Digital Marketing – Why you should study at RGU
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Digital Marketing – Why you should study at RGU

We really think that you should come to RGU
and study our new Digital Marketing undergraduate course, we believe that this is a very unique
opportunity there is not that many undergraduate courses like this one out there at the moment
and here at RGU we have a very creative and collaborative community that we would love
you to be a part of. Not only that we have really strong industry links so you will get
hands on experience working with some of our partners in industry. We have a really passionate
team of staff here at RGU who will be teaching you Digital Marketing and they come from a
wide range of different industries and different backgrounds and we really want you to be just
as excited as us when you graduate from your undergrad in Digital Marketing. So we hope
this has been an interesting video for you guys we are really excited about the new course
and we would love to see you in September.

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