Digital Marketing Strategy: Participant Testimonial “Actionable Frameworks”
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Digital Marketing Strategy: Participant Testimonial “Actionable Frameworks”

As the world in the business environment
that we work in is constantly changing, and certainly we want to be more
personalized with how we offer services to our end customers, it becomes really
important to understand not only what changes are happening specifically
in the digital space. And so what the digital
marketing course allowed me to do was both understand
the macro kind of environment. And then also give me several frameworks
that were extraordinarily actionable in terms of strategy development,
the right KPIs and understanding what it is we want to measure, as well as
how to ultimately implement that plan. And so over a very short period
of time I was able to come in and get an extraordinarily summarized and
large amount of information, but it was done in a way in which it was delivered
in actionable bite-sized components. That I could then take, understand, reflect on how I would
use it in my business. And ultimately walk out on Friday
afternoon with a very well developed plan, that I could take back into the workplace
to implement and drive my digital strategy for the company and for our customers,
in a much more effective way.

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