Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 265
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Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 265

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Be live. Unknown Speaker 0:01
Alright everybody, welcome to Hump Day hangout episode of 265. Today is the fourth of December
2019. We have got some good stuff to go over. But real quick I want to say hello to everybody
who got all the guys here. So, Bradley, how you doing today? Unknown Speaker 0:17
Good. Happy to be here excited about it being December Can’t believe Christmas is upon us
already. Unknown Speaker 0:24
The end of the year, it seems like it flew by in the blink of an eye but happy to be
here. So enough or enough or not about yourself? Unknown Speaker 0:33
I’m doing good actually. Yeah, same thing. Same. Unknown Speaker 0:35
I couldn’t believe I couldn’t believe we’re nearly Unknown Speaker 0:39
the last month of the decade, actually. So yeah, we’re trying to make it count here that
you make an account to be here. Unknown Speaker 0:48
Awesome. Marco. How you doing, man? Unknown Speaker 0:52
I’m good, man. I’m excited. I mean, these are good. Good times. Google is Trying to
go neural in local search. And I mean, we’ve been planning for this for years, it seems
like right? Because we’ve been telling people brand brand brand brand keyword, plus brand
plus keyword Association entity entity. I mean, we’ve been hammering this point home
over and over and over again. And guess what? The two recent updates October, right, Bert,
Big Bird, everyone was all running around like a chicken without a head because they
got hit. It’s impossible if you’re only affecting 10% of the searches for every SEO in the world
to be hit. It’s impossible anyway. And then we had the one in November right and so so
it’s entity it’s it’s all about brand it’s all about the keywords associated to your
brand according to the entities that and and their relationships and their relevance. And
guess who’s been teaching brand and keyword relationships and relevance and trust and
authority and activity. Unknown Speaker 1:59
Does anybody know Unknown Speaker 2:01
could anybody please give me a fucking answer? Who’s been sharing this for about four or
five fucking years? Good times. Good times, man. So you could say killing it. I’m killing
it. I’m killing like, like, like the attorney niche. I’m killing it. I’m murdering it man.
And and get you know what? It’s the easiest thing in the world when it’s math against
math. And that’s all it comes down to when you know what you don’t. Unknown Speaker 2:33
I’ll leave it at that. Unknown Speaker 2:35
Fair enough. This is a it just made me think of you Marco slightly off topic, but I just
saw that Amazon AWS is bringing on their own quantum computing service. So something you
might be interested in if you haven’t seen it already. Unknown Speaker 2:48
I’m already in quantum Don’t tell anyone. Unknown Speaker 2:54
Sounds good. Hey Chris, how you doing? Unknown Speaker 2:57
Doing good. Happy to be here. Unknown Speaker 3:00
It’s a bit cold here but that’s the way I like it. Because cold means I’m 10 times more
productive Unknown Speaker 3:07
or not. Yeah, I’m going to get a domain today after this But anyways, I want to say to real
quick if this is your first time joining us thanks for coming, you’re in the right place
you can always come here go to semantic mastery comm slash HD questions to ask your SEO digital
marketing questions. You know, we will do our best to give you the answers you need.
And if we can’t, we will certainly point you in the right direction. In the meantime, what
you can do is subscribe to the YouTube channel. Also, if you’re wondering where to get started
with Semantic Mastery This is the right place show up every week ask your questions get
answers, but also at the same time go grab the battle plan all right battle plan dot
Semantic Mastery calm, not going to read it to you go check it out. It’s a hell of a deal.
We’ve got some kick ass bonuses that we bundled with that so pick that up. And then if you’re
ready to start growing your digital marketing agency that come join us in the mastermind,
then you’re the type of person if you’re coming to Hump Day Hangouts, if you’ve Read the battle
plan and that’s where you want to go then we definitely want to have you in the mastermind
and find out more at mastermind dot Semantic And like many of you guys did,
you know purchase done for you services as you’re growing your agency or as you’re doing
consulting at mg y b dot CEO, whether it’s syndication networks are we as drive stacks,
press releases, link building embed, with a lot more coming in, of course, the SEO shield,
which we’ve recently talked about, and Bradley has got a little bit more to share on that
today. But again, head over to mg y And there’s some more great stuff coming for
the Christmas holidays. Not only just deals at Mgi be on done for you services, but we
along with some guest speakers, including Rob from Mgi be are going to be doing an awesome
holiday special Hump Day Hangout. So set your calendar, set your reminders for the 18th
of December, and we’re going to have some great stuff there. Some more details, but
just make sure you show up for that it’s going to be a good one. So with that said, Bradley
Do you want to talk some more about the history Yoshio Unknown Speaker 5:01
Yeah, Unknown Speaker 5:03
absolutely. Let me grab the screen I’ve got a little presentation just with some slides
to kind of explain what this is. There was a question. I posted it in the chat box area
of the hump day hangout page. It was a question on one of our YouTube videos on our YouTube
channel about the SEO shield and the different components and they were it was the the question
In fact, let me just grab the screen and and I’ll even read the question and then we’ll
get into a brief presentation where we can just talk about this on a high level guys,
we’re not going into this in depth, there’s really no need to be on the scope of the training
today. But let me click through here. Unknown Speaker 5:42
Oh shit, I don’t want to get Yeah. Unknown Speaker 5:44
Yeah, that’s not what I wanted to do. So let me close that. Okay, Unknown Speaker 5:51
so, Rob did an intro video on the SEO shield and there was a question uh, this one by cleaner
Joe cleaner. Jos Hello, this is fascinating. I purchased the SEO shield, do I get a course
or some type of training that explains what all the different components are in your video?
If not where I can, where can I get it. So that’s really where this little presentation
that I put together today was for was just kind of a high level overview as to what the
different components are, why they’re important. That’s it. So we’re going to kind of keep
this kind of quick. We’re not going to go into real depth far into depth. If you guys
have any questions about it, you can certainly post them on the page. I know Rob is going
to be doing something more in depth that will go through each component on a lot more detail.
So you know, I don’t want to step on his toes. But I did want to get some of this information
out there because I know that there’s going to be additional questions that come our way
about this. So the SEO shield explained, empty, Why be stores where you can buy it. That’s
what Marco has really Marco and Rob coined that term for, though, what we’ve developed
over the last several years using, you know, Google properties and tear One branded entity
assets. In other words, to create kind of a shield, a firewall around our main money
site, right, which would be our primary asset, it’s a way to solidify and validate the entity.
