’ve already got your own Twitter account. Again,
Tumblr, I wouldn’t care about having a second Tumblr, but Twitter, if you want to just contact
support and say, Look, I’ve already got my own Twitter account, please omit that from
this network, we can certainly do that. It’s not it’s not I mean, then you don’t even got
to worry about it. You just got one Twitter account you’re already connected to. So it
wouldn’t be an issue. Right? Unknown Speaker 25:29
It’s a good question. Oh, Unknown Speaker 25:31
there’s also I have a lot of your services appear to benefit sites, excuse me. Also,
a lot of your services appear to benefit sites focused on local SEO, what Semantic Mastery
service would or would not benefit affiliate sites that are location independent things.
Everything that we have will benefit any sort of site we you know, we’ve talked about a
lot of our stuff in Unknown Speaker 25:53
in framed it as a local SEO type or local You know, it produces results for local because
a lot Unknown Speaker 26:00
Audience does local lead gen or local client consulting. So, you know, that’s why you hear
a lot of that. However, they’re they’re sound SEO principles that will Unknown Speaker 26:11
benefit pretty much any sort of project. And as Marco always says, which I know, Marco,
I’d like for you to chime in on this. Your local is relative. So all of the stuff that
we do are really entity validators. Right. So, for example, syndication network that
helps to solidify the brand, right? We something else, kind of a newer term that we’re kicking
around as an entity loop, right? Because that’s part of what we do with our ad ID pages and
all these other things that we we create these loops that helped us solidify the entity and
it basically puts all these different assets out there on the web, that reinforce what
the entity is to Google. And so syndication networks, drive stacks, ad ID pages, all of
those things are part of that. So Marco, what can you say about that? Well, I’ve talked
about Unknown Speaker 27:00
There’s quite a bit, right we’ve all talked about this local is absolutely relatives how
you look at it. If you bought yourself in and you only see relative as your neighborhood,
then you’re never going to rank for your city because you stuck in your neighborhood. If
you only if you only see the city, then you’re not seeing the county and if you only see
in Mecca, and so on, and so on and so on. What what matters now is the entity, the overall
entity, and how you’re relating the entity to the niche. If the niche is global, and
you focus on local, then that’s where you’re going to you’re going to get stuck because
you have a global entity but you’re at a local level, and vice versa. So it’s it’s really
how you focus on it and how you relate your entity to the niche that matters whether the
niches local, whether the niches nationwide, just whatever. That’s how you need to look
at it and again, next Wednesday during the RYS anniversary webinar. We are going to show Unknown Speaker 28:00
NE come casted, where do we I can’t say the name of the e commerce store. But it’s getting
just fantastic results. And, you know, e commerce is not local, or at least this one. It’s not
targeting anything local. It’s it’s really global and focused on the US, of course. But
it just goes to show that that if you do it the right way, and the way that it’s taught,
right, because the training is there in a specific manner, because that’s how it works.
So as long as you follow the training, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to replicate
results. It’s when you start veering from the training and like cutting corners, or
not doing everything that we tell you to do, that the results just won’t flow. You cannot
you cannot expect it to work. The way that it works for us. If you cutting corners, if
you know everything that we tell you you should do. That’s a good point because last, not
last week, because we didn’t have a mastermind webinar last week, but the week before Unknown Speaker 29:00
That was part of, you know, we covered that I covered that a bit in depth because you
can’t do one part of everything that we teach kind of builds upon each other. They work
hand in hand, the sum of the parts are large, the the whole is Unknown Speaker 29:18
the sum of the whole is larger than this, the whole is larger than the sum of its parts.
Does that make sense? I think I said that right. This time, it took me a minute to think
through that. But the the whole is look bigger than the sum of its parts. In other words,
if you put all of the components together, that we teach in the way that we teach it,
then you will get a significant effect from it. But if you just do, one, one of them,
or two of them were bits and pieces of them. It’s not like let’s say there was four components,
right? If you only did one component, you’re not going to get 25% of the results. Right.
