Digital Marketing Tips for Network Marketers - Why Builderall is the Perfect Platform
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Digital Marketing Tips for Network Marketers – Why Builderall is the Perfect Platform

kill what's going on the people at UMaine man H Cortez at the one and only financial health mentor home of the digital Empire system in today's short video we're actually starting off a video series on digital marketing tips and strategies for your network marketing company if you don't know I am part of a network marketing company I actually love the industry but I was a guy who had been at multiple companies before and had no more market nobody wanted to see me coming right because I pitched him on this pitch them on that so I took to the internet learned some skills on how to build my network marketing company and with digital marketing and I personally recruited over 350 people to my opportunity and 99.999% of all of those people were recruited via digital marketing tips and strategies that I'm gonna share with you in this video series so let's get into it alright guys welcome back as promised I'm gonna run through the number one thing that you need to get going to add a digital marketing strategy to your network marketing company your MLM your direct sales I think you need a platform and I'm gonna share with you the platform that I use this platform is phenomenal I've been rocking with builder off for a little over a year now and the capabilities and the tools and the resource that you are granted access to for less than seventy bucks per month is phenomenal now they also excuse me they also have a $29 plan but that only gets you the builders and an autoresponder what I mean by builder is they have a pixel-perfect builder which allows you to build some very professional websites drag and drop if you can build a Facebook page if you can set up an Instagram account drag-and-drop upload photos you can build a website so don't let that scare you plus they have all the tutorials and the trainings that you need to walk you through and then if you get started on a 7 day free trial by clicking a link in the description I want to add you to our private Facebook group called be slow of marketing and ending and I'm gonna be coaching you through using some of these tools I already have a lot of videos in that group but we also do some live Q&A stuff in that group as well because I want to help you take your network marketing opportunity to the next level and the only way that you do that is by building a personal brand so in the next video we'll talk about what it looks like to build a personal brand but you can't do it unless you have a platform I know you think your social media platform you got tons of followers on Instagram Facebook or whatever but that is not your platform guys at any moment five people can complain to Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter about you and they can suspend your account and what would that do to your marketing efforts right you need your own platform so that's why I use builder also they have to pick a perfect builder which allows you to build custom websites I mean it is just phenomenal what you can do with those things then they have the canvas funnel builder if you don't know what a sales funnel is that's okay you'll learn that I'll teach you how to use a sales funnel but it's as simple as this whatever your network marketing opportunity is you want the ability to be able to grab names email addresses and phone numbers so that you have a continuous stream of prospects and you could be collecting this information on people 24/7 365 nothing wrong with what we call old school network marketing I do old school as well I go out and I meet people I turn coal market into warm market I have my brochures my pamphlets my business cards and I'm always talking to people about what we do but how would you like to have the same thing happening digitally while you're sleeping 24 hours a day seven days a week I could be getting a lead over here while I'm talking to someone live and in person but somebody can be clicking on one of my links and actually putting in their name email address and phone number and watching a presentation will show you how to do that with the canvas campus funnel builder mailing box autoresponder you will not only want to get the name email address and phone number of these people but one of the first things that I do with my autoresponder as soon as someone opts in to give me their name email as phone number I sent them an email that says welcome and here's who I am with a short video about Who I am tell them on my background my story why I got into network marketing how I'm doing show them a little social proof that they can learn to trust me they can know me they can like me and I just show them that I'm a real person and then I personally introduced them to my opportunity we have an app creator now you might not need an app creator in your network marketing opportunity but it's there a magazine generator right how would you like to create a monthly magazine for your team right if your company doesn't do it overall you can do one for your team and let introduce people to what your team brings to the table what they get access to when they join you not when they join the company when they join you when they join your team just another way to build an amazing brand ecommerce right maybe you have access to some products outside of your network marketing company and you want to sell some of those you can set up your own e-commerce store sales funnels we have ready-made sales funnels that all you have to do is click a button and it's generated and then once you generate it you have to go in and put in your information you just update the sales funnel and it's ready for you to go right mock-up studio again we're talking about creating your brand creating your influence creating your authority online how would you like to be able to do a mock-up of an e-book a mock-up of of course how would you like to create your team flyers and things of that nature just say hey here's who we are my team is called a financial freedom fighters my opportunity is in the financial education space right so you can create a mock-up and say join financial freedom fighters team and you can make it look like a digital course if you want to so that's super cool video tags everybody knows that video marketing is all the rage right at this point if you're not using video in your business you're probably losing out but a video tag is just like what YouTube is starting to do now if you ever watched a YouTube video to the end at the end of the video if you're a good marketer you have your next videos that people can click right on the screen and we'll take them to that video well that's not a video tag you're able to do that with all of your videos with this to write our presentations to do how many you guys would love to create your own presentations I know the company gives you a lots of presentation materials but sometimes you want to create your own presentations and maybe PowerPoint isn't the platform for you maybe want to use some other tools well this will help you do that photo studio so you need sharp high-resolution professional imagery to build the authority and build yourself as a leader in your industry so we got a studio that you can actually use remove the background from pictures add filters do some create creative stuff custom designs right there inside our studio animated videos everybody knows that animated videos are highly effective maybe your company has not done one well you can actually produce your own animated video with this program what about floating videos guys this is bananas everything that's included in this actual program and I'm gonna show them fly through the rest of these and don't want to keep you long but click on the link below go ahead and grab your free 7-day trial so you can test drive some of this stuff I'm gonna put you into the private beast mode marketing and branding group so that we can do some live Q&A and kind of help you understand some of these tools and how I'm using them to grow my network marketing business again over 350 personal recruits into my opportunity and like I