So the main components of this, we’re going to talk about the money site just briefly,
and how mg y B has some services that can help you at ground zero, right, which would
be the money site, your it’s the epicenter or your golden frame, that’s where everything
should begin. If you’re using a money site for your project, Google My Business profile,
we’re not going to talk much about that because we don’t offer any services in Mgi. Before
that at at the moment, but again, that’s something that would be part of it, if you’re doing
it if you’re doing local syndication network. Our is reloaded stack and G site, the ID page,
which is very, very important, very powerful as well. Press advantage organization page,
we’ve made that an integral part of our SEO shield and in citations, once again, that’s
for local projects. So we’re not really going to talk about that here. The main site, keyword
research, if you go to MTV dot CEO to our store and take a look at our keyword research
packages, you’ll see that we can build out provide you with a keyword research package,
especially the deep keyword research, which is a complete list of all the relevant terms
for your, your niche, your topic. It’s it’s an all inclusive list of keywords, right,
and it’s compiled and organized in a very specific way that clustered into categories
suggested silo structures, and provides all the keywords that you’re going to need for
your website for content marketing. And blogging for your site build itself again will have
suggested silo structures in there, our ys reloaded stack when you order in our ys reloaded
stack, you know, one of the parts of the one of the things that we we request when you
order it is a list of keywords. And some people don’t really have a really big list of keywords,
at least not the relevant ones. And so this would this would give you all the keywords
that you need for that as well as for link building. So, Marco before I move to next
slide, you want to comment on that Unknown Speaker 9:12
you’re muted. Sorry, I was talking into intermedia But no, that’s fine. Okay, Unknown Speaker 9:18
so again, keyword research is from mgu ID is one of the first steps like again, even
if you’ve already got your site structure in place, I guarantee you that you will learn
a lot from the keyword research report, it will give you new ideas that will help you
with your content marketing will also help you with your link building and our ys campaigns.
Because you’ll have all the the keywords from market level. I mean, it’s crazy because it’ll
separate the keywords into commercial intent informational queries, all that kind of stuff.
It’s really really powerful. It’s huge it takes are the worker that does the produces
them a couple of days to produce the keyword report. So it’s it’s totally worth it for
the cost. I don’t know what your time is worth. But I’m not going to spend two days doing
keyword research I can work on higher level stuff and so I’d rather just hire it out so Unknown Speaker 10:04
there’s that at the sets we’re actually investing What is it 324 48 man up I’m going to call
the men hours although the girls that the VA that do it arts are not girls but but women.
They’re the ones who do it they do a fantastic job of setting is setting everything up and
we keep adding to it we just added something, some really neat tabs in there. And we do
need to create a video on on on the entire process that we do. This is just fantastic.
The way that they come up with with everything under the sun and everything imaginable that
that’s related to the to the main keyword. Unknown Speaker 10:44
Yeah, and I wanted to pull this up to if I have if I can find it really quickly. Unknown Speaker 10:50
The the mind map here we go. This is a PDF that Unknown Speaker 10:56
Rob created, talk showing all the different components within The SEO shield. And obviously,
there’s a lot of additional, you know, points that you could go take a look at in here.
But well, that’s why I said I just wanted to keep it on a high level. These are all
the different pieces that can be applied to what we call the SEO shield. And it’s very,
very powerful. And that’s like, that’s what we do. We just keep repeating that process
over and over and over again for our projects. And they work over and over and over again,
time and again. So the syndication network, that’s always our first again, this is talked
about in the battle plan, guys, most of these things are talked about in the battle plan.
The syndication network is always the first thing that we do that helps to solidify the
brand or the entity, right it expands the semantic footprint. footprints are not a bad
thing and the Semantic Web, you want to increase your brand’s footprint, the entity footprint
by validating it across other sites. So again, that’s why we do this syndication networks.
Even if you’re not going to syndicate content to the network, you should have a syndication
network, okay. Honestly, it I’ve seen in the last year or so, over and over again where
creating a new project, setting up a website or even a single page landing page and then
just connecting a syndication network to it that’s been branded everything interlinked
and linking back to the primary asset. And all of a sudden it’ll rank for its its branded
term, where it might have been on page three or four beyond what’s happened with my real
estate business, we’ve had it happen with several of our members as well. So again,
having a syndication network, even if you’re not going to be syndicating content, right
content to it right away is absolutely critical. So we’ve been building syndication networks
for years. And, you know, you can get them at MTV. And again, these are the built the
way that we have developed them and for a very specific person purpose, and it works
incredibly well. They’re built manually to. So it expands the semantic footprint. And
it also can be used for content amplification. So once again, you publish content to your
blog, or your money site, or excuse me, your YouTube channel, and it will automatically
syndicate out across those branded profiles. So you get expanded reach, right, so that’s
coming Content amplification. You can add the profiles the branded profiles to the same
as structured data for the following types, organization markup Corporation markup local
business markup. So it’s basically the structured data where you’re telling the search bots,
right it’s it’s the data that is the language specifically designed for the search bots
and for the Semantic Web algorithm. And you’re telling it, hey, this is us. This is us on
all these other locations, go check, you’ll see. And that’s what the same as attributes
are for and that kind of ID page can do that as well. You want all of those combined. And
it also becomes the syndication network, the profiles in there become a link building target.
beyond just the profiles if you have particular content that you’re trying to rank or products
or services that you’re trying to get more exposure for. If you’re syndicating content
from your blog, to your syndication network, you can actually take the syndication network,
published URLs for that particular post, and do separate link building campaigns to those
with very specific types of anchor texts within the Link Building campaigns. And now you can
actually start to push specific products and or services. So protect specific pages or
even entire silos. If you understand how to structure your site properly and do inter
silo structure correctly and interlinking correctly, it creates buoyancy throughout
the entire silo. So again, you can get very specific with how you build links to your
syndication network doesn’t just have to be the profile URLs, it can be the specific content
targets as well. So very, very powerful. Marco, any comment on that for move on? Unknown Speaker 14:33
Well, go ahead, go. Alright. Unknown Speaker 14:34
Alright, so we loaded stacks. This is the one of the most powerful things you can possibly
do. But again, it’s it’s an additional component, or why is that plus a G site minimum. There’s
also the option option with a Twitter account, which you can you know, I recommend that as
well. But at the very minimum, you want to do an ROI stack and a G site validates and
solidifies the brand using Google’s own domains. It produces theme relevancy, as primarily
a special If you structure your dr stack, we’re going to send it to you delivered based
around your primary keyword in your entity, right? We’re going to start to create that
relationship through the association between your primary keyword and your brand. But then
once you have it, you can go in and actually clone the internal folders and files and start
to mirror the theme or the structure of your main money site, which is called theme meringue.