It’s lesser than that. Like, in other words, if all four components are put together and
done right, then you should get 100% results right well Unknown Speaker 30:00
Whatever the hundred percent is, I’m just saying, if you just do one of those four components,
then it’s not going to give you 25% of the results. It’s less than that as my point,
you have to do the things that we you know, the way that we get results is what we teach.
I know there’s other ways is more than what there’s a there’s there’s more one way more
than one way to skin a cat right? So there’s there’s other methods out there that will
work as well I get all that but you know, we teach what works for us and it works really
well and we haven’t Knock Knock on wood we haven’t had to deal with any penalty issues
or anything in years. So and you can feel very blessed for that reason. But if you just
doing parts of it, it’s you’re not going to get the full results. So like Marco said,
you want to follow the the if you’re going to be using our stuff, use it the way that
we suggest using it including building all of the components out and putting them together
the correct way. Okay, don’t cut corners or you won’t get results and then you’ll say
oh, well their stuff doesn’t work. Now every time we we have to analyze somebody that claims
that stuff doesn’t work. It’s because Unknown Speaker 31:00
Because they cut corners essentially or they didn’t complete all of the stuff. So we just
had someone who ordered a drive stuck without the G site say that it’s been over 21 days
cleared the Google that why why am I not seeing results? I thought someone said that I would
be getting results. Unknown Speaker 31:18
We never said that if you read is the thing when we deliver the DR stack and the decide
or anything that has to do with our is you get it done for you User’s Guide. I wrote
it so I thought what the fuck is in it? I I tell people specifically, this is what you
need to do sometimes. all that’s required as a Dr. Stack, this is how I say it. And
then at other times you might be able to do more. That’s why we came up with the battle
plan. The battle plan is very specific syndication network Dr. Stack and then into the dry section.
You might need press releases you might need in bed, you might need the Lego you might
need. You might need to push videos, you might need another embed, run another link building
right Unknown Speaker 32:00
On this ecommerce store, I went to 300,000 links before it got a nice push. So it’s sometimes
it’s not just a one, but about link building push. That’ll do it guys, it depends on the
competition. If you’re going up against Amazon, and you get 2500 links to your drive stack.
Are you seriously telling me that you’re expecting results against Amazon? with that? It’s a
joke. I mean, you have to look at look at your competition, get your competition, understand
how much work it is that you need to do to take on your competition. And is it going
to be worth the money going after that competition Are you better off off going after something
else? But if you’re in it to win it, then you have to go balls to the wall, you have
to go out you have to just just hit it and hit it and hit it again until you get the
desired results but you cannot just get one thing. Unknown Speaker 33:00
say okay, this is good enough nominate What was it? I’m going to rank for Toronto DUI
attorneys I lawyer DUI attorney. No, no. Unknown Speaker 33:11
We got to tell that story real quick. We had a member come and join our mastermind This
is three or four years ago now. And he was in our mastermind for I don’t know, maybe
two months, he built a syndication network that was only partially complete. And did
like, three posts to his blog for targeting DUI attorney Toronto or on it was in Canada,
either Toronto or Ontario or something like that DUI lawyer DUI attorney. And and he basically
said your stuff doesn’t work. Because I’m not ranking on page one for DUI attorney Toronto
or whatever it was. And and I said, Well, let me take a look at what you got. It was
a partially completed syndication network with three blog posts. And that was it was
like I was like, Yeah, you’re I’ve done work. So it was funny. He didn’t stay with us. Unknown Speaker 34:00
Anyways, long as Let’s move on. The next one is after building a syndication network for
client. I like this question. By the way, after building a syndication network for client,
what’s the best type of reporting you could do for them to make sure that they know it
was worth it? Well, in the past years ago, up until really last year, I would have said,
you know, rank reports are one of the ways that you could you could show a client that
it’s working because as long as your remember, syndication network alone isn’t going to do
much it does help to solidify the entity, there’s no doubt and I’ve proven that recently,
even with my most recent business that I launched. But the trick with a syndication network and
always has been is to post publish consistently and regularly to it. And especially if it’s
connected to a money site. It’s the same thing for YouTube. Because what happens is it will
theme the network over time. In other words, it starts to build up more authority and relevancy,
topical, relevancy, and location, relevancy if it’s for local stuff. Unknown Speaker 34:56
As more content accrues across the network, right? Unknown Speaker 35:00