said 99.99% of them came through social media right digital marketing for my youtube channel and things of that nature and I learned how to leverage those things through the Builder or platform with some of their tools and resources SEO reporting that's this basically says if you build a website this tool will tell you what you need to do to make sure that optimize for the keywords that you're trying to build click map how would you like to know exactly where people are clicking on your website so you can optimize your website autopost basically love manage multiple social media platforms Facebook chat box we know what those things can do the opt-in rates the read rates are a lot higher than traditional email share locker what if you put a nice piece of content that's packed full of value on your website and you got people going to that website for that value but the only way they can get access to it if they first share it on your social media or share it on their social media right so all of a sudden you're creating viral assa T by forcing people to share your information before they can access the content that's super cool he learning guys if you need a platform for selling or creating your own courses maybe over the course of the years you are working in the network marketing industry you became good at lead generation maybe you're good at cold market prospecting how about creating a small course for your team to be able to log into a portal and go through a course you can even set up tests you can even block it so they can't go from one lesson to the next unless they complete the first lesson and take a test it is bananas what you can do with a program like that script generators some of you guys when your get into digital marketing like me I'm not good at writing scripts I'm not good at what to say all the time but I can create an avatar and say hey here's my ideal prospect and this script generated will actually create the scripting for my Facebook post for my tweets for my descriptions on my YouTube channels and all of that stuff guys it is amazing amazing amazing social proof we've been on websites where and whereas opting in for something is showing us other people who are opting in or other people who are buying and that just creates a buying frenzy roulette is a game that a lot of dropshippers in and e-commerce guys are using so if somebody gets ready to leave a website that would actually pop up and say hey spin the roulette wheel and let's see if we can get you a 50% discount let's see if we can get you some free products and services what's app messaging just what is there guys you can actually send mass messages bill what's app once you get people to opt-in to your system video wrapper we've seen that all these social media platforms are now allowing you to put up cool videos but if you don't have a good rapper they won't stand out from everybody else's videos this allows you to put some great custom graphics floating images and all kinds of stuff Instagram Auto poster right SMS messenger webinar platform how do you guys were like yeah there's nothing wrong with your company's presentation but sometimes you want to do your own presentation so that again you can build your own authority so you can drive them to a webinar platform they can register you copy their name and email address and then they actually go to a presentation that you created in our presentation creator right it's bananas how you can set yourself apart from the competition when you understand digital marketing sight box same thing as a chat bar but this is for your website has nothing to do with facebook Messenger right we know that sometimes you get in trouble with facebook Messenger but this is a site by somebody comes to your website our bot pops up says hey how are you doing welcome to my site what's your name they respire their name you say hey I've got a free gift for you can put in your email address they put in their email address you shoot them the free grip hey why are you here are you interested in digital marketing or you answer the extras in building a website are you interested in learning video marketing chat box they say what they're here for great then you can send them to that particular space based on chat CRM customer relationship manager right how would you like to be able to manage your leads as they are coming in based on the actions they took on your website you'll know if that lead is piping hot or if it's lukewarm right if it's piping hot of course you don't call if they've been to you they watch your full presentation you'd be able to know that if they clicked on the Buy button but then they backed out you'll be able to know that so you can get on the phone and say hey I saw that you finished up the presentation tell me what you thought what you like most about it and they might have a few questions and you can close them because of the analytics that comes through your crm responsibility' marketplace guys you need a digital platform it's all I'm saying builder all is absolutely the best bang for your buck there are a lot of different platforms out there that you can use even some free platforms when I first got started I didn't have the money so I used a free Weebly website for a long time MailChimp I'll let you do free autoresponders up to I think a thousand emails right so you can use some of those things for free and there's nothing wrong with that if you can't afford $70 per month right now but I will say this if you are ready to take your business to the next level you're ready to invest in yourself come on 70 now 69 bucks per month it's a tax write-off anyway so really Uncle Sam is paying the bill right and if you're not understanding how to use a tax write-off get your business especially if you in the United States like I am then that's something that we also do in the beastmode brand these mobile marketing and branding group I'll show you how to make sure that you're writing off your business expenses properly so that Uncle Sam is paying a bill for some of this stuff but guys click on the link below just go ahead and take the 7-day free trial and let's see if you think that this is something that you want to do I promise you all of the big-time network monitors those who stick and state those who are lasting those who are building huge huge down lines in large part is because they're developing a skill set that allows them to become an authority not only in your company but for instance if you are in the hilton nutrition industry they're becoming an authority in the entire industry right they're building a name for themselves in that entire niche or niche however you want to say it right you can do the same thing but you need a platform so make sure that you like and subscribe to the channel I'm going to come back every day with a different video on how to build your own digital marketing presence for your network marketing company using the Builder or a platform and all the tools that we just listed today tomorrow's video I can tell you right now it's going to be on building a personal brand and around yourself see it's more to it than just selling your company's product see there's a reason that you don't know the name of the company that I'm with is because I want you to be attracted to me that is their brand I'm building my brand as a financial health mentor so that's what we're talking about so we'll teach you how to build your brand and you attract people to your brand and when people want to partner with you and make money then you can introduce them to your network marketing company that's we all the big guys do it guys so you need to learn those skills get with me get the seven day free trial and even if you cancel the 7-day free trial you're welcome to stay and Abey small marketing and branding group and continue to learn some of these things but you're not gonna get very far if you do not have a platform and builder always one of the best so how many boy a skort says do you want to only finance your mentor until i'll talk to you next time i want you to get your money up because you absolutely can't do it but more importantly you deserve to do it each and every single one of you now hustle up

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