It’s very, very powerful. That’s what we recommend, not only in your drive stack, but also in
your G site. So again, you go in and you create pages that correspond with pages on your website.
And then now you have your drive stack folders and we talked about this in the ngi the webinars
if you go look, go to MTV store, click on the webinars button at the top you can you
can actually go back and watch best uses best practices for ROI stacks and you’ll get a
lot more information about what we’re talking about when it comes to theme mirroring. So
produces topical relevancy, or theme relevancy, excuse me both for topical relevancy and geographical
location, relevancy if it’s for local project, okay? But remember, these can be used locals
relative, as Marco always says. So it doesn’t have to just be for local project. It also
siphons authority directly from Google. And once again becomes a primary link building
target guys, you can throw kitchen sink spam at Dr stacks and G sites, and it will help
it to rank it will automatically filter the content back through, like negative any negative
link juice, it doesn’t matter. Okay. We’ve had test after test after test on that the
ID page ID page or what we call an iframe loop. It’s very, very powerful. It’s not just
for local originally, that’s what I you know, we kind of developed that out for but it is
not just for local, it’s for a way to reference the entity itself. It’s basically telling
Google and the Semantic Web and saying, Hey, this is a point of reference for our entity
for this particular entity, Corporation organization, local business go and this is where data can
be found about this entity to help validated. Okay, so very, very powerful swipe, called
a semantic hub validates and solidifies the brand or the entity provides a primary URL
for the ID location entity info for the machine learning search bots. Okay? embedded iframes
act as bi directional do follow links. So that’s why we do the iframe stalking within
the actual ID page, as well as the G site. Because it’s so very, very powerful guys,
you can just again, you can pass so much page rank, nobody talks about that anymore, but
through to your primary asset your money site without causing any sort of harm. Through
all these iframes incredibly powerful you create a mirror in mirror type of effect.
It also becomes a great the ID page is a great embed target for doing an embed, run and then
link building target as well. And also remember you can do embeds and then have link building
done to the embeds. So that’s all the we provide those services on MTV as well. All of the
link building in bed services were developed specifically for our Seo shield method. So
again, I mean, you can do this on your own outside, but we’ve got a lot of experience
our master link builder, Daddy, he’s been doing this for us for years he’s been working
on with Semantic Mastery methods. And he’s just got a lot of power built out. Go ahead,
Marco. Unknown Speaker 18:17
Yeah, I find that there are a whole lot more than despite the bi directional do follow
links. There are a whole lot more especially the way that they’re stacked on that on an
IDP. Because what happens was to become incrementally stronger. So until they become exponential,
and that’s what happened. And they’re they’re passing power away. We can’t really go in
there and see what it is that they’re passing. We don’t know if if PageRank a cruise if if,
if ranking score cruise and both the crew, what we do know is that the power that they
pass is such that they that that they act like do follow links and just push all that
power to wherever it is that you’re accruing, that patron and that you’re getting all of
that balance. Back and forth back and forth between the iPhones and between the stacks,
is what actually helps the endpoint to accrue all of the paycheck and ranking score which
is which is how you see that the G site ranking, which is how you see when when you deliver
the power into a GMB. For example, if it pops it up in in the three pack when you deliver
it to the money side, this starts it starts ranking for crazy keyword turns but but that’s
also because the homepage on the money site needs to be right. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 19:32
Yeah, and so pro trees is also part of that pro trees is just a it’s a site that’s free
that you can go create an account on it’s very powerful because it’s part of the ID
page built. It provides another powerful iframe to the loop. It’s also a semantic hub. You
can important entire ROI stack with damn near a click of a button, it’s incredibly powerful,
becomes once again an embed and a link building target. So again, that’s kind of built into
the ID page stack is what we call it. Okay. So, lastly, press advantage organization page.
You know, we’ve worked very closely with Jeremy, the one of the co founders, co owners of press
advantage. And so he’s actually built a lot of features into the press advantage, which
has got very powerful press releases, a great network of sites and also the organization
page, which is on the press advantage domain becomes very powerful because it once again
is an iframe hub, and validates the brand page accepts company schema, right? So whether
that’s organization or local business schema markup, or or you know, Corporation, it could
be as well, you can actually add the structured data to the organization page, but also the
press release the press releases themselves that you can publish can accept additional
schema, article or news article now you have to have your own account to do that. But you
can set up a brand page through our through the press release order service through Mgi
be that’s we use press advantages the distribution network, and you’ll get an organization page
If you order press releases from us, okay, so PR is provide a good source of backlinks,
a lot of them too. And it demerara pr silo cape silos are capable. In other words, I’ve
done some training on that you can go back through to the Mgi the store, go take a look
at the webinar button again, and you’ll see where I talk about PR silos, the site and
PR stacking, and the PR silos, press release silos. And that’s how you can actually daisy
chain those together just like you would within supporting articles within a silo on your
website. So again, it’s about theme mirroring. And this time, you’re just using press releases
to do it. So very, very powerful. And once again, the press advantage organization page
as well as the individual press releases become embed targets and link building targets. Okay,
so very, very powerful. So that’s what the the SEO shield once again, if we go back and
take a look at this, there’s a lot to this. There’s a lot more to it, but I wanted to
kind of give a high level overview of what is available and why we provide those services
in mgu IBM What what it is that they’re actually doing? Very powerful when, and remember, guys,
it’s about putting the whole thing together, right? The sum is greater than, Unknown Speaker 22:11
how is that saying go? The sum is greater than Unknown Speaker 22:15
the sum of the parts, right? That the the whole, Unknown Speaker 22:20
the whole is greater than the sum it was greater than the sum of the parts. Unknown Speaker 22:23
Right? And that’s, that’s what I was trying to say. And it’s true, because if you just
do one part or the other part you’re not, it’s likely you may see some, some movement,
some benefit. But in order to get the benefit that we’re able to repeat reliably over and
over and over again, you have to put all of the components together. Right? And that’s
very important. And on on site on page structure is very important. That’s it starts with that.