So and they become aged and more trusted and all of that. So the idea with the syndication
network is to, and this is what I always recommend guys, and I’ve said this since day one, when
it comes to client work, content marketing is no, it’s not an option. It’s part of my
SEO, monthly services, right, that they’re paying the monthly. And part of that is content
marketing, which includes blog posts. Unknown Speaker 35:24
You know, if it’s a lead gen property that I own, I might not blog all the time, or I
might not have vas blog all the time. Because once I get results, and I get it to rank,
and typically I, you know, can pull back in some cases, I can pull back to where it reduces
my expenses for lead generation properties. But for clients, I always tell them, Look,
if we pulled back, there’s a possibility that you could slip in, you know, in results, you
could stop getting as good results, and then there’s always a catch up period. So there’s
going to be a delay but between when you start to stop getting good as good results and the
time that we can get them back for you. So I just recommend never taking your foot off
the gas. So that’s Unknown Speaker 36:00
What I always recommend to clients and so it’s an ongoing thing. As far as how do you
report to them like I rankings are no longer my primary reporting method, I still include
rank reports. I’m not gonna lie to my clients, guys. But I made it clear to them well over
a year ago now, that it’s Unknown Speaker 36:18
because of the way that the algorithm is now with mobile index first and proximity and
all of that, that the rank reporters are very, they’re inaccurate, they may provide an indication
as to the health, the ranking health of something but they are there they are really rather
inaccurate. Because it really depends on where somebody is, what kind of device they’re searching
from their search history, all of that kind of stuff influences search rankings now, for
each individual user. So what we focus on and I know my partners will agree, is that
we focus more on providing traffic Unknown Speaker 36:52
kind of statistics that so analytics GMBN sites Google Search Console. For Search Console,
you could show Unknown Speaker 37:00
That there are years the site is being given as getting more impressions, which means that
the site is being recognized by Google for more keyword search queries and given impressions.
You could for analytics, you can show traffic increasing for GMB insights, more map x maps
activity, Unknown Speaker 37:19
you know, impressions clicks, click for driving directions as storefront phone calls, those
kind of things. So, my primary reporting methods to my clients now our analytics GMBN sites
and search console. And if I’m doing AdWords stuff, obviously, you know, Google Ads stuff,
I can show them ads, traffic statistics, and in rank reports are always thrown in there,
but they’re kind of a secondary thing. They’re not you know, I’ve made it real clear that
they’re no longer the primary reporting method. Unknown Speaker 37:51
Alright, so specifically, around or regarding the syndication network. The conversation
needs to be around branding. Unknown Speaker 38:00
And ongoing brand recognition. That’s how you’re, you’re reporting Well, the initial
conversation with the client, that’s what needs to take place, you’re going to tell
the client that you’re going to have the brand throughout the web, you go you and that you’re
going to be working on on ongoing brand recognition, which just means that you go and add, because
we have a ton of an update videos, you add new profiles, according to the updates that
Bradley does on an ongoing basis. It’s very simple you keep if you keep the conversation
that way, and that you’ll be working on the brand and that you’ll be working on brand
recognition, then you can bring in content syndication of as part of it, because the
only way that you could that you could get the brand that you can get a branded correctly
and you can get the brand recognized is by posting on a regular basis into these different
social media web two point O properties that you’re going to create. That’s how I would
frame the conversation with the client. So that Unknown Speaker 39:00
There’s nothing else that you have to account for it no ranking or anything else. Now, as
Bradley said, the second part of this would would also be that you’re paying for me getting
paid for results. Unknown Speaker 39:12
That are that’s, that’s at least how I do it. And I know Bradley does it the same way
my partners do, you get paid because you produce results. And so as long as as long as you
can show that you’re producing results, which is all of the things Bradley said and also
phone calls, you make sure that you have a way to get into those phone call your clients
phone calls to see and to be able to show the client that you that you have affected
the number of calls that have come into the business on a monthly basis and it’s because
of your work and what you’ve done. That’s how I would frame the recording. Unknown Speaker 39:46
Yeah, I totally second and third, what these guys were saying. The reason why is because
if you if you’re providing a keyword report, you’re missing so much like you’re leaving
so much out of the table because Unknown Speaker 40:00
People do not search as the Google Keyword Planner tells you that they search, right?
