Digital Marketing Strategies for CSR, Diversity and Inclusion – Intro, Lesson 1
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Digital Marketing Strategies for CSR, Diversity and Inclusion – Intro, Lesson 1

Welcome! My name is YUME, and I’m really excited to start this motivational series on digital strategies and tips with you. I think you’re
going to get a lot out of creative ideas you can use to take your service or digital product
to the next level. These ideas are designed to get your creative
juices going, give you a fresh perspective to apply practical, productive strategies
that are quick to ramp up and cost-effective for most budgets. Now, before we begin, let me share my story
with you. I’m a Digital Strategist, Technology Consultant and Entrepreneur at Yume Consults. I graduated with a degree in digital, computer
graphics and video. In 2006, I got an opportunity, what I call
a turning point in my career. I joined a company where I got THE best real-world experience
working for a little startup, A digital advertising company where I was
the Director of the creative and special projects department. I got to work with some of the largest brands
you see today in the market. And that little startup, grew to the point it eventually sold
and became part of a publicly traded company. It was bought out for $110 Million dollars. Everyone who started on the ground level and
helped to grow the company had been given shares. Now how’s that for a Big Break?! That experience taught me a lot about operations,
scaling a digital business, identifying key talent and how a startup grows when managed
by a really passionate, dedicated and talented team of people. After such a great finish, I was recruited
by another company where I thought I would be a part of another big hit. But in 2011, that job went splat, and I was
laid off during the roller coaster ride of what they call, “department restructuring”. That’s when I decided, you know what? I’m
not going to let this setback define me. I’m going to take control of my situation, so
I took my severance package and decided it was time to start my own business. Since venturing out on my own, I’ve learned
so much about patience, perseverance and being resourceful. I’ve also learned a lot about
resilience. I feel great about this next chapter, where
I’m now at the place I’d love to teach and share with you. So are you ready? Let’s start with what I
call laying the foundation. Define your audience. WHO is going to benefit from these motivational
digital strategies, and tips? This series focuses on helping
2) those who support DIVERSITY and INCLUSION in the marketplace. So to break this down, if you are a Minority
business, Woman-owned business, for-profit, nonprofit, or focused on sustainability, If
your business provides a service or product that helps people; YES, you are in the right place! This framework is called,
“people-centric development”. What you will get out of this series is to
learn and apply digital strategies in fresh ways that can propel your business further.
I’m here to share information and creative ideas that you can develop further. I’m not promising overnight success, Or giving
you hype. It takes focus creativity, keeping an open
mind, and a positive can-do attitude with a passion to help others. Here’s a great quote from one of my project
management classes; “BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.” And the end-goal is, success. One last thing, Don’t forget to bookmark this
playlist and subscribe to this channel. It’s going to be exciting to watch it develop and
be a part of your business’ growth. Also, if you find these ideas helpful, please
give me your feedback and questions. I’d love to hear how you are doing. Bye for now. Credits: Yume Consults, All Rights Reserved.
Made in Los Angeles.

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