But then you put all the other things together, and it would just, I mean, it’s just incredible
what you can do with it. All right, any other comments on that before we move on? Unknown Speaker 22:56
Now we’ve got quite a few questions. So let’s move on to that. Unknown Speaker 23:00
Let’s move on. Unknown Speaker 23:03
Alright, so the first question is from Matt see says, Hey guys, I have a following question,
is it possible to negotiate with a website owner to place a remarketing pixel in his
or her site so I can announce to his visitors, many of the companies that visit the site,
which is a niche news site, often hire my services. And this way I can target similar
businesses via display or Facebook, all around the web. These websites are not giant. So
perhaps we could arrange a monthly fee that provides an additional revenue for them as
well as each extra client in this niche as well worth the effort. Thanks. Yeah, I mean,
you could ask, I mean, I’ve never done that. But maybe somebody here has, but you can certainly
reach out to the owners of the site. And and certainly start a dialogue and find out like
propose that to them, you know, anybody have any experience with that? Unknown Speaker 23:49
No, I think I think that the the actual the video Legion system approach would work really
well for this. Because you start with you start delivering value right off the bat.
So I think it’ll work. I haven’t haven’t tried it yet, but I think we’re Unknown Speaker 24:05
Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good point. Hernan, you could create a short video that you would
then send to, you know various people within the within the company to try to basically
pitch or explain what it is that you’re trying to do and how it could benefit them remember
always frame it and how it would benefit them you know make that the primary framing of
the actual pitch or the message and that’s something that you could do is send them some
videos via email is and there’s there’s other things that you can do now to to get their
attention. We talked about that and holistic marketing and in the mastermind, but you could
certainly do that as a way to kind of get your message in front of them in a non confrontational
way and hope that they reach back or you know, reach back out or reply. So, it’s a good idea.
Greg zombie says what is the best method to do keyword research for video titles, and
tips on choosing and combining those keywords into a video title? Is it possible to video
title while the schedule okay well there’s a couple things obviously go to MTV order
keyword research that’s one way to do it another way is to go get power suggest pro one of
our favorite keyword tools of all time in fact we were just talking about this in a
another post inside the Facebook group but power suggest pro which is loading right now
desktop if you buy it through our link semantic mastery comm slash power suggest it’s $57
it’s a one time fee for lifetime access to it. It’s incredibly powerful. And also if
you take a look there’s all these different auto suggest or suggest scrapers over here
YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and Bing. So if you’re looking for video stuff specifically,
then you can obviously just scrape YouTube suggest and it will do it very very quickly
and then you can spit out and what’s great about this is depending on whether you have
recursive on and which level of suffix you use, like it can create these really really
like pullback these really long tail suggested search phrases. And it’s incredible some of
the stuff that you can pull back, which means that if it’s being suggested there has been
enough manual searches for that, that it’s being suggested, if that makes sense, which
means there’s traffic there. And a lot of people won’t target some of these real long
tail things because I think they look at it and say, well, there’s no way that somebody
is typing in that query. Well, for came back from suggest, yes, somebody has typed it in,
it’s enough so that Google would auto auto suggested that makes sense. So it gives you
a great point to kind of drill down into creating all types of longtail queries that then you
can target so that’s what I would recommend. What is the best method method to do keyword
research for video titles and tips on choosing Yeah, I mean that’s that’s pretty much it.
There’s another really good tool if you’re doing advertising, it’s Justin Sardi’s tube
sift semantic mastery, comm slash tube sift monthly as our link to it, but that’s really
cool too, because he You can actually use it will not only do it’s built by By the way,
it was developed by Ted Chen the same developer of power suggest Pro. So it has like an online
version of power suggest broke pro built into it. But it also will allow you to scrape relate
videos, actual video youtube videos for keywords or channels. And then you can even do scraping
by related so like in other words, you can put a video URL in and it will automatically
scrape all the URLs of the video that show up on the right sidebar that show related
titles or related videos. So that would be another really good tool that you could use
potentially for YouTube stuff. Okay, I use it all the time all the time. I really love
that tool. Is it possible to change your video title when it while it is scheduled as a live
event? Or is that bad practice? Well, you can here’s the problem. If you change just
the video title in YouTube, it will sometimes take a little while to update in Google itself.
Okay, not in YouTube. It’ll update in in like immediately but in Google It will take some
time because it’s usually cached. And the results have to refresh before it’ll show.
But if you’ve done any syndication, have that scheduled live stream, right? You know, if
it’s public and it’s scheduled, then it guat it will actually, you know, syndicate out
across networks. If you change the title, it’s not going to change the title and all
the places that has been published. Does that make sense? It will in the embed code, but
the actual post on all of the places that it’s been syndicated to the titles will not
change. That makes sense. So So what I would recommend is that you, you know, figure all
that out before you actually schedule the public live stream. Okay. Unknown Speaker 28:40
tiebacks says I’m a bit confused on binding my IP order three done for you syndication
networks, do I need to log into each site and the network to bind them IP? No, just
the Google account. It’s just primarily the Google account. You don’t have to log into
all of my work, you know, you can if you want, but I it’s probably it’s just the Google account
is the one that you Want to bind to your IP so that if you have to log into it at some
point to do any updates or anything like that, it’s not going to lock you out. And you know,
because it doesn’t recognize your, your computer or your IP, excuse me. Okay. He says in since
I ordered three different networks for three different money sites, can I use the same
computer to buy my IP for all three networks? Yes, you can. Yes, you can. Okay, what I recommend
doing is using a clean browser, like use Firefox and clean it before logging into each one.
