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Digital Marketing Strategies Program | Kellogg Executive Education | Participant Testimonial

My name is John Woldt and I work for the
Bank First National in Wisconsin. I just completed the course called Digital
Marketing Strategies with Northwestern University part of the Kellogg
management program. We are a smaller Community Bank in Wisconsin. We just want to make sure that we are taking our younger customers that we have today and that we stay with them we can grow with them even if they move away from this
area. So digital marketing is integral to our business. Our company has had a very traditional marketing department, the bank that I worked for is over a hundred
years old. Our campaigns are long, they take a long
time to roll out, they’re expensive, we use a lot of Mayo and part of what the
course does is it teaches you how to do shorter initiatives and know what your
return on those investments are. The professor for the Digital Marketing
Strategies course was excellent. He had a broad background working with many
companies. Part of what’s impressive about the Kellogg School was that the
professors – they’ve worked in the real world, they know how to take the concepts
and help you design it so that it works for your company.
The interactiveness of the course was excellent,
there were classroom times but then there were also times where you could
just talk to somebody. They had a mentor that you could get in touch with if you
had specific questions for something related to your business. The set up of
the way the course worked was excellent for my busy life. It was flexible enough
that I could take the courses at anytime and if I missed a live session I could
take it later. One of the project teams here is this customer guest experience
that we just recently are rolling out and I did use some of the information
that was provided by the professor in the class to get everybody culturally on
the same page and it had to do with problem solving, finding pain points
that’s a big project. But part of the class so just to take one thing and test
something out and you’ve got to start somewhere.
I’ve actually recommended it to other employees here at our bank because I
think it gets everybody’s mindset in the same culture. To be able to understand
the foundations of the course and then be able to take it further.

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