They have so many variations, but they are infinite variations of any keyword imaginable.
Right? So having that in mind, the reality is that business owners, they don’t get they
don’t care if they’re like ranking number one or number two, what they do care is how
many how many new clients you’re generating. So the best report, in my opinion would be
a really simple one would be before hiring me or my firm, my agency, how much how many
how much money or how much revenue how many sales you are doing? Now after hiring me 30
days 60 days down the road has done increase. If it does, then that means that we’re doing
something right. So just like the bare bones reports that will be add, you can add impressions,
you can add increase in traffic, I don’t know longer length of Unknown Speaker 41:00
sessions, you know, under website decrease, Unknown Speaker 41:03
decrease bounce rate and all that good stuff. But at the end of the day, what our business
owners should will be focusing upon is, is your help helping them or easier or your services,
helping them move the needle and move their business forward. Right? a business owner
that is like focusing on Oh, well with you, Chris one is bought, or we, you know, like,
we lose like 10% of our rankings, that guy is putting their, their main focus and energy
where there’s where it shouldn’t be, which is that’s your job, you know, that’s why they’re
hiring you. So that’s my two cents. Unknown Speaker 41:41
Okay, oh, I have an update. I had a client that had a GSB that was suspended from their
new Pest Control industry. And I just went in and made a slight edit and it got suspended
and it’s a legit business. It’s been legit for seven years. It wasn’t spammy. Nothing
I did was spammy. We’ve never done anything spammy for that business. And it’s always Unknown Speaker 42:00
Just dominated in its local area, and then it got suspended. And it took, I tried to
do a reconsideration request or reinstatement request. And I got denied and it took four
weeks for them to reply back finally and say that Nope, it’s in violation of quality guidelines,
which is total BS. So I replied back said, you know, please explain, you know, there’s
nothing was, you know, anyways, I rebooted it, but of course, I never got a reply. So
I talked to my client about two weeks ago and told him that Unknown Speaker 42:30
you know, I was going to have to create a spam listing in the same area in order for
us to generate a new one unless he want wanted to go through the processes the actual business
owner, the bonafide business owner, because I did it through my manager account as a manager
of the GMB but I had him do it. I asked him if he would do it under his owners account.
And so he submitted a reinstatement request. And it took only about two, two weeks, maybe
two and a half weeks and and we just Unknown Speaker 43:00
Just got notification yesterday that the listing has gone live again. And I’ve confirmed that
is it is back. So just so you guys know if anybody that has a GM be non, you know, the
newer ones I don’t know, but this was an aged one it’s been in existence for like seven
years and it got suspended because of just a slight edit that I made to it, which was
bullshit it was it was just one of those algorithmic suspensions, I believe, and but they wouldn’t
allow me they denied my request to reinstate as a manager. But as the business owner, he
was able to get it reinstated and about half the time that it took them to even reply to
me so just just so you guys know, that’s something you may want to check out if you run into
the same issue. Unknown Speaker 43:41
Okay. Unknown Speaker 43:43
Okay, wills up and we’ve got lots more questions, guys. So I’m going to try to roll through
these a little bit quicker will says Hey, guys, I have a client that has a current GMB
listing and has recently expanded to a new location. He doesn’t want to change the current
GMB listing and instead wants to know if there’s a way of creating a new GM dealer Unknown Speaker 44:00
listing for the new location. The new location has its own phone number and business address.