It’s fine if it’s the same IP but you’re better off if you’re going to be doing SEO work t
Mac, I recommend that you use something like ghost browser or browse eo which is and there’s,
there’s, there’s others out there too. Those are just the two that I’m the most familiar
with. But that’s where you can actually have separate profiles that retain their browsing
history. So essentially, it’s a it’s a it’s a browsing session that stays live at all
times, like in other words, you don’t have to The old way would be to go to Firefox and
like clear cache and cookies, and then log into a new account again, but that that looks
odd because who does that anymore except for SEOs. So you’re better off using something
like ghosts browser or browser to where you can set up separate sessions one for each
profile and login to each one of them and then it remains logged into for that particular
session. So that each time you go to you need to go access that account again, you already
be logged in or even if it prompts you to log in again it will recognize the IP and
it retains your browsing history and all that it starts to build a real looking profiles
what I’m saying okay, it’s much more natural looking and that’s what people are, you know,
the Google especially that’s what they’re expecting now. So this is a good one for Marco
Marco I’m wondering about the benefits of an ID page for national site non local. I
will be ordering and all is plus g site. I already have a pro trees in my syndication
network and already have a press advantage organization page. What a additional benefits
for ordering an ID page package from ngi the ad for us. Thank you. Unknown Speaker 31:06
Alright, so ad ID is just schema markup. That’s all it is Jason, without the structured data,
what what what that page that we create actually is as it is an entity stock. It’s an entity
iframe stack, so stack iframe. And if you’ve ever heard me talk about a iframes, you know
what the power is, and I think, and when you stack the iframes, and link building to the
iframes, then you can imagine how much power you’re pushing through. Not only that, since
it since it contains all of your company information, and authoritative and trusted places where
your entity information lives, than what you’re doing is you’re validating and you’re solidifying
your entity for for Bert, which is it’s awesome how that’s working right now. And for the
newest Unknown Speaker 32:03
There you go. And yeah, as mentioned in the Unknown Speaker 32:07
SEO shield presentation that I did, you know, for 15 minutes at the beginning of this webinar,
Id pages are not just for local originally when I started developing cut out what what,
you know, it was that’s that was my take on it originally, but it’s not ID page is about,
it’s again, it’s about pointing, it’s telling the semantic bots right to go look at this
location to for entity information. So it applies to any sort of brand, in my opinion,
would be an ID and Id page. And so what we do with it is what Marco just said, which
is create kind of a an iframe stack, right? We call it an iframe loop. Very, very powerful.
You can add structured data to your ID page, all of that. So it’s very important. Remember,
even if you’re not a local business, you can still have a corporation organization markup
for it. It’s very powerful to do so. And that’s what I recommend you do. You’re trying to
validate that entity. Dan says what is what in European In may be a good niche for home
remodeling for high end jobs that I could narrow my demographic down for paid ads instead
of just Kitchen and Bath renovations. I’m wanting to find a niche within this big niche
to focus my paid ads on a much more targeted niche. Any ideas of niches within this big
niche would be greatly appreciated as I as I know, Bradley has this experience. Yeah,
um, I do. There are a couple others that I would recommend like deck building, for example,
is one, but there’s not a The thing is there’s not a ton of traffic in any of those there.
They are very niche, right. They’re very specific. And their highs, they’re still high end. So
deck building is one of them. Another one would be man caves. Man Cave building, believe
it or not, that’s really big. That I’m not trying to be funny either she sheds, like
are actually becoming more and more of a thing. So those types of things that you you know,
you could do some keyword research around those types. What I found though, is that
they’re not there’s not a lot of traffic in those keywords. So you have to target kind
of a broader area you don’t really want to go very, like narrow in your geographic targeting
if you’re doing that for especially for ads, you want to keep it more on a general level
as far as like not adding location modifiers to the search queries for you know, that would
trigger your ads. But you can set your geographic targeting to where only people within a certain
area see your ad but I would leave it as a broader keyword if that makes sense. But yeah,
I mean, those are just two examples within the remodeling niche I know what you mean
bathroom. What I found is bathrooms and kitchens are get the most traffic but it is very broad.
know like I said from from from that deck building, home additions kind of again, there’s
not a lot of traffic in that but you could you could look at that. That’s also you know,
high dollar but yeah, home additions man caves and what did I say deck building. Those are
those some smaller, more specific niches within remodelling niche Unknown Speaker 35:00
I’m building a few ranking right Google Sites without GM bees verification is something
I don’t want to deal with since there is no real business until site is rented when the
G sites go when the G sites go live. Okay, so using Google Sites, typically they debut
from page two to six without much more than on page and YouTube embeds. Should I wait
to see if the site sandbox sandbox before sending links to push them? Not with G sites.
And I mean, Marco can comment on this too, but in my opinion, no big and I’ve not seen
a G site sandbox. What I’ve seen g sites do a lot is they’ll sometimes take a while to
index or once they index they might kind of drop out of the index briefly. But if you’re
adding them to search console it they should come back or not sure, they will come back
and they typically come back even if you don’t do anything else. I just did a brief update
video in the mastermind. Just yesterday, actually, about my real estate business. I started a
blog for that which was really just to kind of Use originally to as a teaching point for
our mastermind members on how to build location silos using tags. And I’m not going to get
into that here. But I was using that as kind of a demonstration this blog that I set up
for my real estate business. And all I’ve done was two posts to two posts that were
optimized and interlinked correctly. And then I built mirrored that onto a G site. And then
just embedded the post or the tag archive page into the G site page that was mirrored
right theme mirroring as we continue to talk about, and I’ve done no link building to the
G site, no link building, or anything to the blog itself. And I’m already ranked number
one and number two, position number one for the blog post itself on my blog, and number
two for the G site page that has nothing but an embedded blog post. That makes sense. So
it’s it’s, it’s incredibly powerful. And that was it took about, I don’t know four weeks
before that happened and I haven’t done any sort of external work. It, it just took four
weeks, but within four weeks, it jumped. And it’s now ranking number one and number two.
And the second blog post is number one, the blog post that there was two of them. The
second one is actually ranked number one organic for the blog post itself. And now the G site
is in the number three position for that corresponding page. So it’s crazy, but I’ve seen the G sites,
whether it’ll take a while to index but then when they do, like you said, it’ll come from
page two to six somewhere, then sometimes they’ll drop for a while and then even if
you do nothing else, they’ll come back. But what I would recommend doing is go ahead and
hit with links Marco whether you say Unknown Speaker 37:36
well, you know, you know me, I hit it with a couple a couple of million links. I don’t
care. Yeah, it’s gonna rank because I tell it to rank No, it’s just the pop. It’s your
SEO shield, man. Why wouldn’t you hit it if we know that it’s going to transfer whatever
you do to it to Good thing we ran that million link, GSA test where we threw porn at it.
I think Robbie got five rigs for it. Press releases and link building is just link building
after link building. It just kept getting hammered and hammered. It’ll down settle down
like crazy. But unlike other like, unlike your money site, if you were to hit it that
way, which will sandbox and it will sandbox permanently, g sites, for some reason. And
Google love is is my theory that we’ve shown a time and again, that Google loves itself.
But it’s still we can’t say for sure, because we’re not Google. And Google won’t tell us.
But it’s that relationship has been in that Google ecosystem and having Google protection
that allows us to do this. Now. I’m not saying Go go hire a 10 million fiber link gig and
hit it. Because if you get the tiered link building package, so the way that Deadia does
it through web, contextual it’s going to work that much better than just a links
that aren’t relevant and and and then not forget And authoritative sources. Daddy has
an awesome link link network that he’s been taking care of for years and it’s building
into the millions and they’re all you know their niche the niche specific specific their
theme their aged and then when you when you get his his indexing gig since he uses multiple
indexing services it’ll all index over time not all of it but a 50 to 60% of your links
will index and that’s going to help index what your G site your whatever is inside the
dry stack and everything else that’s connected to your to your drive second g site will benefit
from that and if you want to make your G site the money site, that’s perfectly fine because
that’s all we did for that a million link test. Unknown Speaker 39:51
Yeah. Yeah, kitten Thanks, man. That’s what I’m saying with the SEO shield guys. It’s
incredible on a G site will take that shit now. And when I say Kitchen Sink spam, though,
you know, as Marco just said, I can’t we’re going to recommend daddy a link link building
from from from ngi be our own store because all of the link building packages that he’s
built and the embed packages have been specifically designed to work with our methods. And it
has been for years that he’s been working with me since I think 2012 or 13. So we’re
talking about six years that he’s been working with me at least and, and so he’s developed
all these things to work with our methods. So it’s incredibly powerful. Unknown Speaker 40:31
David isn’t that isn’t all our groups he’s in. He’s in the mastermind. He’s in the free
face. He’s like he’s intimately involved with all of our stuff. He’s very knowledgeable
with all of our stuff. He follows our training and applies it to his own clients and to his
own project. And so with him being so hands on with everything that we do, I would not
rely on anybody else for the link building because they don’t know our stuff, the way
that that dead he knows that and the way that I’ve asked him to set up link building right
and the process that’s involved in in his LinkedIn it’s specifically designed for this
SEO shield and to launder link juice and to push it through to your destination or to
keep it within the that drives tech plus g g side A ecosystem Unknown Speaker 41:22
yeah second question while adding a custom domain to a G site doing Unknown Speaker 41:26
already have Tara gravity but also who else were named himself spammer on a go kart? Unknown Speaker 41:35
Go Kart feel Unknown Speaker 41:35
like think about that? Right? You guys really takes it seriously. So Unknown Speaker 41:40
right. We’re at our live event he did. He named his racer name was spammer. Unknown Speaker 41:47
That was awesome. So he’s second question, will adding a custom domain to a G site do
anything for the site ranking wise? I don’t know. Marga might be able to answer that.
I know you. I don’t really bother with that anymore. I have mastered that in the past
and it’s called Because both URLs will index both the G site URL as well as the custom
domain, it’s the same site. But in the end, the the the G site will actually be canonicalized,
when you custom map a domain to it, that the G site will have a canonical tag, and that
points to the custom domain. But they’ll both index which is probably because it’s a Google
site. So they’ll both you can actually have both of them appear in search for the brand.
It’s crazy, but I don’t know if it does anything specifically for SEO because I stopped doing
it because I felt it was unnecessary Marco, what do you say what Unknown Speaker 42:34
what happens is that that the G site becomes the content management system. That’s why
they won’t kill the URL. It stays live so that you can go in and make your changes and
edit and do anything else that you need to do but it’s all pointed at the custom domain.
Whether it has any benefit will has the benefit of you being able to use a custom domain while
maintaining Google’s protection. I just don’t go that extra step because I mean, I don’t
have the G sites, you can make them look really, really good now and they will convert, they
will get your phone calls they will get you need Bradley still get get leads from that
ugly. So Unknown Speaker 43:16
let’s see Oh, Virginia g site? Unknown Speaker 43:18
I do. I do. There’s no question. Alright, last question is what one thing would you
add to my SEO plan that would help the site’s move up the SEO shield, and all of the components
that we just talked about? Go back and watch the beginning of the webinar. Again, we’ll
probably cut that out, make that a separate video so that people will have that available.
Again, Mark. Rob is going to be doing some more in depth training about the SEO shield
and the the components that go into much more detail than I did. I wanted to keep it high
level and short. But again, that there’s no question whatsoever. I don’t care what it
is that you’re doing. you implement all those, you know, build all those components out or
put all of those pieces together. You don’t have to build it out. We could do it for you,
you know what I mean? And then use link building and embeds all of that press releases, you’re
going to get results period. Unknown Speaker 44:07
Yeah, I’m going to point to the case study that’s ongoing in our in our semantic mastery
mastermind, done by dedi. Where he took on and I’ve mentioned this before you took on
Amazon, Lowes, just you name it in the e commerce space, and it’s ranking number one, not number
one, but its ranking on first page for the top market level keyword. Now imagine all
of these companies spending millions of dollars in marketing and hundreds of thousands for
this specific niche. Because it you know what the niches proudly and and highly competitive,
highly lucrative, and for it what it would cost you retail is somewhere between 1012
hundred bucks and Imagine being able to own the top market level keyword in your niche
for that Kind of money and to be able to compete against the the top brands, the very top doesn’t
matter. You say it’s medium competition, it’s a done deal, I can guarantee that it’s a done
deal. If you follow everything that we’ve laid out, step by step, don’t skip corner.
It’s hard work. There are no magic pills. I mentioned this during my charity webinar.
this past Monday, there are no magic pills. This thing is hard work. But what you need
to do while you’re doing all of these things is to start building your process. Right?