Thank you. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. If it’s especially if it’s got its own business
address, that’s a genuine new location. So there’s no reason why you can’t set up another
GMB listing for that. postcard verify it to to the new business address, all I would recommend
is that you create a separate landing page on the same if you’re going to use the same
website, just create a location specific landing page and use that as the website URL and that
new GMB listing for the new location. So it makes sense. But yes, as long as you got a
unique address and a unique phone number, and like I said, I would recommend using a
unique URL, not a new website, just a it could be a location page and inner page of the same
website. This location specific so your brand comm slash location name, does that make sense?
Or city or whatever like that they use that as the actual website URL. Then there’s Unknown Speaker 45:00
no reason why you can’t create a new GMB for that I would absolutely do that. Okay. Totally
agree. Unknown Speaker 45:07
Moving on. The next one is Unknown Speaker 45:11
some very nice things that this gentleman says and he says question one actually, I
am trying to rank a Shopify store for the syndication network. Oh, I’m trying to rank
a Shopify store and for the syndication network, I have two options which I guess a either
host a WordPress blog on my sub domain and use it as the syndication source or be just
post blogs on Shopify as they have an RSS feed. So I can use that as a source. So I’m
confused about which way to go that provides more link juice and authority to my main e
commerce site. Also, if I have a normal woo commerce store, Then should I use a blog sub
domain or not? Okay, I’m not an econ guy. I’m going to give you my opinion and and maybe
some of the other guys can chime in because I know really none of us do much any any calm
stuff, really. My opinion Unknown Speaker 46:00
is if you can blog on a Shopify store that may be great, typically that you can get a
little bit more authority from blogging from the actual money site itself. But I don’t
know how much how, first of all, how those blogs posts are going to look, I don’t know
how you know what it looks like when it’s syndicated. In other words, I don’t know how
much control you have over the content that you know, like the like, is like a busy wig
editor. In other words, can you add elements to the content and you know, the blog posts,
all that kind of stuff? I don’t know, because I’ve never done Shopify stuff. Unknown Speaker 46:32
with WordPress, you know, what you you know, I know what you can get with WordPress, and
you probably know as well. So if you use a subdomain on a e commerce site as your blog
as content center, distribution engine, essentially, you know that you have really a lot of control
over the content and how it’s formatted and the elements and what it looks like and what
it looks like syndicated and what happens if you mirror and we always talk about this,
you know, network Empire kind of coined a term it’s called theme mirroring Unknown Speaker 47:00
So if you mirror a if you create a subdomain, a blog, a WordPress installation on a subdomain
for your money site, then if you create a theme, mirrored structure, so in other words,
a silo structure based upon the categories within your store, and you basically link
your category URLs, do a 301 redirect from your category URLs over to your category pages
on your money site. Then you do all of your blogging from your sub domain, you place your
posts in the correct categories, which you know and do all of your internal linking to
your store pages, then you can use the blog and still push 90% of all the juice back to
this the money site. So you know, the the main site, the root domain, which would be
your Shopify store, we’ve had I know I don’t really do any Unknown Speaker 47:53
e commerce stuff, but I have done content marketing for e commerce clients in the past
and we’ve always been able to get really Unknown Speaker 48:00
good results doing that exact same method that I just covered. Does anybody else want
to go on that? Yeah, I want to come in something. But now Yeah, I want to I wanted to say real
quick that Shopify does come with a block solution and and it will allow you to SEO
optimize it. But the reality is that here with a WordPress subdomain, I would like to
know what Adam has to say about this because I know that he’s been playing with Shopify
a little bit as well. But with a Shopify store, like if you’re trying to rank on Google for
your Shopify store, go the WordPress route, like WordPress is second to none when it comes
to SEO capabilities. Yeah, like you can get away with the Shopify blog. But it’s not like
unless you’re doing paid media, which 99% of Shopify owners, you know, do paid media
by, by that I mean, sending traffic to an article via Facebook ads or Google ads or
you know, sending like actually paid traffic to your store, which is like 99% of the Shopify
stores. Unknown Speaker 49:01
Other than that, then I would definitely suggest what Brad is just said, because you can control
you can control that way. The one of the, if not the best one of the best seo optimized
platforms in the world, which is WordPress, if you’re planning on blogging, right, number
one and also number two, you can still leverage the the ease of use that that Shopify has.