You start to systematize everything so that you know, Okay, the next client that comes
on you so one, the first one will be practice or your first, whatever it is that you’re
trying to do, even if it’s your own e commerce store or whatever, that’s practice, but it
helps you build your systems and it helps. It helps you to systematize everything so
that when you go to the next one, it’ll be in place and you know exactly what to do the
battle plan. is already laid out as part of that system. You can incorporate that into
whatever it is that you do edit so that it fits whatever it is that you’re trying to
do. But please, when we talk about this SEO shield you cannot skip says I’m not going
to do link building well fuck it You just ruined everything. Well you know I’m not gonna
get a syndication that were you just ruin the entity? Well I’m not gonna get the ID
page well you just failed to validate and solidify the entity so everything that we
do work and and and, and we give it to you the way we give it to you, because that’s
the way that it’s supposed to be done. Unknown Speaker 46:35
Good. Nathan says what service do you guys use to create new gM gM bees? Excuse me? We
don’t we have it for quite for several months now because of it. It’s become so much harder
and not only that, but GM bees have been getting terminated or suspended, especially if there’s
you know, if they’re spammed listings, so we stopped selling them and I stopped pursuing
that method after you know Several after the Google rap, the GMP suspension rampage that
they’ve been on, so, I mean, I’ve only only lost a handful of GMB assets. Fortunately,
literally, I lost I could count them on two hands how many I lost, but I stopped going
after building new ones. That said, I know that we were having a discussion today about
there’s a possibility that we may be able to open that GMB verification service up with
some disclaimers. Unknown Speaker 47:31
That’s under the debate, isn’t it? Because we were saying Unknown Speaker 47:33
it’s being debated because i know i. So you know, don’t, don’t count on don’t hold your
breath, but there may be an opportunity within mg y b, for a brief period of time to get
some spam, GMB listings, but here’s here’s my suggestion. Don’t do it right. If you can
avoid getting spammed listings avoid it. What I mean by that is if you if you want to create
a fake GMB listing or for it for lead gen site, as I mean, then I would recommend either
using your home address which I know you asked in your, your your question there, or even
using p o boxes still, it still is better because you can actually receive mail there,
which is a p o boxes, you can actually enter the P o box, you got to use the street address
option. I’ve talked about that many, many, many, many times. So just if you haven’t heard
about it, just go to our Semantic Mastery YouTube channel, use the search channel function
and ask you know, type in p o boxes for GM bees or something like that. And it’ll show
you all the videos where I’ve talked about that. But you can use the street address option
and that still works doesn’t mean that they can’t be suspended. But it still works for
the most part. I know because I’ve got many of them out there. I did lose a couple of
them over the last several months but I still have most of them. So you can you can do that.
But somewhere where I would recommend that you can actually receive mail as opposed to
getting a spam listing because those are tend to get suspended with like a blink of an Now
if you’re doing anything to optimize the actual profile once it’s been verified, so I recommend
just kind of not doing that. So what’s the alternative? Well, organic stuff or if you
if you have the ability to create or you know, create a listing where you can actually verify
it by us mail by postcard essentially, then you try to expand that as much as you can
using like our local GMB pro method, which is how you can get better results from a specific
GMB then trying to get a bunch of new GM B’s if that makes, you know, if if you know that
what we were talking about for a period of time there when we were probably a good year
we were able to just go get GMB is pretty much anywhere we wanted. And so that was the
strategy was to go out and create as many gym bees as we could in a specific service
area, for example. But again, that’s not the recommended practice anymore. So Mark, do
you have any comments for that? Unknown Speaker 49:56
Yeah, I would, I would say risk versus reward. If if you’re willing to take the risk and
the reward is there, then by all means get a spam listing. It’s going to be it’s pretty
simple, right? You just purchase it from us. Well, the problem that I’m having is that
I can’t guarantee anything past 30 days. We used to be able to guarantee 90 days if anything
happened, we’d replace it. But after 30 days, that’s it. We’re done. We can, we can’t guarantee
anything past that. So you’re on your own. So if on day 31 your listing gets suspended.
It’s not it. We can’t be held responsible for we won’t we’re going to have that disclaimer
all over if we decide to offer risk versus reward. I mean, if you decide to get 1000
of them 500 get suspended, but 500 make you money, then it’s totally worth you decide
what it is that you want to do. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 50:53
yeah, I just hate rework. I hate putting work into something and then it gets suspended
and you lose all that work. And so I I’ve seen Stop doing any lead gen like spam sites,
spam GMB listings for months now because of that. So what Marco said is true risk versus
reward. Okay, so the next one so do you think crowd still, crowd search still works to increase
click through rank click click through rate CTR and rankings know don’t use it don’t use
any of them stupid CTR bots or programs guys go buy traffic from Google. Nathan I’m not
trying to jump on you but just stop it stop trying to spam that shit when you can go buy
cheap, targeted relevant traffic from a known Google audience, right you can buy it by you
can buy using display ads or using YouTube ads and I’ve covered this multiple times on
the on Hump Day hangouts as well as this is why I actually pulled this open. I’m just
we just had a YouTube or excuse me a Google Ads branding course that can be applied to
exactly what it is that you’re talking about. This is the you training, which was recorded
last Monday, not this Monday this week, but last Monday, and the Google Display Network
training is next Monday, December 9. So again, you can apply there. We’ve also talked about,
we’ve talked, I’ve talked about it on Hump Day hangouts many times, we talked about at
the mastermind, there’s been a lot of training about it in the mastermind. You can buy traffic
targeted traffic from Google, from a known audience that’s in market for products and
services that you’re trying to promote. And you can specify where those clicks are coming
from those IP clicks, using geo targeting, right, geographic targeting location targeting,
and so you can buy it and buy real traffic that actually has a chance to convert instead
of using spam traffic spoof traffic that Google is going to ignore anyways, because there’s
no relevant search history and there’s profiles that are clicking through to the website.
It used to work like gangbusters years ago, guys, I used crowd search like crazy. I mean,
I had 50,000 credit A month in crowd search, and I used every one of them every month because
it was worked so well. The Google learned how to prevent that how to fight that, that
click through Spam is what I was called it CT spam. And so it’s just it’s basically useless.
Now, you can, you can set up referral traffic campaigns, it’s a little bit harder to do
and you can send traffic through other sites like Facebook posts or tweets, for example,
and that has some effect still, but you’re much better off buying targeted traffic. And
I’m not talking about using search ads where you’re paying, you know, 1015 $20 per click,
I’m talking about using Display Network ads, which you can get for dirt cheap clicks, you
know, anywhere between 25 cents to $1 50 per click, depending on it is what you’re talking
with your your your niches, or YouTube clicks, right? It’s mostly YouTube views, but you
can actually get clicks from it. And once again, that’s very targeted, heavily weighted
traffic, which means you only need a fraction of the amount of click throughs from heavily
weighted, targeted relevant traffic to get the result to have the SEO push that a bunch
of spam clicks would would, would provide. If that makes, if that makes sense. There’s
a lot of, you know, activity, relevance, trust and authority art. Margot talks about that
all the time. And when you’re buying traffic from Google, from a known audience, it’s relevant.
And from specific geographic locations, you’re actually activating all three of those components
of activity, relevance, trust and authority. Unknown Speaker 54:30
Yeah, think about what that what that does for your proximity when someone close by clicking
on that ad, and you know, that might be right around the corner. So yeah, I totally agree.
Until we can come up with a bot that will emulate human behavior as closely as possible.
Nothing else matters because I mean, why why would you Why would you do that? If you can’t
get that that spam, but to convert and even if you could get that spam up to convert on
your page, you just be sending a great signal to Google, but it wouldn’t be worth anything
to you. So you could have spent all that time, effort and money that you’re spending on the
Ctr. But in Google and YouTube ads, and you’re going to get real traffic, you’re gonna get
a person. And if you get just get a few people to convert, you’re going to make your money
back plus, and then some. Yeah, I mean, it pays for itself over time. If you follow the
training the way the way that it’s taught, Unknown Speaker 55:28
yeah, and then set up remarketing lists to because you’re buying traffic relevant traffic
that’s likely to convert but even if it doesn’t, you can build that remarketing list, which
then you can remarket to so that when they’re ready to make that purchasing decision for
your product or service that you’re promoting, they’re going to you know be followed around
the web by your ads anyway, so again, it’s just in my in my opinion, stop with the CT
bot stuff or you know the click through spam it just as it’s pointless now, you can buy
cheap traffic directly from Google. Okay. Battle Plan shows mg y B. We’re going to wrap
it up in a couple of minutes guys. Shut the battle plan shows and mg y b offers a done
for your GMB service. However, the links don’t work anymore. Yeah, cuz we had to shut that
down Unknown Speaker 56:09
yet shut down. Yeah. Let’s just leave it at that. Unknown Speaker 56:12
Yep. Jeff says thanks for all the value you guys offer. You’re welcome, Jeff. He says
my question for syndication networks, how many articles Do you guys have ready to go.
So the network is primed with content right out of the chute? Well, typically for a project
for me, I will have three to five posts, I always say three to five, it just depends
on the particular niche. Usually three to five posts. It also depends on the solid structure
of the site. If I’ve got three silos, I might only need three posts, one for each silo,
something like that. But my rule of thumb is three to five posts. However, keep in mind,
you don’t want to when you get a new syndication network, you don’t want to, within the first
week, publish or syndicate multiple posts to your network, you want to kind of dripped
those out slowly to start the season. That network that syndication network is the web
to Dotto properties. If you start syndicating content too quickly to it like too frequently,
then you can possibly some of them like WordPress or Tumblr may actually suspend the account
for spam. Even if it’s not spam, even if the posts are valid, you know, genuinely what
well written or well curated posts, which is what we recommend. It’s about how quickly
you start syndicating or republishing content to it. So I would recommend, like, for example,
I always talked about and I think this mentioned that battle plan, I would do three to five
posts, and I would drip those out probably one post per week, over the course of the
first month. So the first three to five weeks, really, I would do one posts per week. And
then after that, I might increase it to two posts per week. And then whatever my final
frequency of publishing schedule is going to be I’ve got a lot of clients out there
where we publish, you know, three posts per week, and they just syndicate out over and
over and over again. And some of those networks have been live and active for for many years.
So I would just recommend that you kind of you know, get some content that’s going to
help to support supporting articles that were going to support the silo structure on your
site, and then drip them out slowly over the first month or so. And then you can start
to increase your frequency. How often do you regularly post articles to go to the syndication
network? It depends. For almost every single client that I have. It’s a minimum of one
post per week, because we also use that to post to GMB. We also will publish a press
release that promotes the blog post and the GMB post that makes sense. So we kind of interlinked
everything all together, like the silo structure that I talked about PR site, go again, go
to mg y b, dot CEO, go click on the webinar button and look at the PR silo. The press
release stack in the PR silo webinar that I did with Marco, and you’ll you’ll see what
I’m talking about but from there is a minimum of one per week. Some clients will do as many
as three, three posts per week. Alright, last question, and then we’re going to wrap it
up. Austin says hey, We’re for excuse me for schema for a We Buy Houses investor type site,
what would would you use professional service the client isn’t a realtor says that schema
doesn’t apply. Yeah, I’ve got my site you can look at alpha land dot realty you can
take a look at the schema markup on that. If we go to view page source, it’s the same
because this is a we buy land and it is professional service at type right there. And by the way,
if case you guys ever want to know if you go to this, I’m going to drop this link on
the page. This is as far as I know, it’s still the most current. This is a schema list that
shows all the different types of businesses and what the proper the business
type should be. And so if you scroll down to I know he’s not your your site is not a
realtor. But if you have real estate consultant, which is the one that I use for my we buy
land, the business right and so that would be the same for we buy houses we buy real
estate type type of business would be a slash professional service because I consider
that that’s the the GMB category that I have is also real estate consultant. Okay. Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
So here I’ll drop this link Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
on the page. That was the wrong page. Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
So that was who asked that. Austin dawn. Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
Okay, guys, we need to wrap it up. It’s five o’clock. We appreciate everybody being here.
Sorry. But if we didn’t get to all the questions, but we got to most of them. And we will see
you guys next week. Thanks, everybody. Bye, everyone. Transcribed by

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