So that would be my take on it. Unknown Speaker 49:29
Yeah, I’m basically going to pair it with her Nancy and just agree I would probably
go with if you have the choice, go with WordPress, especially if you’re more familiar with it, Unknown Speaker 49:38
and getting it set up. But other than that, as far as the actual benefit these days, I
haven’t seen anything. Have you guys seen any actual studies recently about whether
that Okay, yeah, we should dig that up. If anyone’s watching in the scene one recently
let us know. Yeah, I’ve been working a lot with the emails and optimizing like actual
landing pages but not so much the back end or you know using supplements. So Unknown Speaker 50:00
Yeah, I don’t know one against the other, but the econ taste study it will be talking
about next week is TLD with it with a blog. It’s not it’s not a Shopify store
anything it’s built on WordPress. Right. Commerce. Yeah, that’s what’s getting. It is will commerce.
And that’s what’s getting syndicated. Right. It’s getting syndicated from the from
TLD. Right. Yeah. So Shopify, it’s really, really powerful. And it’s not like it’s simple.
Because you don’t want to you don’t you don’t have to fuck around with with hosting and
whatnot, they will allow you to add sub domains to your to your domain. Unknown Speaker 50:38
And then at the end of the day, like, you can still use Claudio, which is the solution
that animates you know, he’s, he’s, he’s he’s really good at that. So you can use Claudio
to you know, to send emails, and then you will be basically getting the best of both
words, which would be the SEO word and the e commerce store. It’d be pretty cool. So Unknown Speaker 50:59
yeah. Unknown Speaker 51:00
I’m taking the page off finance book to the like, if don’t spend so much time worrying
about it, like if it’s going to take a couple weeks, like or a month, you know to like get
the sub domain or get the client or who if it’s yours, like, just start getting some
content out there. And you can you know, switch the syndication point like start if you’ve
got content, check out Shopify that way, if you are doing this for a client, maybe you
know how the blog works when someone’s like, no, I refuse to do it this way. But in the
meantime, yeah, would go the WordPress route. Unknown Speaker 51:26
are good this. So question number two is for creating blog posts, both review and curated
type curated type posts. What would be the best way for linking to my money sites? Should
the blog content be linked to category pages or direct product links, either or, Unknown Speaker 51:41
in some cases, both. It just it really just depends on what your content of the blog post
is. So for example, my blog is about 10 best baby products. So what I linked to all 10
products individually, or just the baby category page. In that case, I would probably link
to the category page but you do want some Unknown Speaker 52:00
internal link diversity. In other words, you want to keep your silos tight. So what I just
mentioned about if you’re creating a blog on a sub domain, and like WordPress blog,
essentially, you’re going to want to silo the site into categories just like you would
have your products. So you know, your products go into specific categories, because it logical
for them to go into the categories that they’re in. Well, you want to stack your content the
exact same way. So again, you would, for the WordPress category URL, you can set up three
one redirects from the category URLs to the category pages on your money site, your your
Shopify site, or e commerce site. But then in the actual blog posts themselves, like
I said, you want to have you want to any posts that you place in a product category, and
likewise, a content category on the blog. You want to link to both the products within
that category, and the category page itself, not both at the same time all the time. What
I’m saying is you do want to switch up your internal linking strategy somewhat to where
sometimes only Unknown Speaker 53:00
into the category page, sometimes you’re linking to a product or two within that same category.
And it really just depends on what the content is about. But in that case, I wouldn’t link
to all 10 baby products individually. I mean, you could, it wouldn’t hurt anything. Because
as long as they’re all still in the same category, it’s still going to pass some juice. But what
we teach in the mastermind, and I know I can’t get too deep into this at all his specific
ways to do internal linking now, especially within silo structure, tight silo structures,
that can get really, really good results. So again, I would recommend it. What you don’t
do though, is cross post from within one category to another with internal links, if it makes
sense to do so from a reader or viewer standpoint, for strictly SEO purposes, you don’t want
to cross link from the within the same post to other categories or other products within
other categories. Unknown Speaker 53:51
If you’re going to for the users benefit, then nofollow those links as a nofollow tag
or attribute to those links, okay. Unknown Speaker 54:00
Back to a nod or heads off the network Empire again, brilliancy still works like crazy.
So if you work bottom up so that your blog posts are pushing up that top level category,
just say you think I think about it this way you going, you’re going after the top of the
pyramid, but but what holds the top of that pyramid is all the work that you did on the
bottom. So pushing from the bottom up, you pushing up that top level category, your top
market level keyword, and all of the work that you do to push that top level category
up is going to carry everything up along it as up as the top market level category begins
to climb up in the SERPs. it’ll pull everything along so it’ll have the effect that he’s looking
for, if he doesn’t, right, but where he can get the most value from this is if he joins
the mastermind and comes to comes and listens to what we’ve been doing. As far as internal
linking in Unknown Speaker 55:00
concerned. Yeah, we’ve only got five minutes left. So I’m going to skip that last part
of the question. It looks like Adam dropped a link for the art. Unknown Speaker 55:08
I just want to say real quick if anyone else is interested in this, we did a webinar. This
was a couple years ago now with Scott Scanlon and curation suite and he talked a lot he
had some great info about content curation so on the content side, go check that out.
Unfortunately, we can’t hardly recommend the to the tool itself. Right now, I’ve been hearing
some issues with people not being responded to but watch the webinar for the content information,
how to generate content. There’s some great ideas. Yeah. Alright, so then this one says,
Is there a way to use all the all of the products without giving away your full address for
privacy reasons? And can we change address easily? Does that affect citations and everything
else? I set up my Google business with full address but chose to hide it then did citations
using just the part of Google address that does show like city state zip? Yeah, I mean, Unknown Speaker 55:56
yes, and no. If Unknown Speaker 56:01
It’s best to be able to use the full address, there’s no question. Unknown Speaker 56:05
But if you for whatever reason you absolutely want to hide the street address, then what
I would recommend is on every time that you create a citation that you don’t include the
street address you as long as you keep them consistent, right and as long as the name
is unique, Unknown Speaker 56:21
you know if it’s if it’s a name that can be ambiguous aided with others. In other words,
if there is another business with a similar name, that is in close proximity to you to
you, and you try to just get away with city state, zip, name, city, state, zip and phone
number and then obviously URL, then that can cause and regulation, right, that can get
muddy the waters a bit for both your business as well as your competitors business that
has a similar name, and can cause both of you guys to have issues with ranking or getting
results. So but as long as it’s unique, a unique name and you’ve got you know, like
I said unique phone number unique web address, then then you can get away with that. Unknown Speaker 57:00
Although it’s still his best to give it more data than less data, so again, I would recommend
that you know, if if, if at all possible, just use the address. Remember, most of the
places that you’re going to be publishing the address aren’t really going to get it’s
free for SEO purposes, right? So you’re not going to get a lot of eyeballs to it, which
is going to reveal like for people to come knocking at your door pissed off or whatever,
like it’s not I mean, you shouldn’t really have to worry about that in my opinion. But
you know, like I said, as long as you stay consistent and you don’t have a common a common
type name that will and cause ambiguous ation with another type of business which would
hurt both of you, not just you. Does that make sense? Then you can get away with that
but more data is better than less data in that case. Okay. Unknown Speaker 57:48
All right. This is the last question guys unfortunately, we’re not going to be able
to get to the rest of them. Unknown Speaker 57:53
He says You guys rock I want to add a few things to the conversation in case you can
help someone Bradley mentioned a few times I press cable has a lot of pbn Unknown Speaker 58:00
Type junk sites in their PR syndication network. I’ve posted a few prs recently and they appear
to appear to have gotten worse. You know, unfortunately, some some some of the pbn disk
or a press release distribution services are more worried about inflating their distribution
numbers than they are about the quality of the distribution sites. And that’s unfortunate.
I can’t comment on it anymore Just because I haven’t used them in quite some time. I’m
happy with my providers. So you can now verify a Bing places maps listing based on your verified
GMB listing. Bing Yahoo still covers about 30% of search if we believe the public statements
are probably worth doing for all properties. No, I agree. I absolutely agree. Unknown Speaker 58:39
You know, I’m even using Bing Ads and and a couple of businesses that are my own business
for one but also for a couple other businesses because there is traffic and being not not
nearly as much as Google guys, but Bing Ads work and same thing I imagined with search
but or excuse me, organic stuff and local stuff is being ads when you Unknown Speaker 59:00
Run Bing Ads. They appear on Bing, Yahoo and AOL Who the hell still uses AOL as a browser.
But they do they appear there too. And I do get traffic from there and the clicks are
cheaper than they are for Google piece of PPC as well. So did specifically for your
specifically for your demographic for the stuff that you’re doing with the land stuff
that is a slam dunk, because it’s exactly the demographic that you want to target. So
the older demographic, you me, hey, well, browsers. Yeah, I didn’t want to say it. But
uh, yeah, yeah. Unknown Speaker 59:36
That’s funny. Unknown Speaker 59:38
Man, Marco. If you got 30 more seconds. Let’s cover this other one. Just because I think
that’s a perfect ending question. What is the main reason people use an RYS? Dr. Stack
is it only to help No, you stop it right there, power, hour wherever you want it to go. Has
nothing to do with it with a GMB. It has nothing to do with anything. You want it to be the
GMB in Soviet the Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
what he called the GMB, the business site, your money site, a tier one branded property
wherever you want the power to go. That’s where you direct the power. And that’s where
it goes. That’s right. That’s why you use it. And the power that you’re going to push
behind that is going to end up wherever you’ve connected it. That’s why. So Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
just we’re going to talk about this next week. And it’s five o’clock. So we do have to wrap
it up, guys, but I’m just going to point this out really quick because this is the four
year old case study from a poorly built syndication or drive stack that I built on my own the
day that Marco revealed this strategy to me, and I always show this but the reason why
is because it just goes to show you, I built a drive stack to push the power to the G site
of a dry stack, right. And you can see that it’s four years later, because this is the
day that it was published. You can see it’s also one of the properties in that stack that
all I did was took the same Drive files from the RYS stack and embedded them into a wordpress.
com post for Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
From my you know Bradley better dot WordPress com and that you can see the day it was published
it was Saturday, May 16 2015. And I’m ranking number one for Virginia SEO, SEO Virginia,
Virginia SEO agency like multiple variations of that keyword and have been for four years
over four years now. Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
When all we did like the primary, the focal point of where we were pushing the where I
was pushing the juice with this particular drive stack was the G site. And you can see
that that’s what’s ranking. We’ve learned or you know, Marco probably already knew this
but what we you can push the, the the juice of an RSRYS Drive stacked anywhere you want
it to go. If you want it to be a GMB map listing, it’ll be a GMA map, listen, you want it to
push you a money site. It can be a money site, it can be a web to auto property, a tier one
branded entity, it can be anything the G site, obviously, it can be anywhere that you want
to push. It just depends on where you want and that’s when you go to order a stack. It
says specifically, what is your primary target URL, and that’s what you want to push it to Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
So yeah, but I don’t know if it works. It doesn’t work. Yeah, shoot, shoot come next
week to see how it doesn’t work. Yeah. Yeah, me Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
can’t work it can if it does work. And if it does work, Google can shut it down and
anytime, right? Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
The world could end tomorrow. So let’s all go hide under the bed. Alright, well, thanks,
everybody for being here. We do have a mastermind webinar tomorrow. So we’ll see you guys in
the mastermind on that. Otherwise, we’ll see you guys next week. Thanks, everybody. All
right. Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
Always pitch fest. Transcribed by

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